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  1. Before I start, I want to point out two things, first, this game is advertised as "Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough." and second, I actually have experience with firearms from my military service and as a civilian that enjoys shooting guns. Now, when the new audience that came from arcade games and literally cried about the guns being a "laser" what did you do ? Nerf ALL the guns across the board and give them an absurd amount of base recoil, now it costs ridiculous amounts of money to tame those beasts, like we are trying to shoulder fire 50 caliber guns and trying to modify them so muzzle won't climb to look at the stars and kick us back 10 meters... see how absurd it sounds ? Yes it is like that to fire M4, HK416, SA58, AS VAL and some other guns. This directly contradicts with how you advertise this game, unlike some of the new audience of this game ( I've been here since Alpha times), we, the players that are here for what this game has been advertised as, want this game to have those realistic hardcore simulation aspects to be kept and not shaken at the first wave of complaints from the players that are trying to change this game into the ones they have gotten used to, I'm talking about the games like CSGO. This needs to change, you, BSG, need to listen to the right audience, your skeleton crew. The core player-base that has come to play this gamed called Escape From Tarkov, which is advertised as HARDCORE, SIMULATION, REALISTIC ! THE SOLUTION 1- Completely remove "camera recoil", our spine is not made of jelly, it doesn't move like that in real life when we fire guns. We are controlling full-grown adult PMC's, not 8 years old starving kids... 2- Reduce base recoil of ALL guns by 90% except the 7.62x39 guns you have been keeping un-balanced. 3- Reverse how recoil works, the more sustained fire, the less accuracy there is, which goes increasingly not suddenly ! 3a- Recoil should work that if we go full-auto on a target and keep full-auto'ing it for longer than 8-10 bullets, it should start decreasing the accuracy based on range, the longer the range to target the more it will get affected because of the decreasing accuracy over range will multiply, the affect of this decrease of accuracy should not be sudden ! It should work increasingly. 4- Make semi-auto and burst-fire modes have significantly lower recoil, currently the first shot vertical muzzle jump mechanic completely ruins semi-auto and burst-fire modes. In real life, semi-auto and burst-fire modes are used in majority of the time and full-auto only when in CQC environments where decrease in accuracy won't be a problem. 5- If you can, hire a professional shooter, an ex-army spec ops operative, an ex-police special forces etc. and have them field test ALL the current and future guns you'll add, record EVERYTHING, how the guns behave, how much recoil there is, how much change there is to recoil/accuracy once the operator gets familiar with X weapon and reflect that in weapon mastery in the game ! That is how you make this game have THE BEST shooting experience in any game on the market !!! Stay TARKOV, stay HARDCORE, stay SIMULATION, stay R E A L I S T I C ! Here are some video evidence how it works in real life vs. how it works in EFT: Video-1 Video-2 (Read description, real life gun footage links are in there) Video-3 (Read description, real life gun footage links are in there) Video-4 (I linked at the recoil section of the video but I suggest watching the whole thing as T.REX ARMS gives some great tips to improve tarkov gun play!)
  2. Tannheuser

    Thermal balancing

    I can't believe I still have to go on this rant in 2022. Thermals are overpowered and should be removed from the game unless they can be balanced. Nothing has really changed in the last years. No, SJ9 is not a viable counter unless you possess the power of foresight and can accurately determine that players with cheat codes on their weapons will be ganking you in the next 5 minutes. No, pricing is not and has never been a viable way to balance anything in this game. 1. Remove them from traders altogether, including barters. 2. Introduce clothing or other items that reduce thermal signature, preferably available before you quit the wipe after reaching level 42. 3. Reduce heat signature on players to begin with, and make it more dependent on ambient conditions, as what you are seing in the scope is the contrast between the temperature of a human body covered in layers and layers of various equipment against whatever temperature the surrounding environment holds. I find myself caring less and less about any form of milsim tendencies in this game, and more about the balance of this PVP focused multiplayer game. Which seems to be getting worse with time. How gosh darn hard can it be? Whatever, I'm never revisiting this post, go have your fits and aneurysms below.
  3. Tannheuser

    Weapon performance balance

    Alright, here's an idea I'm playing with at the moment: My problem is that the best-in-slot meta builds of most weapons are lightyears ahead of the competition, or lower tier builds. Even the second best build. A good example of this is the Wafflemaker on 5.45 AKs. When you slap that bad boy on there, there is no other suppressed build that comes anywhere close in terms of recoil stats. In order to make more builds viable, I'm suggesting the following: - Raise the base stats slightly on most guns. By how much isn't important at this point, but say around 10-25% depending on calibre and type. The purpose of this is just to have slightly better performing weapons right out of the box. Apart from the first days of the wipe, who the hell would run a flat AK or M4, compared to their modded versions? - Introduce diminishing returns across the board when it comes to weapon modding. In relation to my previous example, the Wafflemaker shouldn't be close to 50% better than the second best option - that difference should be down to maybe a few percent. It's still the best, and most expensive, but it's not lightyears ahead of any other option. The best-in-slot option should only be very marginally better than the second best, which is only marginally better than the third best and so on. The desired effects of this would be to level the playing field of all weapons when it comes to modded AND unmodded performance, so as not to create only a handful of meta best-in-slot builds that everyone runs after the second week of the wipe, thus allowing for more creativity and variety, while still retaining value in spending big bucks on b-i-s builds. A lot of this rests on generalisations, and a few exaggerated examples currently in game. The principles here are what's important - not the actual percentages or numbers. If you get hung up on specific details or numbers in this post, you should probably seek therapy for your autism. As per usual I will never revisit this post. Go nuts in the comments, you apes.
  4. Alright, I really hope there are more suggestions on this topic, but here's my take: Lighthouse loot spawns are ridiculously imbalanced, and farming rogues has replaced farming bosses and raiders, particularly on labs. Fixes: - Balance loot on Lighthouse further, obviously - Adjust spawn rates and locations of rogues. In particular: keep the rogues on the rooftops of the buildings, they can stay and do their thing, as they don't offer any loot. The roaming rogues which consist of something like 4+4 in the rogue base should have their spawn rate decreased in line with other raiders and boss spawns. Further, one of the groups of four should also be able to spawn at the chalet area of the map, and patrol either one or both of the compounds with the ridiculously high loot spawns. This should act as a slight deterrent to naked runs in those areas, where people just rush in and shove 4 bitcoins up their bumhole. Cheers, keep up the great work!
  5. Gat0rMan

    Traders Need Balanced

    The traders feel a little off balance to me. Each one has a required amount of reputation that you need to reach before reaching level 2, but because of the balance of the game that becomes very hard as higher leveled players either hunt low level players for loot or camp exits. This makes it difficult for lower level players to gain money in order to combat these players without putting hours into skav runs. But while doing this they are also hunted by players, or other skavs that do not care about the reputation loss for killing other skavs. Either higher tier ammo needs to be accessible from the beginning, nothing too powerful just something against tier 3 or 4 armor. Or the reputation, level requirement and money needed needs to be lowered so that low tier players can fight back against higher tier players. This will allow for a steadier economy and more interesting PvP engagements from all players as well as more evenly matched combat. That way a person running a budget run with low tier ammo and maybe a pistol doesn't get outmatched by a level 40 player with a decked out assault rifle and tier 5 armor. I know there is gonna be a lot of people coming in to tease me about this subject, saying I am complaining. I am placing this here based on engagements with lower tier players, and friends having trouble getting into the game while only being gunned down less then 5 minutes into the match.
  6. Tannheuser

    Injector Case balancing

    The injector case is awesome. In fact, it is so awesome that I can't believe my eyes when I look at what it does. It takes ONE SLOT in my Gamma and transforms it from being able to hold ONE stim into SIXTEEN (16) gosh darn stims. Wow. How the hell did this item make it into the game in this form? Just balance it, I don't even know what else to say. Increase the number of slots it takes up, reduce the amount of stims it holds, increase its weight, just do something please.
  7. Recent happenings with blacked limbs, and comments about blackened chest/head from Nikita has gotten me thinking about another bug some of us might be aware of. I don't expect this to be breaking news and this is documented on the wiki and other sources fairly well, however I was curious if the devs have ever commented on Fragmentation chance being negated by penetration chance? From what I can tell as it is now, bullets with less than 20 pen have a 0% chance to fragment, even if that bullet is "Supposed to" have a chance to. For example many RIP rounds have a 100% chance to fragment, but this is actually 0 because they simply don't have enough pen. Surely this is not intentional, and for years I have always assumed "The Devs are probably aware of this bug and simply have plans to adjust things in the future, its not worth the effort touching something right now when its going to be changed/reworked later". There have been some patches however where Fragmentation mechanics for rounds of this nature are adjusted. (Namely a patch in 12.6.) Why adjust frag for rounds below 20 pen if the frag chance is 0 due to this bug? Is this simply a case of future proofing? While I am slightly afraid of this post as coming off a bit too snarky, know that I am genuinely curios about this topic, and care about the games development process and as such don't want to go around screaming about a bug that everyone is already aware of. Have the devs ever said anything on this subject that I have missed? I have searched for answers to this question online but have yet to find any (To my knowledge) with actual dev responses. If someone can point me to one that would be amazing, and if by chance a Dev has an answer that would be even better! Thanks
  8. QuikdrawMcgraw

    Realistic Damage Fall Off

    I’m all for getting the penetration values of certain small caliber weapons and shotguns to reduce sharply over a certain distance, but the maps of the game aren’t large enough to represent the same penetration fall off with rifles as we are seeing with this current ballistic model. In short, the current fall off for both penetration and damage values starts as close as two meters out of the barrel, this isn’t as big of a deal when it comes to penetration (although it needs a little tweaking). However damage fall off causes someone to take a bullet to the head and live from 100 meters away, and shrug it off like nothing happened. I’m aware that Ricochets and top tier armor help, but I’m talking about a clean penetrating shot leaving them standing. 50-70 meters is getting the most out of pistol caliber cartridges (unless fired from longer barrels as with all ammunition), a little less for shotguns, but the maps have very little instances where rifles should have drastically lowered damage and penetration values as they are all designed to perform at less than 500 meters (sometimes much more in the case of full powered rifle rounds). Just a little less pronounced in that respect to “fall off”. I just want to respectfully bring some attention to this issue so it has less chance of becoming a prolonged issue. Sources: https://www.rem870.com/2016/01/25/shotgun-shells-explained-types-of-ammo-birdshot-buckshot-slugs/ (specifically about effective range) https://huntingheart.com/what-is-the-9mm-pistol-effective-range/ https://backfire.tv/maximum-effective-range-rifle/ http://www.mlefiaa.org/files/ERPR/Terminal_Ballistic_Performance.pdf
  9. TarkovCitizen3998045

    Helmets are not face masks

    If you watch Tarkov clips or use a shotgun you know helmets block your face 9/10 times even tho they are not designed too. Unless you hit someone center face it counts as a helmet shot and is deflected this needs fixed.
  10. So I was playing on customs with a friend and we've had a horribly rough patch of Tarkov with high level players and their gear just bullying us around or enemy scavs both player and AI one tapping us due to lack of equipment. I'm nearly level 11 and he's roughly half way through level 9. We're both very experienced with shooters and know our thing for those interested. With this raid, we're on point, we're clearing buildings like champs. Killing random scavs that were ahead of us with one shots and looting with quick efficiency. Now we're at the Gas station, and I've just taken one guy down. The only other persons who are with us (and breathing), is my friend and the scav that had decided to hide behind the fuel truck. So with both threats taken care of and no one in sight I decided to loot my fresh kill in hopes of getting a decent score. But it seems in this game, if you're having too much fun, it has to stop as I was immediately killed by a player scav who clearly just spawned in right bloody next to me! Now you could view this as just bad luck but this to me is a bad game design that needs to be looked at. If it were the other way round, That guy who killed me would have himself been instantly killed by myself or my friend (which he was while he attempted to loot my body) when spawning in and no time to react. This game is alot of fun and while I have some issues regarding the leveling abilities of new players or lower level players I'm content with how things are run mostly. But this issue has Pissed me off a bit as It just feels like a cheap cheat death rather than something that is my fault or something my opponent actually worked for.
  11. Just for a example how little you seem to update your game mechanics. A cms and surv 12 kit can sew your arm back on ready to go, but it cant stop a light bleed. Cms again can sew my leg back on but cant fix a single bone fracture. Your healing makes no sense and it shows you havent worked on it in a long time. Use some that money you got from all us buying the game to fix issues we have been complaining about for years, instead of saving it for your next pet project nikita.
  12. TarkovCitizen3998045

    Nikita have you even fired a shotgun?

    Have you ever fired a shotgun? I wonder because your shotgun in game with buck shot misses people 20 meters away when its lined directly too the head. How wide do you think a buck shot is? because at 20 meters a buck shot will go around a car in this game.
  13. Starioshka

    Bolt Action Buff

    Currently there's no good reason to use Bolt Action Sniper Rifles since semi autos can do everything better. Adding major recoil and accuracy debuffs (+30) on high end ammo (high penetration, under 80 damage) would make them difficult to use on semi auto/ full auto rifles, but essential for Bolt action guns which would have buffed stats by default to negate the accuracy loss. This would simply open up more options in regards to how one could play, hopefully without bringing back the boring one-tap to the chest that we had with mosin.
  14. AKs can't compete with M4s: The AR platform weapons (M4, HK) etc. can be easily modified into literal laser beams at 800 RPM (M4) and 850 RPM (HK). It is relatively cheap and easy to make an M4 sit around 40 vertical recoil with max traders. Competitively viable ammo for the M4 is M855A1 or M995. M995 literally ignoring every armor, M855A1 having 43 penetration, being very effective against class 5 armor and relatively so against class 6. M855A1, a late game competitively viable ammo can be bought for 368₽ from level 4 Skier. All this makes the AK absolutely worthless to run due to the M4 platform being almost equally expensive while being strictly better in uses. Why the AK74 - 5.45x39, sucks late game: The AK although very cheap, at 600 RPM, best vertical recoil around 55 and a max bullet damage of 40 (51 pen) to be competitively viable (BS ammo) it is just strictly worse than the M4 and HK in every way. There is literally no reason to run an AK except on super budget runs, but then if you're running budget you have BT ammo which is almost useless except for head tapping at this point in wipe, and if you buy BS well at that point you might as well pick up an M4 and use M855A1 sold for 368₽ a round from the trader. As of right now BS ammo sits at 1,500₽ - 1,621₽ a round and trader sells it a little above 1,800₽. Strictly due to the price of running good ammo, the 200 lesser RPM, and the fact that you can significantly lower the recoil of an M4 compared to the AK, there is no reason to run AKs at all from a competitive stand point. Why the AKM - 7.62x39, sucks late game: Although the price for good ammunition is much better for the AKM (7.62 BP at ~1,100₽ market, 939₽ Prapor) the AKM recoil is absolutely trash. If you're running an AKM it's purely inefficient to run full auto unless you're within ~20 meters of your opponent, if that. The AKM is a bit better off compared to the AK74 due to the effectiveness of 7.62 BP and its cheaper price. The same issues fault it, ridiculously higher recoil compared to M4 platform, the price of BP being ~3x more expensive compared to M855A1, 200 RPM less than M4. Ways to make AKs viable while not manipulating real world values: Best option in my opinion: AK74 Bullet Price (5.45x39): If I can buy M855A1 for 368₽ at level 4 trader, there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to purchase BS ammo for no more than ~700₽, this alone, even if no other improvement would make it worth running the AK74. Why 700₽ and not less? Because I have to acknowledge the price of the AK74 being about 25,000₽ less than the M4. This roughly translates to one stock AK74 + 35 BS bullets = one stock M4. The AK should naturally be cheaper than the M4 being the setting of the game is in Russia and the AK is mass produced to much greater lengths in this regard compared to the M4. Secondary options: better recoil adjustment with attachments, cheaper meta attachments, better base recoil AKM Recoil Reduction (7.62x39): The price of the BP for AKMs is fair enough, although Prapor should sell a bit more, it could use a slight reduction in price though. The main thing however is the recoil. The base recoil on the AKM needs to be significantly lesser than what it is. I say the base recoil and not attachments because if the price for the AK74 BS ammo was lowered that would be sufficient, however, if you price was lowered and the attachments were given a bigger recoil adjustment it might be too good. Although a slight recoil reduction to the meta attachments would with the decreased price I think would still be balanced. Anyhow, The base recoil for AKMs in real life is actually very low, the compensators for AKMs can be so effective at siphoning the gas vertically that you can actually experience reverse recoil on an AKM when shooting full auto, meaning the muzzle of the gun actually fights you downwards and the shooter has to keep the muzzle up to be on target. Now, this would be awkward to implement in game and very broken, but I bring this up to make the point that not only is the ridiculously high recoil on AKMs absurd, it's also completely unrealistic. The AKMs in my opinion should be able to reach the mid 50s in recoil, like the current AK74s. An AKM should essentially be very similar to the AK74 in stats as regards to ergo and recoil, the primary difference should be the bullet price. 7.62 BP arguably being a better bullet option than 5.45 BS, should naturally be more expensive. The difference in the guns should mainly in price of ammunition. To summarize: If my primary suggestions come to light, the ideal scenario will be the the AK74 and AKM have similar recoil and ergo stats (being around the current AK74 recoil or preferably slightly lower), 5.45 BS should cost around 700₽ or a bit lower from level 4 Prapor, and 7.62 BP being around where it's at right now, perhaps slightly lower, with a slightly larger supply from Prapor before being sold out. Both ammunitions should be able to be bought at the same maximum quantity from the trader, whatever that may be.
  15. King_Scrub

    7.62x39mm Ammo Balance

    Hello! Are there any plans to balance/change the 7.62x39mm amuntion? Currently i don't really see a reason to use BP ammo if I expect to go against players with level 6 armor. Compared to the smaller AR rounds(namely 5.56) BP is just worse at the very high end. It does have greater damage, but at a cost of much lower penetration(at least for combating level 6 armor). And to make things worse the 5.56 guns fire much faster than the 7.62 AKs. With those two things together m995 would on average actually take less bullets to kill a player to get chest wearing level 6 armor. And because 5.56 also fires much quicker the time to kill disparity is great. The 5.56 guns also can achieve a much lower recoil. To that end why would anyone use a 7.62 AK when the M4 or HK has better ammo recoil and fire rate?(again only speaking level 6 armor) so for players who are running the best gear that entire ammo type is almost useless to us because it will put us at a massive disadvantage against other top gear players. So more specifically are there plans to add a 7.62x39 round better than BP? Or the buff BP? Or nerf M995? Because at least from a game design perspective a slower firing gun with a larger bullet should have higher damage, which it does, but it also needs to kill in less bullets than smaller calibers that are fired faster. Maybe I'm wrong and BP is good where it is, but personally I like AKs slot and it seems like there's a lot of reasons not to use them and only a few in favor.
  16. Simply put, whenever something is given a health bar represented as a single number, balance and tactical gameplay tends to revolve around the question of: Can I kill this target in 1 hit? Can I kill this target in 2 hits? Can I kill this target in 3 hits? Does it black a leg in 1 hit? As a result, most mid-tier ammunition types in the game don't have any meaningful difference in performance, and the viability of certain weapon systems is ultimately determined by the number of shots it takes kill reliably. Using the Mosin as an example, when the majority of its ammunition could 1-hit kill in most situations, it was overwhelmingly used. Now with 85 thorax health, bolt-action rifles are extremely rare now except for quests. A lot of effort goes into balancing around these facts, but it'd all be unnecessary if we had a more detailed damage model. ------------------------ Instead of dealing numerical amounts of abstract damage, bullets ideally would be represented as creating cavities in the human body that might intersect with vital areas. If the player character had organs for example: Heart is an immediate kill. Spine is an immediate kill. Both lungs gone kills (unconscious) after a dozen or so seconds. If you lose too much blood, you pass out (effectively a kill). Simply put, the effectiveness of a bullet is now represented by how large the cavity it creates on impact. A 7.62 hollowpoint round will cause a lot more trauma than lets say a 9x19 AP round; however, both can still be lethal in the right spot. This creates much more granular balancing among ammunition types (wider impact area instead of a damage number) while simultaneously rewarding accurate shooting. It's also a nudge towards realism in that many bullet impacts don't result in immediate death, but rather death in a few seconds later in which the target may still be dangerous depending on a lot of factors. ------------------------ Moreover, a rework to armor vest plates and hitboxes is on the horizon already. Some kind of redo of the health system is going to be needed anyways if armor is to remain viable from a cost-standpoint in Tarkov. Having it protect smaller vital areas would go a long way in helping it stay relevant. ------------------------ Here is a detailed example just to help people imagine a how a system might work. Lets say the thorax was 256 voxels arranged in a tight cylinder. Any outer voxel that's damaged has to be bandaged to stop bloodloss. Any inner voxel that's damaged is internal bleeding that can't be fixed. Too much internal bleeding and you will have to extract in the next few dozen minutes to survive. 6 voxels represent the heart and its major arteries. Another 18 voxels are the spine, another 30 is a lung, etc. To simplify calculations, each bullet type has a unique pre-determined shape that its impact volume will take inside the body. Upon bullet impact, the cavity's radius is multiplied by a tiny factor based on the velocity of impact (see kinetic energy), armor damage penetration reduction, and whether it manages to fully exit the body, etc. The game checks if any voxels inside are intersecting with the cavity volume and then damages them. From the receiving player's perspective on the health screen, they might see a red number showing the current rate of blood loss and status effects like "minor lung damage". From a performance standpoint, only the player who has taken damage needs to be sent information on which thorax voxels are damaged upon bullet impact so it shouldn't be an issue on networking traffic. ------------------------ Regardless of what happens in the future, it may be time to start discussing how Tarkov should move beyond the problem of 1-hit, 2-hit, 3-hit kills affecting balance so strongly.
  17. Vatruvius

    Meta Gameplay

    Hello fellow players, Welcome Battlestate developers, I had an interesting discussion concerning the long-term gameplay health of EFT with a couple of friends and wanted to share the core points of that conversation in this forum and hopefully generate a discussion around the topic and pool some ideas and solutions to the common trend that is the top tier gear meta. To clarify, this discussion concerns how gameplay in EFT trends and how to make that gameplay more dynamic as wipes become non-existent as is planned after the official release of the game. It is no secret that gameplay in EFT trends toward top tier gear after several months post-wipe. Many players never reach that level of gameplay, most of whom become inactive only to return after another wipe to see what is new, rinse and repeat. These players will be unreliable when the game officially releases. I believe the reason why is because they find the trending gameplay meta either boring or frustrating. Many of the hardcore players also dislike the trending meta as the gameplay becomes bland and repetitious as can be seen with the self-imposed restrictions or challenges to breathe life into the game. This is an issue that should be addressed during early development so the solution can be tested and affirm a healthy gameplay cycle that requires no outside input. I view the gameplay meta as a tide that should ebb and flow based on player loadouts. The best way to encourage player loadouts to consistently cycle between top tier and low tier gear is to always offer options at every price point that counter each other. Regular players, returning players, and new players should be able to play the game despite the current meta and build their kit to counter whatever is predominantly being used. As this counter kit becomes the new meta used by most, some players start to build a new kit that counters this new meta and thus the cycle goes round and round circling through all the items, gear, and weapons EFT has to offer. New players will be able to partake in this cycle because options are available at every price point allowing anyone to play how they want while still being able to participate and not feeling helpless. Cheaper solutions should be balanced in a way that makes them not the de facto choice, but as an option available to those without the funds to use the most expensive gear. The clearest solution, in my opinion, to bring about this ebb and flow-based gameplay would be the balancing of ammunition damage and penetration along with how armor plays a role in protection or the lack there of. To be specific, high penetration ammo should do significantly reduced damage to those with insufficient or no armor as the round passes cleanly through the target. Likewise, this high penetration ammo should do increased damage to those wearing equivalent armor to the penetration value of the ammunition. Low penetration and high damage ammunition should be highly effective against low tier or no armor and nearly ineffective against high tier armor. My thought process here is as a bullet just manages to penetrate an armor plate it has broken up and deformed to a point that does increased damage to the underlying tissue while non-deformed bullets pass through tissue with ease. How this would introduce the ebb and flow-style gameplay is as players counter one type of ammunition and armor class meta, some players will start to counter this new counter meta with different ammunition and armor classes. What is great about this theoretical gameplay cycle is some players will try to prepare for all scenarios bringing marked magazines with different ammunition for the target they find before them. The difference between armor class values should be relatively obvious based on the rig or armor being worn, though different tier of armor plates, if they eventually become replaceable in chest rigs, could introduce some challenges forcing players to guess which ammo they should use if they happen to carry more than one type. I believe this type of balancing could improve EFT's gameplay to never stagnate as there is constantly cycling gameplay metas that always have a counter. The price of some gear should be a deterrent, but I do not think the price of gear should be the balancing factor for gameplay meta. Perhaps some weapons simply have no equivalent to a hollow point round as their caliber passes through nearly everything thereby making them useless against softly protected targets. This brings about a reason to carry a sidearm that could be effective in those scenarios. Tell me what you think below and share your ideas and solutions to this meta problem in EFT that could affect the long-term gameplay health of this awesome, unforgiving game. Vatruvius
  18. Mahdizzle

    Interchange "mechanics", Grenades

    So I like the system of having to turn on the power to gain access to high tier loot "even though its super easy to get ledex". Then again there is risk in going for the ledex spawn since alot of squads fight over it, big risk high reward. It may be a dumb idea but I've been wating along time now for things to slow down (which is happening more and more). 1. What if you had to turn on the power for all of Interchange just like it is now, but there would be a gate in let's say Techlight which the players would have to "turn the key for 15-20 sec in order for it to open. Forceing in a way players to move around the map in more ways, maybe even put some kind of workshop room in the garage which needs to be entered, in there the key is located and make it so there is only 1 in each game and it gets "destroyed" after opening the locked gate. Im not saying this is the best idea in the world, but im my opinion this might lead to other problems being not fixed but "slowed down". We all know what goes on in Interchange so I dont feel the need to explain all of it. Grenades, so I was watching Klean so as far as I know this is his idea. The idea of just hitting "g" and the grenade comes flying has always been an issue for me. If anyone watched the stream where this was adressed dont even bother reading :). 2. Make it were the player has to bring the grenade up into his hands, then pull the pin and choosing either to do a long-throw or under-hand, 3 different actions not just "g" over and over. Also giving the player on the receiving end a moment to act if he hears the other guy pulling up a grenade (prehaps makes it more of a tactical choice then just the "g meta")
  19. Axiom_Lock

    Arm Stamina Rework

    I'm sure Tarkov developers got a lot to work on. However, I would like the game to be better by seeing these things: 1. Slings added to the game and sling holds to compliment them to reduce recoil and reduce arm stamina usage by a slight amount For reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HtaLUbTwZM 2. Addition of bipods and functional use to them (I.e) mounting bipods or magazines to sandbags and solid cover and reduce arm stamina usage by a moderate amount 3. Thumb/finger holds around corners and increase arm stamina usage by a slight amount For reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdY1UaSMXoI The game already has a lot on the plate but I believe the game should at least have a way to mount weapons or prop them onto walls in order to rework the arm stamina mechanic. I personally feel it is not feasible for my character to run out of arm stamina within the 30 seconds after holding a weapon sighted in. Most of us can say this from experience.
  20. Hello guys, i want to share my experience about supressed guns with supersonic ammunition. at ranges from 70+ meters you basically cant hear any gunshots anymore from supressed guns running supersonic ammunition The experience this provides is basically if people are over 70 or 100 meters and shoot at you, you dont get any sound ques where the shooter is shooting from, it just leaves you guessing which is why i think is quite unbalanced and should be tweaked properly. Now since the nature of supersonic ammo is that regardless of what supressor you put on it, it will still be noticeable from longer ranges due to the crack when the bullet breaks sound barrier. How to fix it: Since we can hear unsupressed weapons quite good , even at longer ranges, i would suggest making supressed weapons only sligthtly quieter for the sake that you could still hear slightest little crack from which direction the gunshot is comming from, yet this still wouldnt be easy to spot the shooter, but would give a general idea where the gunshot is comming from, it would be more balanced and more realistic
  21. PippentheShort

    Expand Woods

    The gist of this is pretty simple. I enjoy pretty much all of the maps as they are and I'm looking forward to the expansion of Customs and the changes made to labs/addition of Streets. That all said, I think Woods needs some work. It's not bad as is, but I feel like it doesn't really live up to the name "Woods". This is what I would change: 1. Make it larger, something more similar on the scale of Shoreline. 2. Make the logging camp slightly larger and a little more involved. A. More buildings, like a saw building, more trucks, more piles of logs, etc. 3. More wooded areas. A. Something that would be unique would be making a dense forest much like you find in the Ardennes Forest in Central France, or the Schwartz Walt in West Germany, etc. B. This is minor, but this is a map that I would expect to make effective use of a shotgun, but the open nature of it really doesn't lend to the shotgun being that useful. 4. Alter some of the open fields to be like recently logged fields with stumps everywhere, some small piles of logs, etc. A. I want to be clear here that I don't think the fields should go away, but they shouldn't dominate a map called "Woods". 5. Relating to 3A, I would change the Scav house to be more like a Black Forest cottage village deep in the woods that the Scavs have moved into, and then seriously up the scavs around this. A. One of the downfalls of the current Scav house design, while there might be plenty of scavs, because of the high rocks and open fields, it's easy to pick off the Scavs at range without truly engaging them. B. This could also be an opportunity to add either another place for Shturman to spawn or perhaps an entirely new Scav boss, and I would probably move Shturman's loot crate to this area as well. So just some thoughts. I really enjoy the game and I like the direction the game is headed in and look forward to the new content. Woods in comparison though I find a bit lacking.
  22. Hello my fellow ex-PMCs and Tarkov scavengers! I would like to get your opinions on the secure container and what the community thinks about possible change. I'm personally thinking secure containers should work like this: When in stash/hideout/off-raid, you can put literally whatever you want as long as it is not physically bigger than the secure container. The catch? You can NOT put ANYTHING in it when in a raid, you can only take things out. That means if you take out your meds, ammo, or whatever you have in there, it's not going back in, and neither is any loot you find in the raid. I would also like to see more restrictions to the secure container, but the above is the minimum change I would personally like to see. As for said more restrictions: I think if you want to use anything out of the secure container, you have to take it out of it. No using meds, loading ammo, or using keys from your butt. If you want to use something, you need to take it out and risk it. What's your opinions? Do you think my "more restrictive" take on the secure containers would be good for the game? Do you think my "minimum change" is the perfect compromise? Or do you think it's perfect as is right now? Or maybe even that the current restrictions are too much? Or maybe you have your very own idea on how the secure containers should work, comment below! Link to equivalent post on the EscapefromTarkov subreddit
  23. Here is my big rant on the current ammo/weapon state of the game, please comment and let's discuss what needs changing and what is fine in your experience. Personally I prefer variety/viability in largest possible amount of different calibers and weapons to there being only one viable weapon and one viable ammo in each caliber (that is easily obtainable by fleamarket). Gameplaywise it is just boring to me. 12/70: There is currently a nice amount of different ammo, however in the slugs category people tend to run only AP20, I see extremely rarely any other slugs and they seem to not be viable on damage/penetration comparatively (also since you can craft AP20 on hideout why wouldnt you only use it?) buckshots/flechette feel decent, although I dont think ive ever seen 5.25mm/6.5mm being used. Currently three pump-actions and two semi-autos which is a good amount pump-action fire rate bit slow? maybe introduce a double-barrel/bolt-action trash tier weapon in the future? also am I the only one that feels the three slot saiga12 mags are annoying and make no sense? (2 slot 60 rounders and 50 rounders easily obtainable on assault rifles) 20/70: it is never used currently (only one bolt-action gun atm), needs more weapons in this caliber, at least one pump-action and semi-auto (the 20gauge version of Mossberg/Saiga would be a quick fix for example) maybe bring the ammo stats slightly closer to 12/70 while obviously still keeping it inferior (with maybe better recoil/handling parameters) hard to estimate ammo since toz is so different compared to other shotguns 9x18mm makarov lots of different ammo that rarely sees any use, penetration feels just too poor on the current best rounds not really weapons that could be used outside finding it in raid (although stetchkin is fun to me at least on unarmored opponents) slight penetration buffs on the ammo, while still keeping it inferior to 9x19mm? although as an older obsolete cartridge should propably be kept as an inferior level 1-2 trader early game weapons introduce moddable smg and pistol using this cartridge? 9x18mm version of PP-19 Bizon for example? 7.62x25mm suffers from same issues as the 9x18mm, penetration worse than in 9x18mm although to my understanding it is a fast cartridge with decent armor penetration in real life (well real life is real life though) currently one ww2 pistol/smg, I did ran some budget runs with the pistol on early levels, ammo felt really underwhelming maybe penetration buffs on this ammo as well? up the penetration to be comparable to 9x19mm with low flesh damage? (since it is a fast, smaller bullet) since this is also an older obsolete design could also be kept as an lvl 1-2 trader early game weapon? (would still need a buff just for that imo) moddable smg/pistol in this cartridge as well in future? 7.62x25mm version of the PP-19 Bizon for example? 9x19mm Nice variety of weapons currently, several pistols and smgs that are moddable with the addition of 7N31 is viable in the end game, in a good state currently imo green tracer/Luger CCI seem redundant green tracer is atm LL3 Mechanic with inferior stats to LL1 Pst GZH Quakemaker available at LL2 Peacekeeper with superior stats compared to luger CCI that is LL4 Skier atm other than that in a really good spot .45acp only 1911 currently, weapons upcoming soon on this caliber 12.7 introduced new ammo that seems decent, the AP round seems comparable to the 7N31 with slightly less pen and higher damage seems fine currently, colt feels somewhat inaccurate at long range 9x21mm currently only the SR-1MP, needs more weapons in this caliber (seems to be planned in the future) pistol feels decent, currently 7N31 has same pen with lower damage than the best ammo in 9x21mm, maybe slight pen buff to this? (since it is an "larger" cartridge) 5.7x28mm Currently the five-seven and the P90 seem good and it is a decent end game viable caliber (although SS190 is inferior to 7N31 currently statwise) Not sure if there exists other weapons that could be added in this caliber? althoug seems pretty good with just the P90 and five-seven. 4.6x30mm only MP7 varations currently on this caliber, not even sure if there exists any other weapons in this caliber, would be nice to add variety if possible. MP7 feels currently extremely strong and the ammo has very high pen, a bit too strong? 9x39mm VAL and Vintorez currently, new weapons planned Currently very strong caliber in the game, sometimes feels like everyone is running VAL... bit hard to say if this needs any balancing or changes currently, maybe since it is so popular in late game? .366TKM with the introduction of the AP round with 90 damage and 42 pen feels like the new meta currently, gotten crazy amount of kills with this lately. VPO-209/VPO-215 are the weapons currently, even more variety would be nice, maybe the .366 sks in the future? I'm guessing the AP round needs a slight nerf, other than that really fun budget caliber at least to me 5.45x39mm early game ammo seems a tad weak BT, BS and igolnik are pretty much the only rounds I see people using nice variety in weapons, other than maybe needing slight ammo balancing is fine atm. 5.56x45mm similar situation to 5.45 M856A1, M855A1 and M995 are the only rounds I see people using, most used caliber in the game propably atm, getting headshotted constantly by M855A1, also a great variety in weapons atm, slight balancing of the early game ammo maybe but other than that feels fine? 7.62x39mm PS and BP are the only rounds being used, PS propably the strongest ammo to use in the early levels, nice variety in weapons BP very viable in late game, seems fine atm. Changes to HP, US and T45M maybe? 7.62x51mm slightly nerfed due to thorax health increase, lots of weapons in this caliber, feels very viable and used a lot in the endgame not sure what the point of the new M993 was when compared to M61. currently seems fine? bolt-actions a tad weak? 7.62x54mm also slightly nerfed due to thorax health increase, still seeing lots of mosinmans running with 7N1 since it can onetap thorax currently seems fine, SVD is really fun. slightly buff T-46M, 7N37 and 7BT1? what do you think? suggestions?
  24. Optikn3rv

    Raid balancing

    Are their any plans to balance raids in the future as currently being a new player you stand no chance when there are level 49 top geared players in the same raid. I understand this game as a very steep learning curve but level 2 against 49 be real. Balancing say 1-10 11-20 etc so you stand a small chance against your enemy. It cannot be fun for top end players slaughtering noobs who have nothing to loot unless they bought the account from a china man.
  25. Dyllie

    Thermal Scope Discussion

    Hey guys, just gonna prefix this Im only level 11 and new to the game but have been watching and play with vets so here is my opinion. I don't like thermal scopes. Theirs kinda a stink and cheese around them and for a new player like me it feels like some unstoppable force that i cant even go on specific maps cause Im basically giving loot to more geared people. I think this needs to change. Heres a list of thoughts I've had and conversations with my friends and if I think their needed or not good ideas. -Nerf Thermal scopes. I think saying to directly nerf thermals is kinda one sided and its just a salty point of view but I do think a mini nerf would be the range of effectiveness of thermals. So maybe you can only see the highlight of the player within 100 meters but you can still see movement and a more blended character beyond that but the white or black highlight wouldn't be visible. This would mean that camping would be slightly different and only limited to specific lanes on certain maps. -External forces. Maybe instead of "nerfing" the thermal itself they could add in the environmental factors that effect players as well. Maybe rain can make it inherently harder to see through the scope especially during the day, and also lessening the effect of the highlight of the player or the scope look is just faded because of the fog. This would be a nice counter to the scope without actually nerfing it or changing it, all their doing is making whether effects more potent to gear in the game. -(my friends idea) add in gear or an extra slot that cools body temperature. This could come in the form of an ice pack or a slot in armor like a cold pack from kids lunch boxes to preserve food. I don't like this idea because I don't think adding a specific item in the game to directly counter the thermal scope would do anyone any good and thermal scopes aren't to common so it would be pretty useless most of the time. It's kinda like stopwatch in League when you become invincible for a couple of seconds. It doesn't have to much utility outside of not getting hit by a combo or ultimate. - Dive into the rpg elements of Tarkov. I think instead of adding items or direct nerfs it would be interesting if they added in another skill to train that can effect outside forces, one being the thermal scope. (and this is just the ramblings of a salty new player.) But what if they added a new skill called Athleticism. It can work in tandem to endurance and health and others to maybe make your character a more quiet and control other things in their body like temperature. So as it gets naturally trained by playing, the thermal scope will have a little harder time seeing that player. But not invisible cause that would be to much. Then the community would get extra features to the game while as time goes on allowing for faster and competitive play. Please let me know what you think and call out my grammar errors.
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