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Found 9 results

  1. So, for long days, and in almost all EFT social media posts, there are always people begging for an effective cheating countermeasure. However, we know there are development and cost limitations as well as pros and cons of each different anti-cheat measure. Should it be independent? It costs a lot and has known bypasses, as well as groups dedicated to updating these bypasses. Should it be develeoped in-house? BSG's own anti-cheat? Also costs a lot of money, time and manpower (devs). My idea is a combination of both. BSG's parameter checking for things like looting distance, player speeds and everything, combined with a community-driven raid replay review. Here is how it would work, divided in topics for ease of explanation. Please, please read it to the end!! 1) POST-RAID REPLAY Well-known feature in some games, the ability to, after the raid has ended, watch the raid replay from different points of view (Players/Freelook) would, for the playerbase, help develop strategies for certain maps, as well as opportunity for content creation, with funny clip compilations, player submissions to YouTube or other platform content creators which helps BSG advertise the game and sell more! How would that help fight the cheaters? A simple "Report" button. Select the report type (Bug/Player), time of raid, describe and submit! Now, I know, I know, there'd be a lot of false reports by angry plebs who just got rekt and want some form of payback. Or people who genuinely believe a certain legit play was actually cheated. Which brings us to topic number 2: 2) Community Volunteer Report Review Damn, we all wish we could **** those cheaters with our hands and bathe in their gu--- Sorry. As I was saying, There would be false reports. And if that information got sent straight to BSG for analysis, they would be so overwhelmed this would never work, they'd need a ton of manpower. But what if I told you there's a gigantic workforce happily willing to review these reports for FREE for you, BSG? I, myself, and all my friends, would gadly review 20 or 30 replay reports a day if this meant helping keep Tarkov clean of cheaters. Here's how it would work: Players that fit a certain criteria (account age, no prior confirmed reports, etc) would be able to sign up to be a <insert cool name for a report reviewer here>. These players would be selected by BSG and go through a little (video)tutorial on how the system works: Basically, you'd have access to a review tab in your replay section, in which you could select to receive a replay report to review. After analyzing it, you'd confirm if it is indeed a Bug or Player Behaviour report and, if it's a cheating player, what type of cheat is in action (ESP/Aimbot/etc). And move on to the next replay, doing as many as you feel like. As a symbollic reward for your work, you could have a special icon like EOD owners, or forum badge or any creative idea here. ** How would this work, BSG-side, to move forward to maybe banning a player? ** So, first of all, a replay report wouldn't be forwarded to BSG with just one review. The amount of reviews required to forward it would depend on the reputation of its reviewers. Reviewers would gain reputation by submitting reports that lead to a confirmed result (Either player ban or real bug) and/or any other criteria BSG finds valid. A high-rated reviewer's opinion would have much more value than a beginner's one, requiring less concurrent opinions to have their report reviews forwarded. If most of the reviews confirm and have the same described bug/cheat type, only then would it be forwarded to BSG for analysis and maybe a ban. (And even a ban list with the reviewer's name for extra prestige). I honestly believe this is the most cost-effective option for a game like Tarkov, and this type of community-driven reports isn't new stuff. Valve actually has been doing that successfully with CS:GO, it's named CS:GO Overwatch, where replays are reviewed by high-ranking players, similarly as described here. And it would create a ton of possibilities for content creation, Streamers could even go as far as reviewing some reports live for the giggles and to bring in more people to the fight. I understand it is quite a lot of work to get it done properly, but once it's done, it's done! And can be ported to any other one of your games. So I truly believe in this idea. If you guys have any thoughts or extra ideas, feel free to comment below!
  2. promptedtexas59

    Oceanic Servers full of hackers.

    Can yous add a report button or something there are so many hackers on the Oceanic server region, It is stupidly game breaking when you have hackers teleporting around the map 1 shotting people EVERY game. A Know cheater ***** Do something BSG yous are killing your own game
  3. Hallo liebes BSG-Team, da ihr ja euer eigenes Anti-Cheat baut und ihr sehr strikt bans verteilt so das man sich nichtmal mehr melden könnte. (Accountban,Forumban) Bin ich in Sorge das unausgereifte System, Treiberprogramme falsch einschätzt. Ich benutze und benötige zur Steuerung meiner Maus Rival 700 und Tastatur Apex 300 die Steelseries Engine 3. In dieser Anwendung werden die Treiber aber auch alle programmierbaren Tasten eingestellt. Für mein ASUS ROG Centurion 7.1 benötige ich ebenso das Sonic Studio welches z.b. dieses Sonic Radar Plug-In beinhaltet, das Plugin lässt sich natürlich nur manuell de/aktivieren aber ich weiß nicht ob die Software im deaktivierten Status Probleme auslösen könnte, da dieses Sonice Radar Plugin den visuellen Sound als Radar auf den Bildschirm abbildet. Ich spiele ohne diesem Plug-In, dennoch ist es beinhaltet und bereitet mir Sorge. Da Macros meines Wissens bald bannbar sein sollen (zumindest Autoshot und so ein quark), bin ich dennoch in Sorge das diese Programme die zum Laufen der Hardware benötigt sind, zu einem Ban führen können. Nun ist schlicht meine Frage ob diese Programme im Anticheat berücksichtig werden. Es sind alles Produkte von bekannten Gaming-Marken. Daher erhoffe ich das dies keine Probleme bereitet. VIele Grüße, 7heCube
  4. PIK


    Hallo Tarkovianer, wir sind uns der aktuellen Cheater Thematik und der Diskussionen darüber bewusst. Wir sind gerade dabei, ein Update für unseren Anti-Cheat-Schutz zu erstellen, welches die aktuelle Situation verbessern und mehr Cheater bannen wird. Wir sind zuversichtlich, dass die neuen Funktionen zu einem besseren Spielerlebnis für alle legitimen (ehrlichen) Spieler führen wird. Wir akzeptieren die aktuelle Situation in keinster Weise. Mit anderen Worten, unser Anti-Cheat wird sich verbessern. Vielen Dank für euer Feedback. Außerdem: Es gibt Gerüchte, dass dieser neue Anti-Cheat-Schutz mit einem Wipe kommen wird. Dies ist nicht unsere Absicht. Originalthread: --> klick MfG euer deutsches Emissarteam
  5. MrXavito

    Actualización del Sistema Anticheats

    Queridos supervivientes, Somos conscientes de las discusiones acerca de la cantidad de jugadores que hace trampas actualmente. Estamos en proceso de crear una actualización del sistema anti-cheats que mejorará la situación actual, aumentando mucho el número de cheaters baneados. Confiamos en que éstos nuevos cambios lleven a una mejora de la experiencia para los jugadores honestos, bajo ninguna circunstancia aceptamos la situación actual. En otras palabras, el sistema anti-cheats seguirá mejorándose. Gracias a todos por vuestro apoyo y vuestro feedback. Para aclarar: Hay muchos rumores acerca de que el nuevo anti-cheat vendrá con un wipe. Esa no es nuestra intención.
  6. Nikita Buyanov, CEO de Battlestate Games: Veo que la gente se está poniendo nerviosa y hay mucha quejándose, bombardeando el foro / reddit. Y todo esto es tan viejo como el mundo. Ahora mismo tenemos una situación en la que aparecen continuamente "cheats", tramposos así como cheats modificados. Los estaís sufiendo ahora mismo. Estamos tomando medidas. Hacemos oleadas de baneos. Muchas veces hemos hablado de que el juego limpio es lo más importante para nosotros. Ellos evolucionan y nosotros también. Creamos nuevos algoritmos y comienza la locura: ya que cada ola de grandes baneos tenemos las mismas reacciones. TODOS los usuarios baneados están baneados con motivo. Y vuelvo a hacer la misma declaración que hice antes al jugador que se quejaba por el baneo. "Has sido baneado por usar "cheats" de uno de los mayores desarrolladores de "cheats" del mundo, que no podemos nombrar por motivos obvios. Pero fue el motivo exacto y claro del baneo. Tenemos toda la información técnica sobre ésto y podemos usarla en cualquier proceso legal si fuera necesario. "¿Por qué no podemos nombrar el nombre del "cheat" en público? Por ejemplo, porque ellos sabrían que hemos detectado su nueva versión." No vais a ser baneados por el uso de programas de terceros que no sean "cheats". No podemos proveer una lista de "cheats". NO hay programas tipicos, conocidos y bien usados en la lista. NO vais a ser baneados por usar un programa que os diga el tiempo. NO vais a ser baneados por usar limpiadores de memoria. NO vais a ser baneados por usar visual studio / reshade / sweetfix, y otros programas del mismo estilo. Cada vez que una oleada de bans llega, recibimos muchos mensajes, algunos son buenas historias: "Fue mi hermano" ó "sólo lo descargué y me baneasteís". Recibimos amenazas e insultos de hijos de famosos abogados, jefes de la mafia, y muchos más. Y obtenemos esos post en los foros que hablan de INJUSTICIAS. Muchos de ellos. Cada Día. Una última cosa. Sobre el Cheat Engine, funcionando en segundo plano. C.E. funcionando en segundo plano puede hacer scans de los procesos de memoria, y puedes aprender a usar esa información más adelante en el uso de "cheats". ¿Queremos que los creadores de "Cheats" puedan tener la habilidad de no ser detectados? NO. ¿Para qué necesitas tener el CE en segundo plano cuando juegas al EFT? ¿Quizás para hacer trampas? ¿No? No importa. No lo abraís. No creais a nadie que cree un post en ningún lado diciendo que ha sido baneado sin motivo. Tenemos pistas e indicios que podrían ser usados en cualquier proceso legal si fuera necesario. "Haters gonna hate", pero nosotros, BSG, y personalmente yo, estamos aquí para vosotros, los jugadores honestos. Estamos aquí por todos vosotros. Gracias por vuestra atención.
  7. Xenome-111

    Anti aliasing

    Can we get some kind of anti aliasing in this game. This game definitely needs some anti aliasing with all the aliasing worse in windy situations. Otherwise a very beautiful game. Pls devs.
  8. ChilouX

    Cheaters ruin the game.

    1) Enter game 2) instant killed by silent cheater 3) looses all gear 4) Repeat step 1,2,3 + 4 Sooo eh.. what's being done to fix the invisible "all knowing" aim-bot cheaters? If none - this game is completely broken and not worth any of the 46 EU
  9. Hello devs, EFT Launcher has created a false positive i moved to submit the file to Symantec and got it white listed. Below is the e-mail copy and paste of the reply, your launcher should be white listed with norton/symantec products in 24 hours. In relation to submission 29846. Upon further analysis and investigation we have verified your submission and, as such, the detection(s) for the following file(s) will be removed from our products: File name: eft_launcher.exe MD5: 24fc84738f9e8ad1a3c119419d1fb7b8 SHA256: d86ea65a5b698a754de526017ffc7d1c4ad4be0ce8efd972b4c8a2a9ee356b94 Note: Whitelisting may take up to 24 hours to take effect via Live Update If detection persists, please contact support: * Norton: https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/info * SEP: https://support.symantec.com/en_US/endpoint-protection.54619.html Decisions made by Symantec are subject to change if alterations to the Software are made over time or as classification criteria and/or the policy employed by Symantec changes over time to address the evolving landscape. If you are a software vendor and would like to upload your software for proactive whitelisting, please complete one of the following forms: * If you are BCS customer: https://submit.symantec.com/whitelist/bcs * Otherwise: https://submit.symantec.com/whitelist For more information on best practices to reduce false positives: http://www.symantec.com/content/en/us/enterprise/white_papers/b-to_increase_downloads-instill_trust_first_WP.en-us.pdf Sincerely, Symantec Security Response http://securityresponse.symantec.com This message (including any attachments) is intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is non-public, proprietary, privileged, confidential, and exempt from disclosure under applicable law or may constitute as attorney work product. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, notify us immediately by telephone and (i) destroy this message if a facsimile or (ii) delete this message immediately if this is an electronic communication. Thank you. Cheers,
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