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Found 6 results

  1. I know you just started to lock the ping my friend in China cannot play US servers any more since today. Can you give me a way to play this game with my friend? I used to play on asia servers but for now the matching time is too long, i need wait more than ten minutes on waiting match. Several days ago, my friend came to American servers and he had about 180 ping lag. I think it is acceptable to play this game. Let players play with others from all the world please.
  2. The Nameless Ones North America based Discord Group looking for new recruits... We are now 70+ members strong and growing. Looking to grow a North American based group for others like us. We like to have strategic and relaxed raid runs. Our group will be using Discord. There won't be any children in the group (No exceptions)!!! Each new member will be on a probationary period. Length of the probation depends on you. About Us: Started out just three friends that met in a previous group that didn't suit us. We actively play EFT. All of us are 21+ in age. Mature players with a jester side to most things. You can count on us to provide a good time in Escape From Tarkov. So if you are looking for a home with both a strategical but also relaxed team environment, stop by and join in on the fun. What we are looking for: Age 21+ (required) Fluent English (required) Consistent Group activity (required) Be Social within the Discord (required) Have a good working mic (required) Good teamwork skills (required) Experience in all maps (preferred but can be taught) After all that reading sit back and ponder what this group could mean for you... In the end, if you want to join leave a comment on this thread stating your interest and jump into the channel. Discord channel invite: https://discord.gg/ZPJbY7Q ~GIT GUD!~
  3. I know you guys were working hard to update the game and to prepare the new 0.12 version. But, we have a problem with the South America's servers: We can't find a match. I live in brazil (sorry if i have a bad english, by the way) and i would love to play in a 12 ping server that's located right next to my state. But, every time i try to connect (any map, any hour) i need to wait more than 10 minutes to realize that i will not be able to play. I've been playing at the Miami's server, but there's desync and 150+ ping, what makes impossible to kill someone face to face before they take me down cause their bullets reach me first. The brazilian tarkov community isn't small, we have enough players to fill the servers and play anytime. But, it seems to have so few rooms to join, making a lot of players to wait till any match ends. I've never been through this in a U.S server. So, i just want to ask if there's any short-term plans to a S.A servers fix or if there will be another server. Whats up? Also, thanks to all the tarkov developers for being very communicative with the community!
  4. matheussalim

    Pessoal da América Latina

    Eu achei EFT um dos jogos mais fantásticos e inovadores da atualidade sem duvidas, porém fico cada vez mais triste com a forma como o suporte é dado aos jogadores latinos no que diz respeito aos servidores. Creio que falo pela maioria que trata-se de um game desleal tem que competir com a galera com 30 de ping enquanto nós temos que nos virar com 140~160. Sei que o jogo ainda esta em desenvolvimento e tudo mais... mas creio que isso acaba desestimulando bastante o jogadores não só brasileiros mas de toda America latina a jogar. Já li em outros tópicos e vi que trata-se de uma reclamação comum do pessoal e mesmo assim até agora foram apenas promessas de estabelecer um server local para cá... mas não passam disso... promessas. Espero um dia poder competir de forma justa. Abraços nação Br.
  5. ernestolrc

    Comunidad Sur-America

    Muchachones, abro este hilo para actualizar la base de jugadores sur americanos. comenten cualquier inquietud o duda referente a cualquier tema del juego EFT, estare pendiente en ayudarlos, suerte en el escape!
  6. Hola gente de habla hispana y/o Sudamericanos, aca les dejo un link para un grupo de facebook. Si bien el nombre es "Escape From Tarkov Argentina", eso no significa que cualquier persona de otra nacionalidad latinoamericana no pueda ingresar. Intentemos hacer crecer el grupo asi tenemos otro medio de comunicacion mas directa entre nosotros y una nueva manera de armar equipos y nuevos amigos! LINK DEL GRUPO: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1507535969342997/
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