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Found 5 results

  1. InquFox

    Why the As VAL?

    Now im not sure if this belongs here or not i couldnt click on the "Wepons department" thingy and sense i am technically asking a question does it belong here? Idk i dont normally go to forums for things like this but lately im hearing things that just dont add up about the game mainly "As val is meta gun because its a super light gun/lightest gun in the game!" Well i decided to try and see if it really was A) a light gun and B) if it was the lightest and well here are the results Now as you can see its not the lightest in fact it very quickly catches and passes the M4's and a lot of that weight is its ammo and mags, the mags are metal, and the ammo each bullet is twice as heavy as an 5.56 meaning you can carry twice the ammo while carrying an M4 pr ADAR or TX-15 then you could with an AS Val. And what i find funny is no one things about the ammo or the mags adding weight but if you have to carry 6 As val mags and a hell of a lot more extra ammo thanks to the fire rate you're starting off the raid twice as heavy if not more so then with two 60 M4 mags with extra ammo. But i might add the 9X39 ammo is way over powered in fact best to best pen ammo comparison the 9X39 is doing nearly 20 more damage then the 5.56 and only has only has a 3 pen less different then the 5.56 granted both will one tap a face shield unless its killa's so "OP" is subjective Now compared to the middle of the road rounds of 5.56 M856A1 with its 51 damage 37 pen compared to SP-5 9X39 which is 68 damage 35 pen again you have that massive damage advantage over the 5.56 weapons But then you have the price the As Val has always been hilariously expensive 130k on a good day even on the flea market, i should add these weapons can be found in raid much like the m4 and ADAR and the ammo prices jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez serious;y 2500+ for SN12 and M995 is worse at 2800+ a round thats insane! But then that price is immidiately undercut but SP-5 at less then 180 a round with no limit to how much you can buy and just to put that into perspective M56A1 SP-5s direct competitor has a 300 round limit and is 200+ a round...why? That doest make sense to me especially sense its not like M56A1 is just for the m4 like the SP is just for the As Val Suddenly you have this weird area where the AS val while is more expensive to pick up right off the bat its actually cheaper to run, something i didnt expect i thought the 5.56's were gonna be cheaper but turns out no because no one wants 20rn As val mags and while there is a limit unless you're going up against a 5 man, 2-3 mags is usually more then enough because then you can just repack the mags and be on your way. Anyway turns out the As Val isnt as meta as everyone wants to believe it is, its heavier to run then others has worse ergos so you cant hold corners as long and while the ammo does do more flesh damage then the 5.56 rounds a face tap or headshot is still a face tap and a head shot, hell even a pistol can technically do what these are doing but hey i difgess, Oh and i should point out base to base the M4 and ADAR arent that much heavier 0.3-0.5 kg that isn't much thats a Salewa med kit. Im running the TX-15 you see in this post, a TC-2002 helm with nvg's Sordins a scav Bp and a 6B3TM armour vest and im 22.1 kg with my gama having an extra car med and the CMS medical kit. I dont see many gun comparisons especially sort of middle of the road guns. AKA not full ergo or full recoil builts, just middle of the road they have good ergo and good recoil, secondly people dont seem to do these comparasons themselves they just hear "As Val new meta!" And then just make As Vals for life driving the prices up insanely now granted it makes the 5.56 weapons a bit cheaper to build but lets say i wanted to use a MDR...oh weight it weights as much as a car...with less fire rate...and worse recoil.. and is 700 for the 5.56 and 1300 for the 308...ah i see thats why no one runs around with them they are worse in every way... Anyway yeah i asked a question "Why the AS Val?" And i set out the answer it! The answer...I dont know hahaha an MP7 or P90 doe the same things this gun does and while they are heavier they are a lot cheaper...oh wait...never mind the middle of the road rounds still have a limit to how much you can buy...okay then As Val just simply because you can get as many middle of the road rounds as you want!! B-but why... TL:DR Why the As Val? Because you can buy as many SP-5 rounds as you want and it will out pace an M4 K&KM416 and pretty much everything else all day long because of that weight has no meaning still unless you're mass unaliving the server repeatedly Also again i dont know if this is in the right place if not please let me know and i will switch it over to the proper place again i couldnt click on "Weapons Department" So if it belongs there please let me know and i will do my best to move it!
  2. StupidNub123

    The AS VAL

    I'm a new player and was recently running a pmc run on interchange with a VSS. My friend and I were planning on sniping people on the road from the top of power plant, but when we arrived, we came to the remnants of a VERY recent fight. The one remaining survivor holed up in a building as we arrived, and we camped him for 20 minutes before rushing in. We quickly killed him after running inside and we started to loot. I found a fully modded AS VAL and some other fully modded weapons on the bodies. Ive went on a run or two with it carrying 80 high pen ammo. Im not sure however if what I'm doing with the gun is correct. How should i mod it? should i use full auto? and should i carry more ammo and if so what type? thank you from a new player in love with this game.
  3. Is this what a VSS/AS VAL death is supposed to look like? https://clips.twitch.tv/ThoughtfulBlitheWaspPoooound
  4. BulletTea

    AS VAL, VSS and SV-98 trading

    Hello We are able to trade items for a SV-98, or buy it directly. Makes sense right? Being able to trade something for the value a trader sees fit, or buy it directly for $$$. Now that this system iis in place, wouldn't that also make sense to also add both options for the VSS or AS VAL? Would be nice that, now that we can buy PSO scopes and the mags for those weapons for money, to be able to buy them aswell! Altough for a high sum ofcourse because they are rare. and I have by no means a fetish for these weapons in every game they occur no no no no
  5. If I may, I would like to make what I feel is an objective suggestion regarding improved access to the 9x39 ammo for the AS Val. Here's why: I recently managed to "snipe-buy" an AS Val from Fence's inventory a few days ago--felt very fortunate about it, actually, seeing as it's a highly-sought after gun. But at level 21, no ammo is available from Prapor for it. Yes, I'm working on my leveling, but it takes a fair amount of time--that some players don't always have a lot of, but still want to enjoy the game and what they've legitimately acquired (esp. before stash wipes, etc.). I managed to snag 30 rounds of ammo for it (again, from Fence), but it's taken two days (read: many hours of Fence camping) since 9x39 ammo crate loot spawn is so rare, it's practically non-existent. Now, just last night, while playing as a Scav, I was doubly lucky and found an AS Val sitting on the desk in the gas station extraction room. This isn't a sob story, but again, no ammo for it. My point is: I don't think it's an unreasonable request to make the 9x39 ammo a little more accessible somehow for players who legitimately obtain one or more of this weapon (or VSS) and yet are not yet at level 29. What point is there in a new player who gets lucky and finds an AS Val via player Scav run only to let the gun sit there and collect dust until weeks or months later when he manages to get to level 29? If the AS Val's damage level is such that it's too high for new players to have much usable access to via ammo, then remove it completely from ever being sold via Fence, and don't spawn it on the table in the gas station extraction room. Or, make ammo access easier, but slightly reduce the damage it does, since many players consider it an OP gun anyway. IMO, it could still be adequately powerful and fun for everyone without limiting usable access to it via its ammo availability.
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