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Found 5 results

  1. Jolds75

    Rank the weapons.

    How would you guys rank the weapons from best to worst? Take into account: price, attachments available, and ammunition availability/cost/damage.
  2. zpwarrior

    Best setup

    What's your favorite setup for M4, AK-74n and the vepr/akm?
  3. MacBurgeris


    What do you think about lvl up your trades only through missions, it makes more sense in game ,it finally can put that purpose why we fight and why we need gear.., cous if u can sell poo and lvl up, so u can eazy do that naked and that's put us same where we are.., do you agree?
  4. So i was trying to load into a customs raid and it was stuck on awaiting server response for 8 mins, so i closed the game and reopened it. I went to reconnect to the raid and it froze on loading map, then it just shoved me out of the loading screen to the title screen. It then said everything you have brought in the raid has now been lost. Nothing was insured, that probably wouldn't have helped anyways because i never got into the raid. So long story - short, i lost all my best gear. plz fix this problem devs i would like to have fun and not loose my stuff forcefully, please remove the left the action thing while this bug still exists, if you didn't spawn into the raid you shouldn't loose your poo, can i please be given 50k roubles? Please? -One of your fans, Ink.
  5. BiodecayYT

    The best Match of EFT Ever!

    So after my 3 minute loading time with a loadout of a MP 433 With 1 mag in my pocket and 1 mag in the gamma container. (Basicly everyone in the match had either shotguns or AK47s) I went upstairs into the dorm rooms on Factory with a pistol, Waited for like 5 minute heard someone go by, I still waited then I heard a couple of guys (4 people) Go buy and they all get shot in the room next to me, (Room with chairs and rubbish in it) I slowly crept to that room, not to mention before I got in the room 2 people with tomahawks tried to attack me and ruined my left arm (I had no meds on me) So after I was about to peek the man that had a shotgun, I heard some noises in the distance behind me, That didnt matter cause what matters is in front of me which might be my death. So I pop shotted him in a peek, with my pistol, I heard people running up the stairs so I closed the door, took the mans shotgun and 7 shells (this just happend while I was writing this) 2 people on opposite sides of the hallway appeared and had a go shooting each other after I heard the first man down, I peeked and shot 2 men that had AK47-U's and vest and mags, Then the other guy shot a shell at me but I flicked behind me and shot him with the shotgun I still had on me after depositing the pistol and empty mags I had into the gamma container, And I was about to die and bleed out but thanks to the body near the front door of the room that I shot the guy with a pistol he had meds and a Cheeki breeki helmet so I dumped that on and tee bagged his body while eating a chocolate bar I found out I was still bleeding and I was about to pass out, I had no choice. But to run all the way down stairs coming in contact with some guys with a pistol (They were bad shots) I dodged all their bullets and opened the door then I closed the door and opened another door and closed it then I was at the Extraction point, By the time I extracted the men just entered the first door! (To late xD) This was the best match ever! Literally best match out of my whole like 12 hours of Escape from tarkov on the Edge of darkness Limited Edition, This shows some matchs can have a majority of people with guns, so dont think you can just say "Oh everyones just a tomahawk man running around" Cause this is a prime example of the oppisite of that. Thank you for reading! Kind regards, BIodecay
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