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Found 71 results

  1. Alkite

    Nerf Armor Buff Bullets

    https://streamable.com/xxpyty 20-30 rounds 5.45x39 T, half of which were arms and legs Every gunfight is either you or them dead instantly or mag dump each other until the game realizes one of you should be dead, just like its always been in our great "Hardcore and realistic shooter"
  2. CaddyDaddySherb

    Armor vs Ammo

    I will start off by saying I absolutely love ETF, its a truly a unique and hardcore game out there, But there is a obvious major problem That has been there since I started playing. Between the armor types and ammo types, its seriously unbalanced. I've read around forums and it isn't just me feeling this way. Seeing how easily acceptable the late game ammo with the highest penetration and damage is, it makes armor and helmets worthless. The only thing it seems to hold against is scavs and even then there isn't a reason to buy anything beyond level 2. I've heard the excuse of the game is trying for realism so of course it wouldn't stop bullets but get shot in a chest with armor, even if it stops it, your still not gonna be running around able to shoot right away, it'll literally knock you down and take the breath out of you or disorient. Games can only do so much as far realism and Tarkov is one of the most realistic games out there but its still a game based with RPG elements and looting and you should feel a difference in a level 3 to level 4 piece of armor against other players. I couldn't tell you how many times I've spend 100k or more on class 4 or 5 armor, unload on a enemy, only to have them one tap me in the chest. Its infuriating and ridiculous. Anytime i get beat in any other fashion i dont get angry, but instead i learn how i can play better but you cant do that when your fully geared and get killed in a second through your armor. I seem to do better just farming for money only to spend all on the ammo and practically run naked, but I don't like that at all. I want to be geared out and feel like the risk is worth the reward but in more instants its not when your gear is ignored by a single bullet. I see this a lot for most people, More money is put towards ammo than anything else except those already rocking the highest level armor already and walking around like tanks. This meta has made Armor basically obsoletes and I never see it as someone who better skilled because more than half of the time if i would to been able to afford that kind of ammo more often, I clearly would of won the gunfights hands down. There has to be something the developers can do fix this problem. Tweak the armor or ammo, Increase the rarity of the ammo while making the armor cheaper, make them unable to be sold on flea market or take out the top tier ammo's completely. This would seriously balance out the game incredibly. I fell off the game before due to this issue and i played for months and felt like i couldn't get anywhere unless I played like a rat and just hid from players and that takes the fun out of the game and out of looting if half of the loot your looking for is useless. I came back for the wipe because i knew it would be a level playing ground and I've been playing nonstop but starting to fall back into the same problem again now that i am able to see the ammo used against me after i am instantly killed. I really hope Nikita and the other Developers look into this and fix this as soon as possible before adding anymore to the game. It would take a lot of unnecessary frustration out of a already hardcore raging game., Getting out beat by another player who aimed better or outsmarted you is one thing, a single bullet through a level 5 armor makes me want to throw my monitor across the room and stop playing.
  3. Sludge-N-Death

    Whats up with Armor Prices??

    Why has all the Armor doubled in price??
  4. Played the game after a week of not playing and noticed that the price for repairing armored rigs skyrocketed. For example, a TV-110 costs 1k per hp with Prapor. Before it would only cost me around 200 rubles per hp to repair. Is this an official change???
  5. WastedM

    Armor repair kit.

    I think it would be nice to be able to bring some sort of armor repair kit into raid. Of course it would have to be balanced as in, costly, a bit heavy, take up maybe 4-6 spots and take a long time to use, but yes still a solid idea. Why add it? - Imagine having a costly load out, been in a firefight, won it and there's all this loot, but all the armors are at 0, what do you do? Get one or two tapped by a scav/player in the chest on the way out? It has happened to me many times. EFT is all about different scenarios and how you overcome them, a armor repair kit in those kinds of scenarios would be crucial.
  6. What's the point of buying an arm band if you have armor that covers most of it making it semi pointless? Please have the arm band appear on top of any armor.
  7. -if you look at the table, both the high lighted red armor has similar stats only 10 true durability difference and one protects the arm but their tier class is way far apart. -it is also made with combined materials which if you look on the bottom right only has moderate 0.5 chance of destructibility (means its also not the strongest tanking material nor the best moderate durability, since Titan has 0.55 and the repair rate and damage tanking is way better) -what is also over looked is the high lighted in green, armor steel material armor which has a 0.7 of damage taking plus Very good repair ability compared to every other armor, but as high as it can get it can only get to tier 4. -the rest of tier 5 armors are all made with less "good" materials, and there's even polymer made armor the 6b13 M assault (killa) which is made with like almost the lowest material?? -and if you are just looking at pure tank damage and no repair ability all the tier 4 ceramic armor is better than tier 5 and 6 statistically. thanks for reading, correct me if i'm wrong. I'm just way to confused at this point into what armor to buy
  8. VerdorrenWolf

    Damage ratio after armor penetration

    So I have examined the EFT wiki extensively and gone through the ballistics and armor information and charts, but one thing I was unclear on was that if a round manages to penetrate armor, is the overall damage of that round reduced based off of armor rating, durability, material type and ammunition penetration chance or does the round do full damage based off the wiki statistics without damage reduction at all?
  9. denizk53

    Repairing Armor

    If i buy a armor from the market lets just say a gen 4 full protection and it has 0/40 hp - is it worth it to buy and repair it? I think i heard somewhere that when you repair armor it has less quality of protection then before so i dont know if repairing is worth it. And if its worth, does prapor repairs the armor good enough or should i repair with skier?
  10. Da_Kyuss

    Armor Useful Life

    Hi I was searching the forum for info on Armor useful life without success... and hence this topic I cannot understand to which point a armor rig becomes unusable.... not worth to repair examples. I have two 6b13 rigs a. 28 out of 41 with max points of 47 b. 12.8 out of 39.2 with max points of 47 and one rig 6b5-15 which is 0 out of 39.2 with max points of 45 to which point it worth repairing and using? your experience \ knowledge on the matter will be highly appreciated
  11. GloriousandGrea

    Balancing issues.

    I have had a recurring grievance with the vepr hunter. I imagine the reason this type of gun was added was for balancing purposes to give newer/lower level players a chance to fight armored players, however I believe at the moment they are over tuned. This gun is simply too strong for how easy it is to acquire. They are almost always accessible which makes the meta very boring because the gun simply packs too much punch for how cheap it is, making it hard to pass it up. I'll give one of many examples I've come across. I went into labs with a fort armor and atlyn helmet (Top tier armor). I ran across a naked player with a vepr hunter who literally killed me by 2 tapping me in the chest through my fort armor. When my buddies killed him they said my armor was zeroed out from the guy when it was 75/75. This is just unbalanced plain and simple. I wear top tier armor so I can win these close quarters situations, or at least have a chance. It would be different if he shot me in the head, but it was the chest! 2 shots and i'm dead! There is some solutions to this that I think would overall improve the game because this meta is frankly unbalanced and the opposite of what it was originally supposed to achieve. 1. Nerf the vepr hunter ammo (m61/m62) by either decreasing stats, decreasing availability, or increasing price. 2. Increase the price of the vepr hunter by a decent amount (I'd say 15-20k is a reasonable amount). 3. Reduce the availability of the gun (i.e. Don't have it spawn so often on scavs and player scavs). I think any of these ideas would help balance the game. I know I'm not alone on this topic as I've talked to others, but I wanted to post it here to see other opinions. I just don't think its fun nor balanced for players who want to go in with good gear when they can be very easily killed by a practically naked, zero cost, load out. There is basically no risk for the vepr hunter player, but high reward almost always and its just too strong. Thanks for reading!
  12. It seems that with 0.12, there's a renewed discussion surrounding the lack of ballistic statistics that are shown to the player in-game. Rather than take the spreadsheet values and add them into each bullet's stats window -- essentially "giving" them to the player -- what if this type of knowledge could be gained over time by "examining" the round's performance against different vests/plates in the hideout? For example, let's say you're interested in 5.45 BP and how it performs against a UN vest. You could purchase a UN vest, set it up downrange in your hideout, fire a few rounds at it, then walk up and "examine" the vest. At this point, your character would "know" how many rounds punched through that armor and that information would get added to some sort of ballistics chart in the hideout. So in this case, maybe it could say something like, 5.45 BP 3 out of 5 rounds penetrated UN vest lvl 3 at 80% health, fired from AKSU (or whatever was used). The same process could be repeated against soft armors and eventually individual plates once those are added in game. And with each new round he tests against a mix and match of different armors, etc, his "ballistics chart" would gradually become more and more filled out until he has a nice reference for himself. And perhaps, for flesh damage, something like ballistic gel blocks could be set up and, after a course of fire, "examined" by the player for penetration depth, fragmentation, etc. I'm NOT envisioning a "live" 3D representation of the paths or anything cut through the gel, but rather a text output that is shown to the player upon "examination". The interesting thing here is that, if something this resonates with the community, the ammo chart could essentially be removed from circulation. And from that point on, any updates or ammo changes would need to be actively tested by players themselves. It also retains a notable level of uncertainty into the mix as well. Rather than read raw numerical values from a spreadsheet, the player is now left to contend with only observable performance. This would offer a general sense of a round's effectiveness against certain targets, something that is likely more "realistic" at the end of the day. Thoughts? Improvements? THANK YOU BSG for all the hard work you put into 0.12! The patch is excellent, you've added SO MANY great things to the game. Your craftsmanship and attention to detail is in fine display here. Onward and upward
  13. I know the argument of realism comes into play here, but I'd argue it's not even realistic (for aim changes less than 120 degrees). I did a "real life" test of this myself and used different weighted dumbbells and attempted to snap aim (or the irl equivalent at least) between two points in a room Crude IRL aim test using differently weighted dumbbells: 1. I could still easily and accurately line myself up between the two points regardless of weight 2. Weight effected not my accuracy but the level of effort I put into the aiming Try this yourself if you are curious. You may argue that you are still slower in the heavier weighted tests, but I argue that slowness and aiming in real life are separate factors. Whereas in a video game - slowness in aiming (dpi/sensitivity wise) directly impacts accuracy negatively so it is not an equal comparison. Also it's a video game, there are many semi unrealistic factors already in the game so why keep one that negatively impact's a users experience so drastically. Better options that I've seen or thought of is: 1. Increased weapon sway after large movements with heavier armor 2. stamina drain to mimic the tiredness after making a large movement with heavy equipment. I've seen previous threads that have addressed this but considering this is still a thing I feel I should bring it up again. I'm struggling to recommend this game to other players and even struggle to continue to play myself once I learned about this. Players spend a lot of time finding a sensitivity that works for them (Mine is a 360 in 10 inches) and having this changed to 13 inches in only medium quality armor is such a jarring experience.
  14. kapu05

    About wearables

    So hello developers and staff members. So i was thinking about making a Ghillie suit in the game which would cost you 150 K Roubles and it would be available only in Ragman page 4.Oh and one extra thing would be cool which is that there,s a outfit slot in your character so you would be able to buy different outfits
  15. F4113n


    hi there. its cool too have alot items ingame but some are just waste...BSG can fix Ronin helmet finally,prize is so high and helmet is so poo.It supose to stop even AK rounds,have ventilation(ergo ingame) so i like to provide some link about item . I hope u gona finally fix it.
  16. MonoLyth

    Armour mechanics tweak

    Current plate carriers could please use a minimum armour class of 4 and all thorax only plate carriers to be class 7(using current armour system) Basis of my working below: Class 3 ~NIJ IIIA (Soft Armour stops Pistol calibres(9x21 maybe not)minimum of 5 hits 0 penetration Class 4 ~NIJIII (Hard armour stops rifle calibres 7.62x51 M80 5hits 0 penetration Class 5 ~NIJIV (Hard armour stops 7.62x63 AP 1 hit + class 4 test 0 penetration Just thought that adjusting the penetration value used in the armour calculations could use a tweak for easier to understand values for all. My suggestion would be as simple as this: 30pen 0% penetration vs class 3, 35pen 50% penetration vs class 3, 39pen 90% penetration vs class 3, 39pen 0% penetration vs class 4 but does armour durability damage is 50% 39pen vs class 5 does 0.1 durability damage, round literally shatters on the armour plate. 30pen against a class 3 has 0%penetration chance on the first hit but still applies it's armour damage ratio. Now each consecutive hit has a % chance to ignore the armour but it would at least feel like it has done it's job. This would obviously require most ammuntion types to have their pen values edited however it now gives you much more breathing room to move the ballistics around over the current system. Will also mean that when it comes time to do full modular overhaul of armour system the whole unit will be able to be one armour class and then plates can be added with their own armour class.
  17. Kaizune

    New helmet

    I was thinking that the am-95 helmet would be a great addition to tarkov due to its high ballistic protection and its combination of an amazing headset and a face shield that doesn't conflict with ones vision so much, its a helmet once favored by the GSG9 and it just seems like an absolute perfect thing to add into Tarkov.
  18. DrStone

    Nikita Notice Me Senpai

    Here is a couple ideas that I think will improve gameplay and the longevity of the game Armor / Fort Armor So this is one of the most annoying aspects of the game right now for me. I have plenty of footage of me just unloading a storm of bullets at someone in fort armor and they just eat the rounds like nothing happened and many more examples of that on internet. I know the Dev's have acknowledged it was an issue but I don't know what they are planning on doing to fix it. Because currently people are playing the game in a sort of Call Of Duty fashion just sprinting around waiting to get shot at knowing they will probably live and kill the person that shot at them. Plus all the armor in the game basically makes pistols and smg's useless and you are at an extreme disadvantage if you use them. And that there would be a crying shame because I love pistols, makes me feel like solid snake. If you are going to have strong plate armor that's easily available in the game for it not to be game breaking and turn the game in to bullet sponge simulator I believe you need to make the hit boxes for the armor VERY SPECIFIC. Or it is already is like that and I am just ignorant of it. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ More Lethal Hitboxes A game that has reallllyyy good hitboxes is the Red Orchestra and Rising Storm games. You can instantly kill someone with a head, spine, heart or nut shot. I think tarkov needs these (maybe not the nut instakill) to make it less of a bullet sponge simulator. Because there has been plenty of times when I shoot a hatchling and he tanks 4 rounds without armor or even more if I am using a pistol caliber. Because this is just silly _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Resetting Talents Upon Death (AKA Curing The Hatchling Scourge) The talents are a good addition to the game however, when someone is high level the Vitality skill is a little ridiculous sometimes. Besides that when I am high level I don't really feel any character value and its a bit dull. BUTTT... If you guys made it so you lost skills upon death people would value their character and not just the gear they are carrying. Hopefully reducing the hachling scourge at the same time. For balance you would need to increase the talent XP you gain per raid exponentially. Also making the quests that have to do with players skills less of a grind and more skill based. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Weapons Sling / Fast Draw Just like when you double tap R to reload magazines faster but you drop them I think the same should apply to switching to your pistol. So If you double tap 1 you drop your primary weapon completely and fast draw your pistol. Also add the ability to attach a sling to your main gun and instead of dropping it to the ground it just hangs on your chest. I imagine that wouldn't be easy to animate this but it would very cool and make pistols more viable. < Example > https://streamable.com/ydnf8 < Example > https://imgur.com/a/8WAzp5s added 2 different link encase one doesn't work ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Should Not Be Able To Heal 100% In Raid Shooting someone just for them to run away and heal them selves back up to 100% is super lame and unrealistic in my opinion. If one of your body parts gets damaged below 70% you should only be able to heal that limb up to 70%. Then when you get out of raid you can get full healing from the therapist. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Being Able Switch Easily From The Insurance Screen Or The Lobby To Your Stash There has been many times where I was in a lobby with my friends and I forgot something like water or meds so I have to back all the way out get the items and go back to the right raid lobby then get invited again. Its not a big deal but it would be nice if there was a arrow or character button on the lolly screen where you could quickly add items to your character without having to leave the lobby. < example > https://streamable.com/3x205 < example > https://imgur.com/a/HXF3EBn ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Guild Bank So if you any of you have played World Of Warcraft there is a system in the game called a guild bank. Members of the same guild or clan can drop items in the bank and other members can take out items at will. The leader of the guild and also set stipulations on the kind of loot people can take and give members permissions to take higher grade equipment. I think it would be cool but it could also be abused and used as extra item storage. Just a cool idea to think about. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Animations/RagDolls The guns in EFT are amazing I don't think there has ever been a game this detailed in its gun sounds and design. Extremely good work on that part of the game. But the 3rd person player animations are stiff and don't look very good, at least in my eyes. I am sure the Dev's know this and want to improve them. I think I remember Nikita saying something on a podcast somewhere along those lines about animations. So hopefully in the not to distant future they will rework the player animations. Also the rag-doll physics are not very satisfying, when you shoot someone they look as if they a marionette and someone cut the strings. EFT Rag-Doll example > https://streamable.com/c706s < EFT Rag-Doll example https://imgur.com/a/yiCI6sQ Compared with RO2, I think this game has the best rag-doll physics. They feel as they have weight and are affected by the bullet. https://i.gifer.com/IqlB.mp4 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Plate Carriers Quick thing I forgot to mention in the armor section in the beginning. Stacking armor is really frustrating design choice. Being able to put on level 6 Fort armor then put on a tactical rig on top of that and that rig has level 3 armor as well just makes no sense to me in a where people already take a ton of bullets to kill. If you have a tactical vest that has a armor plate in it, it should also take up your armor spot. You could also make it so that you could buy different plates in the vest and have rag man sell a variety of different plates. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Traders Loot And Game Longevity I have hit max level or near it 2 wipes now and the same thing happens each time to my friends and I. We lose interest in the game. Not because the game is not fun or bad, it is obviously not. It's because when you get to that level you most likely have everything unlocked for the traders and a metric ass ton of money. Your gear doesn't really matter as much anymore. I remember the last patch at max level seeing AK and M4's and really just not caring to pick them up. You can get the perfect gun/set up every time from the traders before you go into raid and endgame can get boring. It also forces people to always buy comtacs and armor and creates this gear meta in a way, because if you don't have this certain set of gear then you are at a disadvantage. Plus I don't think wipes will be a feature in the full game so players who are new to the game are going to get ravaged by max level players with the crazy gear and pools of money. Instead, I think the traders should play a less critical role than they do. You should have to find almost everything and slowly build your gun through parts you find in raid and not just buy them all. This also encourages exploring the whole map and not just the hot spots and choke points. Battlestate has also shown a really cool gun jamming mechanic in the game. But if all the guns are brand new from the traders then I don't see that game mechanic being very relevant. Unless players are forced to use damaged parts they find in raid and have to make due with what you got, adds more of a survival aspect to the game. It would also add more relevancy to pistols and pump shotguns and bolt actions because right now everyone is running around with m4's and AK's, almost always. Plus almost all guns/gun parts will be useless to sell on the flee market if you can just buy them all from the traders. Instead of being how they currently are the traders should be dynamic and have different items every time and quests shouldn't unlock you new gear in the traders they should just give you cool items for completing the quest. So people don't feel the need to grind quests. I think less buying and relying on trader and more emphasis on looting with add longevity to the game especially at the higher levels. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TerraGroup ScavBoss Equivalent I think it would be "VERY NICE" if there was some TerraGroup spec ops units that spawn on some maps that are decked out with Nato equipment and they could be doing TerraGroup stuff and be a very hard enemy to fight. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ More Survival Clothes And Gear I like the tactical military gear. ( I wanna look like that plz gib ) But I would like to see more rag tag gear and clothes with more of a survival feeling. Nikita Notice Me Senpai
  19. CptWeizzo

    Saiga 12 + Slug

    Hallo Zusammen, ich habe eine Frage zur Slug Munition für die Saiga 12. Ich dachte das diese zumindest vor ein paar Monaten keine bis sehr wenig AP besitzt. Gestern habe ich die Saiga 12 mit Schalldämpfer + Rotpunkt gespielt und damit Abschüsse auf sehr weite Distanz (Customs, Zug nahe der Brücke bis Checkpoint) ohne Probleme gemacht. Nicht nur das diese so gut wie kein wenn nicht sogar gar kein Bulletdrop besitzt, sie hat auch durchgehend Leute mit 1-3 Schüssen getötet trotz das diese Full-Geard waren z.B. Mit Fort Armor. Ich habe bewusst Leuten auf ihre Armor geschossen um das eben im Anschluss zu testen und musste festellen das diese bei 90% Penetriert hat. Nun meine Frage ist das so gewollt? Also wurde etwas an der Munition geändert? Vlt könnt ihr ja selber mal das Ausprobieren und berichten wie es bei euch läuft Gruß Weizzo
  20. Could we be seeing a black/any non-desert camouflage Mandible for the Fast MT Helmet in the future? <- Like this one It would be really cool for customization and increased camouflage (especially for night raids)
  21. TheColdVein

    Armor & Blunt Damage

    Dear Escapers, We would like to take this time to clear up the current question of armor parameters. Right now, blunt damage is in, but it is significantly lowered. We are balancing and testing slowly as we are adding new armor as well. We apologize for any frustration, and we appreciate your support!
  22. أهلاً بكم مجدداً تحية لكم جميعا أيها المحاربون الشجعان .. نتمنى أللا تكون مدينة تاركوف قد قست عليكم كثيراً وأن تكونوا قد حصدتم الكثييير من اللوووت حتى إمتلاء ستااشاتكم اليوم نقدم لكم سؤال إستفتاء عام.. الهدف منه هو حث وتشجيع جميع أعضاء المجتمع العربي على المشاركة معنا بآرائهم وفتح قنوات التواصل فيما بيننا.. حظاً موفقاً
  23. CurlerBenson

    Hatchlings vs Helmets

    I really would like to know why hatchlings have the power to go through your helmet with a single punch but i can take rounds from weapons like an sks, ak, or m4 with just a faceshield in this game. There should be no reason that you can kill someone like this and it's making this game and factory runs damn near unfun to run and possibly unplayable. especially how i'm seeing tactics now where you can just sit in extraction and wait for a geared player to get up and leave and boom one punch and you're dead. Players who play like this should not be allowed to any of this. I lost gear twice now because hatchets one shot even a ducking fast mt now.
  24. trufflesRgood

    Armor: Prices and Abilities

    I personally believe that armor should be made less expensive and more able to stop bullets. A more hierarchical, influential armor system would make for a more interesting economy, because better and less expensive armor would make for its significance. What do you think?
  25. Bloodstone

    What on earth happened!?

    Let me tell you a little story about my last game. I am fairly new to this game, i only played in 0.9, and i only played for ~30 hours so far. I just finished a game of Customs, it was getting dark outside, and i has scrounged through the remains in the dorms, avoiding combat at all costs, since i always seem to lose when engaging/engaged. I found some dead Scav boss guards, killed 2 myself + the scav boss too. And i walked away with a fully functional Kiver M helmet + clean visor and 2 AK-74m's. At this point i am REALLY scared of dying because i never found such good loot before, but i also feel safe behind this dope armor (especially since i facetanked 1 scav guard and came out on top). I end up sneaking as slow as possibly from dorms, all the way to gas station, out of fear of dying to a lurker. My plan is to extract at the ZB1011 bunker, and i hope at this point that someone unlocked the factory door for me, since i don't have the key myself. When i make it to the hill separating dorms and gas station i see someone down at the factory door (it is dark still). When i go there, i don't sneak, i just walk normally (because i feel safe in the armor and with my loadout), i approach the door and doublecheck that the visor is down. When i open the door, i see a backpack disheartening into the room to the left, my heart starts racing! I take aim at the window to my left, knowing he will appear there in a second, I start to shoot, but only get to fired 1-2 full auto bullets before he ONE TAPS ME!? HERE IS MY QUESTION!? How is that possible!? I thought the Kiver with visor on was viable? What weapon + ammo can one tap through a full durability kiver face shield? I was so discouraged after this. I am thinking about quitting the game because of this, before i get desperate and buy the EOD version to get a bigger stash. I want to love this game, and i like that the learning curve is to ruthless, but everyone has told me "once you get over the lower levels, it's gonna be awesome". Well i am lvl 16 now, and i just had a full loadout from 3 scav boss guards, and i got one-tapped in a situation where the person killing me, could not even see the unarmored parts of me because of a window wall. Please forum! let me know how this was possible. I thought he might have hit a blacked arm or something, but the report after the fight said "face", and that really boggles me
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