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Found 7 results

  1. ChalinTai

    Story mode

    There should be story mode unconnected to raid series and Skif’s story, and the game is lacking in-depth cqc system. I and surely part of the community will be expecting those two systems with new animation and cutscenes in my humble opinion. Love the work you guys manage to do and keep up the good work...
  2. what about more mastery animation _pump shotgun: lvl-1 the reload start by puting shell in the tube and using the pump at the end to chambre lvl-2 the reload start by puting a shell in the chambre _AK style rifle: lvl-1 racking the bolt with right hand lvl-2 racking the bolt with left hand lvl-3 character slap the curent mag with new mag for emrgency reload _smg and pistol lvl-1 normal realod lvl-2 reload by taking a new mag and swaping the mag in weapon etc...
  3. jfelipe123456

    Full chest Rig Reload

    Whe you reload with a full rig in Tarkov, the magazine that was in your weapons in dropped. So we all know that if a chest rig has 6 magazines slots, we only put 5, but what if there was a new reload when your rig is full? An animation like the M4 in COD:MW where instead of taking the magazine out of the weapon e puting other, he first take a new mag and swaps with the old one. This would lead to a new way of reload and play, where if you use a full rig, you would have more magazines/bullets, but the reload time would be longer.
  4. TL;DR Needs emergency double click to just immediately drop meds\food\drink\etc instead of putting away. Item should fall, and be destroyed (or not) based on what it is (food is dead, meds (Salewa) still okay etc etc) SO, basically i was using meds, playing the game, all the wonderful things a Tarkov player does. I was in the midst of turning a corner and began using my meds. Now I know I shouldn't have been doing that but I had just killed two scavs and my comtacs weren't picking up any chatter or sound so I thought I was safe. Yep, you guessed it, a scav was about right around that corner the sneaky bastard and so I started spamming my clicking to cancel the meds which were about a third done the progress bar and my character carefully stopped and put them away. I think it would be more immersive and realistic to maybe add in a double click on the cancel where your character literally drops the item (if its food or drink it should be ruined; for meds drop them at the percentage and for painkillers and morphine it should be wasted (though for the painkillers we should add multiple uses THOUGH that is outside the scope of this post and I am rambling lol)) and just whips gun out immediately as one would to save their life.
  5. BadeDyrDK

    Players animation shooting

    When meeting other players i very offen expercines that they can shoot me even that there character is not looking at me, somethins then are shooting in a angle off 90 degreads away from me, but even that they can shoot me.
  6. D4rkK9th

    Shotgun Reload animation break

    I noticed that when reloading a shotgun, you can't stop and start shooting until finish loading all the rounds, I think you should be able to stop mid way to keep shooting. I did a quick search and couldn't find any info about it. if so please disregard. Thanks for this great game btw.
  7. Will there be a possibility to hold weapon (game setting) in left hand? I do not know how hard it is to implement - but theoretically if just mirror view. I know there are a lot of left handed people out there and such setting would tremendously amount to the immersion into the game.
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