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Found 4 results

  1. I am fairly new to this game and have been finding it very annoying to keep track of a large group (around 4-5 people) when playing. I am having a hard time understanding why there is no outline or marker on the game for friends or at least another option for it. (The arm bands BTW are absolute garbage for identifying a friendly). I feel like we spend half the game making sure we know who each other are. If you answer "Well that's part of the game" I guess that makes the game less enjoyable for me and my buds lol. I don't think friendly fire should be turned off but why no better way to see your group/friends like some sort of Heads up display(HUD) I mean there already is HUD for everything else right? Thanks for any replies!
  2. I really hope it isn't only me when I say that reserve raiders are way ducking better than lab raiders The amount of times they just slide headshot or they take 7 saiga 12g shotguns to the chest dunno what armor he had but 1.2k flesh dmg on a single raider ??? I mean come the duck on why are they terminators ?
  3. Longshort

    Custom old gas spawn

    Can some 1 tell me what the duck is up with the old gas spawn on customs ? I spawn in the bushes and there is always a god damn pmc spawn 5m away from me next to the railway tracks What the duck is this spawn dude ? I can't even jump the bridge and I have to fight an enemy pmc just to kill him and then die to another guy who comes 10 seconds after ?????? For fucksake fix the poo spawns bsg
  4. The amount of hackers in this game is getting really unbearable. I'm currently a level 39 usec and it seems every time I run woods I am either teleported to or killed at a random time through buildings. I have over 350 raids played and out of the 350 I can assume about 100 of them are woods, and out of that 100 I would say about 40 of them I have been killed by hackers. Its getting really annoying, Ive lost ~10000usd worth of gear and probably 1000000R worth of gear just to cheaters.
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