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Found 22 results

  1. M4nicMin3r

    Oil Paints - Fan Art.

    Ive recently been pestered to show these here since I only posted them on BSG official discord #fan-art quite a while back & on my twitter and my instagram. So here goes, be gentle LMFAO [ Tarkov Right? ] Feedback appreciated. Hope you enjoy and apologies for the watermarks [Read below why watermark & no prints as yet.] "My Mall" - 110 cm X 80 cm Oil on canvas "Slow progress" - Oil on Fiberboard 30 cm x 42 cm "Navigator" Oil on canvas 60cmx80cm Why u no gib printz?..... I did release some prints of the killa paint and a lucky few got one, [ The original was sold to a ..."renown" aussie streamer some of you may or may not have seen it in the bg of their stream Hint:something to do with an icy drink and young dogs. ]. However as soon as i released them i got ripped off by some online company who thought it would be a good idea to straight steal my art without permission, Kinda my fault for not watermarking them in the first place but hey ho damage done. Ive been fighting them for the past 6 months now and nothing has changed. I managed to get them to take my images down under natural artistic copyright law but the website still exists and are still allowed by their webby provider to rip off others art as they see fit. This is why prints are not available online and why i have put a watermark on these posted pics my apologies if it spoils the overall look. Yes you can view them without watermark at my Instagram acc but know that i have tagged those pics with anon EXIF data so i know exactly where they have gone, nothing more i can do right now against this. There's nothing i can do really to stop people using my art for their desktop etc and that's fine if you want to, It just pee's me off that I've spent over 120 hrs collectively across these 3 paints to have them commercially ripped off in seconds, Its more than demoralising. That said I hope you enjoy these paints!. I do take on commissions however life isn't full on Art for me, I look after 2 dependents so time is valuable and a scarce resource, So only if you're absolutely serious in actually buying a piece of art should you contact me. Apologies if this sounds rash but after 25+ yrs on the interwebs my patience is done with time wasters, scrubs that want something for nothing and thieves. If you want to see some of my other Art, Not Tarkov related, Then please checkout: My Instagram I can be contacted through Twitter/insta & Discord on request. Thanks for any feedback in advance. As an end appreciation note: Thank you devs I have been waiting for a game like this since Battlefield 2 first came out!! I for one appreciate all that you are doing to make this a top shooter. I havent enjoyed more nor been immersed in an fps like this since I began gaming some 40 yrs back. Thank You Nikita, Thank You EFT devs!!!!
  2. JacksonBarret

    M4A1 Colt

    This is a M4A1 Colt with the LVOA 16.2 Handguard,with MRS scope and The suppressor/I will outline it with a pen soon,so watch out for that,gona look much better with more details
  3. BleenoKing

    LEDX Art

    LEDX art I made using Blender and Photoshop. I just made it for fun so if anyone wants to use it as a thumbnail or something feel free. IMGUR link: https://imgur.com/a/6aEZuO3
  4. Apokalipsa

    Killa the boss.

    Someday i draw my hero guys. When I saw him for the first time I fell in love. He shot me straight in the eyes, so I believe he liked me. 🤗
  5. Rex_Hilverstone

    Marked Room 314 drawing

    Check my Instagram art page Ivan_the_Stronk for more : https://www.instagram.com/ivan_the_stronk/ . I will post a short video of the process breakdown of drawing this tomorrow on there!
  6. Man11withaplan

    Tarkov Anime art drops

    Any anime arts around the wild web in relations to tarkov? *Credit to the artists
  7. Привет всем, решил сделать свою версию постера к Escape from Tarkov и выходу патча 0.12, хоть и сам патч вышел уже в том году. За месторасположение была взята лесополоса напоминающая локацию лес. ЧВК bear - косплееры взяты из поисковика. Буду рад вашей оценке, она будет мотивировать делать дальше подобный контент .
  8. xJustin_Case

    Fan Art & Duvar Kağıtları

    Merhaba kaçaklar! Tarkov'la ilgili telefonlarımıza ve bilgisayarlarımıza duvar kağıtları aradığımız ya da bazı arkadaşlarımızın çizdiği şeyleri göstermek istedikleri oluyor. Bu içerikleri ve çizdiklerinizi tek bir konu altında toplamak istedik. Herkes beğendiği ve kullandığı bir görseli atsa bile güzel bir kaynak olabilir bizim için.
  9. kettinkimonni

    Killa <3 Tachanka

    my friend drew this for one pack of ramen
  10. Rollinmohawk

    Tarkov Fan Art

    I am pretty much hyped by EFT these days. I made a sketch inspired by this awesome game. More to come. Cheers!
  11. LazyHippo

    Tarkov God of War

    What do you think my brother got shot in the face and he ended up looking like the God of War
  12. Escapers! wir möchten euch einmal ein paar Konzeptzeichnungen von Escape From Tarkov vorstellen . Wir hoffe es gefällt euch zu sehen, wie unsere wunderschöne zerstörte Stadt ensteht. Link: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/15yWG
  13. JacksonBarret

    Tarbank Case

    Since i stream on twitch and my channel is EFT based and i recently added donations..i just drew the Tarbank case as my Donation Imagine..hope you guys like it!
  14. kalurosu

    La Belleza de Tarkov (Concept Art)

    ¡Buenos dias jugadores! Aquí van unas cuantas imagenes "concept art" de Tarkov. Esperamos que disfruteis de ellas . Que os parecen?
  15. Rollinmohawk

    Tarkov Fan Art #2

    I am still on the hype train with this game. (got it? badum tss.) Anyway here is the next one. Cheers!
  16. JacksonBarret

    Desert Eagle

  17. Hi there, we are CFXSquad and you guys can check us out on our samenamed youtube channel. We create shortfilms about games, and we are doing it for quite a time now. (We did it for ubisoft, ea, rebellion etc). We are sponsored by different companies and are proffesional filmmakers. We have our own office, high end equipment and besides us, a bunch of interns. We are located in The Netherlands. So. Why are we here? We LOVE tarkov. We bought the EOD edition to get a grip on the gameplay. WE love it. Right now we are sucked in the game and currently we are writing our script. We also fixed some props. Like the AK47, m4 and some Roubles. We want this to be a different project and get you guys involved. Give us tips. Key elements that you want to see in the game, or stuff we just can't ignore. So please follow, and comment! Here are the roubles
  18. TopLadd

    Pre-Order Bonus

    Hi I'm here to give an idea for some pre-order packages how about u let them download the game art for desktop background just an idea.by letting them download a folder of them at different sizes for their screens.
  19. iamjabour

    Spawn Art Suggestion

    Hi art/devs, I have a quick suggestion that may give a bit more work to the art guys but would be very immersive. The extraction points are very nice and gives you an immersion that you are actually leaving the place (round). However the spawn is a bit random and looks like you just drop out of the blue in this place. My suggestion is to add some artwork on the spawn areas so it looks like a entry point. Could be a window, a rooftop, a door, rope, tunnel door, anything that gives you the impression of a place you just came in from. I know it will "reveal" the spawns areas, but since it's quite easy to find out the spawn areas form a map i don't think it will affect game-play and will improve the immersion. Also the "entry point" don't need to be exactly on your foot (so people can just camp it), I would say something more like on the area of the spawns (somewhere near) you can have a place that looks like you could have entered. Maybe in the future you could even have different animations on the entry points and extraction points (depending on the type). Here is my 5c hope you guys like the suggestion. All the best and keep up the good work.
  20. TheMojaveViper

    Old Concept art?

    Just curious to know if this is the old prapor trader icon had it appear in one of my videos or is this possibly another trader coming and it bugged out I've played from the start of EFT but do not remember the old trader concept art does anyone here know? also after seeing this and clicking to skier i could not get it to replicate the image. ignore the background im not hording new attachments idk what you guys are talking about....
  21. pontazza


    Please, if you create wallpaper post them here, my desktop is waiting...
  22. david huys


    Hey All , Feel Free to download this desktop Wallpaper . 1920x1080 More Art coming up soon! Please Enjoy
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