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Found 5 results

  1. Rodger_Rodger

    I dont have my axe anymore.

    used to play this game a lot and never had this issue, I came back and now I no longer have a melee weapon so I resort to using the scav knife which is worse then the 150 dollar knife I paid for lol.
  2. deanmrd

    Current issues

    Hey Guys The issues I am having. 3 monitor setup 1.I have a 3 monitor setup. When I use full screen and try to use another screen, I get a black screen then sometimes I am unable to get the game to open back up. 2. When I use window mode my mouse when I turn or shooting at other players jumps to one of the other monitors this mean that it doesn't respond to the game when shooting or using axe elc.... My question is when are we going to get full support for multi-monitors? 3. Scavs has not become auto lock on pre-aim through walls, trees and anything else they can
  3. I found a bug - while I was on woods the other day, I ran towards a scav (while holding my axe) so fast that I went through the scav and he couldn't shoot me, but I axed him from inside his own model and then ran through him. Did this clipping happen to anyone else? -- In regards to the AK-SU - is this the lowest damage weapon in existence? On woods again, I see a guy running, he stops, I aim, shoot him 3 times in the back from less than 10 meters (he didn't have any armor, just a pistol) and he just runs the hell away and takes cover. I go to finish him off and he shoots me twice with
  4. BsgRacetrackPio

    Aid Running and Throwing Pistols

    Hi all! My suggestion come from my experience in game: 1) It happens quite often that guys with axe kill armed guys while they reload and it's okay, but what about the possibility to throw to the incoming axe guy the Gun or the Pistol just to take the 0,5 seconds to take your axe too? Throwed weapon should not damage at all but it could make the same effect of near miss on the caracther incoming... 2) It also happen that already hit players run, while they aid their left leg, while they aid their right leg and their chest and their head... The
  5. Phoenix1278

    Did you know...

    So, there I was minding my own business in an offline explore of the customs map and a lot of you should know that there is a white tent next to the right dorm building with a guitar next to it. Me being me thought, wouldn't it be cool if you could hit it and it'll make a guitar sound...What I did was manage to hit my own leg with the axe missing the guitar and messing it up completely! I then spent the rest of the walk to the extraction point at the speed of a snail with blunt force trauma, bleeding all over the place?!? So not only can the Scav's and USEC mess you up, you can
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