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Found 11 results

  1. i was talking in chit chat and playing warthunder and i get hit with a ban so i call my friends and ask them to investigate and they find the person who they thought reported me and they were correct BUT he reported someone else for streaming cheats and i get banned for it. non of the mods answer or anything on of the mods said it was by mistake but haven't fixed it yet i was in this community for almost 2 years my discord name is !limurman if any discord mods can help
  2. _Breadsticks

    I was banned from the Official Discord

    I got banned from the official discord last night, which is a real bummer.
  3. So I love this game and have been playing for awhile now. Ive recently been grinding for a led x for the hideout upgrade but after about a week ive come up empty handed. My friend who is a god at tarkov has recently been playing rust and doesnt want to play tarkov again till the next wipe and said hed give me an ledx, as well as a bunch of loot cause hes not playing anymore. So heres where it gets super interesting, we bot load into a night factory raid, i have nothing and hes got a full kit and a gamma full of sick case, keys, ledx and whatnot. i load in and he gets stuck on the session start screen. After restarting the game 4 times and a pc restart he is unable to join the raid. I eventually die and as soon as i do he also gets the death message, saying he was killed by a scav. Supper annoying but he hasnt played in awhile and maybe the game is in beta still right? XD So we tried again and the same thing happened. stuck on the awaiting session start screen, as soon as i die he also dies. Ok now im getting confused and frustrated. so we both go in to separate factory raids. we both get in immediately with no problem, except something strange happens. Scavs rush us, as soon as we spawn. I spawned next to the 3 story, opposite gate extract and 3 scaves SPRINTED into my spawn room and gunned me down. I made no noise and didnt shoot to attract them. Ok so that was weird but we both got in so maybe the problem is fixed and i can finally just get my ledx. We tried factory again together and wouldn't you know.... i spawned in right away and he was stuck in the awaiting session start screen. again scavs rushed me and killed me and as soon as i died my buddy also got the you were killed screen. So my question is this, is giving stuff to friends impossible now? does BSG have some shadow ban type system where if you go in to a raid with a poo ton worth of rubles does it flag, and try everything it can to make sure you die?? I know BSG has a hard on for Real money transfers right now, is this part of that? pls help
  4. Warchld13

    My friend was banned for no reason

    Me and my buddy were hoping on today and about 10 minutes in he received a ban for "violating user agreements". He violated no rules and we are unsure of what to do to get his account back if anybody can help lmk thanks :D
  5. I'm not going to name and shame here. But there is currently a youtuber with 50k subs that's advertising a site where you can buy a million roubles for just a dollar. I am very familiar with the TOS that BSG had me agree to. And in the section about uses and what players are and aren't allowed to do, this youtuber has violated two of them. These sites and sites like them, ones that sell actual items in game, are one of the main reasons hackers exist in Tarkov to this day. You see, a hacker will buy the game, buy a subscription to cheats, and then cheat. They will accumulate an amount of weapons, items, money, and rare things, then they will sell them to sites like this or sell on the site itself. All they have to do is make back the money they spent on the account, anything after that is used to pay for the cheat, once those are taken care of, the rest is profit. It's disgusting to promote such a category of site while claiming you are making content about a game you care about. You're actively contributing to new players falling for buying in game items for real money, not only wasting their money but risking the new player's account too. As BSG's TOS states players are not allowed to : including, among other things: (i) use of the Game in commercial establishments; (ii) collection of game money, items, materials, resources, etc. for sale outside the Game; (iii) provision of game services, such as raising the level, in exchange for payment outside the Game; or (iv) transfer or facilitation of distribution (by text or audio means or any other method) of commercial advertising or offers through or within the scope of the Game; The first part means you can't have Escape from Tarkov in an arcade, or public gaming establishment where it's pay to play. The second part deals with selling in game items for real world currency. The third part deals with account boosting for real world money or items. The fourth one is advertising sites who do such things listed above. When is the ban hammer going to drop? I love this game and sites like this ruin games.
  6. He's had this game for months, we do not cheat. Cheating goes against our rules of playing any game. He got banned for literally no reason.
  7. JamB04

    Amigo Baneado

    banearon a mi amigo y lo banearon sin razon, llevaba 2 meses sin jugar al entrar y decia baneado, algun moderador que pueda solucionar o dar informacion la razon del baneo, nunca ocupo hacks ni nada de eso. saludos
  8. Dear, Escapers! In the wake of a new patch, the battle against the nefarious deeds of would be cheaters rages on. Today, we have a list of some who have fallen under the weight of the hammer...demolition comes daily. TRANSLATIONS: Chinese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Chinese Emissary @LaMian French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our French Tech Support and Moderator @PIG-Mathieu German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Official Community Representative for Germany @Cyver Czech translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Czech Emissary and Moderator @PugMonk Spanish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Spanish Emissary and Moderator @MrXavito
  9. The Post im refering to: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/92m168/im_scared_ac_is_being_invasive/ I've seen a lot posts like this in the past couple weeks and it starts to annoy me. Please don't listen to people like this, who are probably cheaters themself and think the Anti-Cheat System is too "invasive". There is no point in naming your files "TarkovESP" or having a VB Project with EFT game file paths if you are not cheating. If you don't plan to cheat in this game and have no fishy programs installed which interfer with the game then you won't get banned as simple as that. People crying about the current Anti-Cheat System are either cheating or plan to do so, therefor their meaning should be ignored.
  10. Xenome-111

    Getting banned

    So 1 question I have do I get banned from game if I get banned here in forums and vice versa. And if I do get banned can I appeal it.
  11. RCPCL67B


    Hello plebs and BSG community. SO I have a question after the new update. So I used to play with this guy a few week backs before the new patch Watch his stream and he play another game then Tarkov. So I asked him what is happening. He tell me he got "Banned" I ask the reason : He tells me because he had an pirate windows system. So my question is... Do you guys banned people who dont have the money for windows 8 system? Or do you guys only banned people who have some suspecious programm inside their pc? His name is Rain_AK or something. Only serrious respond please. Thnx
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