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Found 12 results

  1. Pistol swap buff

    i think that u shold be able to switch to pistols faster so u could take it as a secondary to maybe take down hatchlings or when ur in a fight and ur out of ammo rather then reloading switching to a pistol could be a cool option would be both tactical and realistic i would really like if u could buff swapping weapon to pistol
  2. Balancing

    Every time I get into a game I get killed by someone who has better loot than me (i.e. fully auto silenced ARs). How on earth am I supposed to compete with that? I am usually pretty good about being situationally aware, but that can only go so far when the other players are simply more experienced and have better gear. How am I supposed to improve at the game and get better stuff when I am constantly getting killed within two minutes of spawning in by someone with no life who plays this game nonstop every single time? Honestly, a simple balancing change in the matchmaking would go a long way. Simply put PMCs in a game where the other players have similar loot to themselves. I get that its supposed to be realistic but sometimes its better to sacrifice realism for playability and enjoyment. New players would feel like they have a fighting chance and veterans would feel a level of intensity not felt by running around and shooting scavs and new spawns with pistols or shotguns. Perhaps there is a better way to do it, but I propose that each mod or weapon or piece of gear be given an invisible rating (lets call it player rating, or PR), that, when all of the PR of the gear on a PMC are added together plus another PR number that scales with the players level (to account for the player's experience), gives the total PR and the player is then put into a match where the other players have a similar PR. Like I said, there could be a better way of doing it, but that's just what I suggest. I really want to like this game. But I have played it for hours upon hours, and I always end up right back where I began, with practically nothing. And I fear that if something doesn't change soon I am going to break something expensive...
  3. Am I the only one that sees absolutely no point in using any smg's besides the kedr because of its 1 slot magazine? Their damage and amor penetration to geared players is so bad, and on top of that a vityaz costs me more than an ak74n. With the current pricing Im better of paying less for an ak74n, then use literally any of the smg's. I think the smg's need to have their price reworked to make them relevant to players. Especially for the ones who dont have traders to high levels and cant buy the good 9x19 and good 9x18 ammo yet.
  4. Balancing of trader tasks

    Today I finally completed the first task for therapist, finding the 5 salewa med kits. Those who own LB or PFE editions start with salewa so it's a little bit easier but for all others it's a really hard task for the first one. It might take lots of hours of pure farming (no fun at beginning of the game), even days for completing the first mission. I don't mind about hard tasks but why is it the first one? After that there are tasks like gaining access to room 206 in dorms or finding one gas analyzer (one one compared to 5 Salewa!). That's much easier so why isn't one of these tasks the first one in order? Would do thinks easier for the very beginning. Also the first task of skier can be very hard, finding one fort armor and also the kiver helmet. So you need to find the best armor in game? And also only 3 days time? As first task this is kind of hard. Why not starting with something smaller, like paca and kolpak? For those with PFE and EOD it's pretty easy since they start with kiver but where to get one as being level 1 and after a wipe almost nobody is wearing one? I did not find any kiver since the last wipe, only kolpak and one fort armor. So for the first quest this is too hard and stops the total progress of leveling and applying tasks. I'd like to have an easier start task for beginning (also after wipe) and then harder tasks. Maybe just the order of the tasks need to be changed? Or one or two beginner task added to the very beginning of therapist and skier, where you have easy things to do and gain only little reputation and reward?
  5. Decrease dog tag value to around 800 per level Factory for example is too rewarding atm, hatchling runs or runs with minimum gear are netting you incredible amounts of money. This makes playing as a scav obselete, since you can net much more money and gear out of hatchet factory/customs runs than you could do as a scav. Increase number of scavs on woods There are simply not enough scavs around for everyone Increase number of scavs at the former shoreline exits Especially at the pier (boat exit). Usually theres none or at max one scav there. Also at the former tank exit (now rock passage exit). The post wipe amount of scavs was fine, now there are too few of them. Increase distance between House spawn locations on woods The current situation makes spawn camping too easy Randomize the flash drive spawn location Right now at nighttime you can witness several hatchlings going for that flash drive all at once and having an murderous axting event at the tent. Hard to imagine thats intended. Slightly increase drop rate of fort and kiver Edit: I have found four forts so far (lvl 20) and no kivers at all. Could also be that I just have no luck at all. Increase quality (and lethality) of scav gear Those broomstick (TOZ-Shotgun) scavs are way too many and they are no real threat. Barely any scavs have scav backpacks or pacas (not to mention fort) Change (skiers) quest order It would make a tad bit more sense if you had to kill a certain amount of scavs for skier first and then hand in fort & kiver Let peacekeeper sell those white tier 1 armors at level 1 It really sucks to not have any armor choices whatsoever until you have leveled him to level 2. Especially since scavs are way more easier to defeat when your gear gets better.
  6. Hello, Am i the only one who thinks 5.0 Woods is a bit too much? Its more intense than factory now. Here are some experiences: 1)1 minute 20 seconds into the game. I already saw 5 people. Knowing the map i was still getting myself in crossfire every step. Shots everywhere. I am dead. 2)Knowing the situation first thing is to check and be aware of the spawns. Get 2 cheesy kills right off the bat. Not good because you feel like scum. And then comes the worst. You actually see a guy spawning into the game 10-20 meters away. I gave him couple seconds but i had to shoot him unprepared. Feels bad. Get sniped later. 3)Survive spawn massacre with 4 kills. Scouting and looting takes some time so you get 5 scavs paradropping on you right after spawn area. Get through it. meet players from other side in the middle. Avoid and run away like a little girl just to find a bunch of scavs AGAIN, this time the ones that were intended for me. TL;DR - woods are crazy intense. I may get used to it but think of the starting players. I estimate their chances of getting through to be 0% unless they watch guides, learn maps, learn spawns. But note that everything that is used outside the game breaks the immersion.
  7. On Hatchetlings & Response

    I know there have been a ton of debates on whether or not to nerf them, and what should be done. IMO, they are a symptom of the game at the current moment and they can be limited by focusing on why people do this. Quest Items - With one each typically spawning on each map in a specific place, you have to be quick to get there. Most people can't really afford to go slow and careful because the item will likely be gone. And if you go too fast, you are likely to not pay attention and get killed. Which means the easiest/least risky way to get to them is to go in with a melee to get there. The solution would obviously make the quest item spawn for each individual PMC who has taken the quest, so there is no need to rush to the locations. This is less of a problem with Fort/Kiver quests, as you kinda are required to go in geared, even for Scavs. Even if you require people to take weapons with them, people can always just put the pistol they take in their alpha/secure container and run for it. Solution - Make quest items spawn for each individual PMC. It would make no sense to hatchet rush, because its always going to be there and you can take your time. With other quests, you can buy them and its just general loot, so you can't reliably hatchet run them. Keys - Because of the unpredictable nature of keys spawning, and some them spawning in very specific places, if your goal is to get keys, the best way to do it is with melee only. Whether you are searching lockers or not. Keys are important for quests and getting decent loot. Solution - Make the likelihood of keys spawning high not isolated to filing cabinets, but across all loot boxes, with some having the increased spawn chance and others not (certain jackets, not others, etc. Nowhere specific to run to). Obviously you would have to tweak loot tables and make sure keys spawned properly/enough so that people would find them often and they wouldn't be extremely rare. This would force players to loot everything, and going in with a hatchet and rushing locations would no longer be feasible. For keys that spawn in specific places, like in a hand on a dead scav/on the ground/on a desk, make these keys spawn only for specific players in the match (keep spawn rates the same, but only have them appear to a certain player/players on the map). For example, if there are 5 bears and 5 USEC players, the key would only spawn in game for 2 of them (the general spawn chance of the key would remain the same). This way, you'd never know if the key would be spawned for you. It'd make hatchet running for fixed keys extremely tedious and pointless, since you'd never know if it would have spawned for you specifically or you just missed it due to chance. Server Problems/Solid Snake Style - We've all been there. Someone is hatchet running and you unload round after round in him and he one-shots you, and you find out that you didn't hit him at all. Or you see the animation and you die from him across the room. Or the server disconnects you and you lose all your gear. People are nervous about bringing decent things into matches because of this. They would rather sneak up on some Scav and gear up with that by hitting him in the head or some PMC that isn't paying attention. I also call this 'Solid Snake Style', as in acquiring all gear on mission. Though this is more of a playstyle choice than a specific problem. Solution - We will only see this reduced upon improvement to server stability, desync, optimization and lag issues. Which might be a long time coming. Which is ok, this is a beta after all. It means this will eventually mitigate hatchet runners. As for the play-style, if people REALLY are that sore about the 'Solid Snake, acquire all gear on mission' thing, melee damage could be nerfed or bullet damage massively increased at melee range. Or a 'stopping power' mechanic, where if someone is sprinting at you, getting hit at a close distance forces you to slow down. Or melee damage being temporarily nerfed because of server issues and then buffed once this is resolved. This is probably going to take awhile to figure out. Money/Rare Items - This is the toughest one. The reasons for this are varied. Some people just are very attached to gear, others are just poor and others just want to play Solid Snake, as I mentioned above. Others lost a lot of their good gear and don't want to use mediocre things. Others still just want to sell things to level up traders. Its impossible to say all the reasons. Many want to nerf alpha/gamma containers but this is an extreme option that will only make a punishing game more punishing, and I don't think its warranted. This will also turn off others to the game, which makes it an untenable solution. Those containers are there to make it so you can escape with valuable, barter items, keys and things like that. It also seems to stem from jealousy from those with bigger containers and spite. Say what you will, but people are extremely bitter over this issue. Some say scav is enough, but it really isn't. Scav on Scav violence is still too excessive and with the timer being 30 minutes, it really is not a feasible way to come back. People also aren't going to wait for their stash to dwindle enough for care packages. The thing is also a rush towards rare, fixed item locations. Solution - Here is possibly the most difficult part. So I'll separate it into long-term and short-term solutions Long-Term - With the update of the hideout, apparently there will be ways to make money in-between raids with bitcoin mining or other activities. Having extra cash coming in, albiet slowly, will discourage running with hatchets. Obviously, this is a long time away. There may be other hideout mechanics that will make you able to get money as well. Maybe even certain small side quests, such as acquiring an item on a map, which would be different for everyone, would provide money and bonuses. For rare items, dynamic, multiple spawn locations will provide disincentives to hatchet run. Or do the thing I mentioned earlier (only spawning for specific PMCs with their normal spawn chance, and not for the majority of others). Short-Term - Make cheap guns available, cheaper than 7k. They don't have to be strong, maybe even prone to jamming, accuracy problems, things like that. Since the guns would be extremely cheap, it'd be better and more advantageous to take a cheap gun you don't care about losing than just simply a hatchet. They'd still be able to kill hatchetlings easily, but have a harder time with PMCs and armed Scavs. But it wouldn't be worth it to hatchet run when you can just spawn with a cheap weapon. And maybe even make them moderately customizable, to give players with little money more incentive to bring something a little cool. In the end, Hatcheters are a symptom of several issues. I don't feel anyone should be punished for playing the game a certain way, as this style has arisen due to several ways things are right now. If people want to hatchet, they should be able to. But if you resolve a lot of these issues, they will become much much less common because there simply any isn't incentive to do so. The ideal is to eliminate the need for hatchet running, not to punish the style itself. I feel in communities we rush too much to punish, rather than incentivize. In the end, this is all about economics, since this is what the game is all about. In economics, incentives work way better than punishment. You also have to consider solutions that won't actually penalize other plays (like nerfing secure containers). Because if you penalize hatchet running, people will simply start running with a cheap pistol with little to no ammo. Or just start with one and stash it in an alpha. Then people will complain about this and the cycle would continue and playstyles becoming needlessly restrictive while the reasons for hatchet running remain. By addressing the issues as to why people hatchet run, you'll see far far less of it.
  8. Note: If this topic has been asked before, then ignore this topic. *** Is there going to be a penalization for USEC killing their side member? Or Bear taking out other Russians? We already have a penalization in SCAV. They will kill you on sight if you kill another scav. That's good, but it is non existing for main factions. Is there going to be a tutorial to teach people how to play the game? Most people I know playing the game (or people on youtube) see this game as a solo PvP. Yesterday My pal and I got killed by two guys from the same side. I know I have died multiple times under the same scenario, but this time it was SO CLEAR, so obvious. We already know we will be playing as mercenaries, I know that, but we are (in theory) seeking the same goal in the game storyline. Why should I kill everything that moves? What's the point of being part of a faction? We should be able to even team up to have higher chances of survival. We should have communication channels, squad channels for text com (may just visible as per proximity, as audio). Are there going to be more visual identifiers than just our gear? How would I be able to familiarize with my friends characters? I hear about tags. Are they going to be visible just in the shoulder? Normally we see the tags in helmets, armor, vests, backpacks, etc... but, again, how are we going to identify our clan? Once more time. If this topic was answered before, then just ignore this entry and please provide the link to check that out. Thanks in advance. *** Happy Holidays.
  9. PP ammo is poo compared to PS this is the new and updated ammo WIKI for EFT . in this wiki you can see that the best ammo types are just BS, BT and PS. first : i dont want every ammo to be the same , and some types need to be better than others , but there are some things that need to be chance. 1: PP ammo that is supposed to be IRL the 7N10 AP bullet that is standard russian 5.45x39 ammo and can penetrate 16mm st3 steel plates at 100m has a average penetration (the lowest is 30) , yes i know that i has the highest penetration chance but it should also do a very high dmg against armor ( i think about 37 penetration dmg) 2: even if the PP bullet had 37 penetration dmg the BT bullet would still shine (a bit to much) , and a AP tracer round shouldnt do the same dmg as a fully AP round , so IMO the BT should be nerfed and its penetration dmg should be 34-35.
  10. Whats with the RAM usage?

    Hi Devs.. please.. why this game use 8gb+ RAM ?? Why? Is it so bad balanced in this stage of development?
  11. Will gamma adjustments be an option? Or more generally I'd like to know if there will be something in place to combat a person negating the obvious downsides of not being able to see in the dark, such as boosting an in game gamma slider until the night becomes bright as high noon. I ask this because seeing as NV is shown to be in the game, as-well as a day/night cycle, it would be a hefty concern if anyone could easily get an arguably unwinnable advantage through a simple in game trick. I only ask because the dev's in Arma, for whatever reason, decided a gamma slider was a good thing. As far as I'm aware most games do not include a gamma adjustment but i figured i'd ask anyways. <3
  12. Factions

    Conversing with another member. We hatched another important question. If you can be penalized for killing your own faction members (BEAR on BEAR fire), how will that affect the balance of players who chose USEC or BEAR? We could see a potential situation here for a very lopsided fielding of one group or another. Say for instance I am BEAR, so not immediately pre-disposed to shooting other BEAR operators, but I somehow find myself in a scenario or open world dominated by other BEAR players. Will the servers attempt to make some sort of balance between the players and their factions before joining the world?