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Found 17 results

  1. This is my server list as of right this moment on Tuesday night at almost 11 pm. I don't care about Seoul, Hong Kong, or Singapore. I live very near to Tokyo. Notice those pings? That is completely unacceptable. That's with nothing else running or using any bandwidth. The connection issues have become so terrible recently I began to check my speed and ping the Tarkov servers as well everyday before playing. My normal Tokyo ping is 12, but as of the last few weeks especially on the weekends I just can't play at prime time. I can at least understand that on the weekends as it's a time when a good number of people are off and trying to play. But now it's creeping into late night weekdays and the ping is not just high, it's really high! Look at these two picture taken within 10 seconds of each other. First, why are there three Tokyo servers all with such horrible variations? Are they truly in Tokyo or are they just named that? Secondly, Tokyo-02 is not even select-able as an option where as 03 is. I understand to a degree wanting to limit players from playing outside of their areas. I think it's rather cruddy to not allow friends and family play overseas, but at least I understand that. But when the local server right near my house is pinging so high that I'm getting bad connection disconnects, there's a major issue here. Can someone please look into the situation with our servers in the Asia region to let us know why such a disparity on the connection list? This is within the following 10 seconds: gggg
  2. incenty_y

    Unlock ping or buy more servers NOW

    I know you just started to lock the ping my friend in China cannot play US servers any more since today. Can you give me a way to play this game with my friend? I used to play on asia servers but for now the matching time is too long, i need wait more than ten minutes on waiting match. Several days ago, my friend came to American servers and he had about 180 ping lag. I think it is acceptable to play this game. Let players play with others from all the world please.
  3. PewPewPau

    South East Asia

    Hey guys, due to the growing number of players in South East Asia we decided to create a discord group to help and play with our fellow Asians. Come and join the discord group https://discord.gg/kTCSru
  4. starbox

    Highly active Asian EFT server

    https://discord.gg/JHYpwBk Welcome anyone Asia EFT player to join our discord group. Just join in any channel that has slot to play with anyone.
  5. Hi There, New Discord Server for Asia players, as i can find non. https://discord.gg/smtHPRK English Speaking is a MUST! Singlish Counts as well. Cheers, See you online!
  6. tote

    Asia Servers?

    I just moved to Hong kong for a bussines oportunity and im currently trying to play Tarkov, my game region is USA, that is what it says on the Game Launcher but since i am over here and will be staying for a couple of years i went into de option to move servers and for obvious reasons i moved to hte hong kong one, then i tried to play and my Ping was over 200+ so my question is, are the Asian servers working? my region is USA does that mean i am fucked and cant play on any of the order servers? is there a solution?? And if you are wondering if the internet i am using is poo, well the answer is no, since i am playing PUBG with less that 60Ping in Asians servers.
  7. Hello, Escapers! It has come to our attention that there is some confusion as to the OC & ASIA server connection. We have heard numerous mentions of an IP in Germany being the "true" server for our testers in their respective countries. We would like to clear this up. This IP that is coming up, is actually the backend server! You will always be connected to the server with the best ping for you. For those who haven't seen the patch notes, or maybe you didn't understand, we have added a new "Traffic Optimization". This means, that a large amount of Network Data that was being used and causing ping and desync issues, is being optimized. We will continue working on this in future updates to create a quality experience for you all. Thank you so much for your support, patience, and dedication to our project.
  8. Gamerbo53

    western alliance

    Hi. I'm new too EFT I might not be the best, but im not the worst either. I am looking for teammates or clan members who are westerners living in asia. under or over 18 are both allowed. this isnt a serious group, i am looking to make a clan that can be serious when needed but can still goof off. Must Speak english, new players and old players both welcome. If interested please post comment or join discord. Discord link: https://discord.gg/atQDygQ
  9. G1L

    Middle East servers

    Middle east is not near Hong Kong so give us EU servers instead of 390 ping Chinese servers. I repeating it until it will be fixed Are any of Devs watching from at all?
  10. Hi, with all respects to the Devs that brought this beautiful and great game to us (players from Middle East), I and many of us want to ask you if you can do something for our little issue with the servers that we are getting matched in( Hong Kong server). if it is possible (that it is of course ) put us to a nearest server like EU our at least CIS, just look at the distance between middle eastern countries and Hong Kong, that is so huge and we are in a loosing loop every round, please do something for us to experience a better game with changing our servers to EU or at least CIS. thanks again for your great game. and please inform us with good news in the future.
  11. 这里谁是华人吗可以一起玩 ? Who are Chinese here want play together ? - Discord - Mr.wong#4804 -Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/wongyoonghao
  12. Hazel


    你好, 逃離者! 我們聽到了亞洲社群的呼聲, 在我們努力建立全球網路伺服的同時,今天我們正式開通了亞洲伺服器。這對我們大家都是個好消息, 因為這將有助於減輕我們的負擔, 我們現在可以給我們亞洲的兄弟姐妹們一個屬於自己的家。 請花時間回報任何關於您在新亞服中所遇到的問題。我們將日以繼夜地維繫伺服器, 給你們每一個人一個高品質的體驗。我們感謝您在所有問題上的耐心和理解。 Battlestate 遊戲萬歲!
  13. timtham

    HSK - OCE / ASIA Clan Recruitment

    Heinkel Smith & Kline is now recruiting for EFT. Discord: https://discord.gg/S2U7Jk9 New clan for Asia / Oceania players. Would prefer English speaking players, no other requirements.
  14. TheColdVein

    Asia Servers are LAUNCHED!

    Hello, Escapers! We have heard the pleas of our Asian community and as we strive to build our network across the globe, we have officially opened the Asia Servers. This is great news for all of us, as this will help to lighten the load as we can now give our Asian brothers and sisters a home of their very own. Please take the time to provide any feedback in this thread, about your experience in the new servers. We are tirelessly working on ALL servers to give each and every one of you a quality experience. We thank you for your patience and understanding in all matters. Long live Battlestate Games! Czech translation here. Thank you @PugMonk Portuguese translation here. Thank you @dimittri4gc Chinese translation here. Thank you @Hazel
  15. 你好, 逃離者! 我們注意到, 對於 大洋洲 和亞洲伺服器的位置, 存在一些混淆。我們已經聽到許多來自各個國家的玩家提及過德國是 "真正的" 伺服器。 我們想澄清這一點。 這個IP, 實際上是後端伺服器! 您將會根據 ping 來決定所連接的伺服器。對於那些沒有看到更新資訊, 或者你不知道, 我們曾經添加了一個新的 "網絡優化"。這意味著我們正在優化因使用大量網路資源而導致的 高ping 和 延遲問題。 今後我們將繼續進行更新工作, 為大家提供一個優質的遊戲體驗。 非常感謝您對我們的支持、耐心和付出。
  16. GhostBoxx374

    Asian Servers

    There is a post about a huge desync whenever having high ping, this is due to currently not having proper servers for the rest of us outside USA, Russia and Europe. Link to the post: On behalf of the Asian Region players, I would like to suggest to add Servers for players located in the Asian Region. I currently reside in the Philippines, and have been supporting this game for such a long time being a long term fan of Survival games. Our experiences are literally the same as what the Australians are experiencing. As a matter in fact anyone outside of the 3 currently online servers are having issues. I personally lost almost all my equipment believing that it was just a bug in the game at first but realized that it was due to high ping from other people's posts. This game has a lot of potential, and I really do not want this game to die and get a bad name as there are a lot of streamers who are unable to play this game due to this issue. Once again I implore you to implement servers for People outside the 3 currently online servers.
  17. Shouvik

    SEA Servers

    Hi, Since the game is going to have PvP sessions, will there be servers in South East Asia region (Singapore)? Nevertheless, I pre-ordered the game to support the Devs who have shown amazing passion and dedication in building such a masterpiece game. All the best guys.
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