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Found 2 results

  1. For anyone who is lucky enough to find a Red Keycard for Labs, I have been running Arsenal a bunch and have found a glitch (and working around for that glitch). On the top of the arsenal storage shelf there is a spawn for a ProKill necklace, which is worth 116k roubles. With the spawn on the 2nd to top shelf, you aren't tall enough to grab it, but I found a workaround. This works best if you have low weight, like 20 kg. If you hover over the shelf you almost can reach and a white square appears in the middle of the screen, then the ProKill necklace is there. Close the cage door, open the bottom filing cabinet, close the search window and immediately sprint and jump on the filing cabinet. This will let u on top of the filing cabinet and you can lean over to grab it. Hope this helps anyone who has Red Keycard / or gets it in the future. Good luck!
  2. Cardboard231

    Spawn rate of Security Arsenal Key

    Anybody know the spawn rate of the key i cant find it anywhere on the internet. Otherwise how long did it take you guys to farm. and we can try get a number from the answers. I just wanted to know how much longer its gonna be. Also I have 15 million so should i get the key? how much money do you make every run is it worth it? P.S. cant find the stat for how much time ive spent looking for the key as my internet is being a dick as usual.
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