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  1. I think if you can wear a chest rig on top of an armor vest, you should be able to store the chest rig on a compatible armor vest. Seems logical, right? I mean, backpacks inside of backpacks is a thing... Illustration: Thoughts?
  2. I know the argument of realism comes into play here, but I'd argue it's not even realistic (for aim changes less than 120 degrees). I did a "real life" test of this myself and used different weighted dumbbells and attempted to snap aim (or the irl equivalent at least) between two points in a room Crude IRL aim test using differently weighted dumbbells: 1. I could still easily and accurately line myself up between the two points regardless of weight 2. Weight effected not my accuracy but the level of effort I put into the aiming Try this yourself if you are curious. You may argue
  3. DrStone

    Nikita Notice Me Senpai

    Here is a couple ideas that I think will improve gameplay and the longevity of the game Armor / Fort Armor So this is one of the most annoying aspects of the game right now for me. I have plenty of footage of me just unloading a storm of bullets at someone in fort armor and they just eat the rounds like nothing happened and many more examples of that on internet. I know the Dev's have acknowledged it was an issue but I don't know what they are planning on doing to fix it. Because currently people are playing the game in a sort of Call Of Duty fashion just sprinting around wai
  4. killer112998

    Armor/Ammo Realism, is it Possible?

    Hello Devs, before I start my post I'd like to include the current NIJ ballistic ratings that are standard for body armor. The NIJ classifies body armor into 5 different threat levels: Level IIA, Level II, Level IIIA, Level III and Level IV; based on their ability to stop specified rounds at specified velocities. Level II armor stops .38 Special, .40 Smith and Wesson, .45 ACP, 9x19, and .357 Magnum. Level IIIA stops .357 Sig, and .44 Magnum. Level III stops 7.62x51 M80 Ball, and 7.62x39 Ball. Level III Lightweight (UHMWPE) stops 5.56x45 M193. Level III+ AND Level III+ UHMWPE stops 5.
  5. BsgRacetrackPio

    Being hit on wearing Bulletproof Vests

    Hi all. We all know that players wearing Armor Vests (Class 2 or 6) must be hit many more time get killed, you first have to breach their vest and then they get really damaged (or you can score hit on non-covered parts of the body) I know that this fact isn't really realistic due to gameplay problems and this is okay and fun. But when you wear a Fort Armor and you get hit by a Shotgun from 2 meters, you don't die off course because you wear the armor but at least you are very stunned from the hit you got. I suggest to add a Stunned Effect like grenades do, maybe less invasi
  6. ChessieSeaboard

    Detachable/Attachable Extra Armor Parts

    Add the ability to add or remove soft armor inserts/extensions to various Armored Rigs or Body Armor. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To explain, if you use a vest that has a groin protector, shoulder pads, or a neck protector (if it's removable), you have the option to detach it from your body armor/armored rig if you wish to not use it. You can even use other accessories to replace them or attach new ones that are compatible.
  7. YairOnline

    Armor in Tarkov

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well in these times. Today, as the title says, I will go over Armor in Tarkov, and what I suggest for diffrenet levels. I won't go over armored tactical rigs, but armor that goes on your body. (PACA, Trooper armor etc.) So, let's do it! Moudle-3M bodyarmor Ragman level 2 sells it. You need 1 Ripstop cloth and 1 Aramid. You can also craft it in the hideout, lavatory 2. Protects: Thorax and stomach. Class rating of 2, Durability 40. This armor won't protect you probably at all. Maybe from pistolings with low tier ammo, and scavs. You ne
  8. https://streamable.com/xxpyty 20-30 rounds 5.45x39 T, half of which were arms and legs Every gunfight is either you or them dead instantly or mag dump each other until the game realizes one of you should be dead, just like its always been in our great "Hardcore and realistic shooter"
  9. CaddyDaddySherb

    Armor vs Ammo

    I will start off by saying I absolutely love ETF, its a truly a unique and hardcore game out there, But there is a obvious major problem That has been there since I started playing. Between the armor types and ammo types, its seriously unbalanced. I've read around forums and it isn't just me feeling this way. Seeing how easily acceptable the late game ammo with the highest penetration and damage is, it makes armor and helmets worthless. The only thing it seems to hold against is scavs and even then there isn't a reason to buy anything beyond level 2. I've heard the excuse of the game is tryi
  10. Sludge-N-Death

    Whats up with Armor Prices??

    Why has all the Armor doubled in price??
  11. Played the game after a week of not playing and noticed that the price for repairing armored rigs skyrocketed. For example, a TV-110 costs 1k per hp with Prapor. Before it would only cost me around 200 rubles per hp to repair. Is this an official change???
  12. WastedM

    Armor repair kit.

    I think it would be nice to be able to bring some sort of armor repair kit into raid. Of course it would have to be balanced as in, costly, a bit heavy, take up maybe 4-6 spots and take a long time to use, but yes still a solid idea. Why add it? - Imagine having a costly load out, been in a firefight, won it and there's all this loot, but all the armors are at 0, what do you do? Get one or two tapped by a scav/player in the chest on the way out? It has happened to me many times. EFT is all about different scenarios and how you overcome them, a armor repair kit in those kinds of scenar
  13. What's the point of buying an arm band if you have armor that covers most of it making it semi pointless? Please have the arm band appear on top of any armor.
  14. -if you look at the table, both the high lighted red armor has similar stats only 10 true durability difference and one protects the arm but their tier class is way far apart. -it is also made with combined materials which if you look on the bottom right only has moderate 0.5 chance of destructibility (means its also not the strongest tanking material nor the best moderate durability, since Titan has 0.55 and the repair rate and damage tanking is way better) -what is also over looked is the high lighted in green, armor steel material armor which has a 0.7 of damage taking plus Very
  15. VerdorrenWolf

    Damage ratio after armor penetration

    So I have examined the EFT wiki extensively and gone through the ballistics and armor information and charts, but one thing I was unclear on was that if a round manages to penetrate armor, is the overall damage of that round reduced based off of armor rating, durability, material type and ammunition penetration chance or does the round do full damage based off the wiki statistics without damage reduction at all?
  16. denizk53

    Repairing Armor

    If i buy a armor from the market lets just say a gen 4 full protection and it has 0/40 hp - is it worth it to buy and repair it? I think i heard somewhere that when you repair armor it has less quality of protection then before so i dont know if repairing is worth it. And if its worth, does prapor repairs the armor good enough or should i repair with skier?
  17. Da_Kyuss

    Armor Useful Life

    Hi I was searching the forum for info on Armor useful life without success... and hence this topic I cannot understand to which point a armor rig becomes unusable.... not worth to repair examples. I have two 6b13 rigs a. 28 out of 41 with max points of 47 b. 12.8 out of 39.2 with max points of 47 and one rig 6b5-15 which is 0 out of 39.2 with max points of 45 to which point it worth repairing and using? your experience \ knowledge on the matter will be highly appreciated
  18. GloriousandGrea

    Balancing issues.

    I have had a recurring grievance with the vepr hunter. I imagine the reason this type of gun was added was for balancing purposes to give newer/lower level players a chance to fight armored players, however I believe at the moment they are over tuned. This gun is simply too strong for how easy it is to acquire. They are almost always accessible which makes the meta very boring because the gun simply packs too much punch for how cheap it is, making it hard to pass it up. I'll give one of many examples I've come across. I went into labs with a fort armor and atlyn helmet (Top tier armor). I ran
  19. It seems that with 0.12, there's a renewed discussion surrounding the lack of ballistic statistics that are shown to the player in-game. Rather than take the spreadsheet values and add them into each bullet's stats window -- essentially "giving" them to the player -- what if this type of knowledge could be gained over time by "examining" the round's performance against different vests/plates in the hideout? For example, let's say you're interested in 5.45 BP and how it performs against a UN vest. You could purchase a UN vest, set it up downrange in your hideout, fire a few rounds at it, t
  20. kapu05

    About wearables

    So hello developers and staff members. So i was thinking about making a Ghillie suit in the game which would cost you 150 K Roubles and it would be available only in Ragman page 4.Oh and one extra thing would be cool which is that there,s a outfit slot in your character so you would be able to buy different outfits
  21. F4113n


    hi there. its cool too have alot items ingame but some are just waste...BSG can fix Ronin helmet finally,prize is so high and helmet is so poo.It supose to stop even AK rounds,have ventilation(ergo ingame) so i like to provide some link about item . I hope u gona finally fix it.
  22. MonoLyth

    Armour mechanics tweak

    Current plate carriers could please use a minimum armour class of 4 and all thorax only plate carriers to be class 7(using current armour system) Basis of my working below: Class 3 ~NIJ IIIA (Soft Armour stops Pistol calibres(9x21 maybe not)minimum of 5 hits 0 penetration Class 4 ~NIJIII (Hard armour stops rifle calibres 7.62x51 M80 5hits 0 penetration Class 5 ~NIJIV (Hard armour stops 7.62x63 AP 1 hit + class 4 test 0 penetration Just thought that adjusting the penetration value used in the armour calculations could use a tweak for easier to understand values for all
  23. Kaizune

    New helmet

    I was thinking that the am-95 helmet would be a great addition to tarkov due to its high ballistic protection and its combination of an amazing headset and a face shield that doesn't conflict with ones vision so much, its a helmet once favored by the GSG9 and it just seems like an absolute perfect thing to add into Tarkov.
  24. CptWeizzo

    Saiga 12 + Slug

    Hallo Zusammen, ich habe eine Frage zur Slug Munition für die Saiga 12. Ich dachte das diese zumindest vor ein paar Monaten keine bis sehr wenig AP besitzt. Gestern habe ich die Saiga 12 mit Schalldämpfer + Rotpunkt gespielt und damit Abschüsse auf sehr weite Distanz (Customs, Zug nahe der Brücke bis Checkpoint) ohne Probleme gemacht. Nicht nur das diese so gut wie kein wenn nicht sogar gar kein Bulletdrop besitzt, sie hat auch durchgehend Leute mit 1-3 Schüssen getötet trotz das diese Full-Geard waren z.B. Mit Fort Armor. Ich habe bewusst Leuten auf ihre Armor geschossen um da
  25. TheColdVein

    Armor & Blunt Damage

    Dear Escapers, We would like to take this time to clear up the current question of armor parameters. Right now, blunt damage is in, but it is significantly lowered. We are balancing and testing slowly as we are adding new armor as well. We apologize for any frustration, and we appreciate your support!
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