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Found 14 results

  1. Kinda started this question in another thread but I think it would be worth its own. What I mean by the title is, that items should not just manifest them self when looking inside an item-container of any kind (backpack, vest, etc. ...), but be "rendered" at all times inside the said containers. Best example I can give would be how DayZ did it (if I remember correctly that is). If someone had a full bag of items and you shot the said person, while hitting the bag, you would destroy/damage some if not all items inside the bag. But let me expand it. We already have a simple system like this in the game. It only applies to armor and helmets, though. Why not expand it to: Weapons which we carry Mags/nades/meds/etc. in our vests and pockets (as written above) items inside our backpacks What would it bring to the game? make the gameplay a bit slower I suppose people would think twice before making a pincushion out of someone, be it through grenade spam or full auto a 60 mag (yey to the solution to the full auto meta ) another layer of protection hit items could damp or even prevent a hit on the person I suppose it gives items more value But I guess it wont be that easy and will bring it's own problems: extra calculation steps in the hit and damage calculation more stress on the netcode/servers? people will not like it 😜 abuse in form of a new meta carrying as much as possible (which already happens, but would protect the carrier - fix to the stamina/carrying system needed) defeats the purpose of my "preaching" of people irl not going for the head would make people go even more for the head, to not damage the goods (or maybe legs - we love legs, right?) Yeah, so that's basically it. As many people want more and more realism, I wondered that no one brought it up until now. Maybe someone did, but my search through the forum didn't bear much success. What do you think? Is it something that Tarkov could need or at least would make sense? Is it maybe to "hardcore"? Let me know! Cheers!
  2. TheCamcorder

    Missing Scav box bug

    Hey so I logged in about an hour ago did a quick scav run and extracted perfectly fine. When trying to put my items away I noticed that the scav junkbox I have had in a mechanism backpack for about a week now has totally disappeared, along with the 5/6 mil worth of loot collected in it from the start of the wipe. It was not anywhere else in my stash or on my PMC, and it wasn't accidentally sold on the flea from a barter trade as I have barter trades off by default. I attempted to drag wires into the backpack slot it would have been in, in case it just wasn't showing up in that instance, but i got an error about moving items shortly after attempting this that reset me back to the "escaped" endgame screen. Trying again resulted in the same error, so i stashed the rest of the items that I could and checked my stash after and it still wasn't there. I restarted the game and still no luck. I know you are aware of the issue and are attempting fixes now, I would just like to know if it is possible to get the scav box back with its items, or if you would be able to provide some kind of compensation? It's just very disappointing to know that multiple weeks worth of loot and money could all just be down the drain. Thanks for reading and I hope you are able to find a fix soon :)
  3. The_Grape_king

    Backpack/sorting quality of life update

    I am an owner of a large backpack stash an little other room in my stash. as you may know you cant equip more than one trizip or larger back pack at a time. what I'm suggesting is tat you could equip them temporarily as well as take other items that you cant take into a raid so that it would be easier to sort items in your stash. you would not be able to go in to a raid when you have them in your inventory.
  4. I had a thought about a new USEC backpack similar to MBSS. It could have 3x3 slots for the back pack itself and then two 2x4 sections separate from 3x3 for guns only (one gun per 2x4 section). This is so you can’t load two SKSs or two TOZ etc. in one gun slot where only one M4 can be put. These 2x4 gun slots would reflect the two sides outside of the backpack where you can strap on a gun using buckle straps. Not only the slot change for the backpack but also have the guns loaded on the outside of the pack and reflect ingame so that everyone can see the gun strapped to the outside of backpack. There can also be a smaller bag that can only strap one gun (see images). The visual gun addition on backpack can be extended to other bags (see image below).
  5. TheSzeckler

    Backpack Stacking Idea

    In real life situations you can FOLD a backpack and place it in another backpack, SO why not make an option for ALL backpacks to be FOLDABLE. Folded backpacks should be able to hold some types of items that are flat and don't take up much 3 dimensional space like all the textiles, Keys, Money, basically all smaller 1 slot items .... etc. For example lets take the basic Scav Backpack/Berkut Backpack which are 4x5, once folded the backpack should turn into two sepparate compartments of size 2x2 each, NOW we have the grid system, [see attached picture] the two 2x2 spaces in the backpack should have another color indicating the available space after Folded, placing items in these slots will stay in the backpack once folded, You should only be able to access the items placed on the upper part of the backpack, the bottom part should only be accessible if you unfold the backpack, you should be able to unfold the backpack while removed from the main Backpack that it is inside of like in real life. EDIT: Once Folded the 4x5 sized backapcks should take up 4x4 space ! Pretty straight forward and simple, i have never seen a backpack inside a backpack that is the same size and has the same available space, stacking backpacks would result in loosing space, ofcourse to make it mo game like you can increase the 2x2 areas to 2x3 or 2x4.... but irl you would loose space. Just an idea i was thinking about today. See attached picture:
  6. I thinking about the „bag inside bag inside bag” mechanic. I find this a little bit weird and unrealistic. I have an idea to change it: - Disable the ability to insert bag into another bag regardless the bag size - Add new options for bags: Roll / Unroll What is rolling? This is an option to downsizing a backpack (e.g: scav backpack in unrolled state is 5*4 but in rolled state should be 1*3) Only empty backpack can be rolled and in a rolled state they are should stay empty. In rolled state the backpacks can be stacked (5 or 10 should be fine) Some use case - I try to roll a bag while there is something inside – Message: Cannot roll. The bag is not empty. - In my stash there is 5 stacks of scav backpack and i try to unroll one of them – the stack size decreased to 4 and an unrolled, normal sized scav backpack appears in my stash. - My stash is full and I try to unroll – Message: Cannot unroll. No free space in stash - I have an equipped backpack and i try to roll. In offraid: my bag simply move into my stash. In raid: If I have space in my vest, my bag move there if not it should fall in the ground. - What should happen if I find a rolled bag on the ground? Same as if I find an unsearched bag. The options are: Take/Unroll. - What will happen if we found an unsearched bag on the ground and we want to take it? First as usual, we should select the „Search” option. After that we need to empty the bag. Third we need to select roll option than take. (Pro tip: maybe we can skip one step but we need to improve the „Take” option for that. Empty unrolled bag on the ground -> „Take” option -> instant roll the bag and move in the backpack / vest – in that case we don't need +1 more „roll” option for taking a bag) Thats it. I hope I don’t forget any more possible use cases😊 Why this solution is better than the actual one? I think the actual „bag inside bag*10” is annoying especially in the middle of the raid, but it also weird in my stash too. In my solution disable this annoying feature and the whole inventory could be more simple and more transparent. I hope...:D
  7. Jinge

    Backpack stack

    I've got the standard edition of eft. i have a stack of backpacks that take up a large amount of inventory space that i equip when i go on scav runs, buy armor, or customize weapons. Now their is a limit on the back packs you can have stacked on your person. I liked this because i have accidentally went into a raid with most of my items lmao. However, now I have even less space to work with. The screenshots are my entire inventory. Is there anyway to work around this so i can have the stack on in my characters inventory but not in raid?
  8. Jeffpogany

    Mind your center of gravity

    Take this for what you will meme or legitimate game-play mechanic. It is simple to understand how a backpack potentially shifts our center of gravity in everyday life. When you bag up your canned goods at a grocery store you always put them on the bottom before anything else for good reason. I can already imagine Nikita conjuring up this kind of concept for Tarkov in his wildest dreams. Maybe someday i will be able to give my friend a car battery and watch is character face plant as he tries to sprint stop abruptly. Just a few ideas i have, for example say you have backpack that is Half full with enough space toward the top for a tank battery and say you find a tank battery and pick it up not only will the weight cripple your speed and stance but also damage anything below it in your backpack. I imagine canned foods like tushonka being mostly immune to crushing but others like computer parts and croutons simply do not stand a chance. Just another level of depth to game mechanics. Trying to seed ideas here to be honest. Clearly i am happy about the weight changes and i want more like this.
  9. Hi, Just wondering how many of you have had a bug where your backpack has gone missing post raid? It happened to me twice now in about 20 raids, and with the first I couldn't recall if I'd interacted with it after doing some inventory swaps...so that's fine, maybe lag. This time I had it up until near extract on Interchange, and was able to move a health kit from there to my rig to use. I had it during extract, and it's gone after. Shame since it was full...but in both occasions I had taken it off a corpse of a PMC I'd shot, and tossed my own.
  10. Gossinater

    Better storage for rigs/backpacks

    How about you can 'roll up' empty rigs and backpacks in order to better store them. Once rolled they can be placed in an items case.
  11. Magor57

    Edge of darkness bonuses

    The most expensive edition, 110€. Some ingame bonuses, more starting loot (don't need, we can loot), more cash (nice, but we still can loot), more reputation with trader NPCs (quite nice, but still, we can earn that ingame). Unique ID and the biggest stash are the only 2 ingame things worth getting imo. They last. Loot you will lose when u die. But why include Large field backpack nad Combat tactical tomahawk in the most expensive edition, if you lose them after first death (usualy 1 hour into the game). There are two options (considering they are lost on death and you dont spawn with them every time, which is the true meaning of "I paid more than you edition"). You make them into skins which can be applied any time any number of times, like in H1Z1, so the overpriced bonus becomes longterm instead of you die, there goes your 20 bucks, like in the game "one life".... OR!!! You put it in every edition, or you simply take it out and put something valuable in the edition that costs like 250% of normal game, not something that you will lose on the first death. Not to get me wrong, I am perfectly OK with losing all gear and loot on death, that's no problem form me, just the opposite. But if you go to the lenght of making a 110€ edition, why not put sometinh worth getting (ingame content)? And if you think megastash and unique ID is enought, take the items away and put in something better please :))
  12. CakeFox

    Collapsing backpacks

    Much like the " Fold " option on many guns I think the backpacks should be able to be collapsed if theres nothing inside of them T-Bag : 3X3 T-Bag ( Collapsed ) : 2X2 Dufflebag : 3X4 Dufflebag ( Collapsed ) : 2X2 MBSS : 4x4 MBSS ( Collapsed ) : 2X2 ScavBP : 4X5 ScavBP ( Collapsed ) : 2X3 TriZip : 5X6 TriZip ( Collapsed ) : 3X4 Pilgrim : 5X7 Pilgrim ( Collapsed ) : 4X4
  13. CakeFox

    Make the Pilgrim spawn rarely.

    I was thinking about making pilgrims spawn.
  14. BlueK

    Custom Backpacks

    I've been in the process of customizing my own backpack. Here in the US we call them, "bug-out bag." For the "just-in-case situations, like society falling apart. LOL! I think it would be really cool if you could get a Mil-Spec Molle backpack and customize it like in real life. Optimize your loud. You can add smaller packs to a larger pack that allows you to hold more items. Add a blowout pack (medical kit), really whatever you desire. Take this image for example, in real life, you can add mag pouches to store extra mags without sacrificing space in your pack, extra smaller packs to allow you to carry more supplies and even attaching gun holsters for storing more weapons for quick accessibility. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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