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  1. AMG_Exodia

    Ban ilégitime

    Le compte d'un ami s'est fait injustement ban par battlestategame pour utilisation de cheat, mon ami ne peut pas s'exprimer lui même sur ce forum étant donné qu'il est non autorisé à se connecter sur son comte Tarkov. Comment peut il prouver son innocence car être condamné pour un acte non commis est tout simplement inacceptable. J'espère que vous saurez m'apporter conseil.
  2. My friend's account got hacked and got banned. He came back to the game after some weeks, he tried to log in but the password work, when he tried to log into the website it said he's banned. Can he do something with it? The support isn't replying to him.
  3. Papifait


    Since the latest wipe, cheating is absolutely ridiculous. I have encountered more aimbot and esp/radar cheaters in 150 raids than I have in the last 3 wipes combined. Seriously battlestate, I'm not sure as to why you allow this nonsense of people abusing and manipulating your software so loyal testers suffer. We need every reported person checked out on an individual basis. We need a ban wave. We need a better anticheat update(s). Stop working on additions to the game, if you can't keep someone else from hacking through your software and selling cheats abroad.
  4. GrinderBueno

    Baneo injustificado a un amigo

    Buenas, hoy le han dado ban permanent a mi colega en su cuenta con corona. Lleva al menos 3 wipes jugando y se 100% que no usa ningún cheat ni nada por el estilo. ?Alguien sabe si va a tener solución o ya puede dar la cuenta por perdida? Porque la verdad que si no la devuelven es probable que pierdan dos jugadores. Es que no es posible que le invirtamos una cantidad de horas nefastas al juego con sus momentos de felicidad, estrés y frustración que causa y de repente todo el tiempo invertido se desvanece. Un saludo.
  5. Fuggitivi! La nostra battaglia contro i giocatori che cercano di ottenere vantaggi ingiusti con l'ausilio di software proibiti di terze parti è ancora in corso ed e una delle nostre principali priorità. Anche oggi vi presentiamo un ulteriore elenco di giocatori bannati. Altri cheater saranno bannati su base giornaliera e aggiorneremo costantemente il nostro sistema Anti-Cheat. Ti ricordiamo che al momento la segnalazione dei cheater non è ancora permessa attraverso il forum. Puoi trovare la lista con i 1029 nomi dei sudici qui sotto:
  6. Just started playing this game about a week ago and I was playing mostly with the scav trying to round some loot up, I never played pmc with a group and in my head strength is numbers so these guys in the lvl 40 invite me and I join, once we get into the game they execute me. What type of bs is that I know the game is survival but if you’re in a group and a “group member” kills you there should be some protection on the stuff you had or a penalty on him loosing stuff or something like that.
  7. i was streaming at the time of this also. not that anyone watches but got vod
  8. TheMojaveViper

    Discord Ban appeal

    Hey there battlestate dev team I was looking on the forum for a section to post in however did not find one but some time ago i was banned off discord because of a dispute between me and another player and i was wanting to know if there is a way to appeal ban i never really considered trying to appeal my ban and is isnt that big of an impact on getting EFT information as the forum provides all the patch notes but I firgured i would atleast give it a try and I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction.
  9. David916

    Using bug to win

    https://clips.twitch.tv/SucculentBlindingTireKreygasm heres the clip i think i dont need to say anithing hi killed my whole team
  10. A player we play with (a brother of one of our leads) was banned 7 weeks ago. We have been contacting Battleye (BE) to appeal every single day for the last 3 weeks since they did not get back in 1 month to explain what exactly triggered a ban. The player DID NOT CHEAT - not only would he not know how, couldn't afford a cheat, never did real world trading (I did give him guns when I played with him as hes on my team), but his record also showed sub-par play with no exceptions (he didn't suddenly get good). He and the team would not be spending 8 weeks trying to un-ban if he did something. We contacted BSG and they continually said to have him reach out to BE until they make a judgement. When we told them BE is not getting back, they said that is judgement against him... BSG's policy did say they would review if BE came back negative and when we raised that point, they said we'd have to wait for BE (see the logical issue there?). It has been TWO MONTHS of not being able to play with him and the team is so pissed that we have all essentially stopped playing. I've been a loyal and active player in the community for 2+ years and am getting zero support (Imagine if this happened to you - its not as rare as they make it seem). During that time, several streamers were banned and then got it reversed within a couple days... the lack of support is truly disheartening. I'm not looking for people to tell me he actually cheated - not only did he not cheat, but we've offered BSG access to his PC with a system refresh back to the time they think he cheated (to bring back any deleted programs) to prove it. Nothing... Anyone else have issues like this? How did you solve?
  11. madmaxtvxq

    友人のBANについてのアップデート完了後、ゲームを起動し、名前を決め、勢力を選んだところで errorコード 229等のエラーが発生しているようです どうやらエラーコードの文面を読む限り、BANだと思うんですが もうどうしようもないのでしょうか?
  12. Bomtaker01

    A Query about RMT Bans

    Hi all, just wanted to ask about something that has had me paranoid lately as it didn't occur to me earlier in the wipe, Over the past few weeks i've dropped CMS kits for friends to borrow which they use and then give back, after they have fixed what they needed. My question is Am i at risk of being banned for having done this? as the bans (understandably) seem very unforgiving with regards to dropping items for people from what i've read, id be especially grateful if i could get some info from BSG about this.
  13. Bryaxis

    Hardware Ban

    As much as i would love to see it, i think not having it is good for one reason. It makes BSG more money in the long run, and ill take that over a hardware ban, id rather them get more money from hackers so they can keep up maintenance, and future content free. Without the substantial income from hackers getting new accounts they can put it back into the system. For those who have said that the hacking site will get them a new account if they've been banned, that's still money to BSG if not from the hacker, than from the Site still. money is money. I love this game, I've played it for god knows how long, but I can't say i would buy any more paid content if they added it.
  14. alright down to business. hackers. blantant throwaway account of just letters and numbers. pin point spray into class 6 helm, them being naked and toggling to my squad mate. I know some people will just call it "it was just desync/lag" this clearly wasnt. he was moving without sway perfectly no teleporting or anything like that. just straight up aimbot, maybe wallhacks but that I would call debatable. here's a screen cap of the guys name and where he hit doesnt look legit does it. naturally im really pissed off about this. severely makes me want to quit this game and i know it's in beta but with this kind of crap i hate it but i love this game. So would love if someone could look into this and ban this guy, because this isnt gameplay the way it's meant to be here. this game is cruel and that's how beautiful it is but what happened isnt the gameplay. I highly doubt ill be reimbursed for what I lost to this hacker but I want to continue this game the way it's meant to be and not like this.
  15. NoisyCosmos

    Se ha bloqueado el uso de ReShade

    Estimada Comunidad de Escape from Tarkov, Se ha bloqueado oficialmente el uso de ReShade debido a la posibilidad de utilizar los muchos filtros que dispone el programa para obtener ventajas de forma ilegítima sobre otros jugadores. Más adelante proporcionaremos ciertas opciones de personalización visual y filtros para suplir las funciones legítimas que realizaba este programa para algunos jugadores. Si tienes problemas para arrancar el juego, por favor, desisntala ReShade y todos los archivos relacionados con este programa del directorio de Escape from Tarkov. No se va a banear a nadie que utilizara ReShade hasta el momento, no os preocupéis. Tan solo se bloquea el uso del programa. Las personas daltónicas y con otros problemas de visión pueden consultar el siguiente enlace para obtener una solución temporal para disfrutar del juego sin inconvenientes: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4344736/windows-10-use-color-filters. Lamentamos cualquier inconveniente que os hayamos podido causar.
  16. NoisyCosmos

    Nueva lista de baneados (26/07/2019)

    ¡Supervivientes de Tarkov! Queremos que sepáis que luchamos constantemente contra los chetos en nuestro juego. La siguiente lista es solo una parte de todos los tramposos que se han baneado en las últimas semanas: Debéis saber que nuestro sistema antichetos se mejora de forma contante. Como ya os habréis dado cuenta, hace un tiempo, creamos un post para poder reportar a los chetos. Que Escape from Tarkov sea un juego libre de chetos es nuestra mayor prioridad. Muchísimas gracias por vuestra paciencia y comprensión. Por favor, tened en cuenta que no está permitido reportar en el foro a jugadores sospechosos, sin las pruebas necesarias descritas en el post de los reportes. Es muy importante que sigáis esas reglas. Todo el mundo tiene derecho a la presunción de inocencia y no a una caza de brujas. Ya sabéis. ¡Jugad de forma justa y sin trampas! ¡A divertirse!
  17. JodyLambermont

    Is there a way to report cheaters?

    Hi, I was wondering wherer i could report a player for cheating. I do not report people for thinking they are cheating but this guy was blatantly cheating. (context: labs, 4man group, 2 black key card, 2 blue key card(myself)) The guy instantly killed my friend and i at the blue keycard door leading to the metal staircase and he killed the other two in the black key card. The black key card gave 100% certainty he was cheating, he shot the two last through the wall in the side hall (not the entrance of the black keycard where the two plexi glass windows are) The picture is one of my squadmates who got killed by him, sitting in the black key card through the wall. The cheaters name is <removed>
  18. CereallKiller

    Banni pour aucune raison

    Voila mon ami s'est fait bannie pour aucune raison. Il a acheter le jeu il y a 2 ans et j'ai jouer avec lui. Dans le wipe de Décembre a Mars, j'ai jouer tous les raids qu'il a fait avec lui. Ce wipe-ci il se retrouve banni sans avoir jouer un seul raid. Il n'utilise aucun mods ou meme Reshade. ... Il est meme nul a &#@% 1. Quelqu'un sait pourquoi il est banni ? 2. Il y a t-il un moyen d'avoir un vrai support ? 3. Y a t-il des Lois Devant laquelle on pourrait défendre le délit de BSG. C'est du grand n'importe quoi.
  19. NoisyCosmos

    Nueva oleada de baneados (22/04/2019)

    Supervivientes, Nuestra lucha constante e incansable contra los jugadores que intentan obtener ventajas injustas con la ayuda de chetos y trampas aún está en curso y es una de nuestras principales prioridades. Hoy os presentamos otra lista de jugadores baneados. Se banea y monitoriza a los tramposos a diario y estamos actualizando constantemente nuestro sistema Anti-Cheat. Por favor, recuerda que todavía no está permitido reportar a supuestos tramposos en el foro. Puedes encontrar la lista con 1029 nombres a continuación: !Jugad sin trampas y permaneced siempre alerta!
  20. BlueMagicSlo

    Večni boj proti goljufom

    Escapers! Naš boj proti igralcem, ki si s pomočjo prepovedanih orodij tretjih strank prizadevajo pridobiti nepoštene prednosti pred ostalimi podporniki, je še vedno aktiven in ena naših glavnih prednostnih nalog. Danes vam predstavljamo še en seznam prepovedanih igralcev. Goljufi so prepovedani na dnevni osnovi in nenehno nadgrajujemo naš sistem proti goljufijam. Ne pozabite, da poročanje domnevnih prevarantov v tem forumu še vedno ni dovoljeno. Seznam s 1265 imeni najdete tukaj: Igrajte pošteno, ostanite varni!
  21. Supervivientes: En nuestra continua lucha contra los jugadores que usan trampas para ganar ventaja, os traemos una lista más de jugadores baneados. Nuestro Anti-Cheat se actualiza constantemente, y seguimos baneando diariamente. 782 Tramposos eliminados. Como siempre os dejamos con la lista:
  22. Steaki

    Ban durch Testkey?

    Moin, hab jetzt schon mehrfach im Discord und Foren gelesen, das angeblich die Hauptaccounts von Leuten gesperrt wurden, weil mit den Testkeys von Ihnen Blödsinn getrieben wurde. Viele haben ihre Keys auf Twitch, bei EfT Streams, rausgehauen und wollten anderen damit ne Freude machen. Im Endeffekt ärger ich mich nun, den Key überhaupt weitergegeben zu haben, da ich selbst Bekannte nicht kontrollieren könnte... Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  23. RooZvonBooZ

    Endnu En Bølge Af Bans

    Escapers! Som i alle ved virker vores Anti-Cheat(snyd) system, vi opdaterer det konstant og vi bliver ved at gøre dette, fordi nogen brugere stadigvæk beslutter sig for, at tage den uretfærdige vej. Den slags opførsel vil aldrig nogensinde blive accepteret og enhver spiller, der snyder vil blive banned. Herunder kan du se listen af de seneste banned spillere. Lad dette være en lektion for alle spillere, som havde tænkt sig at gå denne vej. SKAM JER. Spil fair, nyd det og flygt fra Tarkov!
  24. skybellrock

    Hackers in EFT

    Hey. Today i was just playing casually like i do. I was running a run at woods and had survived multiple players and scavs. I had got quite alot of gear and was heading towards extraction close to the cabin in the woods. Suddenly i started getting shot. I looked everywhere around me in haste but couldnt see him. I layed down as a mean to recoop and thats when i looked up and saw barrel fire coming out of thin air. In other words: i got killed by a invisible teleporting flyhacker, how great. I paid for this game and i expect atleast some antihacking service. This type of scenario has happened to me multiple times. I hope you can get this hacker that made me loose alot of gear. His ingame gamertag is: Kinda funny actually because he uses hacks that makes him invisible and his tag is , haha sooooo funny you 10 year old hacking clankid ruining others fun. Well anyway i hope you can view him ingame or something or find another way to determine that he is hacking and get him banned from this platform. Thanks
  25. hidden_citizen

    Nueva Oleada de Banneados

    Buenos días supervivientes! Hemos publicado una nueva lista parcial de las cuentas baneadas en los ultimos días. Bans por el uso de cheats son permanentes, y las decisiones no son reversibles. Simultaneamente al ban de la cuenta del juego, el jugador automáticamente recibe un ban permanente de su cuenta del foro. Aquí esta la lista: _JIyTbIu_ _StRaTeG_ --NotAJoke-- -DV81- -markus- -RF-agg123 2Hit 3Dmax 762bandit 9OsTExTf0rThEwn A1D5-K70K_mors Aaoron abortionvictim AJ_Mexican Alen29 analbeadaids Artyom98 Aureliendpz BabaYaga420 Battu belaziel Blauschimmel BlyatManSuka Bonediggly BooruKopf CaptainRapist ChickenRICKY clifford106447 CliimaX conjuring2 CookedSandwich Cormano Costanzaa Crunkzx Curt_Bolton DaClitCommander danieldpsantos DatUnknownGuy DDDealmaker defendbigfoot70 Deftown Demccy DerAllahbeste DieLegende DonRWetter DoraTheExplora Drache Eaglewatches EdgarJr ELEJAKING epvpSyc F1G4_dayzman FakkaBoi fatpanzer FknLeon Freeman121 FullStafXBambik gamer12 Geo-dr1nk GER-Necro31 Get_Yeeted_On GetFuckedNerd Ghost_163 Gikko GlazeDonut Gorteen GostozinNoAzeiT Govix GrizzlyWhip HAWK_Vancho iCero iDontStream_TTV Ilyaka InvisibleSlayer IST_PREDATOR ItaloDepolo ItsPeeky Jaymart jeezaas JeremyCameron Jokerewag JordanZenith JotaMedeiros JTSAMPS Kagami_Taiga KanDenBorna Karr0t KEVINWW Killer0070 KingMarka KNOW1009 Kristoffe Kunichi Lagwagon LemonLemonade Leo-Sandre LimPoPo LM_VooDoo Loinding LuckyNumb3r13 M3DICK93 Madradox MadTankiste MamWasWDupie Martin97 Melts2427 Mesersmits MoDAX MorJova mortoff MrProSpy MrSllyFox MyM4KilledU mystery_x MZwcnm NAKNAD_TGR Nick_Bolton nico91 NoGood nyx_417 OkaZero PacctY paeggy parker PaulPanther Pein_x3 Phea Plonktastic plumbers Pumucklee Pursue Radek60 Raow Rayless RC_Ferg redkillerz64 RSRXTION Russian_RainTTV sabertoothe Sabunete Salah_ad_Din SaltyPredator Sampson1te Sebowski Seeyoulater SEGODNIA Select12345789 SenseiDomenic Sero_cherry Sgt-Soggy ShermIO SHK Sicario2 SKRA_ThANathoS sneakyamr22TTV Sopa SpreadThmCheeks stefan_god strelok1975 Sykul_ T_xiaozi T_xiaozige TabWoopii Tamstrelyaut TBilly The-Baba-Yaga TheFrenchGuy TheGui THHEjoker TiPPmAn TIREDTBONE Tnokhichz todzhijoskiy ToXeT TTPPa Turd Twitch_KNNBCCB Ultra_ToXiiK Urlootismyloot UWS-Krunkb0t Vampim VDT_Solom0n vikyPT Voltrix WannaCry warframe WhiskeyBro Wolfy- X88B88 xxxxxxxx xZorbZx YourBoyfriend Yourez Yukiteru ZiOK Juegen limpio. Saludos!
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