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Found 10 results

  1. ningamertendo

    Feedback zu BattlEye

    Escaper! Wie wir bereits angekündigt haben, haben wir BattlEye zu Escape from Tarkov hinzugefügt. In diesem Thread soll es darum gehen Feedback zu BattlEye zu sammeln. Wir bedanken uns für eure Beteiligung!
  2. Dear all, just got EFT, fresh install and tried to start it, when this two nice messages popped up: What i did: Google search responded with ReShade Problems and so on. (I used ReShade for PubG and deinstalled it long time ago.) Even if there's somewhere some data from Reshade, i'm wondering how it gets connected to the fresh install of EFT game. Anyway, i tried following solutions (all failed): 1. Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpLC-8_vYVc (Guy explaining how to uninstall Reshade) Did download the new reshade and tried to uninstall on pubg and EFT (It told me i have to download it, so there were no data in first place) 2. Deleting PubG from Steam, and afterwards deleting all remaining folders of PubG. Would appreciate any help by the community or developers! Hope to fix this issue after that awkward start to finally enjoy this game :) Looking forward for help! Cheers, Kireal
  3. A player we play with (a brother of one of our leads) was banned 7 weeks ago. We have been contacting Battleye (BE) to appeal every single day for the last 3 weeks since they did not get back in 1 month to explain what exactly triggered a ban. The player DID NOT CHEAT - not only would he not know how, couldn't afford a cheat, never did real world trading (I did give him guns when I played with him as hes on my team), but his record also showed sub-par play with no exceptions (he didn't suddenly get good). He and the team would not be spending 8 weeks trying to un-ban if he did something. We contacted BSG and they continually said to have him reach out to BE until they make a judgement. When we told them BE is not getting back, they said that is judgement against him... BSG's policy did say they would review if BE came back negative and when we raised that point, they said we'd have to wait for BE (see the logical issue there?). It has been TWO MONTHS of not being able to play with him and the team is so pissed that we have all essentially stopped playing. I've been a loyal and active player in the community for 2+ years and am getting zero support (Imagine if this happened to you - its not as rare as they make it seem). During that time, several streamers were banned and then got it reversed within a couple days... the lack of support is truly disheartening. I'm not looking for people to tell me he actually cheated - not only did he not cheat, but we've offered BSG access to his PC with a system refresh back to the time they think he cheated (to bring back any deleted programs) to prove it. Nothing... Anyone else have issues like this? How did you solve?
  4. Nessad

    This game is pissing me off

    Just a little topic because I'm pissed of many things but you will find here, the worst reasons: - First of all: the cheaters, when will you add a feature to give us ability to simply report somebody directly in game? I played 2 games as a PMC in interchange, 2 games that I've been killed by an extract camper with a cheat. The first time I didn't ear the explosion of the shoot, the second time I couldn't see the guy and ear him. He killed me at nearly 15 meters and didn't even ear the shoots. Do you think it's normal to pay 150€ for a game and your pleasure to play is wasted by a crap cheater community eating into the servers? BattleEye is a f*cking colander if this anticheat isn't able to protect gamers himself, give us the ability to assist him by reporting this poison community. If you don't do poo, everybody will be pissed of and the community will colapse and nobody will continue to play it. - Secondly, yesterday we had a server shutdown for 4 hours, but it wasn't the first time in this month. Why don't we have proper servers to play with a correct support to repair rapidly the problems? I think to pretext that the game is in beta version is not sufficient to excuse everything, especially when the game account cost that expensive. I think I'm not the only one to have these feelings with it. This game punish every death and how do you want to keep beginners if there are late with the stuff at the wipe state and more punished by cheaters that are stealing the little they have... I know it's not easy to create a game, but teams have funds to do it and have an active and involved community which is giving hand by reporting ideas and bugs. Maybe it is necessary to make a review of the priority that you have and focus on preserving your community by fixing the most important points there. Thank you for reading.
  5. I planed to color calibrate my monitors using displaycal. It creates ICC profiles and uses a loader, because ... the windows one isn't great, I guess? Could this cause any issues with BattleEye? I mean it changes the colors a bit and I don't know reshade, but it might be similar because of this(?). Normally I use my colorimeter only on my laptop, but after lg repaired one of my two pc monitors (dead after 2 months -.-) their colors don't match anymore (hw rev changed) and it drives me crazy.
  6. Arakatonga

    Servicio de Battleye no inicia

    Buenas noches, después de 1 mes intento jugar nuevamente al Escape from tarkov y desde el último parche, me da un error al intentar iniciar el servicio de Battleye. He buscado en los foros en Ingles y Español, habia gente que decia que borrase la carpeta de Battleye, la he borrado, he reinstalado tanto el juego, como el launcher. He borrado registros del regedit, he cambiado la carpeta de instalación cada vez que reinstalaba, y no hay manera de que el juego se inicie. PD: Adjunto captura del error que me da al intentar iniciar el juego.
  7. I already made a bug report for this but does anyone happen to have at least a temporary solution for this? Each time i launch the game the BattlEye service closes my iCue, Nvidia overlays, nvidia control panel, nvidia geforce experience, OBS studio and razer synapse. (i can restart these applications but they will crash/shut down after a few seconds) This makes it almost impossible to play the game with my optimal keybinds and settings (i do not use macros though) and makes it impossible to record videos with Obs and nvidia shadowplay. This also makes me unable to use the nvidia highlights function. I have the newest version of win10 and nvidia drivers. I have tried to uninstall BattlEye and reinstall with the integrity check in the launcher. I have tried to disable low latency mode in nvidia control panel. I have tried to launch the game, battleye and the launcher in admin and compatibility modes. I have tried to add BattlEye and eft to windows defender exclusion list. None of these have worked. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  8. I am having issues launching my game on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview, not sure what to do but I read that it is up to developers to fix the issues BattlEye has with new versions of Windows. I get into the launcher just fine but as soon as I hit play, the game takes a second and refuses to go any further, any help would be appreciated, really excited for the wipe. <3
  9. TombStoneDK

    RGB Software vs Tarkov/BattleEye

    Hello, After BSG implemented Battle Eye to their game, which i believe is a very good thing, my RGB software is being shut down. My discord wont respond until i close it from task manager and then re open. I've also had problems with going into FaceIT afterwards where my PC just freezes as soon as i try to join the server. Maybe the FaceIT AC is conflicting with Battle Eye as well? All of these problems is happening after BSG added Battle Eye. But i dont know if its just Windows doing Windows things, and not related to BSG / Battle Eye. Anyone else experiencing similar events? Kind Regards
  10. NoisyCosmos

    Feedback sobre BattlEye

    ¡Supervivientes! Tal como os habíamos informado, hemos añadido BattlEye a Escape from Tarkov. Por favor, si encontráis algún problema tras la implementación del nuevo antichetos reportadla en este post (en español) o en el enlace de abajo directamente (en inglés). Los reportes en español se los haremos llegar a los desarrolladores a través de los emisarios y CM. ¡Gracias por vuestra colaboración!
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