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Found 15 results

  1. Divoom

    Looking for Aus players.

    Level 10 at the moment will help with quests where i can Shoot me a message on here for discord
  2. Hello Fellow Australian and New Zealand Escapers! I have created a Tarkov community discord in the hopes of finding and uniting Australian and New Zealand Tarkov players. I hope this will become a popular base in which Australian and New Zealand Tarkov escapers can group up and play. Below is the discord link: https://discord.gg/758Hvkg I look forward to seeing and meeting many of my fellow Australian and New Zealand escapers on the Discord server. Cheers SharpS
  3. AdzyBoi

    New player looking for group (AUS)

    I'm a new player (level 11) from Australia looking for people to do raids with. Still learning the maps but I know my way around a little now (extractions / major loot spots etc). I'm a pretty good shot and have played countless FPS games but Tarkov is a different beast so I'm still getting used to the flow. Keen to play with whoever!
  4. RustyBongos

    Australian servers

    Seriously please please for the love of god open more Australian servers, 5-10mins for a solo scav run on factory is beyond a bloody joke, paid $150AUD for 3-1 time it takes to match vs time spent in game. along with the fact it takes 20mins for a scav to reload, your flat out getting a couple games in a night. literally the only time your actually able to get into a solo scav on factory in under 2minutes, is if its 4am here in aus. the servers are obviously populated, just open more... if you actually want to populate the game that is. waiting 2hours a night for 30mins of gameplay is just not realistic. Edit: also all other maps take just along, scav or pmc, and if your trying to go in as a group, forget about it... 20mins wait easy before you get sick of it and back out to play a different game.
  5. [OMFG] OLD MINDS FAITHFUL GAMING is looking for members. Are you an Aussie or Kiwi (or just play in the same time zone)? Would you like to play with mature aged people? Would you like to play games, talk trash, have a few drinks talk some more trash and watch your gaming ability slowly decline while having fun? We welcome all players with all playstyles to join in on the shenanigans, we do aim for a more tactical style of play, but bum rushing also has its place. Come join as at OMFG, We are starting up a group of mature (18+) people which we would like to grow into a community of like minded gamers that we can all kill some time with as well as kill some other players and scavs. MUST have a Mic, Be 18+ Live in Australia or New Zealand nz Any questions feel free to PM me or swing past the discord and have a chat. https://discord.gg/Ay6Jd4g
  6. jdcourtice


    Hey Aussie looking for some people to group with. add me ingame: iNvexation
  7. TheRealDogz

    Aussie Gamers - Open for all Players

    G'day All, Now I'm aware that their is sadly no Au servers yet but all we can do is wait right? ahaha If your an Oceania player (Au,NZ,Asia ect.) Feel free to join our Discord at Aussie Gamers. We are a new gaming community bringing everyday gamers together so you will never have to play solo again. If you don't live in Oceania timezone you are still feel free to join just beware that time zones can differ between players. Join up and come say Hi! https://discord.gg/AYhZ493 If you have any questions contact a discord staff member in the *Contact an Admin*. PS: All ages are welcome, Just don't be an Idiot
  8. I've been noticing that at least 60-70% of my factory games are now being run on Singapore rather that from Australia I can imagine that this may be due to the fact that the all the Australian servers are full, and we are getting sent to the 'nearest' open sever for a game This makes geared runs a bit of a crapshoot, I'll either bring in a lot and have a 250-300 ping and desynch to deal with or get an Australian server and have no issues. Is it possible to opt-out of going to singapore and just wait for the Australian servers to have a free slot? Or to open up more slots here? Dealing with such high lag is really such a risk for all your gear.
  9. Hey all small time YouTuber looking for some guys to play with ideally with other youtubers so we can grow the EFT community in Aus and create content together
  10. cavemanoftech

    Looking to play with people from AUS/NZ

    Hey everyone, I bought this game recently and am looking to play with people. I am level 8 and ready to start really playing now I have a decent grasp of the maps and other things. I play most nights and weekends New Zealand time,(hence AUS/NZ)
  11. Pixel_Magic

    Aussie discord

    Hi all, i have looked around a little bit and havnt found many aussie discords. i have also been on some of the bigger discord such as kottons discord and their are aussie out their looking for friends/ groups to play with. so i have made a Australian EFT discord looking for all Australian playes to join. you dont have to be active you just need to own Escape from tarkov and a mic for talking This discord server is: https://discord.gg/ejPu2c3 Thanks and please advertise and come join
  12. BattleB0rn

    Australian Servers

    Dear Developers, The core fundamentals for this game like; gameplay and whatnot is great considering this is a BETA but playing in Australia is ridiculous! There needs to be a Oceania Server really soon because I have NBN (The best internet connection you can get in Australia) and I get upwards of 2000 Ping. This makes the game literally unplayable! I'm sorry to say but if this issue inst address or fixed soon I would like my money back... I (/the community) don't say this to put the game down, I (/we) say this because I (/we) love it. Tough love can go a far way... -Thanks
  13. BiodecayYT

    Any Australians wanna play with me?

    If anyone of you are aussies and looking to play with me on EFT and talk via Discord/Teamspeak That would be great Kind regards Biodecay
  14. hingedthomas

    Australian players

    any aussie players wanna team up when this game releases. im not really into the whole "clan" thing...its pretty gay, i mean its just a game no need for stuff like that.
  15. Hey gents, If you are looking for other Aussie or NZ players to team up with, join Escape from Tarkov - AUS/NZ Steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/EFTAUSNZ Peace, TPM
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