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Found 6 results

  1. Arena

    I have a question, will the arena be a fight til death scenario or like you have to still escape? Also is it a separate inventory to your standard inventory that you use for other maps?
  2. FFA Arena Mode

    Pls devs , will you make an arena mode where there is no ai but just mpc human players ? If yes , when will it be available. I just want to have a mode where i can only battle human players instead of mixed ai/mpc's Cheers
  3. Competitive 3 gun competition

    ive been watching some videos on the training that mr Reeves did for John Wick 2 the dude has some serious skills. he was trained by Taran Butler of Taran Tactical innovations (who is legendary in the world of 3 Gun shooting) if you dont know what 3 gun is, its a fast paced shooting competiton that uses the Pistol Shot Gun and Assault Rifle. the aim is to be the fastest and most accurate. i would love to see some sort of shooting competition along side the normal arena PVP you guys have planned so we can work on our shoot n scoot...i feel this would be a great addition to the EFT universe
  4. Arena mode

    I've seen some people throw suggestions around for a deathmatch mode or even somebody saying there should be a few bombsites added (we csgo now what???), though that doesn't really fit into the game. However it did made me think of something similar that people might agree with. Something like an arena mode, set in an abandoned warehouse repurposed as an arena as a sort of fightclub with guns. What players can do is set up a duel on this warehouse map, where there won't be interruptions from outside interactions. Players can wager money which goes to the winner of the fight. If anyone's ever player S.T.A.L.K.E.R. shadow of chernobyl, you might remember the Rostok arena. The concept's a bit like that. One thing that would need to be thought up is how loadouts would be handled though. I've thought up two ideas: 1. You have set loadouts that can be picked from and both players/teams would need get the same loadouts. 2. The players that duel eachother take their own gear with them. Their loadout would be visible before the duel is accepted by both players, so that both players can configure their loadout to be a fair fight between eachother. Along with that, winning means you get the other dudes gear he took into the duel. The way it would work is somebody would send you a duel request, a bit similar to how somebody would send a trade request or a friend request. When accepted, both players will arrive at the loadout screen, where they decide which loadout both players will use like method 1, or if method 2, they would equip themselves with gear from their stash. All items equipped by the other player are visible as well. The alpha/beta/gamma container wouldn't be usable in the duel. Along with that, players can also wager items/money and send eachother messages to discuss the terms of the duel. Both players can then accept the terms of the duel or cancel the duel (maybe because you've put in 100k as a wager and the opponent is refusing to place a wager, for example). When the duel is accepted, they'll load in the arena map on opposite ends of the map. The duel would wait for both players to load in and cancel if one player fails to load in. When the duel starts, all wagers and gear are set in stone to be the victors spoils and the only way to leave is to win the fight. Lorewise, this could be made to fit Tarkov. One of the traders could've set up the arena, or another powerful Tarkov figure who sees it as a lucrative opportunity. The arena would be a structure like a large abandoned warehouse, filled with crates and what-not as makeshift cover for contestants. Many dubious figures go here either to watch the fights, bet on the contestants of the fights or to join a fight themselves. While many of these dubious figures are scavs and clearly don't like PMC's, PMC's can still find themselves welcomed at this arena, mainly because of the arena owner, with his armed guards who keep the scavs in check, who sees the PMC's as a good entertainment source to attract more people to the arena. After all, many scavs would enjoy to see one of these PMC's bite the dust, with some even wanting to try to take one on themselves. With that last comment, this also means you could have AI duels for this new place. Perhaps something like a quest from a trader, where you have to defeat the AI in a fight with the odds against you.
  5. Fighting Pits / Illegal 'Arena' Battles

    Posted this as a reply on an other forum! You know on S.T.A.L.K.E.R you have an arena on duty base... you fight to the death for money, why not not do something like this with randomly selected weapons... like you could put it in the story that the Russian mafia or some terragroup execs that couldn't escape made a lucrative trade from illegal fighting pits, security was tight and the area was changed location each time. I dunno I guess the story writers could think of something! Maybe even the option to place bets with ammo / currency?
  6. Arena 1v1

    So the FAQ says that in arena mode you loose you gear on death. However floating around the forums. There is mention that you do not. Can we have a conformation of this? I personally do not want to loose gear as I want to use this when I die in a raid and wait for them to finish or die. Plus hone my twitch skills.