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Found 4 results

  1. First off I couldn't post in Bug Report because it's greyed out for me. So here it is. Be careful using Sub-Woofers with Escape From Tarkov, I was playing earlier and there was heavy audio distortion for a split second (As usual in Tarkov) but when this sound happened it was about to blow out my sub-woofer (https://ca.jbl.com/SUB250PBK.html), it tripped a safety mechanism in the sub and it disabled it so it didn't blow it out, I had to reset the Sub-Woofer and my Surround Sound head unit. (I get this audio distortion all the time, through my surround sound using SPDIF, my headphones whi
  2. Hello, started playing Tarkov awhile ago and I like using Voicemeter Banana to separate my discord/spotify/game volumes for when I stream so that I can mute and adjust them independently on the stream, e.g. Firefox/spotify set to VoiceMeter Aux Input, Discord set to Cable Input(VB-Audio Virtual Cable) and EFT set to VoiceMeter Input. As of right now whenever I launch the game there is no directional audio at all and it sounds sort of muffled. My current workaround for this is to go into the windows Sound Mixer options and switch Tarkov from (VM Input) to (VM Aux Input), then switch it bac
  3. Please, insert ingame the option to choose the audio output manually, because in some cases tha tarkov choose the wrong one, being a pain in the head to fix it. quite sure its not that hard and a few people have this issue since always. PLEASE MAKE OUR LIFE EASIER, with simple solution. Thanks and vote up to help me and few others!
  4. So, I was just playing Woods and decided to play quite slowly, I killed several scavs and a couple players but as I moved in towards the Lumber Mill, I took a shot at a scav who was at least 10 meters away from me, he didn't die to the chest shot (He had no armour) and quickly turned and apparently started firing, there was no audio at all for either of his gunshots and I knew it was the scav I originally shot that was firing because I was in cover between the log cabins, also, does anyone else think the audio has been pretty bad lately? Footsteps are either silent or just way too quiet, this
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