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Found 8 results

  1. Stevevokhe

    Comapanion app ötlet

    Ugye már betervezett egy tarkov segéd alkalmazás telefonra vagy egyéb eszközre. Én nagyon szivesen látnék benne egy funkciót, hogy értesítést küld arról ha lejáróban van egy átvehető dolog (pl trader quest reward, insurance comeback). Néha egyszerűen elfelejtem nézni vagy más dolgom van és sorra veszítem el a cuccaimat miatta. Tudom, hogy ez az én hibám de ebben segíthetne a fent leírt értesítés. Véleményem szerint nem lenne gamebreaking, lévén nem ingame dologról van szó és a realitást sem bontaná meg ha Prapor küldene neked egy 'SMS'-t(értesítés formájában persze): "Hé haver nem kell vissza cuccod? Eladom helyetted szívesen!" Esetleg tudnátok ajánlani a fejlesztőknek valamilyen módon? Ki tudja, hogy mikor akadnának rá ha csak az angol fórumon nyitnék egy új topicot.
  2. DeathBearGaming

    Mobile flea market

    Im usually away from my pc quite abit, whoch means i lose time playing and buying things off the flea market, so i thought maybe you could make an app for the flea market? obviously linked to the player account which shows currency and maybe your stash for management when being away from the computer. thoughts people? Obviously i doubt it would happen until the game is fully released but maybe a nice addon to it. ~DeathBear
  3. Flavivs

    Android inventory manager

    Hi there! I have some suggestion about making some cool inventory/gear manager for android platform. This app would be great for trading and inventory management in the meantime, when you can not be at the computer. Is this possible for the future? Thank you for possible answer...
  4. Ravenwits

    Would you like a digital handbook?

    Would you like a digital version of the handbook that implemented on last patch? This design can be used on a website or a phone app maybe. So you can get all the info about all in-game items and you can buy them or learn about them while you are away from the game. (items delivered via in-game messenger.) Please do not share it without giving credit. Thanks.

    Inventory Management APP

    A cellphone/tablet app that allows one to manage their stash on the go. One you can use to sell and buy items. Reorganize your loot. And share with your friends showing off all your cool loot and weapon builds. This would be really cool especially for tarkov communities.
  6. JordanCassese

    Mobile Tarkov

    I love Tarkov, my current favorite video game. We need a mobile app that lets us sift through our inventory, check traders, buy/sell items, all from my phone. There are countless interactions I have with my friends outside of gaming, talking about what our stashes look like, how leveled our traders are, what our character stats/skills are, literally anything available on the main screen. Obviously joining raids with a mobile device should never be a thing or should even be suggested as an idea because thats... stupid. But I would totally use an app on my phone that lets me sift through my Tarkov inventory/traders/skills/etc. Just a suggestion, because I KNOW I would use it, and my friends too.
  7. Hello, I spend most my nights playing Eft and most my days working and by the time I get back to my home after work, I always miss all the juicy insurcace that's sitting waiting to be collected, I would really like if there was an app I could just open on my phone and maybe collect the insurance and organise my inventory, this mightn't be for everyone but would certainly help me out. Thank you best game ever!
  8. Just wanted to get an answer from the devs if there was a possibility of a mobile app for Tarkov. This app would maybe coexist with the flea market and auction system. You would be able to play stash Tetris trade and finish mission for traders if possible. You could also be able to use the flea market to buy and sell items from people and the auction system to earn some cash. It may not even be possible but it's a thought that'd be cool to see eventually if possible.
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