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Found 17 results

  1. I just put up a Flir scope on the flea market for 700k and was immediately met with a "Backend Error" message. I went back into my stash to try and sell it again and its completely gone, it just disappeared. That scope was the most valuable thing I've found in the game and it just disappeared, has anyone else experienced something like this? Any way to get it back?
  2. Moin Zusammen, ich habe seit gestern das Problem beim Bewegen von Items im Inventar folgenden Fehler Backend Error: Failed to receive data. Hat noch jemand das Problem oder weiß wie man es beheben kann? Ich habe schon folgende Sachen probiert: - Spiel neu Installiert - PC und Router neu gestartet - Router auf Werkseinstellungen zurück gesetzt - Sonderregel für EFT bei der Firewall angelegt Nichts davon hat geholfen spielen ist momentan unmöglich für mich!
  3. Apreciados Supervivientes de Tarkov, Creo que la mayoría de vosotros os encontráis con problemas de backend últimamente (problemas para loguearse, desconexiones, error 200, 1000, 500, etc.). Y muchos de vosotros nos decís: “comprad más servidores”. Ahora mismo la estructura de servidores de backend está compuesta por 150 servidores y este número aumenta constantemente. Desafortunadamente, no podemos resolver algunos bugs críticos o problemas de infraestructura solamente incrementando el número de servidores. Muchos de los errores que están apareciendo suceden solamente cuando hay sobrecarga, que es lo que pasa ahora mismo. Tal como dijimos con anterioridad, el número de jugadores está creciendo rápidamente, la sobrecarga también está creciendo y la probabilidad de que hayan malfunciones críticas también aumenta. Así que, lo que ahora mismo estamos haciendo 24/7 es identificar cada fallo, parchearlo, recibir nuevos fallos, parchearlos... y así constantemente. Estamos refinando el sistema. Para hacer un resumen: Sí, sabemos de todos y cada uno de los errores con los servidores (los monitorizamos 24/7). Trabajamos activamente en modificar la estructura de backend actual en tiempo real (lo que puede llevar, desafortunadamente, a fallos en el juego). No está causado por ataques DDos o de cualquier otro tipo (aunque haya pasado alguna vez). No están causados por problemas de hardware (pese a que pase a veces). Estabilizar los problemas de backend es nuestra principal prioridad ahora mismo (hemos duplicado (x2) los servidores desde principios de este año). Lamentamos profundamente los problemas que existen y estamos haciendo todo lo que está en nuestra mano para estabilizar la situación lo antes posible.
  4. 1.Click the windows button,type in cmd. 2.Run CMD as administrator 3.type in netsh winsock reset and press enter, and restart computer 4.ENJOY, -Sobolewiok
  5. ssH2n

    ever tried baaS ?

    Hi, did you ever tried to scale with a baaS-Provider like https://zeuz.io (maybe just for the patchdays...) so you could get, what they offer and you want: "No pain backend-as-a-service for multiplayer games"
  6. SurplusLEO

    Backend ERROR

    Have been playing the game fine never had issues but started the game up yesterday and got a backend error: Could not unzip... I will include screenshot and error log in this but I have made no changes to my computer and dont think there was an update. Was wondering what i can do to fix this issue. 06.02 13-14-47 errors.log
  7. DarthFett

    Backend Error

    Hello, I had just finished a raid on Interchange and extracted at the Northern Exit. Upon doing so i sat in a loading screen for an excessive amount of time and then received the Error in the attached Picture. I assume i cannot read the error because it is written in a code language my Computer doesn't speak. I am in the Us and have Windows 10. I can launch the game but cannot progress past this screen and cannot access the main menus.
  8. I am assuming a lot of us got this issue. I personally did as well and it was denying me access to play the game without running a VPN. Well if you have Comcast ISP, like I do, then you might have the problem as well! I managed to figured out a solution, with a little bit of help: Well it is nearing the end of the month, so a lot of us may be near the Comcast Data Usage caps. I am sure many of you are familiar with the Data Usage Popups that tell you how close you are to your data cap and a fee. Well that popup right there is the root of this issue, at least it was for me. If you don't check your comcast email to see their data usage warnings often enough, the popup starts popping right in. Well see, comcast injects this popup into the traffic stream. If you have a popup blocker running on your browser of choice, it will also block this popup from comcast. That is great and all, but, and correct me if I am wrong, Tarkov uses HTTP to establish a connection. If you are blocking this popup, it will keep trying, thus messing with Tarkov and resulting in this error. So I did a bit of research, fumbling around, and talking with a friend in a computer related field and we came up with a solution. Here is a detailed explanation on exactly how to solve the problem, the way it worked for me: 1. Log into your Comcast email, and either delete or mark all the emails as read. 2. Disable your popup blocker on your browser of choice. (ONLY for the duration of this fix, then re-enable) 3. Navigate to a bunch of HTTP:// sites, not HTTPS:// 4. Once the popup shows itself, accept, close, or whatever is required to acknowledge it. 5. Turn your popup blocker back on. 6. Attempt to launch Tarkov again and see if it works. 7. Please post here and let me know if the fix worked for you or not, maybe there is more that needs to be done for some cases. Special Thanks to Cipherphox
  9. It´s seems that I´m far from the only one experiencing this error and the game is now completely unplayable. BSG could you please respond to this error. If you dont know what´s causing it and how to fix it PLEASE TELL US so. Don´t just be silent. Video of the error: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vv3q04FIyQ I´ve tried the following: restarted my router deleted the temp folder reinstalled my launcher reinstalled my game disabled windows firewall run portscan on my computer to se if there´s conflicting ports opened the ports 40000-65000 in my router Nothing have worked so far!
  10. Frainbreeze

    Odd Backend Response Error

    Not sure what to do here.
  11. This has been an ongoing problem since the day I purchased EFT for the Beta. I cannot proceed past the login screen, regardless of correct username/ password. Since patch 0.6.861, I can proceed past the language selection screen, to which I arrive at a screen telling me to get a "Reserved Nickname" followed by another screen displaying "Backend empty response. Status: HTTP/1.1 200 OK". These two screens are then followed by the login screen, at which clicking the Accept button does not work, only displaying "already logged" in red text under the password space. I have yet to receive an answer or even proper help for this problem from developers/ support. Please help me solve this error. The game will not allow me to screen capture the game itself, only the the desktop outside of the program, and no error log can be found.
  12. Glayz

    Problème de connection

    Bonjour a tous, quand je lance mon jeu j'ai un long chargement de mon profil data et après sa me met un message d'erreur. J'ai déjà réussi à jouer au jeu mais pas longtemps. Si quelqu'un peut m'aider sa serais sympa. Bonne soirée
  13. Been getting this error since the last update and errors like it concerning loading traders. Have Log included. Happens before I hit main screen. Any solutions? Cant play the game because of this error
  14. Headkraker

    Backend empty error

    So I’ve been having a issue for the past couple of days. I can’t even get into the game. I had a error saying backend empty close and contact support. So I did that. Waited a day and started looking around for solutions for myself. I am very new to pc’s so seeing some of the solutions were a little scary for me. Like go into .exe delete this file move this file reformat this folder. I decided not to try that. I did however uninstall and reinstall. I just started getting a different error that says backend empty status: no status sorry!. And while I was looking for solutions most of the people are have seen talking about this problem have gotten no response from support. I had sent in a couple of tickets before this one and gotten almost immediate response which was great. So I kind of don’t know what to do. Should I just wait it out and hope it fixes itself should I try to get into the folder shuffling solutions I seen I don’t know? Sorry for the long post and I don’t mind waiting. I know it’s in beta and they can’t just fix each individuals problem but I absolutely love the game and it’s pretty much the only game I want to play on pc. What do I do?

    marking map error

    Can anyone tell me when I mark the map for say customs , I'm trying to mark exile locations. After about 2 marks it says backend error and it backs me out to game home screen?
  16. calbroxup

    Matchmaking Bug NEW?

    So about an hour ago me and my friend played a PMC on factory & came out with some killer gear. We sold it off and then tried to join another raid, however upon the start of the matchmaking process one of us, and only one would get an error message saying "ERROR: Bad backend matchmaking" - Forcing him to be kicked out of the matchmaking, so naturally I click BACK to leave, however when done so a pop up displays saying what is quoted below in the picture, thus resulting in only one of us being able to re-connect to the match and we just can't seem to play together at all. Anyone else having this issue? On top of this, the game is SUPER slow and sluggish, main menu takes ages to load & also retrieving my gear obtained from a SCAV run is no longer possible as every time I try to move it into my stash, it says a load of error messages about profile item moving false. What the duck is happening to the game haha.
  17. I get a backend error when I alt tab while loading profile at start of game.
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