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Found 10 results

  1. I think it would be a really good feature to be able to commit items in your stash to barter trades before you complete the barter, to help save stash space, and help massively keep track of all the various barter trades you are working towards. My suggestion is this: allow us to commit items to barter trades progressively, instead of all at once. In addition, add a filter on the side of the traders inventory for "In Progress Barters". For example, for peacekeeper level 1 there is a trade for 8 brown knifes --> 1 MP5, instead of collecting all 8 knifes first (taking up valuable stash space) let us give peacekeeper the knives 1 at a time until he has all 8 and then completes the transaction and gives us the MP5. This would be a HUGE quality of life change I think and would be very much appreciated by us players (especially those of us on standard accounts with smaller stashes to start with). Thank you for reading my suggestion! I look forward to the continued development of this amazing game! Stay Frosty, --HollanOats
  2. I have been looking for a reason to use Fence, and I think I landed on a feature that will make Fence much more used by the playerbase. If objects sold to Fence kept their "found in raid" status, and they can be bought from Fence at his high prices while maintaining the "found in raid" status, then people will use him much more often!
  3. After much consideration I beleive I have figured out the perfect fix to balance the player economy and flea market for all players of all levels. My solution is a simple one. Only Found In Raid items can be bartered on the flea market, including currency. This means only FIR cash can be used to purchase stuff off the flea market. FIR cash would be any Roubles, Dollars or Euros that a player finds in raid or recieves from a trader as a quest reward. Any cash a player receives for selling an item to a trader does not count as FIR. Any Cash that is exchanged on the Flea Market loses its FIR status once exchanged. This one simple fix would completely change the player economy overnight. No longer would players be able to use the vast hoardes of cash they have saved up to buy vast amounts of gear over the flea market. Players would instead be forced to use that cash and exclusively make purchases from Traders. This would make Traders the main source of gear for all players, with the flea market being for limited and specific purchases. With the vast amount of loot on the flea market currently being purchased for cash atm, players would instead have to rely on the barter system instead, exchanging goods amongst eachother of a similiar value to get the items they want. This would place a greater emphasis on players collecting any and all loot that they find in raid, as any FIR item could now be bartered for something of a similair or greater value. Trader caps would also mean players have to use a wider variety of gear that they now purchase from the various traders instead of purchasing the same gear from various players on the flea market. FIR cash would have a greater value now too, with safes, raiders, scavs and even cash registers now being a players main source of finding cash to purchase with on the flea market, instead of cash they receive from selling stuff to a trader and then using that cash to purchase items off the flea market. FIR cash only for the Flea Market is the answer we have been looking for when it comes to the player economy, the great equalizer. It limits a players ability to amass wealth quickly, places a greater reliance on traders for purchases, makes looting safes and cash registers a more important means of accuiring cash, and places a greater need for players to use bartering on the flea market instead of listing items for cash.
  4. I believe the game would be improved by making it so that all barters, to traders and on the market, only accept Found-In-Raid items. This prevents Tetriz from being cheesed with a Secure Container. This slows down Real-Money-Traders, therefore raising how much they charge players, and (hopefully) reducing their impact on the economy. This will have an effect on trader barters that may necessitate changing them.
  5. Thicc item case at therapist have been sold out within a millisecond, for weeks. So is this barter only for script cheater? not for average player? where should we get thicc item case? only from script cheater at flea market? Anyone have same issue plz say something, I hope dev could see this :)
  6. Hi, we have many barter and quest items by now. The problem is, you can hardly remember what the purpose of an item is, especially if its an barter item only. Furthermore if you are in raid you cant look it up and therefore you have no clue about the actual worth of an item in your hands. So my idea is to reveal some more information besides the name when hovering over an item like this
  7. I've been seeing the flora body armour which can only be obtainable through trading and i'm wondering how i'm meant to obtain the items required for the trade as i've not been finding any of these items in raid
  8. Nkd_K3v

    Trade for Dog Tags?

    The patch notes say something about a new trade barter for dog tags. Does anyone know what this entails? Do different levels of tags get you better stuff? Obviously after the wipe about 70% of the players are hatchlings trying to grab quest items and whatnot, which means I have quite a collection of < level 10 tags just sitting in my inventory. I don't know what the use is just yet, I just know that they're used for "something to trade". Anyone have any insight?
  9. Hey everybody, with patch 0.8 the dog tags have been introduced as barter items. In my opinion trading the amount of dog tags (with specific levels) could be improved by trading them with specific value. There are some problems with the current implementation: 1st: You need lots of dog tags to collect to match the amount and the required levels. Especially for guys without the EOD this takes plenty of space in the stash, makes it really hard to gain just a single item for dog tags. 2nd: In order to match the required level you have to collect dozens of dog tags just to gain one single item, like the camouflage helmet 6B47, which requires 7 dog tags of level >= 10. This is too much grinding and collecting for just a simple helmet. That's why these items are rarely used right now which is kind of sad because they are nice items. But they are not worth the effort right now. So my suggestion to imprive this is by trading them not by the amount of dog tags (7 dog tags >= 10) but the value of them. So you need for instance 45K roubles in value of dog tags, so you can select any dog tag (100 pieces of 1 - 5 or just one of level 60) to meet the requirements. You just drag them into the trade window, the value is added to a total and when you meet the required sum you can buy it. This would be more transparent in terms of value (45k in dog tags is clear to see what value it has) and does not force you to collect dozens of dog tags with specific levels just to barter them. What do you guys think? Greetings, Ynnus
  10. yout897

    Barter Items

    So I don't know which way would be easier for everybody, but what barter items are currently useless? Or if it is easier which items are useful?
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