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Found 5 results

  1. InquFox

    Why the As VAL?

    Now im not sure if this belongs here or not i couldnt click on the "Wepons department" thingy and sense i am technically asking a question does it belong here? Idk i dont normally go to forums for things like this but lately im hearing things that just dont add up about the game mainly "As val is meta gun because its a super light gun/lightest gun in the game!" Well i decided to try and see if it really was A) a light gun and B) if it was the lightest and well here are the results Now as you can see its not the lightest in fact it very quickly catches and passes the M4's and
  2. StupidNub123

    The AS VAL

    I'm a new player and was recently running a pmc run on interchange with a VSS. My friend and I were planning on sniping people on the road from the top of power plant, but when we arrived, we came to the remnants of a VERY recent fight. The one remaining survivor holed up in a building as we arrived, and we camped him for 20 minutes before rushing in. We quickly killed him after running inside and we started to loot. I found a fully modded AS VAL and some other fully modded weapons on the bodies. Ive went on a run or two with it carrying 80 high pen ammo. Im not sure however if what I'm doing
  3. Is this what a VSS/AS VAL death is supposed to look like? https://clips.twitch.tv/ThoughtfulBlitheWaspPoooound
  4. BulletTea

    AS VAL, VSS and SV-98 trading

    Hello We are able to trade items for a SV-98, or buy it directly. Makes sense right? Being able to trade something for the value a trader sees fit, or buy it directly for $$$. Now that this system iis in place, wouldn't that also make sense to also add both options for the VSS or AS VAL? Would be nice that, now that we can buy PSO scopes and the mags for those weapons for money, to be able to buy them aswell! Altough for a high sum ofcourse because they are rare. and I have by no means a fetish for these weapons in every game they occur no no no no
  5. If I may, I would like to make what I feel is an objective suggestion regarding improved access to the 9x39 ammo for the AS Val. Here's why: I recently managed to "snipe-buy" an AS Val from Fence's inventory a few days ago--felt very fortunate about it, actually, seeing as it's a highly-sought after gun. But at level 21, no ammo is available from Prapor for it. Yes, I'm working on my leveling, but it takes a fair amount of time--that some players don't always have a lot of, but still want to enjoy the game and what they've legitimately acquired (esp. before stash wipes, etc.). I managed t
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