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Found 11 results

  1. LordCrazy82

    AUS player looking for a group

    I am looking for people who are based in Australia to play Tarkov with. Played the game a couple years ago and recently got back into it and would like a group to play with. In game ID is LordCrazy so either chuck me a friend request or message on this forum post.
  2. Divoom

    LF couple of people to group

    Level 20 already looking for people to play with on a rag basis Hit me up on discord at RushEverything#4846
  3. RogueExtinction


    Looking for some casual aussies to play with no need to be a sweat just just here for shits n gigs
  4. [OMFG] OLD MINDS FAITHFUL GAMING is looking for members. Are you an Aussie or Kiwi (or just play in the same time zone)? Would you like to play with mature aged people? Would you like to play games, talk trash, have a few drinks talk some more trash and watch your gaming ability slowly decline while having fun? We welcome all players with all playstyles to join in on the shenanigans, we do aim for a more tactical style of play, but bum rushing also has its place. Come join as at OMFG, We are starting up a group of mature (18+) people which we would like to grow into a community of like minded gamers that we can all kill some time with as well as kill some other players and scavs. MUST have a Mic, Be 18+ Live in Australia or New Zealand nz Any questions feel free to PM me or swing past the discord and have a chat. https://discord.gg/Ay6Jd4g
  5. h0ppy

    OCE Aussie LFG/P

    Hey guys, I'm here looking for some OCE people to play with. I'm a 28 year old aussie born man and i have been playing EFT on and off for the last 2 / 3 years. The friends that I have played with over the years have either moved away or stopped playing 😞 So I'm putting this post up to find some people to play with 1 or 2 would be perfect! Im level 36 and consider myself fairly skill (nothing special). I don't care what level you are or how long you have played for just so long as your cool and don't rage all the time hahah Thanks for the big read! Message me on discord or reply on the post if you're interested! Thanks h0ppy Discord: h0ppy#1919i In-Game: h0ppy-ck
  6. BLACKWOLF9674

    Aus/nz Looking for players

    hey im trying to get back into the game but i need players/ feel free to addme on discord BLACKWOLF#9964
  7. TPM_Aus

    Aussie Players

    Looking for any Aussie or NZ players, feel free to hit me up. Regards, http://discord.gg/zsu TPM
  8. Gday fellas. My name is Suco. I am an EOD pack owner. I'm from the East coast of Australia and will be playing with my current mates and the new friends I make playing this game. I have a youtube channel for which, once the NDA has ended, I'll be uploading exciting and funny moments of the crazy adventures to be had in Tarkov. Most of the people we'll be playing with are Aussies and Kiwi's and a few Americans but all are welcome, preferable 18+ years of age as I'm a rude MOFO and use LOTS of foul language in chat and videos. Just folllow me on the forums and send me a PM if you'd like to get in touch. In the mean time we're playing Rainbow Six Siege until we all get into the Alpha.
  9. Hey lads here's a cheeky mashup of Tarkov shenanigans over the past week. Enjoy
  10. ManKloon

    RIP Me - Escape From Tarkov

    Hey guys! Since Battlestate came and found my last video, I figured I'd bring the next one here. Hope you guys like it
  11. BiodecayYT

    Any Australians wanna play with me?

    If anyone of you are aussies and looking to play with me on EFT and talk via Discord/Teamspeak That would be great Kind regards Biodecay
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