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Found 1 result

  1. Friends of Tarkov! After exploring the wiki I came across some interesting info regarding TerraGroup, most notably TerraGroup Labs PLC, and their activities within the Norvinsk region. I decided to dig a little deeper... So, what do we know? "The notorious Terra Group international corporation, is one of the many foreign companies responsible for the illegal activities and research within Norvinsk, and one of the key players in the scandal that turned the prosperous frontier into a collapsed war-zone. ...Officially deals in scientific research concerned with biotechnology applied in agribusiness industry and farming and is strongly implicated in illicit activities across Norvinsk and Tarkov. So, TG are up to some shady business, right? Lets have a look into how biotechnology is applied in agriculture... Keywords: Genetic engineering Vaccines Modify living organisms (including animals AKA humans?) Trans-species modification / trait transference Further evidence of human experimentation in-game can be observed via the numerous 'Combat Stimulants', many of which are acquired on location at the Lab itself. So what does this mean? What are/were TG actually up to? There is a substance named Blue Ice which can be found throughout the different maps, for example within the warehouse next to shortcut in the Customs location; here there are barrels upon barrels branding the label. If this substance is found, in bulk, at the region's primary import/export depot, this suggests shipping across the world... But who is buying and why? It could be argued that TerraGroup are/were illegally experimenting on humans with a focus on improving combat capability; genetically engineered soldiers. We already know the Labs Raiders have more 'health' compared with their player-controlled PMC counterparts (715 vs 435) - whether this is canonically accurate or merely a game design decision is yet to be answered. It could be that the Raiders were the first 'successful' subjects, however it is stated in their lore that they have some level of responsibility for the initial downfall of Tarkov. From their description: "Shady group of armed people, according to rumors, consisting of former PMC operators, local residents and others with obvious combat and tactical training. ...They are active in the Lab and are the starters of the chaos which is destroying Tarkov." So, what do you think? USEC were being paid good money to keep TG's activities under wraps, so there's definitely something fishy going on. Would love to hear your thoughts!
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