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Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone, replacing armour plates is an upcoming feature, although there is still no release date for it. But what about hit zones / weak points of armour? The new level 6 armour does not protect armpits, shoulders, throat and side profil of the upper body. For example. Other armour vests cover more, although have not the same protective material. So, even with bad/low caliber ammo you could fairly hit somebody in the upper body , if you aim for the weak points or uncovered body parts. Additionally: Bulcky titan/steel plates and ceramic plates arent at points, which need to be flexible, like armpits, shoulders, body side profile etc. The newest level 6 armour only protects the chest from the direct front or back. Your side profile is totally naked for example. Which could at least be covered at least with flexible cevlar texture, but its not. A good big weak point to exploit. So we could bring back 50 % of the ammo types into the meta with a realistic and logical feature. Legs, under/lower arms wont be the only weak point. Greetings Zolty47
  2. Lord-Tryhard

    Damage and armour

    I've sinked a few hundred hours in the game so for and i noticed that the damage can be very inconsistent. On multiple occasions, i've shot people in an "unarmoured" head and they survived it. A few times, they took multiple shots to the head. Sometimes, the walls get painted in red and the bastard just hops away like nothing happened. Other times a single 9mm bullet does the trick. I've also had situations, where i've shot people from the side, but the arm absorbed all the damage, since bullets cant penetrate limbs(not sure why). Seems like an easy fix, but what do i know. Another problem i see, is armour effectiveness. It makes no sense, that while the bullet penetrates the armour (depending on armour), it sometimes does little to no damage. The bullet should still pretty much kill you if it penetrates the armour. Suggestion: Make more wound/impact types. For instance, when the bullet does not penetrate armour, make it brake a bone, or apply some sort of effect that does not necessarily hurt you, but gives you an effect similair to tremor. A buckshot wouldn't penetrate a good armour, but it would knock the wind out of you, reducing your max stamina, or possibly even break your rib cage. If the bullet penetrates; i agree, the speed of the bullet is reduced, so it technically does less damage; it should perhaps break into shrapnel. And while it would do reduced damage, it would inflict bleeds. Also, i still think emptying a mag into someone without killing him should never happen, but it happens alot. In the picture is my last encounter with a raider called Shakal. Bastard tanked 20 of 855 shots from an Adar, shot me with a buckshot from around 20m (almost killed me) while getting shot, then just sprinted up to me when i moved to cover and killed me with a second buckshot. I had a fort armour and a helmet. Raiders seem inhuman sometimes and i suggest they're renamed to gods.
  3. DrWilson-

    Feedback and Ideas for tarkov

    Escape From Tarkov I have a few ideas for the game Tarkov in which I would love to be heard by the developers of the game. —————————————————————————————————————— 1: Maps You should add maps for every map, right now there is only a few. On the maps we should be able to make our own legend and symbol for the legend and or make more symbols for the legend. Also the player should have a slot for a map to be put in where no one can take it but can view the map. —————————————————————————————————————— 2: Knife Takedowns The player should be able to knife takedown when on silent walk behind a player, this would grab the opponent/ AI Bot and cut their throat or stab them in the heart. This would be a great idea to take down players and bots without being heard from distance. Also another cool idea is to through a knife at a enemy to heavy bleed them and take a lot of damage when they take it out and close the wound dragging a blood line showing where they went. —————————————————————————————————————— 3: Juggernaut Armour (Best but Worse armour in game) This armour should be a fully protective gear, protecting all limbs, from neck to feet. The armour should be class 10 with 100 durability, really hard to find and expensive on the flea market at 50 million or so. The armour should have downsides like not being able to wear a helmet to protect head, 40% reduction in the speed of running, heavy and once it takes damage, it is not able to be repaired. —————————————————————————————————————— 4: Very High Risk, Very High Reward Airport map I have created a airport map which I think should be heard of and my ideas that where put into it. This map is to extend the high risk high reward map like Labs is but harder. Front of airport: Buildings, Parking, Roads, Trees, Power Plant, Scavs, boss Scavs. Loot for Scavs and PMC’s, Extractions points for Scavs and PMS’s Airport Building: Needs Ticket to access in and out with turnstiles scanning the ticket, Lots of loot, 2 floors, bus bay parking underneath that ramps out to back of airport, 2nd floor has t passenger boarding bridges into planes except one which goes onto the floor level outside. Airport building and behind it is where really good loot is. There is a car park in front of building and then a bus park underneath the airport main building where many busses are. Lights are on downstairs, 2nd floor lights are off, making a dark scary place. 2nd floor Airport Building: The airport main big building has escalators from bottom floor to 2nd floor, there are gift stores, food courts, clothes stores etc, lots of loot in these areas, including big bags in clothes stores. Lights are off, scavs are inside and has the most loot building in the map on the top floor of airport building. Back of airport: Lots of loot, weapons, many scavs and a few boss scavs, sniper Scav on top of towers, very risky but high reward, ticket extraction points that takes the ticket to extract instantly unless a plane extract which takes 30 seconds and plane turns on making noise that everyone can hear. Ticket extractions: Special extractions to those who have tickets, the extractions are one use only and one ticket gets any one of the special extraction points. People can double up and it’s just a race to who uses it first if they want the extraction. Everyone spawns in front of airport building, all types of extractions in front of airport building too. Only special extractions are behind airport building. Special extractions can only be used once there is 30 mins left. Ticket For Airport: Players can only access inside and behind airport with a ticket which will have an addition special extraction point on it which tells the player 1 special extraction place where the player can extract within the back of the airport. -If the player doesn’t have a ticket then they have to extract somewhere in front of the airport because they can’t access the back of airport or inside airport. -If a player has a ticket then they will get a extra extraction point which will be in any plane in the back of airport, the normal extraction points are in front of airport which everyone has access too. Scav Players: Spawn from 30 mins to 20 mins left, they can’t access behind airport unless they kill someone for a ticket. PMC: 12 Spawn at 1.5 hours/ 90 mins (start time), can use PMC extractions and special extractions if they have ticket, once they scan their ticket on the entrance turnstiles then they can’t use PMC extractions for 20 mins, but they get a extra special extraction which is behind airport. These one are hard to get to because of the many Scav bosses and AI Scavs. This is a map I drew for the airport idea: Picture File 1 2nd Floor of Airport Building: Picture File 2 Ticket idea of looks: Picture File 3 It’s just a quick idea of a ticket not well made though. Turnstiles idea for looks: Picture File 4 These scan airport tickets to allow a player pass through them, the doors open for 2 seconds allowing 1-2 more players coming though them, they could be Scavs or PMC’s that don’t have tickets, but if they want to extract they have to go back out then extract or use a ticket if they have one to extract. Anyone who uses a ticket losses it at the end of the raid but if they don’t use the ticket at all then they keep it for next time or sell it. —————————————————————————————————————— 5: Quick IdeaS inventory sorting out: picture file 5 Vaulting: would add realism to the game. when i am carrying a loaded rifle i dont run and jump over short objects, like railings, tree falls, boxes, windows etc. Manipulate objects: usable ladders, padlocks that can be shot, and being able to crawl through vehicles, adding the ability to climb up a tank and use the mounted machine guns would be an awesome addition. Indication of which direction you are taking damage: nothing fancy, i just want to know if someone punches me in the back, i got punched in the back. Swimming in water would be a great idea for the game, making loot heavier for 2 mins, getting tired easily after swimming because of weight etc. Too heavy while swimming can drown the player with their loot going down with them. Goggles and swimming gear would be cool addition. Finding treasure maybe in the water. ——————————————————————————————————————
  4. MonoLyth

    Armour mechanics tweak

    Current plate carriers could please use a minimum armour class of 4 and all thorax only plate carriers to be class 7(using current armour system) Basis of my working below: Class 3 ~NIJ IIIA (Soft Armour stops Pistol calibres(9x21 maybe not)minimum of 5 hits 0 penetration Class 4 ~NIJIII (Hard armour stops rifle calibres 7.62x51 M80 5hits 0 penetration Class 5 ~NIJIV (Hard armour stops 7.62x63 AP 1 hit + class 4 test 0 penetration Just thought that adjusting the penetration value used in the armour calculations could use a tweak for easier to understand values for all. My suggestion would be as simple as this: 30pen 0% penetration vs class 3, 35pen 50% penetration vs class 3, 39pen 90% penetration vs class 3, 39pen 0% penetration vs class 4 but does armour durability damage is 50% 39pen vs class 5 does 0.1 durability damage, round literally shatters on the armour plate. 30pen against a class 3 has 0%penetration chance on the first hit but still applies it's armour damage ratio. Now each consecutive hit has a % chance to ignore the armour but it would at least feel like it has done it's job. This would obviously require most ammuntion types to have their pen values edited however it now gives you much more breathing room to move the ballistics around over the current system. Will also mean that when it comes time to do full modular overhaul of armour system the whole unit will be able to be one armour class and then plates can be added with their own armour class.

    Where to get 3m (white) body armour easy.

    hey guys so I have had a hell of a time looking for these 3m body armours and I finally found where to grab easy and care free rather then loosing all of your stuff running factory over and over again. here is the link let me know if its is not working. I plan on making a youtube channel with some of my own videos for tutorials and how too' s. These are the ones you need for the skier quest as far as the toz shotguns you can buy at lvl 1 prapor or go on a mission and find them but much more common then the 3m white body armour. hope this helps everyone and thanks to whoever shared this video was great help haha. keep it up.. https://youtu.be/gaCHsCCm158
  6. DSinfinite

    Will there be British gear added?

    I was curious if there are plans to add British gear to the game, I ask because Terra Group is UK based and might provide some equipment for USEC :p
  7. Serafimov

    Leg armour.

    Greetings. After watching the gameplay videos I noticed a problem of legs' vulnerability. Basically a person wearing heavy armour and helmet can be one-shoted to a leg with a shotgun, so every skirmish converts into leg hunt (the first one, who manages to break the opponent's leg, wins the firefight). So I propose to introduce the leg armour into the game. Thanks for reading.
  8. Roscoc

    leg armour & clothing.

    I would like to see the possibility of leg armour and knee pads as i feel the rest of the body protection is fine why is there no leg armour. also what about the posibility of finding armour and helmets around on map's possibly like open maps rather than factory?
  9. Hey guys, so a couple of basic questions. (At least I think they're basic, also I'm a relatively new player) So first what does it take to kill/die in this game, I've read lot's of things but really trying to dig deep here. From my understanding if you black out head or chest you die/kill (I've also read that you need to hit the blacked out head/chest one more time after it's blacked out in order to actually kill, looking for confirmation on that), if you black out stomach you don't kill but lose all your hydration. Then if you black out any limbs any damage done to those limbs is evenly distributed among all other parts (also apparently does double damage, confirm?). So can you kill via blacking out limbs (for example blacking out 3 limbs instead of head or chest kills)? Or is the only way to black out head or chest? Now how does armour work? I'm mainly concerned with what happens when you hit but don't penetrate, and when you hit but do penetrate. So for example, hit but no penetration = 0 damage, hit but with penetration = X damage reduced by 20% for example (reduction because you're wearing armour)? Final question is regarding helmets and if your face in game is considered to be armoured? Or can I shot someone in the face while they have a helmet and headshot? Also do backpacks/rigs provide any type of protection?
  10. calbroxup

    Hatchet Runners are Tanks?

    Why is it, that i can kill the first guy who was clearly wearing a PACA within the first 5 - 6 shots, But then his annoying little hatchling friend ducking Tanks 2 shots at first, then later takes 3 more than just after that takes 5 more? What the duck is this? why are they so resistant to bullet damage? But when I wear a Kiver & PACA i can die instantly in one shot?
  11. Blacknight

    starting gear?

    i just want to know what we will start off in the world with, a little pistol and some food, or some base assault rifle.
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