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  1. New to Tarkov or have yet another friend joining this wonderful game that you don't want to explain every little mechanic to for the 100th time? This guide is for you! This is an original total beginner's guide written by me featuring: Compiled into a neat, well spaced and easy to read 54-page PDF Linked table of contents for quick navigation to each topic Dark theme for easy reading with the lights out Full spectrum coverage with fundamental info on pre-purchase to raiding to trading and everything in between Most searched for "eft guide" on all of goog
  2. When I start first this game it was really different and I not playable because we were adicted to other games go and die then respawn. This was the main reason I took interest in this game. I am playing this game for two months and I unlocked many items, have gpuz for mining. I can buy weapons and have another market. You do task for dealers and your level will be up. I am sharing this youtube videos with you guys how far I have gone. I know how to hunt scav, bear as I mostly play with main character. Tips for new players: First look deep into map, do what dealer tasks are. Checko
  3. Dayumn_Shawty

    New player that LOST ALL GUNS

    dear all combatants within the region of Tarkov. I just enlisted yesterday and I have lost all of my starter weapons due to the high number of casualties that I have took in the previous rounds. Now I don't have any weapons, I wanted to know if this is something that every player goes through or do I just suck that much in this game? in addition, I would like to know how to bounce back from a situation like this so please, any advice is appreciated thank you a brand new player that just got Tarkov
  4. We are the 1st Wave Agents We will offer: - Beginner Support - LFG - A server with Full Moderation - Community events - Raid Team Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/f2QpNzX DM me at: Husky^G#9999
  5. Pryzies

    New Player Perspective

    New Player Perspective: I'm sure the game has been out long enough that folks have had a chance to give beginner feedback but here goes mine. Honestly, I'm not new to the genre or FPS. I've been playing these kinds of games for a very long time. Now Tarkov seems to provide a fresh face to the mechanics of 'shooting people for fun' but there are particularly daunting holes in the beginner player experience that most likely have already been exhausted but I guess I'll put my gripes up on the heap along with the rest. First off - The game is hard; I get that. Well, hard isn't the
  6. Ewalker_Duty

    making money for beginners

    here are some safe and easy ways of making money for beginners , hope it helps someone #1:looting hiddens stashes in shoreline #2:looting hidden stashes in interchange #3:looting jackets in the village in Shoreline #4:farming scavs in nightime factory in not populated servers #5:looting hidden stashes in Customs as a Scav( not your PMC) #6:doing Oli runs ( looting Oli in interchange night time with your PMC ) add more safe ways of making money for beginners if you know ( not Hatchlet/pistol runs on reserve or interchange :x)
  7. 1. Call-outs and situational awareness: A.All call-outs should be kept short, but descriptive. i.“over by that tree” this is not helpful or descriptive, especially when on maps such as woods, shoreline, or in any part of a map dense with trees. ii.“behind a tree, forward left of my position”. This is short, descriptive, but only really useful if all team members know your exact location. iii.“ridgeline, far side of (insert POI), left to right” this is a generally acceptable call-out. It gives both a point of interest as reference, which s
  8. I'm a console peasant that just bought a half decent PC and happen to be TRYING to live the dream in tarkov. However, my friend and I are not the most experienced so we get pooped on by larger groups with more experience and firepower. Hoping there are people of any and all skill willing to team and learn/play the game with us. Don't mind playing with noobs at all! Just looking for people to enjoy the game with. We play pretty often, but are willing to play a lot more with backup on raids. My discord is Demonkingwhite#7256
  9. SinneD Gaming A Non-Toxic environment for you to enjoy all your gaming needs. We provide a safe environment where there is ZERO TOLERANCE for: Racism Homophobia Discrimination we are strongly against exploiting of glitches and hacking, and we greatly disapprove of trolling and/or toxicity which will not be allowed here. ________________________________ We support all types of players, and have roles setup to help ensure that you are playing with the type of players you wish to play with. Beginners are definitely welcomed here We
  10. As a lvl 2 PMC (my first wipe) I need advice. I don't have access to the flea market yet and here are my weapon options: 1. Mosin(infantry, 34000₽) 2. SKS(23000₽) 3. PP-91 Kedr(20700₽) Which one is currently the strongest option? Mosin fits my play style the most. I like shooting hard hitting, slow ROF weapons at distance and I have shitty armour so I play carefully and avoid CQB. I read posts from 2019 in which people were complaining that Mosin can one shot 4 tier armour by hitting in the chest with LPS GHZ round so devs nerfed it. Is weapon(ammo) still good after ne
  11. Hello. I am a somewhat new player level 20 right now,I have about 100 hours into the game and these are a few things I have learned. Keep in mind that I am nowhere near good as I simply do not know the maps well enough yet, that being said lets begin: 1.Customs is not a beginner friendly map Customs, the map everyone suggests for new players is, is a hard map to play on. The point of the map is dorms. You want good gear you go dorms. No, you RUSH dorms. A lot of quests are in Customs so you need to go there but I would suggest learning the game first before you go Customs. 2.Th
  12. Frappy

    Any tips for a beginner?

    Right, so I'm decent at FPS games. Back in the day when I played CS:GO, I used to carry my team almost every time. I've got good aim and stuff but I'm pretty poo at EFT. I've been wanting to play a game like this for YEARS but I keep losing motivation because I'm just really trash. When I have some shitty stuff laying around in my stash, I take them, hop into a game and get killed the first 1-2 Min in. Then I spend 500K on good gear and either encounter a 5 man PMC group or get 1 tapped out of nowhere. I used to be better but I'm just getting worse and worse. I keep losing money, and had a tot
  13. yurfajah

    Need some help?

    Hello, Im toward the end game of Tarkov and am looking to help out our new players to the game. If anyone would like help with quest or info or game play im more than happy. Message me and ill get back to you ASAP.
  14. Hello, if you are new to the game and are having difficulties I believe this tutorial will help you a lot. Welcome to Tarkov. First Steps(Knowing the Territory) First of all I recommend that you go offline without bots and test all shortcuts and commands in the game. Still in offline mode I recommend that you walk around the maps a lot, to know the map itself and all the extraction and loot areas. So you don't waste a lot of time looking for the extractions, I'll leave here the link with all the maps edited straight from the official wiki. In offline mode
  15. I recently started playing Escape from Tarkov again and noticed a lot of simple questions from beginner players. With how much there is to learn about EFT, I made a list of tips with basic information and some less basic that beginners should know. I have a few of the tips below with the full list on my personal site here. The information below is built upon on the site, but I figured I'd give a little taste. You Lose Nothing in Offline Mode Offline Mode is a way to play EFT without losing any gear. It's only accessible with PMCs and solo currently, but you can use it to learn differ
  16. Flamax

    Escape From Tarkov Nederland

    Beste PMC's, Recent heb ik Escape From Tarkov Nederland opgezet om Nederlandse spelers samen te brengen. Ben jij dus een Nederlands sprekende speler en wil je met andere Nederlands sprekende spelers spelen ? Ben jij het beu elke keer gekilled te worden als solo speler ? Ben je het beu om met je hatchet runs te moeten doen omdat je je gear niet kwijt wilt ? Join dan Discord en speel samen met andere Nederlandse spelers en verhoog je overlevingskansen ! https://discord.gg/42u3T8N
  17. *Warning: This is my personal opinion and suggestion* Hello! After playing this game for hours, I have noticed just how difficult it is for new players to get a grasp on the game. To even understand the concept of it and how to play correctly I had to watch some beginners guides on YouTube. After learning the "bare-bone" basics of the game, I started to notice just how ridiculously hard this game is for people that aren't experienced with it. I have played many games similar to the play style of this game (AAPG, Insurgency, Arma 3, etc.) though this one is the most difficult by far.
  18. QualityCodpiece

    New player looking to learn the ropes

    Hey guys, Brand new to EFT and would love to group up with some people who can show me what's what. I've attempted a few raids alone and I would much rather be in a group and work as a team! Online most evening and weekends playing on EU servers
  19. Hi spelers van Tarkov! Ik vertel mensen vaak over de game, en zij geven aan dat er nergens een Nederlandse uitleg te vinden is. Daarom heb ik er zelf nu een in elkaar gezet Ik ben benieuwd wat jullie er van vinden, en wat jullie willen zien in een volgende video!
  20. Tumusss94

    Just Starting Out!

    Hey all, Bought EFT about a week ago and only just got round to playing properly, was just seeing if anyone can give any tips on starting out, leveling traders etc? I don't want to be seem too much of a noob, iv had a game or 2 offline on factory and killed like 10 scavs each time and extracted so just wondering what would be the best way about playing properly online how the game is actually meant to be played, any tips helpful and welcome. thanks
  21. bailsdeep

    Any Beginner Tips?

    My game question is... What are some in game tips I should know before playing my first match?
  22. TomakTheDank

    Rough Start (HELP)

    Before I start, please know that I am not calling this game bad in any way. I am very new to this game, i have watched a couple hours of video on the game explaining the basics, and come from a background of playing hard games. I have beaten the stalker games on master difficulty, as well as metro 2033 of ranger hardcore and survival mode. On top of that I am a souls game veteran, so I am not shy to difficult games. Although that being said I have had quite the rough start. I havent once been able to escape, and to boot I have lost most of my gear. Part of this is because I simply do not
  23. Hello Everyone, I just wanted to help the community out and give you these guides, these guides are the best ones on my channel, I have fully modding guides and more, I was told to post on the general posting forum so sorry if this is not the right place for it All The Controls and Tips:
  24. Brothers of Tarkov is a Gaming Community made for people who not only want to just play games but at the same time make friends. We are super friendly, and looking for ANY players of ALL skill levels, anyone can be taught how to play with time. You can join our discord here. Welcome to Brothers of Tarkov.
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