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Found 6 results

  1. I'm a new developer and would love to do some work with an EFT API, it would be awesome! I searched all over but could not find the answer as to when/if this is expected. I see there are some apps/websites that already use an EFT API but I don't know if they hacked their access into an official one or if they are using a 3rd party API. Anyway, love the game and would love to see an official API too. Cheers!
  2. nurdism

    Read Only unofficial API usage?

    Hi I know there's an *unofficial* API for the market place. I was wondering if it was against the rules/TOS to use the API to grab the prices of items every few hours? I want to make a tarkov-market like site and track the prices of some items throughout the day. I've heard of people getting banned for using the API incorrectly, but I haven't been able to find a credible source/answer on whether or not using the API non-maliciously is ok?
  3. Sh4Tex

    Fleamarket Bot with API

    Hello Guys. I wanted to ask if somebody knows how to make a Fleamarket Bot on Twitch that can list all the prices of all items. I saw that Bots at LVNDMARK and robn_live's channels. I'm a small streamer and wanted to do the same system but I don't know how this works. It would be very nice if somebody could explain it to me or send me something where I can learn it.
  4. andresto


    Hi, I'm a web developer looking forward to create tools around EFT content. On a recent Q/A there was a response from Nikita that they have planned to provide an API for the community to build tools around the content of EFT. Is there an estimated time for this? It would come after the official release of the game? Not trying to rush anything, just wondering if there's an ETA because I'm really interested in the topic. Thanks in advance.
  5. Seen some threads about direct x 12, at the moment i cant say im that impressed with this. I know its still quite new, but it havent impressed me at all. For me Vulcan is something to be more exited about, and (if im not mistaken?) its open source api from AMD? Vulcan have already shown that it can run great, i used it on doom. Tho this game is very optimized, vulcan ran great. Vulcan have impressed me much more than direct x 12, for now at least. I read some posts regarding direct x 12, and vulcan. They are getting somewhat old now. At least when i searched they are from last year.. Im currently under the impression, you experienced some issues with direct x 12, and later on someone did say something about vulkan had some interesting results. In a positive way. But not much more information about your thoughts, and how these tests maybe have influenced your ideal roadmap for the future. Im a little curious about how you feel about this now, and maybe how you see the road ahead will look like, and just to be clear. Im not talking about near future, but when the game is about finished. Are the any reasonable chances to see vulkan implemented in the future over direct x 12? What are your plans regarding this. Thanks for your time, and hopefully. For any information about your thoughts regarding this.
  6. Привет! Планируется ли для игры реализация статистики или api с такими данными? Иными словами, будет ли battlelog или платформа для него? На данный момент занимаюсь фан-проектом https://survarium.pro, который отображает статистику игроков на основе данных из официального api, и есть интерес к разработке подобного проекта для EFT. Само собой, если в этом есть какой-то смысл. Спасибо.
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