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  1. Rex_Hilverstone

    BEAR wallpaper

    I know that I allready posted this on CW players group and on google images,but I think that it would be worthed to post it here to. I hope you like it,I'm sure that there were some people that would like,as myself,to have a BEAR wallpaper,so here it is .This image is free to use.
  2. Hello All, first, I am not good at speaking or writing English, so my English looks strange Xp Selecting some voice/face type of BEAR/USEC is enabled from recent updates. So I think maybe some Escapers want to change my factions or voice/face type to enjoy other factions, face/voice type or clothes. I know that we have to reset our accounts to change factions, so I suggest changing factions items or systems without reset. It seems like about this topic is difficult ,because some faction's skills will be implemented and some technical issue. But I expect that someday we can change factions. How do you think?
  3. Rodion_Borza

    BEAR main loadout

    Orange tips on airsoft shits are for legal ownership
  4. Ukki

    PC stuff

    Painted the bear logo on my case, thoughts? It was a pain in the ass to cut the template 😁
  5. It always bothered me that you can't have a USEC and a BEAR character simultaneously. I think it would be a cool idea if you had two PMCs one BEAR and one USEC, so you could have a character of both factions. This addition would also be helpful for people that don't want to pay for meds to heal with one PMC but instead could just play as your second PMC (This would also be great for jumping out of one raid and having another kit built on your secondary PMC). You could even go further with the factions and make it so BEARS are more experienced with Russian made weapons and vice versa for USECs. What do you guys think? personally I mainly just want to flip flop between USEC and BEARs because I really like both of the factions unique voice lines and clothing and I get bored of just choosing one faction for the entire wipe.
  6. SkaffBoy

    Epsilon case

    Hey guys, for the punisher 6 quest you have to kill 18 bear pmc's. can these be friends i qeued up with?
  7. JacksonBarret

    The story behind Tarkov

    Hello dear Eascapers, My name is Jackson and I am the main GM for Tarkov's TRPG game.As you might've guessed that's all connected to the RP game,which of course means I know lore in and out to get my high position in that area.Tooday I will tell you the story behind the game. TerraGroup Laboratories is known as the famous good work dealing organization that made all sorts of game braking solutions to health issues.In the world they are known as the savior of the sick,and extremely intelligent organization that is developing all sorts of cures. For their main distribution and production and research they choose Norvinsk region.Duo to the fact that Norvinsk is a economic special zone.That ment that the region was open in all three transport routs,Air,land,and sea,and TerraGroup could distribute and receive from a single area without needing to move.Despite of that the region was filled with all sorts of precious material they also took to use. TerraGroup wasn't liked by many,their business seemed shady,but noone could prove it.And in those people was Russian Government.Main reason being that it is a foreign organization working on their soil making a large amount of cash and being highly praised. One day the Russian government decided to a little snopping around,they first began with regular file check,digital information and such,which in the end showed basic chemicals for making certian health products..however,some products were redacted.They tried to hack into the system but they found it useless because TerrraGroup had top of the line security system data base,which ment no breaches could be done. After that the Russian government wasn't satisfied with this result,the situation has gotten worse. An alternative route to find out was by doing checks at the points of interest where TerraGroup has bought the right of storage,which were Bay 5 and 7.Special Units were sent for diggin around the containers,9 out of 10 times they found the casual chemicals..until they found containers with radioactive chemicals,extremely hazardous chemicals,this rose even more suspicion.But that feeling was a two way street. After the successful raid in the Bay's TerraGroup has noticed changes in the logs of the container checks,and they found out someone was snopping around their cargo trying to dig something up.This is where they decided that no more risk can be taken.This is where United Security comes into place. United Security or USEC is a American based PMC who is specialized in protection and escort.The company was funded by two ex PMC's Safe sea and KerniSec. USEC only hires the top guns.Veterans.Besides having US special units and Army veterans they also hire European elites and veterans such as GIGN,KSK-9,NATO Ex Military and etc.. Once TerraGroup hired United Security and told the ordeal,the Contract has been signed.However..TerraGroup hasn't been truthful completely.The forgot to mention the dangerous and extremely hazardous chemicals that were being protected by their soldiers,and that they could be in a health risk.It was only briefly mentioned in a..non dangerous style to wear some sort of protective equipment because some of the chemicals are somewhat dangerous. USEC from then has protected 100% of each shipments of the Laboratory. When the Russian government learnt about this situation,it got even worse for them.The reason is that they now cannot send anymore of their troops because it can lead to a conflict,even a war.A government and country officials waging a war against a world known PMC would be a disaster.So they decided to make a secret new unit.By law PMC's cannot be funded within the lands of the Russian land.However,nothing says they can't on the outside. Government officials bought a PMC in America,and named it Battle Encounter Assault Regiment..or B.E.A.R for short.The new special unit was added as a secret unit branch of the Russian military and was hidden by a fake PMC licence. B.E.A.R was consisted of the Russ.Elite forces such as VDV,Speznaz,FSB and civilian intelligence.Not as dangerous and professional as USEC but dangerous nontheless. But as it was predicted a conflict has grown between the two factions. To the knowledge of United Security,B.E.A.R was there to steal the cargo,and sell it for ransom or use it in their case,they never knew the real truth,until it was too late [thus the reference to the mass killing in the lab in episode 3 of the series]. As the conflict grew large,the USEC operators put up a big fight,but the government kept their unit well equipped.BTR's,BMP's,APC's,Tanks,armored vehicles,helicopters,supplies..until the rest of the world caught onto the story.That's where the UN comes into play.United Nations have tried to calm the conflict,to resolve the issue,but an agreement couldn't be reached.Then UN began an evacuation of civilians from the norvinsk region as the progress of closing the area keeping the war withing the lines of norvinsk.Noone could go in,noone could go out,the checkpoints were watched over by guards,while the rest length of the wall was covered in a mine field.But of course some civilians declined to leave some even hid,took their hunting gear,stole from shops or from their old days of the army,and decided to fight to get their country back.That's how the third party or scavangers have came about. After the lockdown each group was disconnected from their lead officer,some went rouge,some committed suicide,some kept their cool and did their job and some formed friendships and alliances with former enemies.Some for good,some for evil.Some wanted to stay there and rule the land,some wanted out to see their family again.For some it was a safe heaven a new world to be something they never thought they could,while some were stuck in a literal hell on earth.. And your question is..what TerraGroup made that lead to all this? TerraGroup was making body upgrades for soldiers.Some were items,such as uniforms,firearms,ammunition,while some where ment to be consumed,like battle stimulants,tablets to improve performance etc..There was even a hunch of nano cell development.On the map the Lab you can see bloody palm prints and finger prints around one area where it is protected by a ballistic wall,that was the place they tested their projects.And of course at the elevator extraction you can find the bodies of dead scientist after USEC found out what they have done and what grave mistake they made. In this situation,USEC,or B.E.A.R are not to blame,nor to call the bad guys.But only one,we can point a finger to is TerraGroup. Hope you enjoyed and i hope that now you have a better insight of the lore of the game,and the whole situation. Good luck Raiding, Best Regards!
  8. Albertjacka

    Mon loadout EFT BEAR

    Hey la bleusaille voici mon cosplay de escape :la première image es mon inspiration principal la deuxième et la 3eme vous êtes pas con c'est mon loadout la 4 -ème c'est ma réplique mon AK 102 avec poignée j'attend encore le red dot eotech qui va passer a la peinture… Et la5 -ème c'est ce PUTAIN DE SMERSH DE M**** euh pardon je m'explique pour ceux qui ne savent pas (comme moi avant de le recevoir) le SMERSH es comme un brelage russe livré en kit peu onéreux pour ce que c'est au final vous avez en gros : ceinture support pour accrocher les poches sangles 2 poches pour rentrer 4 chargeur d'AK chacune et 2 grenades chacune avec a l'arrière une grosse but pouch pour tout fourrer et une medik pouch très accessible SAUF QUE CE CONNRAD ES VENDU TOTALEMENT DEMONTE et tout es dans la but pouch bon ok alors 45 min pour le monter mais j'ai totalement foiré euh… oups mon grand père ancien commando para n'as pas réussi ok mon père ancien bidasse dans l'infanterie non plus je me suis mangé un tuto de l'armée russe bon au final c'est simple et après ces 1H 35 de merde je suis super satisfais de ce meuble Ikea russe ^^ pour le reste c'est chaussure d'intervention MIL TEC pentalon multicam invader gear (russe donc) veste russe ANA une balacava TOE telniashka bleu VDV gants d'infanterie classique le fameux smersh de la marque SSO sac 6 litre avec le matériel le plus basique possible pour être léger avec un bonnet utilisé en tchéchènie par les russes et un holster que j'ai finis par mettre sur mon smersh. Voila ^^ et navré pour la qualité des photos. A plus la bleusaille!
  9. Pikaxito

    Pikasito #7633

    Pikasito #7633
  10. As seen below, I have attached some examples of incorrect floating models for the Pistol Holster on different types of clothing. I thought I would put this forward. 1). - 2). - 3). -
  11. NotBailey

    Faction Change

    Evening everyone, I wanted to ask if their was a plan to allow a one time change of faction for players who are too far in. I am biased to this because I made the mistake of selecting USEC at the start of this wipe, under the impression that I would be able to reset my account right away after viewing the available clothing customisation. I was the one that were to view and screenshot all clothing options so my friends could decide who we would play. Personally, I don't mind playing USEC but I would rather be BEAR. And I would have reset my account earlier on, but by the time we were allowed to reset our accounts after wipe, I was already too far in and did not want to lose over hundereds of hours of questing and grinding for aesthetic options. Any response is appreciated, thank you.

    SCAV Issues STILL

    6 Months later there are still SCAV issues. today id like too make light on the issues with scav's for both PMC/BEAR and SCAV runs we will start with SCAV run's first/ Ok so here is the breakdown I do not understand why it is weather TARKOV just hates me or if this happens too other people but I'm still getting shot through walls and still getting Tapped faster than I can even react. I even recorded a session and the AI SCAV rounded a corner and shot within 0.433 seconds and tapped me while I was a SCAV as well 🤔 but I had not killed or even fired a shot at another scav. One thing I can note is I usually hear them curse in Russian and then I get blasted from an insane pixel peak angle that I cant even see half of their shoulder. more often then not the AI will sprint into a room and one tap if I even loot anything or if I kill another player SCAV. PMC/BEAR/: Ok so here is the big issue so think about what I just explained and up it by 2000%. so I have been killed by a AI scav with a TT/ grach/ pm you name the pistol ive been 1 tapped by it through my armor. so example here. My gear HELMET: KIVER-M faceplate?: yes AP: 76.4 faceplate AP: 40 armor rating 3/ face plate: 3 RIG: COMMANDO CHEST ARMOR: 6b43 6A AP: 75 Armor Rating: 6 so think about it, no pistol in the game can really go through less you use an orbez pistol with 7x62x54R AP rounds. so I do not get why my armor is negated when a AI SCAV shoots me with a MP-133 with buck shot from over 70 meters in factory and one shots me. Armor bug may still be a thing but I have lost around 900K in armor and over 400K in weapons from just this and am struggling too stay afloat and im living just by selling what I have. I do not want too reset my account just because the game is broke but I have had TARKOV since launch and I remember that it was far worse back then (I used the bridge glitch on customs). let me know your thoughts in the comments!
  13. JacksonBarret

    Character Creation

    Hello Escapers, My name is Jackson and I am one of the GM's [Game Masters] for BSG's Text Based Role Playing Game [TRPG]. One of my jobs is to overview your characters that you have created and sent to the world.After many reviews I've noticed many of you either aren't informed of the lore of the game or any factions,or you simply try to avoid it. The Text Based Role Playing Game is set to be lore friendly,sticking to the lore and help you learn the truth of Tarkov.In this TRPG you can only play as a B.E.A.R or USEC,no other third parties dad exist or do not exist in Tarkov. Many of you don't know who are B.E.A.R and USEC and what they are consisted of. B.E.A.R Lore - After the Russian Government noticed the suspicious behavior of TerraGroup Labaratories,they made a meeting in Kremlin.After research that showed paper documents and information of Terra Groups purchases of strange and some unknown substances,some even radioactive,the government had to investigate. Spetznaz troops were sent as apart of the secret mission to investigate Shipyard 5 [Bay 5] where most of the shipments were located.TGL noticed some shipping containers being open and unauthorized check ups in the yard.After recruiting United Security a.k.a USEC for personal security Russian Government could no more sent their military or MP units for these type of investigations because the risk of a conflict. As the Russian law states that Private Military Companies cannot be established within Russian ground,the Russian Government bought a PMC in the United States and Named it Battle Encounter Assault Regiment,or B.E.A.R for short. B.E.A.R was consisted of the following troops. -Civilian Intelligence - VDV [Vozdushno-desantnye voyska] or Airborn Troops of Russia - Spetznaz - FSB United Security Lore - United Security was a combination of two PMC companies KerniSec and Safe Sea.Initially created as security and logistics contractor for the US offshore companies.Later was hired by TerraGroup Lavs International for overall security purposes.Mainly consisted of American and European ex-special forces and law enforcement forces as well as wide spectre of non military personnel all around the glove. So how do you correctly make a character for the game? USEC was consisted of the following troops. US: - SWAT - Police - Military Police [MP] - Marines - SOCCOM - DEVGRU - S.E.A.L EU: - GSG 9 - GIGN - NATO Special forces Now let's make the character. One thing I must note is that the character MUST be male.There is and won't be any females in Tarkov. So,let's start,shall we? First,the name. The name should be something normal,no nicknames or strange stuff,not to mention insulting or provocative words. Second Is Description. Here you describe something about the character.The way the character looks,behaves or what type of gear he has. You basically type a realistic logical biography of your character,again nothing insulting or provocative.And of course the character cannot be OP[Over Powered] we only accept normal human beings. Third is the past of the Character. The past needs to be lore friendly because it will be tied how the character got into Tarkov. Their past can include their job background Fourth is how did the character get to Tarkov. The character cannot be an outsider.Only people that are in Tarkov currently are the PMC groups and the locals. Your character has to be either part of B.E.A.R,USEC or was a local resident.Keep in mind that the character past and description must match for the Tarkov situation. Fifth is Predilections. Here you state what your character likes or favors.As it states for the past information subjects. Sixth is Friends. This section is based on your friends or team mates.Who is your character raiding,looting or hanging out with in Tarkov at current time. It can be characters from your group,or someone you met along the way. Keep it lore friendly. Seventh is Wounds and Battles. Wounds section is refers to battle scars,burn marks,burns,etc..The wounds cannot be critical your character must be capable to move,defend and to put up a fight.No body parts. Battles Section refers to battles that happened outside or inside of Tarkov.They can be regular gang fights,school fights to full on war in Afganistan.This is the place your character received the wounds. Keep it lore friendly,realistic and logical. Eighth is Aspirations. This section talks about what drives your character to go on.What's the will that keeps him going and to do what he planned or is planning to do in Tarkov. And last but not least is the greatest achievement that the character did. This is all on you.Here you choose what kind of accomplishment your character made.As long as it's realistic,correct,fair and logical you can put it in. Thank you for reading,hope this information helped you understand TRPG and character creation. If you have any further questions,suggestions or anything at all,feel free to reply to this topic. That's all raiders,good luck.
  14. Zitrone111

    EFT Style Keychains USEC & BEAR

    Hi guys, the last few days i made EFT Style Keychains. I found the 3D Printer images at Thingiverse. Used 3D Printer: Anet A8 Settings: 150% Scaling 0.1mm Resolution 0.4mm Nozzle Printed with Black PLA After the Print i cleaned them and painted them with Revell White Paint. They turned out pretty good. Material Cost per piece: ~ 0.50€ Time to print: ~4h per piece Credit: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2537877 USEC Keychain https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2537921 Bear Keychain
  15. Всем привет)) Вот, недавно решил себе на машину наклейку сделать и столкнулся с несколькими проблемами. Во-первых, не было подходящего изображения, а во-вторых, студии, занимающиеся изготовлением таких наклеек требуют изображение в векторном файле и в масштабе 1:1. Ихний дизайнер, конечно может, что-то нарисовать по эскизам, но это стоит денег. В общем заморочился сам и получилась наклейка в размере ~10 х 11 см. Верхнее изображение для визуального представления, а в студию нужно отнести файл .svg, который можно скачать по ссылке . Кстати, в Барнауле вырезать наклейку стоит 150 р., вполне не дорого, думаю.
  16. TheHappyMile

    USEC oder BEAR

    Der Patch rückt näher. Meine Frage an euch - werdet ihr euch für USEC oder die BEAR entscheiden? Ich war bisher 3x Bear. Mittlerweile überlege ich allerdings, USEC zu nehmen, um auf Englisch rumbrüllen zu können. Rein von der Lore her wäre es mir eigentlich egal, wobei ich da eher zu BEAR tendiere. Was die Waffen angeht liebe ich die russischen Kniften, kann allerdings auch nicht sagen, dass mir die westlichen nicht zusagen würden. Wenn die Skill's dazu später raus kommen, würde ich dafür tatsächlich eher BEAR wählen - sobald VOIP rein kommt, sind die Voice-Commands an sich auch irrelevant. Wie seht ihr das, welcher Fraktion habt/werdet ihr euch anschließen?
  17. TuNE_ThE_SouND

    Unique Nationality to PMC'S

    Hey kinda new to the forums so i deeply apologize if i posted in the wrong place. however... here is a thought i just had. i was thinking. there PMC'S they don't care much about where your from so long as you have had military experience and are on board for the cause as well as the paycheck. so.. with that being said.. i was thinking the following for both USEC and BEAR: BEAR Nationality: Russia (or the Russian federation) (i deeply apologize if i got this wrong) (already in game) Kazakhstan Ukraine (perhaps better suited to USEC? don't know much about how they feel about Russia but just throwing it out there) Turkey Poland (don't know much about there ties to Russia but just throwing it out there) Mongolia (perhaps? don't know much about there political standing to be honest) North Korea (don't know if this would work as there political structure wouldn't fit will with what Tarkov is trying to do IMO but just using as an example) USEC Nationality: United States of America (already in game) Canada Germany Sweden Norway Australia South Korea Ukraine (so USEC could have some Cheeki Breeki? perhaps better suited to BEAR? don't know much about how they feel about United States of America or the UN but just throwing it out there) this also opens up some new options for guns in the game and equipment to i would think as they could bring over guns like the AUG or bulpup rifles. also unique rifle variants off of the M4 like the Colt Canada C7 or something like that (its really outdated not even going to lie when compared to the AK-12 or the SCAR rifles) i know the DEV's are busy with getting the game in order and i am so thankful to the DEV's because they care so much about there game and how there community feels about the game. i would love to know what this beautiful community thinks about this idea of mine i welcome both positive and negative criticism for this idea of mine. Stay safe out there lads. and check every corner. or the Norvinsk's region will swallow you whole....
  18. Rex_Hilverstone

    Hollow logos of BEAR and USEC

    Hi everybody...me again.I though this could use theire own topic aswell. Now...nothing special here,like the other wallpapers,and this are in most part just some extras,but might help you if you want to print a shirt or make a patch,wich i gonna probably do this week Again i hope they'll help you and are totally FREE to use!
  19. shoej31

    friendly fire

    there should be some sort of punishment to discourage other players in the same faction from killing you. if this is a faction based game but there is nothing to discourage just killing everyone you come into contact with then it might as well be PUBG.
  20. W4r_Bug

    USEC vs BEAR ratio [POLL]

    I didn't search forever, but I didn't find a poll that showed the current ratio of BEAR vs USEC, nor am I aware if there is a statistic. Please go ahead and select what faction you have joined, just curious Also I was hoping this to be a time capsule and see how things change over the months!
  21. symbiote

    USEC vs BEAR vs SCAV roles

    Hello, I am new to this game, but have been playing for a while. I still don't understand these factions how it works. It seems all players are very edgy and kill everything or run towards with the hatchet (usually ends up dying). As playing for PMC would it be meaningful to kill same faction members? I play for usec pmc, i try my best not to kill fellow operators in most cases i avoid or showing with my weapon to move on, but some of them are psychos, they just shoot on sight : /, but i always kill a bear if i see one. Is this like supposed to be this way? Will there be like quests who would encourage cooperation than just killing frenzy anything that moves? Right now in game you can use your voice to ID yourself, but all responses are related to fight, health status and i would say it is too much of them (well maybe more is better than less), but no negotiation options : / like, sometimes i see some hatchling and i just want to say, to him "go away" or smth, not your business etc... btw, wouldn't it be more simpler to use this voice commands if it were like more CS style, like you double press Y and then you able to pick with keyboard 1, 2, 3
  22. Hey dudes and girls, are these bear boots real life stuff? is there any manufacturer behind? because my good old german military boots are done with their job and these bear boots looking quite comfortable
  23. Calamity_Ninja

    Calamity Shogunate Clan Recruitment

    To all Bear Comrades, hello! I am looking for recruits to join my ranks. i will be accepting applicants of all levels. Specifically I need 3 players to help me with geared raids. Running to often, making noise, shooting friendlies, loot hoarding, taking shots without calling the enemies position, and straying too far from the group. all of these actions are frowned upon in the Clan and will most likely get you killed. Hey, join our 'Escape From Tarkov: Bear' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities! We will be setting up raids using this, you can also message me directly though there. https://band.us/n/a7a9vcWdR5Ocy Here is my Discord as well feel free to come and go as you please, as always look forward to merkin with ya! https://discord.gg/RHgTYJ2
  24. joshuaEden

    Can BEAR & USEC Team?

    If I choose BEAR and my friend chooses USEC, Can we play together in like a party? Please go into detail.
  25. What are the differences between BEAR & USEC? How does choosing BEAR limit me? How does choosing USEC limit me? Please go into detail. Thank you!
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