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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, Escapers! We are proud to be able to bring you an exclusive interview with the head of Battlestate Games and the head of Escape from Tarkov. Our questions were answered directly by Nikita Buyanov. The interview is primarily intended for the gamesite.sk portal in cooperation with our tarkovcsr.com website. Nikita is interviewed by an official community representative for the Czech Republic and Slovakia - Ján @HajDEO Schneider. Q. We will not beat around the bush, so let’s get to what the players are most interested in. Open beta, I do not expect you to give us the date, but we’re mainly interested in getting ready. Are you able to prepare the game to get rid of mostly lag and desync? How long does a beta test take? A. Yep, that’s exactly what we’re on right now — getting lags and desync out of the way, getting bugs fixed. Over the next month we are going to release several patches and add more content. By the end of this period we should be able to disclose the date of Open Beta launch, but not just yet. Q. The game lacks more advanced physics and destruction, improvement plans? Moving objects, destroying buildings? A. There certainly won’t be collapsing buildings. The necessary minimum of physics and object movement will be included, but most certainly nothing global. Our attention is now focused on other tasks. Q. The characters have great animations, but when they are too static, they look very artificially, does it improve? A. We already have many new animations that have not yet made it to any of the latest builds, as they are being tested now. Q. Unity introduced an improved engine for the year 2018. Some features would definitely fit into the game, are you planning it? A. We are rather fastidiously considering the possible migration to the new version of Unity 2018, because in our experience almost every migration entailed quite a number of issues. This always happens when moving from one version of the engine to another. We are planning to do it, but not right now. Q. You’re a new studio, even though there are many experienced developers. Do you finance the game only from her sales? Are you able to work until the release of the game? A. The project is being developed and funded with our own funds only, and we plan to keep it that way and release the project on our own. A huge heartfelt thank you to the players who believe in the project, their support really matters to us. Q. Still planning to release this year? On theGamescom, you said yes. Do you expect Steam to play in Early Access or as a full game? A. We still plan to release this year. As for the Steam, we’ll be coming here, and, possibly, to other platforms, but only after the release on our own platform. Q. Will free roam be available during the beta test or after the full game release? What kind of Hideout you have brought to us, but you keep silent about it. A. Free roam is to be included in the release, or maybe even a bit later. Regarding the Hideout, how it’s going to look like, and other details, there is nothing new to tell except what is already known to the community. It shall appear in the game sometime during Open Beta. Q. We see that you communicate perfectly with the community. Do you also plan some mode support? How does the community game translate continue? When do we get the first localizations? A. Mode Support can hardly be applied to an online game, so we haven’t considered any plans regarding it. As for localization, it’s going quite well, and its current status is publicly available at translate.escapefromtarkov.com. In the near future, we plan to add several new languages, staring, most likely, with German as a pilot to set up the flow. Q. How do you perceive communities from different countries, do they help you? Some even have their own localized sites, as you perceive in the studio? From what country do you have the most players? What players from Czech and Slovak? A. We have a wide network of Emissaries worldwide and we actively communicate with the community, always paying attention to what the players have to say. Now, the most players are from the United States, followed by Russia, Germany and then other European countries. Quite a lot of players from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who are, by the way, among the quickest in localization. Q. Do you plan to include, for example, weapons of Czech or Slovak armory? A. Yes, for instance, we plan to add CZ-75 and a number of other weapons. Q. "A lot of players cheer you up, but I’ll find even those who lose your confidence," what are you talking about? A. We can never please everyone, and that was never our goal. We often get to see cases when players drop the game but come back to it after a while, and that’s okay. Similar processes, to a different extent, are common to all game projects, nothing wrong with that. Q. To conclude something else. Are you planning anything after EFT? Is it possible that we will also get Escape from Tarkov 2? Does this universe have the potential, or would you like to try something completely different? A. As we have shared before, we are intending to continue the development of the same game universe, Russia 2028, with an eponymous project. This is going to be the next project after the EFT, and it’s going to be singleplayer and even more hardcore, with even greater focus on storyline, characters, etc. Q. Do you perceive the development of games in Russia as more complex than other countries? Do you have enough talented people A. Development in Russia is more complicated, yes, especially for a game like EFT. It lacks the game developers with the expertise necessary to make a shooter, especially one like EFT. Therefore, we have to train our own professionals ourselves or re-train those who came from other projects. Practice nurtures talent. Nikita, on behalf of gamesite.sk, thank you very much for your time and conversation. We keep your thumbs! TRANSLATIONS: Portuguese translation can be found here. Thanks to our Brazillian Emissary @dimittri4gc Chinese translation can be found here. Thanks to our Hong Kong Emissary @Hazel Czech translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Czech Emissary @PugMonk
  2. DeberDowg

    Contracting Life

    Why did you choose to work for USEC/BEAR before your arrival to Tarkov?
  3. We would like to present to you the Battlestate Games developers’ replies to questions by Escape from Tarkov players. These questions are based on the feedback of over 50 testers. The questions below are the most frequently asked questions; except questions related to the technical condition of the game (bugs etc). 1. The closed beta testing will start soon and many players are afraid that massive inflow of players may cause game servers to malfunction, resulting in negative impressions of newcomers. Will there be (or have already been) stress tests of game servers? A. Any massive start and/or major inflow of users may result in problems, even if the servers are perfectly optimized. But such a load is only observable at the start and gets more even and smooth in no time. So, as we announced earlier, we will let players into CBT in waves that shall allow us to distribute the load properly. 2. Can we expect the return of weapon malfunction mechanics at the start of closed beta (misfires, stovepipes, jamming etc.)? A. No, this won’t happen at the start, but we will reintroduce this feature over the course of the closed beta. 3. Why was the AK-74 under barrel grenade launcher removed from gameplay in the latest patches? Should we expect it in the beta? A. It hasn’t been entirely implemented and has certain critical bugs related to it, so it will become available later, during the closed beta. 4. Can appearance of the AKM sound moderator in the game be interpreted as a sign that AKM will also be introduced soon? A. Maybe =) 5. Regarding Escape from Tarkov online player base: Not so long ago the game has got a global chat. Now there are 6 "servers" that display the number of players. Can this quantity be used to evaluate the number of players online? (The sum of all players in chats = the total number of players online?) A. No, the chat can’t be used to monitor the number of players online, because there are a lot of players who do not use them and just play constantly. They do not appear in the chat rooms. 6. In this patch, players are noticing that some weapons have become less effective than before. However, the release notes have no mention of any weapon balancing. If there were some balancing edits after all, what is the reason behind them? For example, players never complained about SKS in the previous patch. However, this time the weapon has turned noticeably weak. Roughly the same situation with VAL and VSS. (Feedback based on the opinions of 50 alpha-testers) A. We have previously announced that we have fixed the double damage dealing weapon bug, and that could cause such impression because now the weapon inflicts exactly the same damage from a munition that was specified. 7. Will we get more flexible settings for visual effects, fire, explosions, etc.? Some players believe that disabling the effect of shots smoke will increase fps. Is this true? A. No, disabling the smoke from shots won't give any significant FPS gain. We are constantly working towards optimization and stabilization of the project. 8. Do you plan to introduce a mechanics that allows you to cause a distraction by throwing training grenades, stones, etc? A. So far, we have not even thought of this, but it is possible. 9. Inspired by player Hideout idea. Will there be a clan Hideout, are there any specific ideas on this topic? A. We can’t share this info with you yet. At least not today =) Thank you, everyone and we do plan to potentially release another but very long and informative Q&A topic very soon to answer questions you have within the community, so please, stay tuned for that. Thank you! The Turkish translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @Dimitri468 The Polish translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @NuclearMessiah The Portuguese translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @dimittri4gc The Czech translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @PugMonk The Chinese translation is here. Thanks to Emissary @Hazel