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Found 19 results

  1. It is like i am getting stereo audio. I hear a bullet on my right in the distance then hear it as if an echo or something in the left. Or if a teammate is running behind me it sounds different. Gives me a headache and almost makes me nauseous like vertigo or something. Was there a recent audio patch? Has anyone else been experiencing this? As far as i can tell all of my audio settings are as they were from previously
  2. Nikbul

    Binaural Audio

    Hello, I listened to the forum as well as an active player and most of seasoned gamers agrees that there is very big problem with the sound engine, we all hope it will be fixed before OBT, but still. My question is that possible to implement something like Binaural Audio sound system in this particular game. Take for example HELLBLADE: Sample of binaural audio from developers of HELLBLADE I had my hair standing up on the back on my neck due to reality of the sound we hear. Might not need to go this far, but as simple example of set up would be taking shooting sound with 45 degr
  3. Just curious on how long it will be down?
  4. Basically title. I haven't had my Nari's for long and i'm terrible with audio stuff so i was wondering what yall use. Currently im using no bass boost, vocal clarity, or sound normalization. I have THX on and i'm using it but i have Tarkov set to stereo since i've been told it does not support surround sound. and my EQ settings are as follows. 31Hz: 4 63Hz: 4 125Hz: 8 250Hz: 0 500Hz: -5 1kHz: -3 2kHz: 3 4kHz: -6 8kHz: 8 16kHz: 8
  5. Please, insert ingame the option to choose the audio output manually, because in some cases tha tarkov choose the wrong one, being a pain in the head to fix it. quite sure its not that hard and a few people have this issue since always. PLEASE MAKE OUR LIFE EASIER, with simple solution. Thanks and vote up to help me and few others!
  6. https://imgur.com/a/2wAusOB Hello, I've been having very bad audio problems with binaural sound in EFT. I couldn't post a video here but I uploaded a quick video to Imgur for an example and added the link so you can see what I mean, please watch it so you don't think I'm just complaining about footsteps being too loud. The example video it actually pretty tame, it can get a lot worse, and factory is usually unplayable because the amount of noise from so many nearby players/scavs at once. Every time a player or scav makes a noise, like walking or talking it makes an ear piercingl
  7. mradictio

    Pas de son sur escape from tarkov

    Salut a tous je viens de recevoir l'accès a la béta du jeu mais apres installation lorsque je lance le jeu je n'est aucun son je fais toutes les maj de mes drivers, j'ai désinstallé réinstallé le jeu ect rien a faire quelqu'un aurait it eu le meme probleme et trouvé une solution merci d'avance !
  8. Just wanna say, dont take me wrong. Its not a rant and om not mad. Tho im having a bit of a hard time understanding bsg view on how much of a importance a good soundsystem/design has for a game in this caliber. And recordings in general sounds so good that i feel current sound system maybe degrade them in some ways. Since i got the game iv waited and waited and waited for a decent audio system. It felt like a punch in my stomach when you "fixed" removed surround sound because it was bugged. I tough fixed meant my own sounds wouldnt play in my back speakers, but nope. Back to the good old
  9. As we all know, right now the Vepr Hunter and the DVL-10 use the exact same sound file for firing. In my opinion DVL-10 deserves a more eargasmic sound. The Vepr Hunter should keep the old sound while the DVL-10 gets something new with a little more oomph to it. Please excuse my amateur audio editing.
  10. For those who may not be in the loop, Nikita recently confirmed that Escape From Tarkov will be moving to a new audio engine called Steam Audio, which IIRC was previously called either Phobos or Phonos before being purchased by Valve. What does this mean for EFT? It means not only better positional tracking (front/back, sides, up/down), but also a host of new real-time audio rendering methods including reflection, refraction, distortion, occlusion, reverb, etc to name a few. At this point, BSG hasn't shared just how much of the technology they will be utilizing (every layer of compl
  11. Hi, a few days ago i found an audio plugin from Steam/Valve called "Steam Audio". Maybe this is something you guys can use for EfT, because they offer a free plugin for the Unity Engine and looks relatively easy to setup https://valvesoftware.github.io/steam-audio/ https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-audio/blob/master/LICENSE.md https://valvesoftware.github.io/steam-audio/doc/phonon_unity.html Happy Holidays! JohnMatrix
  12. I honestly don’t mind the audio (screaming) from dying scavs or players but can we double tap them to shut them up? It really takes away from being able to hear if another scav or player is coming up. like in reality, if some dying person is screaming, I’d put another one in him so he won’t completely blow my position. Plus, there’s that audio bug where some people can hear the scream and some can’t. Don’t you think that’s an actual advantage to those who can’t hear the audio against the ones who can.
  13. I love Tarkov, but I'm having issues adapting to the sound of gunshots; yesterday I was on interchange and I was getting shot from behind as I could see the bullets hitting the wall in front of me but it completely sounded like the gunshots were originating from in front of me. Is this how gunshots are projected from the surfaces around you? Footsteps and everything are fine and I can follow those pretty easily, but I just cant place gun shots when they are within 50 yards.
  14. Drunknescafe


    -There is an audio bug, if you loot filing cabining/safe, jackets the sound will go on repeat and don’t stop before you are dead or leave raid. -different door is transparent when you stand in a special angle, scaves shoot true doors sometimes. -Factory, door to skywalk doesn’t make any sound when its closed to open. But make sound when its closing. Must say I like the new changes in the newest patch, keep up the good work. Ps: is there a bug forum post or is it ok that I post bugs here?
  15. PredatorMkII

    Foliage Contact Sound Effects

    Hello, I've put around 100 hours in Tarkov now, and have noticed something: The sound effects triggered by physical contact with foliage are too harsh and binary. They lack nuance; when I am crouched and hiding in a bush, a minor rotation shouldn't trigger the same decibels as a PMC sprinting through a bush, and yet that's basically what happens. When I am located at the outermost fringes of a tree's branches, or a bush, and make a minor movement, the same thing happens. The sound effects that are triggered by minor interactions are disproportionate to the movement involved; it's unrealis
  16. SubSammich

    ComTac Audio Test

    I couldn't find any tests on google or youtube so thought to make my own. Now the factory is loud enough and bounces sound all over so I'd definitely like to see something like this but on another map/area and ofc with other weapons. :^) Haven't played much since the last wipe so maybe I'll get around to that stuff if I get other goodies.
  17. Hey Devs, the headline says everything. But in more words: If i toggle the nightvision on or off, the sound for it starts, before the players hand reaches the NV... the hand must be on the NV and then the audio for switching must play... isn't it?
  18. BDRMrTBag

    Missing Footsteps

    Has anyone had the issue where the footsteps of AI or Players completely disappears, not sure what happened but an AI somehow managed to get behind me after I heard a bush swipe to my front left, next thing I hear is an AI shouting over my left shoulder, magically the AI had passed by me without so much as making a sound! Anyone else having this issue, sometimes when I wear my Comtacs the footsteps are inaudible at times! And no, there is no profanity Woodsen
  19. Arkillon


    Hey, Firstly, please move this if appropriate, I couldn't find the right thread and I don't have a huge amount of time to look. I was playing the woodland map and went into the logging camp. I entered into the warehouse area and you get the "indoor sound switch". You can't hear wildlife, lots of echo and the usual things from walking into an "indoor" environment, especially one made of metal. Upon leaving the warehouse I still had the indoor echo sound. It was really, really annoying so I just chipped it to the extraction. Thought it was worth noting. D
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