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Found 9 results

  1. BiasHyperion

    Tank Helmet

    I think that a potential change made to the soft tank crew helmet could give it more use in the current meta of tarkov. I suggest that they modify it to where it doubles as a headset and a helmet, it would be the worst in both categories but could function as a extremely budget option for runs. It cost more than a headset but less then a standalone helmet at ragman level 1,roughly 14k rubles would suffice in my opinion. With its cheap reparability(being aramid) and low value it could be the goto for extremely cheap runs and could more than likely be gotten back in insurance. What do you think?
  2. KentuckyFriedSpy

    Netcode is still horrendous.

    Are there going to be actual fixes to this terrible netcode? It seems every raid I get into I die or I kill someone because peekers advantage is extreme, projectiles also have the tendency to not register server side resulting in scenarios where the players aiming accurately and bursting to hit their shots are punished while the players that run full speed ahead using hipfire are rewarded with the kill... Netcode fixes need to be of top priority especially in a game where the majority of the combat is PvP and don't even get me started on how the netcode affects the scavs at this point.
  3. Duckanator746

    This game is Client side

    The desync isn't the only problem with this game. The fact that this game is client side and not server sided is a huge problem with this game, I hope they are keeping it client side just for beta purposes because client side would be a huge problem for a game like this.
  4. You guys should have fixing this lag problem on the top of Your to-do list. Its been multiple updates now and you guys still dont do poo to fix it. The last updates its even got worse. Now i cant even get Close to dorms on custom because it will lag me out and kick me.
  5. KnightlyBear6

    New gamebreaking glitch

    I killed a player with my ak-74n picked up his gear, and jumped on the rock next to his body to check for teammates on woods. When i got on this rock it slid me of and stuck me in the falling position and slid me along the ground for maybe 100 m before i got stuck. I was playing with a squad of two who both experienced this happening to me, and i just wanted to put this out for the community. ps. I had to get my friend to f1 grenade me to even kill me so i wasn't stuck starving or dehydrating to death.
  6. Kalimoxo93

    What about the lag

    the game I bought it today and the truth I am not very satisfied, after the price to which they sell it that is expensive, the truth for a beta I see it exaggerated. Well, going to the subject, I do not understand that it's those lag peaks that you get when you meet another player, it's happened 9/10 times, apart from when there is a lot of vegetation happens the same, I know it's a beta but before to focus on anything else I think is the most important priority. I am speaking on behalf of those people that we have a decent computer, mine has these characteristics: AMD FX Series FX-8320 3.5Ghz 8X Asus GeForce GTX 760 DirectCU II OC 2GB GDDR5 G.Skill Sniper DDR3 1866 PC3-14900 8GB 2x4GB CL9 on the requirements you put RECOMMENDED PUT THIS: RECOMMENDED: OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64 Bit) Processor: quad-core processor 3.2 GHz (Intel i5, i7), ?? 3.6 GHz (AMD FX, Athlon) RAM: from 8 GB Graphics Card: DX11 compatible graphics card with 2 GB or more of memory Sound: DirectX compatible audio card Network: permanent connection to the Internet Disk space: from 8 GB and I do not understand it should run at least in average quality perfectly and is that I have to put it in low quality without anything activated. and I wonder: Was it really worth buying and worth recommending? my answer: buy it if it's worth it but right now as the subject is this I do not recommend it to anyone
  7. calbroxup

    Matchmaking Bug NEW?

    So about an hour ago me and my friend played a PMC on factory & came out with some killer gear. We sold it off and then tried to join another raid, however upon the start of the matchmaking process one of us, and only one would get an error message saying "ERROR: Bad backend matchmaking" - Forcing him to be kicked out of the matchmaking, so naturally I click BACK to leave, however when done so a pop up displays saying what is quoted below in the picture, thus resulting in only one of us being able to re-connect to the match and we just can't seem to play together at all. Anyone else having this issue? On top of this, the game is SUPER slow and sluggish, main menu takes ages to load & also retrieving my gear obtained from a SCAV run is no longer possible as every time I try to move it into my stash, it says a load of error messages about profile item moving false. What the duck is happening to the game haha.
  8. So lets get a few things straight, if someone is not even wearing armor with a pistol it can still take 3-5 shots to kill someone. I'm pretty sure with how some things work in this game they want it to be realistic but with that low of damage this game seems pretty far from realistic. Another thing is grenades in this game, theirs the mini nuke and the worthless trash one. These are better known as the F1 grenade (Mini nuke) and the RGD grenade (never kills anything). Both grenades can do damage from massive distances and through walls. I tested on an offline game mode and if you throw either grenade into a room with no windows and the door is closed and stand about 10m away the grenades can still do damage to you (taking health away) and will give you the shakey screen affect. The F1 grenade can kill from 0-20m and the RGD can't even kill if you throw it on someones head. Please tweak the damage to guns to make them how they should be, increase damage fall off on pistols. Also with m4's not sure about ak's they still take about 3-4 shots into and un-armored player which doesn't seem right at all. With the melee weapons in this game even with no head protection they cannot one shot to the head and usually mean you have to headshot someone with the melee weapon and then bodyshot but by then you are most likely dead. If you want the game to stick with a realistic theme don't make people seem like they all wear body armor.
  9. DaPeezi

    I'm too bad for the game

    First and foremost I really like the style and the details of the game. The amount of details and character progression which is implemented and more so what is planned is just amazing. That said it feels like I can't do poo in this world. The gab between my raids and those I see experienced players do, on Twitch for example is just huge. My survival rate is at about 5 to 10 percent. I'd like to get better but it would be crazy to go out with even semi good stuff at this point. I'm mostly risking some Scav stuff but almost every time just loosing it while killing a guy or two. I feel like I'd need some more practice with guns to get competitive at some point. Does anyone know whether or not there will be some kind of practice mode against other players or something? Or maybe pairings so that you only go against equal level opponents? Or maybe similar equipped guys? TTK enhancing mod anyone? I really see no land at this point and I don't just want to throw roubles out of the window on equipment I loose too fast. Don't want to be the naked hatched man going for crates all day too. Or just wait more for the game to load than trying to not die in the first 3 Minutes.
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