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Found 111 results

  1. Честита Нова Година, Escapers! Имаме още един подарък за вас ... Работни снимки на новото местоположение, наречено "Interchange". Картата е огромен търговски център. Картата ще бъде налична в OBT, или може би, преди началото на OBT. Насладете се!
  2. Please...
  3. Closed Beta End Jan 29?

    Hello I was told by multiple people that the closed beta ends today I just want some sort of confirmation and what that mean in terms of when I can play again?
  4. Any plans on Open Beta?

    Will there ever be open beta for like stretch testing and stuff like that also some people to get a change to play this? Maybe if this comes to steam you do one there?
  5. Missing game keys?

    I read that a would be given a game key to give to a friend as well as several trial passes, have I missed my opportunity to claim these or am I looking in the wrong place?
  6. I had recently made a post on Reddit of a suggestion I had. I'm not sure if it has been said before. Have you been stuck on awaiting session start? only to have to alt+f4 and reload profile data and try again. Spawning in 10 minutes into the raid. or Have you ever been in a tight space and jumped and become stuck floating in the air unable to do anything but alt+f4 and relog. Leaving your poor player vulnerable for 5 minutes while you relog. a console command "reconnect"/"reload"/"refresh" Putting you straight back into loading map would take... maximum of 10 seconds to type into console, cutting that 5 minutes between closing the game and relaunching to a time nobody could get angry about. Bugs are going to be in this game for a while, if not forever, all games have bugs. "Wasting dev time" on something which will eliminate ALOT of the headache and wasted time. I personally, dont see it as wasted time at all. However, some disagree There is probably already the ability to do it in Unity fairly simply, we the players, just havent been given access to it yet. I could almost bet, if they(which they probably do) have test builds of this game, there is probably already such a feature. I'd also just like to personally thank Battle State Games and Nikita for developing such an amazing game. You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work -Pink
  7. Memory Leak?

    I believe memory leak is an ongoing issue and I would like more info on the topic. Because for me, a lot of people are complaining and saying its mostly the games memory leak causing issues and crashing games and what not, I often get system crashes to this. I'm very curious if you guys have figured out any solutions to this, as it is currently, "almost", an unplayable situation.
  8. Всем привет! Я зарегистрировался на форуме ещё летом, и 29 декабря я получил приглашение на тестирование беты. Там не было кода, просто письмо с кнопкой 'Скачать игру' Никаких пакетов я не покупал, насколько я понимаю, мне просто повезло при розыгрыше на форуме. Я скачал игру, начал играть, и 3его января решил её купить, пока ещё шла акция на НГ. Я был уверен, что у меня всего лишь 7 дней тестирования. В результате, что даёт это самое приглашение, что я получил изначально? Те же самые 7 дней доступа? Или возможнсть играть все время ЗБТ/ОБТ? Я что-то нигде не могу найти информации, может, я плохо искал. Я уже задавал этот вопрос на английском форуме, но получил противоречивые ответы . В техподдержку тоже писал, но они мне ответили что на данный момент у меня стандартное издание игры (что я и так знаю, потому что я её покупал) Всем спасибо!!
  9. 7-day access Keys

    Hallo Tarkov Communtiy ! Folgendes Problem und zwar kam ein Kollege vor kurzem auf mich zu und meinte das ich doch 7-day access keys hätte weil ich im Neujahr 2017 Escape from Tarkov erworben habe! Ich kann diese Keys jedoch nicht finden! MfG Push
  10. Moving BETA to a new PC

    I’ve recently purchased a new PC. Is it possible to transfer my BETA access to a new PC? and if so how?
  11. New Interchange Screenshots

    Happy New Year, Escapers! We have another present for you... Work-in-progress screenshots of the new location called Interchange. The map is a huge shopping mall. The location will be available on OBT, hopefully, before the start of OBT. Enjoy! Translations: German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary @ramjid Bulgarian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Bulgaria @Shibby
  12. 1. hello i would like to know if i get the free open beta key that lasted for 7 days or i get the full free version, and how to confirm it ? 2. and if i get the open beta 7 days key, if it expired or before it expired , and i want to buy standard or upper, will my char will be wipeout(reset) or not ?
  13. so yeah...iv been hearing that the open beta isn't actually a open beta and still require you to spend the 4$ to actually this true?
  14. Der Securecontainer

    Der Securecontainer ist ein hilfreiches Instrument um geliebte Items nicht der Gefahr eines Verlustes im Raid aussetzen zu müssen. So kann man sehr wertvolle Items garantiert mit aus dem Raid nehmen, ob man nun überlebt, oder nicht. Immerhin ein kleiner Trost im Falle des unerwarteten Ablebens. Gerade für den Feierabend-Gamer der zwischen Tür und Angel schnell mal ein Game macht eine Hilfe nicht direkt in Depressionen verfallen zu müssen. Auf der anderen Seite lässt es den "Hardcoreflair" von EFT bröckeln und wird als Lootbehälter für Farmrunner missbraucht.Ich denke es wäre interessant mal zu sehen wohin die Tendenz geht und wie unterschiedlich der Anteil der Meinungen ist.
  15. 7.62x51 ammo?

    I spoted 7.62x51 ammo, level 4 Skier sells them. Whats the use of it when no gun fires that caliber? A tease maybe?
  16. I got friends who are interested on playing EFT but they are not really sure about buying the game before trying it. They are registered already, but they have not received any email confirming the opportunity to try the Beta. They don't have the option in the site neither. I my account, I do have an option to install the game. The reason why they want to try it first is because in the past we all had some bad experiences with other purchased games. The games were left there and it was just a wasted of money. Can I send an invite to them fro my account? If yes, please advise how. Thanks in advance guys for any useful information provided.
  17. Music

    The music from the beta trailer. Should be added to main menu?. What you guys think?
  18. 8GB RAM seems a bit far fetched

  19. 7 day trial beta key giveaway

    After winning a 7 day beta key last week day 1ne gaming are giving it away to one lucky person! *GIVEAWAY* Day 1ne Gaming are giving away a 7 day Escape from Tarkov trial Beta code. To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do are the following steps 1. Like Day 1ne Gaming page 2. Share this post 3. Comment why you should be the lucky winner. Winner will be announced midday sunday GOOD LUCK
  20. Game Invitaion

    Hello, I have recently purchased the game and understand that I could possibly receive an invitation to play the closed beta testing and just wondering how I would receive this invite (if I got one) e.g. via email or so on... Thanks.
  21. Problem z Betą

    Ostatnio wygrałem promo code na live. Wpisałem kod po czym dostałem na email wiadomość że mam dostęp do beta. Jednak na moim profilu nic mi nie pokazuje abym mógł pobrać grę a pod profilem piszę Pre order Nothing
  22. Hi! I pre-purchased the game ( August 5.), and i wonder when i will gain access to download, and play in closed beta?
  23. Hello! I know this is short notice but @necuja, @Olloch I are doing some EFT runs and he is live streaming as we do, he is wanting to do a give away for a couple of 7-day Beta Trial keys for EFT. You can view his live stream here and get a chance to win a key! Best of luck!
  24. BETA KEY - Clan Photo Contest!

    Sup Escapers! Time for another key giveaway contest boi! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do I need to do Twerks? It's pretty simple really... just submit your creative, funny, and awesome pics of you are your clan (or group) puttin' in work. It can be a firefight with PMC, Scavs or both. You can even take a pic as Scavs too! **Also, you have to rep me! (Olloch, I will beat you!) You can pose, or take flicks in mid action, just have fun doing it! USING PHOTOSHOP IS OK. PRIZE: I have 3 x 7 Day Closed Beta Keys. So there will be three winners in this contest, so give it your best shot! You can keep it, or give it to a friend. If you made an account and haven't decided to pre-order, maybe winning a key will help you decide? EDIT: Winners will be announced when I win the get to making pics and hit that rep! ( what can I say, I love rep) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES: Follow the forum rules, no NSFW, pornographic or suggestive material. Other than that, the sky's the limit. HAVE FUN!
  25. General question regarding stash wipes

    I'm not criticizing or complaining in asking this, but am just curious as to in what way(s) stash wipes help with the development process? I'm sure they are; just interested if there are any answers on it the devs feel they can give without disclosing info they want to keep under wraps at this stage of the game? I'm thankful yesterday's hot fix didn't initiate the next wipe, since I selfishly want to enjoy my pilfered "looty" (shameless nod to ShoSho) as long as I can.