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Found 4 results

  1. We got these really cool and detailed wrist watches for the PMCs, I think it would be cool and immersive if whenever you hit 'O' (or whatever your 'Check Time' key is) to see how much time is left in the raid, your character actually inspects the watch on their wrist.
  2. Hey fellas, I'm just really curious as to why the framerate of animations in the game (most noticeably viewport anims) are capped at around 30FPS? It makes the game feel laggy and janky regardless of the overall performance. Since EFT is developed in Unity, and I'm 100% sure that keyframe interpolation is a feature in that engine, I'm wondering why BSG would've decided to limit it. Is it to save on memory? Perhaps a manifestation of spaghetti code? And if so, will it ever be fixed? I hope a BSG dev sees this. Thanks fellas!
  3. JDCarried

    Overweight and Movement Speed

    I understand that a normal human being can not sprint with 30+ Kgs for a long time, and i kinda like the new weight system, but can we get like a second movement speed option ? At the moment pressing shift feels for me like a sprint, how about adding jogging (smth between the highest walk speed and current running speed), so people can jogg at least for a longer time while carrying stuff from raids etc For example, pressing shift one time will lead into jogging and pressing it two times will lead into sprinting
  4. Hi devs! First off, I'd like to say I love Tarkov. I love the realism, the mechanics, etc. Most importantly the game feels solid. At the moment, it's my favorite FPS game hands down. *Almost* everything is superbly executed, and looks high quality except the character animations, and to some degree the player models. Motion capture data and realistically modeled characters will make the game look more realistic. As it stands some of the animations are goofy, and the player models look chunky and do not move with a high degree of realism. Bohemia (makers of ARMA) offer motion capture services. https://pro.bistudio.com/services/motion-capture The critical part is in this bit: So with that said, I believe that the games character models and animations should improve to fall in line with the realistic nature of the game. Thanks!
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