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  1. Ammo mixing is a real thing. Maybe not for sport shooters, maybe not for those, who carry arms for self defence. But in military it's pretty common. Especially with belt feeding, like here: It's box of 900 rounds of 5.56x45mm, mixed. It's pattern is 4x Ball, 1x Tracer and repeat. I know we probably won't get belt fed weapons in EfT, that was just easy example of real-life application. In EfT we can mix ammo types in our magazines. But doing 4/1 split like above in 60-round mag is difficult, boresome and unintuitive. My suggestion is that we could use some UI to achieve this thing. We could select ammo types, set count and be able to say "it's a pattern, please repeat until mag is full". I have even brought my superior Paint Skillz (yeah, that's a lie, I've used Photoshop...), to show an example what I've been thinking of. STEP 1: STEP 2: STEP 3 (repeating pattern): STEP 4 (non-repeating pattern): Thoughts?
  2. ldtorroc

    Shotguns and you.

    Alright, So let me start off by saying i have loved alot of the shotgun play with in tarkov thus far and as such i have been taking notes on things with could be impoved apon. Barrel type So first off I would like to start with barrel types. Here in the states we have both smooth bore and rifled barrels, now more offten then not most people use smooth bore shotgun barrels as they can handle both non rifled slugs and other kinds of shotgun shells. But there is also the Rifled barrel, as we all know a rifled barrel is meant to put spin and stabilize a bullet in flight Creating a flatter strighter flight for the bullet, This same concept is true about rifled barrels for shotguns, These barrels are ment more so for slugs. this dose not mean you could not shoot other shells through it but it is ill advised for the health and safety of the barrel. What dose this have to do with tarkov? Well as it is in game currently Slugs have a vary limited use and dose not get must love in the game, A rifled Barrel could enable slugs fired from the rifle to be not only more accurate but also have a better range. Chokes At the moment Chokes dont seem to do too much to limit the spread of a shotgun, But more so decrease there recoil. Furthermore We only seem to have one Shotgun choke in the game. There are many kinds of chokes available for use on the market. The idea of the choke is ment to tighten the spread of Shot through the barrel of the shotgun dependent on what kind of choke as used, This graph gives a much better idea of what i mean in comparing such an idea. The tighter the choke, the further out the spread should be able to reach. the only shotgun choke in game dose not seem to cause such an effect. Sights and iron sights At the current moment with in EFT, shotguns are limited to a few kinds of sights they are able to use be it a a holo sight, or perhaps a mirco sight. Why i say this is the current rendering of the sight on the shotgun is quite poor indeed, being unable to see the iron sight on the shotgun most times just aiming the barrel at the target and hoping something hits. The iron sights need to be reworked so they are more easily visible and could be used for proper target acquisition. Second, Scopes on shotguns. I have used a shotgun personally with a scope on it for hunting boar and dear and i have never had the issue that i am with in EFT. I will explain with this pictures. Elcan Acog Bravo Hammer Valday What I am seeing is this large black ring through each and every scope is Eye relief or lack there of. Eye relief is the distance you must hold your shooting eye from the rear lens of a scope in order to see the entire image produced by the scope. The problem is, Every scope dose not have the proper eye relief distance causing this effect with means the camera needs to be focused in more or pulled back more. This is the same for every Scope but 2, pso dovetail mount scopes, with are on the saga 12, and the nspu Scope with also mounts on the saga 12. If you used any of these other scopes on any of the shotguns including the saga 12 with the long foregrip mount, This is what you will see through these scopes. shotgun shell types How can i not make a Topic on this. In the world there are many, many, many kinds of shotgun shells so here i wish to make a list of a few with could be viable in EFT, I point this out because currently many other weapon types have many kinds of ammo available to them and it feels the shotgun is left lacking here even tho there is a wide arrangement of shells at its disposable be it 10 gauge, 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, and 28 gauge or any other kind of gauge we get in game. Mini shells. These are a shotgun shell with i could only seen in the m133,m155, and the m870, This is becouse shells are not ment for magazine use but rather tube fed shotguns. What this would do for most shotguns in the game would allow pump, and semi auto tube feed shotguns to hold any were from one and a half to two times the amount of shotgun shells that a normal shotgun would have. Why would this be good? Well this would give shotguns alittle more punch for the price in with they are sold. It would allow more shotgun shells per stack size, but most impotently This is the downside it would also incress reload times, Rather then just filling it back to 4-6-8 rounds, it would be far more then that with means a full reload could take twice as long as a normal reload. Bird shot, While not as ideal for shooting large game like humans, Bird shot should not be forgotten. Often times bird shot is used for what its meant with is hunting birds mid flight, This is preformed by useing many smaller lead or steel balls inside of the shotgun shell. Tho it may not be as lethal at range like buck shot may be, Bird shot can pepper an entire area with smaller rounds allowing for effective suppression fire. Tho in close range Bird shot can be down right lethal. I am not sure about the forum rules on pictures nothing in the following pictures are illegal But are from medical documentation , after reading it i didn't see anything about the next set of images i will post but if requested to remove them i will. This is two pictures of Bird shot one at range one at close range.... [Picture removed as it is against the rules] buck shot, We do already have buck shot in game as it stands, Currently i can assume that it is 00-buck shot, But there is many more kinds of buck shot out there. #00, #0, #1, #2, #3, and so on and some with fewer balls then 00 as well. What this means is the higher the number the more shot the buck shot has, 00 as 6 were 03 has 18. Why this matters is two reasons, If we were allowed to by the type of shot we wished We could fire at longer ranges more effectively or perhaps land more shots at close range more effectively. Slugs. There are many kinds of slugs in the world just like buckshot, and knowing the kinds of slugs can help when adding new ones to the game. The slug in game i could only guess is your run of the mill smooth bore shotgun slug. Rifled shotgun slugs These kinds of slugs expand to fit the barrel and spin as they exit to mimic a rifled barrel, This dose wear on the barrel and will require a replacement barrel over many uses of this kind of ammo. Hallow point slugs There Are hallow point slugs with exisit that once they hit the target they are to mushroom out and cause a rather nasty wound cavity, these are normal lead slugs, But we have something similar in game already to these with come in the form of RIP slugs, hallow point slugs can also come in rifled form as well. Steel slugs These slugs are the nasty big brother to slugs, You see these slugs are made out of hardened shell are are often used by law reinforcement around the world to destroy the engein block of feeling cars and defeat hard body armor. These boys are not meant to be be messed around with. sabot slugs This is quoted from the Wiki page because i cant quite find the proper words at the moment to impact Sabot slugs. "Saboted slugs are shotgun projectiles smaller than the bore of the shotgun and supported by a plastic sabot. The sabot is traditionally designed to engage the rifling in a rifled shotgun barrel and impart a ballistic spin onto the projectile. This differentiates them from traditional slugs, which are not designed to benefit from a rifled barrel (though neither does the other any damage). Due to the fact that they do not contact the bore, they can be made from a variety of materials including lead, copper, brass, or steel. Saboted slugs can vary in shape, but are typically bullet-shaped for increased ballistic coefficient and greater range. The sabot is generally plastic and serves to seal the bore and keep the slug centered in the barrel while it rotates with the rifling. The sabot separates from the slug after it departs the muzzle. Saboted slugs fired from rifled bores are superior in accuracy over any smooth-bored slug options with accuracy approaching that of low-velocity rifle calibers." At the ment That is all i have for shotguns. But given time i will come back to this and add more to the list of things with i think could benefit EFT
  3. k2895

    Better Ammo Stacking

    There should be a better way to stack ammo so it can me mixed. Trying to mix ammo together in one magazine is pretty annoying, mostly just unstacking one bullet at a time is. I was thinking maybe being able to mix two 30 bullet stacks of the same ammo caliber and having an overlay come up on how you want it mixed. 1:1, 1:3, 2:3, etc. would help in raid when trying to reload magazines that are mixed the same way as well. Plus adding tag names of the magazines when checking ammo and color to the bottom the the magazines (like the traditional .300 blackout red band)
  4. diggikrk

    Balistyka w 0.12.12

    Tarkoviacy! Temat Balistyki w Tarkovie po aktualizacji 0.12.12 stał się bardzo rozległy. Ze względu na zawiłość tematu, a także możliwe zmiany wprowadzane przez deweloperów w mikro lub makro patczach. Polecam wszystkim śledzenie strony poświęconej balistyce pocisków w świecie Tarkova. https://tarkov-ballistics.com/ Wiele pocisków które były uznawane za "mete" nagle przestały zabijać jednym strzałem w głowę. Dla przykładu 5.45x39 PPBS "Igolnik" na dystansie powyżej 200 metrów wytraca już na tyle prędkości i możliwości zadania obrażeń, że staję się niemożliwym zabić w głowę, nawet mimo penetracji hełmu, zada on obrażenia w wysokości ~ 33HP. Mimo wciąż wysokich wartości przebijania pancerza, zadawane obrażenia sukcesywnie maleją na zwiększającym się dystansie. Jako drobna dygresja: Być może te zmiany mają na celu możliwość, lub ułatwić implementację mechanizmu, w którym nie zawsze nasza postać będzie ginąć od odniesionych ran, lecz przechodzić w stan "nieprzytomności" z którego możemy zostać uratowani podczas rajdu. Zachęcam do zapoznania się z aktualnymi informacjami, co pozwoli wam wyeliminować element zaskoczenia podczas prób ucieczki z Tarkova! Tutaj znajdziesz wszystkie nowości ze świata Tarkova: FB - https://www.facebook.com/yeahbunnyonline YT - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQihwu1_c1b2vC7La9vqFRA Twitter - twitter.com/DiggiDawid Discord - https://discord.gg/RJJbWxwbyy TTV - twitch.tv/SQBunny_YT Zapraszam!
  5. Tarkoviacy! Polecam nową tabelę amunicji w której możecie również porównać poszczególne naboje między sobą! Mam nadzieję że się wam przyda w "Ucieczce z Tarkova", lub przynajmniej w próbach przeżycia https://eft-ammo.com/nofoodaftermidnight
  6. TheSoviet42069

    stacking ammo

    i think we should be able to mix ammo (only in raid) because if i have 1 9mm pst gzh and 1 9mm pso gzh i should be able mix them into "mixed 9mm" and then after the raid when i put them in my stash they auto seperate so you dont have a meta ammo case or anything
  7. TheSoviet42069

    Reloaded Ammunition

    What if Tarkov had an event where traders didn’t sell any better than standard ammo like m856ai, magnum buck, even stuff like quakemaker. And had very limited supply of standard/bad ammo like m855, 9mm pst and even made some the spawns of gun powder significantly less and forced people to use ammo they find. At first prices of ammo on the flee would go up but if it was like a month or even permeant event the flee would run extremely low on meta ammo and even mid tier ammo like 7.62 ps/5.45 bp-bt/9mm ap6,3/m856ai/m80/etc. Maybe also make it instead of combining random stuff like matches and something else to make magnum buck, you have to find boxes of pellets and maybe bags/boxes/etc of used shells to make “reloaded 8.5 magnum buckshot”. And have it so that it uses a variety of shells like it’ll be magnum buck in a led slug/poleva/ap20/rip shell and make it cheap and easy to make but it’s less reliable than regular magnum buck. even different ammo casings like steel or brass or aluminum steel casing would be easy to find but less reliable than brass or aluminum brass would be expensive and reliable and maybe aluminum isn't reloadable Maybe something like “steel case m995” or “brass case 5.45 soft point” You could even go as far as gunpowder Let’s say as a standard muzzle velocity = 1000 Durability burn = 10 Blue gunpowder: standard Cheap Medium burn = 15 dur. Low kick = 850 muzzle Green gunpowder: reliable Low durability burn = 5 Medium kick = 1000 Add a skill called reloading and the higher the skill the more reliable your homemade ammunition is.
  8. TheSoviet42069

    Reloaded Ammunition

    What if Tarkov had an event where traders didn’t sell any better than standard ammo like m856ai, magnum buck, even stuff like quakemaker. And had very limited supply of standard/bad ammo like m855, 9mm pst and even made some the spawns of gun powder significantly less and forced people to use ammo they find. At first prices of ammo on the flee would go up but if it was like a month or even permeant event the flee would run extremely low on meta ammo and even mid tier ammo like 7.62 ps/5.45 bp-bt/9mm ap6,3/m856ai/m80/etc. Maybe also make it instead of combining random stuff like matches and something else to make magnum buck, you have to find boxes of pellets and maybe bags/boxes/etc of used shells to make “reloaded 8.5 magnum buckshot”. And have it so that it uses a variety of shells like it’ll be magnum buck in a led slug/poleva/ap20/rip shell and make it cheap and easy to make but it’s less reliable than regular magnum buck. even different ammo casings like steel or brass or aluminum steel casing would be easy to find but less reliable than brass or aluminum brass would be expensive and reliable and maybe aluminum isn't reloadable Maybe something like “steel case m995” or “brass case 5.45 soft point” You could even go as far as gunpowder Let’s say as a standard muzzle velocity = 1000 Durability burn = 10 Blue gunpowder: standard Cheap Medium burn = 15 dur. Low kick = 850 muzzle Green gunpowder: reliable Low durability burn = 5 Medium kick = 1000 Add a skill called reloading and the higher the skill the more reliable your homemade ammunition is.
  9. HunterSenpai

    For Anyone that says EFT is Unfair

    the reason why they made it not forgiven and stuff is because they said in the podcast that there target audience was older people like 30+ years of age because they wanted to make something super realistic and hardcore , not to be confused with it being a simulation because its not and yea they need to make somethings funs and stuff but they say that life is not fair and it isnt and they dont want there game to be easy and if you bring high tech or quality poo why should it feel like it isnt just because someone says its unfair you know? lets say you bring fort or some jauggernaut sort of loadout and stuff and someone with a pistol complains saying that , thats too op and unfair when you had to grind and die alot of times to people that had it or what not or lets say you die with it some super expensive ammo that someone brought specificly to deal with armor in hopes to kill someone with that type of gear why would you complain if he had a counter too your load out , its makes no sense if you focus too much on this games *fair* gameplay its only gonna come to the point of most fps games where one gun is king at dealing with anything at any distance and armor and everyone is gonna use it and its gonna make using anything else pointless like fort and stuff thats why they should make really high tech ammo lootable only so that when you use it specificly for that person or save a mag in you container with really special ammo so if you spot someone ahead of time and you wanna have the best possible advantage to take the loot he has because maybe he has good poo or good armor or gun you like you switch mags and own him . sorry i know this isnt really in the topic its suppose to be in because i couldnt find a topic that this really fits in.
  10. Vearon

    Magazine Stripper clips

    Hey whats up guys this is Vearon aka Mud_Slug and i'm here to suggest some ways to make it possible to reload faster in game. Most guns magazines can be reloaded with stripper clips so it would be a cool idea to implement them into the world of Tarkov since reloading is going to take a lot more time. These would be a 1x1 slot that hold about 10 rounds in each strip and would shave off 1 or 2 seconds of reloading a magazine to help the player get back into the fight faster. Same thing for the sks accept without having to remove its mag just loading from the top with a stripper clip. Let me know if you guys think this would a good tool to have in a firefight.
  11. ksinoe

    Ammo Rating

    Hi For casual players like me, it would be helpful if there was a feature to save time and guess work regarding ballistics effectiveness/quality when finding new ammo in raid. Perhaps there could be a star rating feature on the ammo icon when searching through bags etc e.g 5.45x39mm 7N39 will have 5 stars on the icon compared to SP ammo which would be 0.5? This could be based on the # of ammo in the calibre category as well e.g in the same example, 7N39 = 12/12 and SP = 1/12. I am basing all my decisions on the https://escapefromtarkov.fandom.com/wiki/Ballistics#Armor_and_penetration and will continue to do so.
  12. To start off, I know you can load an individual round when there is not a mag in the rifle. But I am suggesting the ability to choose a round to load within the magazine selection when you hold the reload key. Similar to an SKS with a detachable magazine, where you can choose to change mags or top load rounds from pockets from a UI menu. When I bring a rifle I plan on using at range, I will usually bring two different types of ammunition for it. One for full-auto gunfights, and one for long range - high velocity/tracer. As it is now, to switch between the two, you either have to swap mags and deal with the chambered round or unload the individual round while the mag is out and feed a fresh one from the next mag. (Or dump the round after the new mag is in, but some ammo is expensive and worth picking back up... such as .338 AP) Its more relevant with bolt guns with small magazines, where you may use a round to clean up scavs, then switch to something else for more penetration. Or even if you decide to go without a mag and load singles, you are unable to choose which rounds to load from pockets. (You also full cycle the bolt before loading another round by opening it again.) I am sure its completely irrelevant to most people, as I have noticed that many don't use the advanced animations already. I appreciate the detail in the animations though, seems like it would just need a UI change since the animation is already there. I'm no dev 🤷‍♂️ Just an idea, not anything game changing. Not even sure if anyone else would use this feature. Opinions?
  13. King_Scrub

    7.62x39mm Ammo Balance

    Hello! Are there any plans to balance/change the 7.62x39mm amuntion? Currently i don't really see a reason to use BP ammo if I expect to go against players with level 6 armor. Compared to the smaller AR rounds(namely 5.56) BP is just worse at the very high end. It does have greater damage, but at a cost of much lower penetration(at least for combating level 6 armor). And to make things worse the 5.56 guns fire much faster than the 7.62 AKs. With those two things together m995 would on average actually take less bullets to kill a player to get chest wearing level 6 armor. And because 5.56 also fires much quicker the time to kill disparity is great. The 5.56 guns also can achieve a much lower recoil. To that end why would anyone use a 7.62 AK when the M4 or HK has better ammo recoil and fire rate?(again only speaking level 6 armor) so for players who are running the best gear that entire ammo type is almost useless to us because it will put us at a massive disadvantage against other top gear players. So more specifically are there plans to add a 7.62x39 round better than BP? Or the buff BP? Or nerf M995? Because at least from a game design perspective a slower firing gun with a larger bullet should have higher damage, which it does, but it also needs to kill in less bullets than smaller calibers that are fired faster. Maybe I'm wrong and BP is good where it is, but personally I like AKs slot and it seems like there's a lot of reasons not to use them and only a few in favor.
  14. PmoneyPol


    Just a quick one where can i get better ammo and how? im trying to get good ammo for my sa58 762x51 but i cant find it and cant find where and how I can buy it. I've had this gun for a week and haven't even used it
  15. killer112998

    Armor/Ammo Realism, is it Possible?

    Hello Devs, before I start my post I'd like to include the current NIJ ballistic ratings that are standard for body armor. The NIJ classifies body armor into 5 different threat levels: Level IIA, Level II, Level IIIA, Level III and Level IV; based on their ability to stop specified rounds at specified velocities. Level II armor stops .38 Special, .40 Smith and Wesson, .45 ACP, 9x19, and .357 Magnum. Level IIIA stops .357 Sig, and .44 Magnum. Level III stops 7.62x51 M80 Ball, and 7.62x39 Ball. Level III Lightweight (UHMWPE) stops 5.56x45 M193. Level III+ AND Level III+ UHMWPE stops 5.56x43 M855 Green Tip (M855A1 AP). Lastly, Level IV stops .30-06 M2AP Black Tip Disclaimer: All armor types able to take larger rounds will also defeat smaller calibers that lighter armor would only be able to defeat. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To start, I have been following this games development for years, and bought the game a little under two months ago to actually play. During my time playing, I have found many immersion breaking entities in the game, most commonly shown to me is armor, and ammo. We can all say the weapons function beautifully in tarkov, the animations are on point, the timing, bullet drop, zeroing all seem to be absolutely wonderful. My issue lies within the armor class scale, and how ammo penetrates it. I understand that games need to draw things back to keep the playability aspect, but the armor class ratings and how ammo penetrates is unfortunately downright wrong. I am by no means a ballistics expert, but it wouldnt take one to know that there is no such thing as level V or level VI armor. That being said, having small caliber ammunition such as 7N31 9x19 capable of punching through level VI Slick vests with ONLY eight rounds is ridiculous. Based on NIJ ratings, .30-06 M2AP Black tip (armor penetrating) ammunition WILL NOT penetrate level IV armor. Let me emphasize, .30-06 M2AP is created with a relatively high quality manganese-molybdenum steel core hardened to 785 Vickers, and it WILL NOT penetrate level IV armor, yet in game, we have 7.62x51 (US .308) that will SHRED level IV like it isn't there, and there are common scav weapon drops that will destroy armor like it isn't there, which simply isn't fair for the level 20-30 players who haven't unlocked all the armor and ammo trades to provide themselves with ample protection against someone with absolutely nothing to lose. I see the upcoming armor changes of removable plates and customizable vests as a HUGE win for battlestate dev team, as it would be no small feat to create the ability to do that, as such would be the first possibly accurate in game representation of armor the way it is in real life; however, I see this as an incredible loss for the player and fan-base of Tarkov. Minimizing overall protection of armor that already doesn't protect against common ammo is disheartening news at a minimum. Helmets will become even more useless, given there would be more ways to catch a bullet around the helmet, on top of that, vests might become all but useful as well; I don't have the Roubles, USD, or Euros to spend 120,000R on a vest every single time I die, or every single time it gets damaged to a throwaway point, on top of the already useless helmets that only seem to protect against non-raider scavs. The only way to re-balance armor in Tarkov, is to make it take much more of a beating. My vest in real life has 10x12 multi-curve level III+ multi-hit anti-spalling shooters cut plates, I can take every single common rifle caliber AND their armor piercing variants multiple times over and have NO fragmentation chance that would frag my neck or arms. Current NIJ ratings mark my vest as not able to defeat previously mentioned .30-06 M2AP. To put it bluntly in my from my own perspective, reducing armor effectiveness while simultaneously leaving overpowered ammo alone, in conjunction with an already unfinished armor design based on a fake armor class scaling is only setting this game up for defeat. The END GAME is where people are trying to reach, so we can play expensively yet comfortably. we want fort and altyns to be able to eat everything like it should as super heavy armor, so to see the playerbase even thinking about finding the most effective cheap cheap gear when they already have access to Class 4 Armor is a red flag. No one in their right mind should be bringing in expensive guns with crap armor and no helmet, because they know raider scavs with bad ammo, and players with overpowered ammo, will still one tap the head or chest. The overall area of gameplay in tarkov right now is grim, and we need to know if its going to be revised to be more realisticor if we need to accept that this is what direction the game is going in, and that we need to start playing differently Thank you for your time, and I apologize if I come off as hostile in my words, I try to include just facts but I am very passionate about EFT and wish it as much success as possible. I wish everyone the best of luck, Rob.
  16. richo108

    New 12g ammo

    I would love to see the gatekeeper slug added into tarkov, it’s a real round that expands to the size of a silver dollar upon impact and has almost perfect accuracy.
  17. Darrakis

    Useless sniper bullets

    We are talking about realistic gameplay and make everything harder and slower but when it comes to snipers they are already weak as f*. 85 health in thorax are u kidding ? There is 1 bullet that has this much damge and its not even one tapping thorax with 4 lwl armor . I'm very sad about this because I like sniper in 'realistic' games but there is no explanation for this nonsense. Ok I get it mosin is op but mosin isn't that only using this ammo. Lps got nerfed by 2x price and m80 is useless as well (in snipers not in rsas or smtg). I can't even one tap scavs in chest with lps or m80 ! When we will get sniper meta or equal sniper patch ? I don't want overpowered snipers I just want equal patch. (Don't say aim for head ! m4 or ak make the same result with good ammo in head as well ! Why do I play sniper when there is better option like automatic rifles!) (Sorry for my bad English btw I just want to say my problem.)
  18. Allectus

    Buying ammo from vendors.

    Now that you can't just buy ammo and then sell it on the FM there shouldn't be limit to how much overall ammo a vendor has. Nothing sucks more than being in a raid on reset and coming out to ammo you need being sold out, or waiting 45 minutes on the main screen waiting for reset so you don't miss the limited amount of ammo. One of the best rounds for 5.56 you can get 300 per resetts and you can only get 90 bs IF you get there before its sold out AND its almost double the price while being almost the same as 855a1? For a russian developer there seems to not be a lot of love for the ak platform, it has lower firerate, more recoil, and more expensive and limited ammo. Having fire rate and recoil to be realistic is perfectly fine but don't limit the amount of ammo to a tiny amount when the identical ammo in 5.56 you can get massive amounts of. This is my suggestion, if you have other opinions or suggestions post em please.
  19. Hello dear reader, in this guide I will talk about the broad topic of ammo and why it is so important. In my book, the first rule of Tarkov: Ammo is more important then anything else Best in Slot guns with low tier ammo are worse than Stock Guns with Best in Slot Ammo. Good Ammo helps you kill things faster or at all. Since Ammo is a massive topic, I would like to focus this guide on only the top tier ammo and budget ammo. Big thanks and a big shout out to nofoodaftermidnight for making this guide: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jjWcIue0_PCsbLQAiL5VrIulPK8SzM5jjiCMx9zUuvE/edit#gid=64053005 Since this Guide doesn't cover Shotguns, User judjudson made a post which seems to be pretty in depth about the topic 12ga Shotguns: Here is a List of all the Ammo Types by caliber: BIS = Best in Slot / best to use 9x18: PBM or PMM 7.62x25: BIS: Pst gzh no real budget option 9x19: Budget: PST gzh BIS: AP 6.3 or even better 7n31 .45: ACP AP, no real budget option 9x21: Budget: sp10 BIS: SP13 5.7x28 Budget: SB193 BIS: SS190 4.6x30: Budget: FMJ SX BIS: AP SX 9x39: this entire caliber is good except SP5 arguably. BIS: BP .366: Budget: EKO BIS: AP 5.45x39: Budget: BT (Tracer) BIS: BS or 7n39/Igolnik 5.56x45 Budget: M856A1 (Tracer) or M855A1 BIS: M995 7.62x39: Budget: PS BIS: BP 7.62x51: All Ammo is kinda expensive Budget: M80 / M62 BIS: M61 or M993 ( I recommend M61 due to being able to 1 Shot Scav bosses) 12.7x55: No Budget BIS: ps12b If you have any other suggestions let me know. Ammo might change from Patch to Patch. Learn to read the Ammo chart since, NFAM usually updates the chart withing hours of updates. You are looking for Ammo that at least penetrates Tier 4 Armor (which you can see by the color coding on the right side of the table). Let me know if I forgot something. Peace Edit 1 18:16 10-08-2020: Fixed typos in Budget, added Shotgun link
  20. Here is my big rant on the current ammo/weapon state of the game, please comment and let's discuss what needs changing and what is fine in your experience. Personally I prefer variety/viability in largest possible amount of different calibers and weapons to there being only one viable weapon and one viable ammo in each caliber (that is easily obtainable by fleamarket). Gameplaywise it is just boring to me. 12/70: There is currently a nice amount of different ammo, however in the slugs category people tend to run only AP20, I see extremely rarely any other slugs and they seem to not be viable on damage/penetration comparatively (also since you can craft AP20 on hideout why wouldnt you only use it?) buckshots/flechette feel decent, although I dont think ive ever seen 5.25mm/6.5mm being used. Currently three pump-actions and two semi-autos which is a good amount pump-action fire rate bit slow? maybe introduce a double-barrel/bolt-action trash tier weapon in the future? also am I the only one that feels the three slot saiga12 mags are annoying and make no sense? (2 slot 60 rounders and 50 rounders easily obtainable on assault rifles) 20/70: it is never used currently (only one bolt-action gun atm), needs more weapons in this caliber, at least one pump-action and semi-auto (the 20gauge version of Mossberg/Saiga would be a quick fix for example) maybe bring the ammo stats slightly closer to 12/70 while obviously still keeping it inferior (with maybe better recoil/handling parameters) hard to estimate ammo since toz is so different compared to other shotguns 9x18mm makarov lots of different ammo that rarely sees any use, penetration feels just too poor on the current best rounds not really weapons that could be used outside finding it in raid (although stetchkin is fun to me at least on unarmored opponents) slight penetration buffs on the ammo, while still keeping it inferior to 9x19mm? although as an older obsolete cartridge should propably be kept as an inferior level 1-2 trader early game weapons introduce moddable smg and pistol using this cartridge? 9x18mm version of PP-19 Bizon for example? 7.62x25mm suffers from same issues as the 9x18mm, penetration worse than in 9x18mm although to my understanding it is a fast cartridge with decent armor penetration in real life (well real life is real life though) currently one ww2 pistol/smg, I did ran some budget runs with the pistol on early levels, ammo felt really underwhelming maybe penetration buffs on this ammo as well? up the penetration to be comparable to 9x19mm with low flesh damage? (since it is a fast, smaller bullet) since this is also an older obsolete design could also be kept as an lvl 1-2 trader early game weapon? (would still need a buff just for that imo) moddable smg/pistol in this cartridge as well in future? 7.62x25mm version of the PP-19 Bizon for example? 9x19mm Nice variety of weapons currently, several pistols and smgs that are moddable with the addition of 7N31 is viable in the end game, in a good state currently imo green tracer/Luger CCI seem redundant green tracer is atm LL3 Mechanic with inferior stats to LL1 Pst GZH Quakemaker available at LL2 Peacekeeper with superior stats compared to luger CCI that is LL4 Skier atm other than that in a really good spot .45acp only 1911 currently, weapons upcoming soon on this caliber 12.7 introduced new ammo that seems decent, the AP round seems comparable to the 7N31 with slightly less pen and higher damage seems fine currently, colt feels somewhat inaccurate at long range 9x21mm currently only the SR-1MP, needs more weapons in this caliber (seems to be planned in the future) pistol feels decent, currently 7N31 has same pen with lower damage than the best ammo in 9x21mm, maybe slight pen buff to this? (since it is an "larger" cartridge) 5.7x28mm Currently the five-seven and the P90 seem good and it is a decent end game viable caliber (although SS190 is inferior to 7N31 currently statwise) Not sure if there exists other weapons that could be added in this caliber? althoug seems pretty good with just the P90 and five-seven. 4.6x30mm only MP7 varations currently on this caliber, not even sure if there exists any other weapons in this caliber, would be nice to add variety if possible. MP7 feels currently extremely strong and the ammo has very high pen, a bit too strong? 9x39mm VAL and Vintorez currently, new weapons planned Currently very strong caliber in the game, sometimes feels like everyone is running VAL... bit hard to say if this needs any balancing or changes currently, maybe since it is so popular in late game? .366TKM with the introduction of the AP round with 90 damage and 42 pen feels like the new meta currently, gotten crazy amount of kills with this lately. VPO-209/VPO-215 are the weapons currently, even more variety would be nice, maybe the .366 sks in the future? I'm guessing the AP round needs a slight nerf, other than that really fun budget caliber at least to me 5.45x39mm early game ammo seems a tad weak BT, BS and igolnik are pretty much the only rounds I see people using nice variety in weapons, other than maybe needing slight ammo balancing is fine atm. 5.56x45mm similar situation to 5.45 M856A1, M855A1 and M995 are the only rounds I see people using, most used caliber in the game propably atm, getting headshotted constantly by M855A1, also a great variety in weapons atm, slight balancing of the early game ammo maybe but other than that feels fine? 7.62x39mm PS and BP are the only rounds being used, PS propably the strongest ammo to use in the early levels, nice variety in weapons BP very viable in late game, seems fine atm. Changes to HP, US and T45M maybe? 7.62x51mm slightly nerfed due to thorax health increase, lots of weapons in this caliber, feels very viable and used a lot in the endgame not sure what the point of the new M993 was when compared to M61. currently seems fine? bolt-actions a tad weak? 7.62x54mm also slightly nerfed due to thorax health increase, still seeing lots of mosinmans running with 7N1 since it can onetap thorax currently seems fine, SVD is really fun. slightly buff T-46M, 7N37 and 7BT1? what do you think? suggestions?
  21. lexafram

    Reduce Ammo packs spawn rate

    Hello, with the addition of the new customs expansion and ever since reserve dropped, i've seen a lot of ammo packs being spawned. I think this contradicts with the idea that tarkov should be hard and it reduces the sense of progression you get in the game. Since ammo like BT is spawning alot, the prices have fallen so low, to be sometimes at the 200 RUB point. This is not acceptable since its the better penetrating variant of BP which is at more than 350 RUB per round. Since BT can also reliably shred level 4 and 5 armor, its nerfs armor even more and makes it that level 4 is practically useless if you dont play against very bad players with very bad ammo (which is very rare considering the players average playtime and informations about ammo etc) . So my suggestion would be to first reduce the drop chance of BT packs, ESPECIALLY the 120 round packs and then up the spawn rate for "bad" ammo types, such as pistol calibres and lower penetration rifles rounds. Thanks for reading PS: this was already something i worried when reserve dropped, but with the addition of a second "ammo spawn" map (customs) it has truly made a difference.
  22. CBasedLifeForm

    In case of possible .366 TKM AP

    Hi everyone! Watching streamers talking about new .366 TKM AP round and how overpowered it is. I have suggestion if you ever decide to nerf it, make it so it can be used only with VPO-215. Every streamer I saw was using it with semi-auto Vepr AKM/VPO-209 which in realistic setting might have reliablity issues due to higher gas pressures in gas operated gun. On the other hand in bolt action guns the breach is way better suited to fire more powerful cartridges than standard for caliber. Thanks for reading, Szkocka
  23. ivanosky737


    Yesterday while i was playing with a friend i shooted a guy with a paca and a ssh helmet i only hitted them once with 7bt1 before he one tapped me to the face, the stats of the run said that i deal 11 damage and 67 blocked by armour. on my screen looked that i shotted on the thorax. Later my friend killed him and verified that he was carrying these armor, can anyone explain that? A few weeks ago happened same with bt ammo and a visor of a airframe, i hitted them twice and he survived, later a friend grenade kill him i saw it on the stream because he was a streamer, Axel_tv.
  24. So I've had the idea to increase the amount of ammo that can be bought per restock based on the level of the trader level, because the limit for some better ammunitions feels quite low for some. Of course 150 LPS Gzh rounds are going to last for longer than 250 AP 6.3. One can last 10 raids for someone with a Mosin and the other is going to last someone with a MPX just one, maybe two raids max. And those limits force some diversity of a playstyle if you don't want to pay the gap in price compared to the flea market. So my complete suggestion would be, that the limit increases each time you level up the trader. For example a ammo type you unlock at level 1 will increase 3 times from 150 -> 200 -> 250 -> 300. Those intervalls could also be another way to balance the way people play, like it's done with the Mosin right now by adjusting prices of the ammo and weapon.
  25. CaddyDaddySherb

    Armor vs Ammo

    I will start off by saying I absolutely love ETF, its a truly a unique and hardcore game out there, But there is a obvious major problem That has been there since I started playing. Between the armor types and ammo types, its seriously unbalanced. I've read around forums and it isn't just me feeling this way. Seeing how easily acceptable the late game ammo with the highest penetration and damage is, it makes armor and helmets worthless. The only thing it seems to hold against is scavs and even then there isn't a reason to buy anything beyond level 2. I've heard the excuse of the game is trying for realism so of course it wouldn't stop bullets but get shot in a chest with armor, even if it stops it, your still not gonna be running around able to shoot right away, it'll literally knock you down and take the breath out of you or disorient. Games can only do so much as far realism and Tarkov is one of the most realistic games out there but its still a game based with RPG elements and looting and you should feel a difference in a level 3 to level 4 piece of armor against other players. I couldn't tell you how many times I've spend 100k or more on class 4 or 5 armor, unload on a enemy, only to have them one tap me in the chest. Its infuriating and ridiculous. Anytime i get beat in any other fashion i dont get angry, but instead i learn how i can play better but you cant do that when your fully geared and get killed in a second through your armor. I seem to do better just farming for money only to spend all on the ammo and practically run naked, but I don't like that at all. I want to be geared out and feel like the risk is worth the reward but in more instants its not when your gear is ignored by a single bullet. I see this a lot for most people, More money is put towards ammo than anything else except those already rocking the highest level armor already and walking around like tanks. This meta has made Armor basically obsoletes and I never see it as someone who better skilled because more than half of the time if i would to been able to afford that kind of ammo more often, I clearly would of won the gunfights hands down. There has to be something the developers can do fix this problem. Tweak the armor or ammo, Increase the rarity of the ammo while making the armor cheaper, make them unable to be sold on flea market or take out the top tier ammo's completely. This would seriously balance out the game incredibly. I fell off the game before due to this issue and i played for months and felt like i couldn't get anywhere unless I played like a rat and just hid from players and that takes the fun out of the game and out of looting if half of the loot your looking for is useless. I came back for the wipe because i knew it would be a level playing ground and I've been playing nonstop but starting to fall back into the same problem again now that i am able to see the ammo used against me after i am instantly killed. I really hope Nikita and the other Developers look into this and fix this as soon as possible before adding anymore to the game. It would take a lot of unnecessary frustration out of a already hardcore raging game., Getting out beat by another player who aimed better or outsmarted you is one thing, a single bullet through a level 5 armor makes me want to throw my monitor across the room and stop playing.
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