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Found 15 results

  1. Lordgingervitis

    A fix to Bitcoin economy

    Not sure how many people have posted about this topic but here we go. In Recent news BSG announced a issue with bitcoin. well i have two thoughts that may help. One being you implement A new item that resembles and Antminer, this is what people use to mine the bitcoin. graphic cards just don't have the power for large scale. You can all it a tarkminer. They wouldn't be found in computers however but in servers. Second being a another power source that you can use to run this system, these use a lot of power. this one is not as necessary. But your ant/Tarkminer would only be for your bitcoin farm.
  2. mister_rice

    Bitcoins as an independent currency.

    I think that it would stabilize the flea market prices if bitcoins are implemented as an independent currency that cannot not be converted to rubles by selling them to traders. The buying power of bitcoins could still be linked to real-world bitcoin value by making trader prices in bitcoin inversely proportional to bitcoin value, where the prices of trader items are fractions of bitcoin similar how bitcoin is used to buy/sell products or services in the real world. The flea market would still be affected by fluctuations in bitcoin value, but demand would be less sensitive to it because there wouldn't be a direct correlation between bitcoin and ruble buying power. Ruble inflation would still take place as the perceived value of trader items decrease with an increase in bitcoin value, but not because bitcoin value translates directly to the number of rubles in circulation on the flea market as it does now. It would also change the meta of gear that PMC's run, as they wouldn't be able to run meta gearsets and lose money in raid without depleting their ruble, euro, and dollar funds, which they would still need to purchase certain trader items and services not purchasable with bitcoins. I think in this system most items from traders should have bitcoin pricing options, but things like insurance, armor and weapon repair, and maybe even ammo shouldn't. I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this idea but I'd love to hear feedback.
  3. ntomy

    Bitcoin price

    My friend can sell bitcoin to therapist for 212k and I can sell it for 154k only. Edit : I could sell bitcoins for 198k but since today the price has dropped to 154k, but my friends price has not changed. Help please.
  4. sutex


    Anyone know what's happening with bitcoin pricing, hovering around the 141k mark the lowest Ive seen it.
  5. FoxLovesyou

    Alternative way to obtain BitCoins

    System Mechanic: "Hacking": Loot any computer in the game, and deposit required components, including a USB as the "hack tool" and number of HDD's into the computer's inventory system. Power on the computer with an additional drop-down menu, protect the computer while it does it's work. For each Drive added, the scan should take, say, 60 seconds for base level Hacking, and 30 seconds for max tier Hacking. Each HDD would have a pre-defined chance of generating bitcoins into the USB. After extracting, the player can turn in the USB to a daily quest-giver for bitcoins (based on how many HDD successfully hacked), and a fresh USB. Requirements: > In-Game Computer > 1x CPU > 1x RAM > 1x PSU > 1x USB > 1+ HDD Potential Benefits: Allows for more quests targeted at finding "special hard drives" or "hack specific computer". Additional, unknown "risk" factor for hard drive trade-ins. Nothing vital enough to stop you from trading, but an after-thought. Grants a more guaranteed way to make money in a high-risk high-reward system. More competition for computer parts. Could increase difficulty for new players trying to find game hacks ;) Tweaks: Could require X successful hacks per USB before trade-ins for pre-defined bitcoins. Would allow the item to be a trade-in instead of quest turn-in. Hacking could instantly generate bitcoins in the machine. Amount of hacking per HDD could be successful per-HDD, rather than require multiple.
  6. presets: i dont mind creating my own gun and loadout but it would be great if I could save my gun and loadout and later in game, next raid or so, I would just need to press my preset and get the same loadout I had. If I have the parts/gear it would be taken from my inventory, if not, it would be automaticly bought from the traders. If the traders didnt had an item in stock just a pop up saying that this loadout is impossible/unavaiable. meds: as you use a car or a salewa you use his contents, like bandage or splints or whatever, however in real life we can restock them without having to have 2 semi used medic kits so my suggestion is that you allow the players to refill a near full medic kit with near empty one, like it is a magazine. compass: it would work as a wearable equipment with is own slot (or not, people carry them in their pockets). it would work as a normal compass, no hud help or anything and, just like in arma 3, it would take a fraction of a second to stabilize. bitcoins: as we, players, can get computer parts i would like to get access to a special trader that "rents" a room where I can leave my computer mining bitcoins. Example: i get a cpu, a cpu cooler, a ram and a gpu (no need on cd driver) and for a "low fee" i could mine bitcoins, lets say like, 5h of rent room for mining values 12k roubles and every hour you have a 1% chance of getting a bitcoin sun dehydration; just to make the game a little more realistic i would enjoy/like to see a system where the player dehydrates faster in the sun than during the night time or rain. rain: speaking of rain i think it would be a little more realistic if the player gets heavier if he spends a lot of time in the rain. I mean, an hatchet would not feel the diference but a guy with a cap, silk face cover, backpack and an vest would feel the extra weight. just another tip not related with rain: if I have a food canister and I eat it i still get the weight of the food in me, the only weight I lost is the container weight Arm stripe: I've died a lot for my friends either because they suck or because i suck (this is more plausible) because we cannot keep track of all the gear that they are using so it would be great if we could identify ourselfs with a flag or an emblem or even a color stripe on our arm, just a tiny help so friendly fire decreases. Grenades: it would be awesome that we could cook grenades and trow them rolling in case we need a close explosion (like in a corner). But with this would come risks, like in real life, the fuse time varies, and sometimes, not blaming the chinese that made it, the fuse is soooo short that the soldier losses his hand (if not more) Battery: just to be a little overrealistic what if the rds, retro iluminated optics and night/thermal vision needed a battery change ever so often? you already have the D battery in game, it would be just a connection between those 2 items Dog tags: since dog tags are now tradeable for helmets and other gears (0.8.5) it would be nice if they could be bought and sell from/to Fence. Just a final thought: I think that it would be fun to have in the gun details (description) the name of the original owner because i think that a lot of players, me included, would like to keep a gun from someone and know who made it in the first place. Imagine this: you kill, idk, lets say lalalala and get his gun, 3 raids later you have his gun and get him again. A mensage could pop up on his screen saying that he was humiliated twice in a row by the same guy in a teasing way Soooo, this are my thoughts, i hope someone reads this and if so let me know in the comments below what do you think about these PS: im sorry for the english, its not my native language and google translate would not give me more that 1000 letters ahah
  7. Now that the bitcoin has a lot of more uses now that the mechanic has come i think we should add physical bitcoins with other values such as 0.1, 0.5 and 1 BTC. With varying rarities of course. It's a small but fun addition where you can be delightfully suprised with finding a whole BTC or getting disappointed with only finding a tenth of what you could have gotten. One problem i can see with this is the trading with bitcoin. It would be problematic to have 4 different trades for just one item, so you should be able to exchange all these different BTCs to 0.2. 2x 0.1 BTC for a 0.2 coin or 1x 1BTC for 5 0.2BTC coins which you then can go trade with the mechanic.
  8. Would be interesting to have an ingame system of "investment" and deposit of money, which allows depositing sums of money to obtain a (more or less) small interest income. You could decide to invest a certain amount of cash to obtain a profit in terms of interest (for example a 1% weekly or monthly, higher percentages for higher deposits) A further service could be cloudmining: investing cash to obtain a counter-value in bitcoins over time, a sort of time-delayed conversion of Rubles/USD/EUR on BTC. or even building your own rig with Graphics cards an pc part to mine BTC yourself! In many countries on the brink of ruin citizens flee from normal banking institutions or replace them in their absence (i.e. Venezuela) by shifting part of their savings on cryptocurrencies other services that I think less feasible could be the possibility of transferring cash on "offshore accounts" to save part of the savings during Wipes or the possibility of transferring fiat or BTC from player to player without the need to go in-ride for a physical exchange (obviously this would need to open a transaction account with related costs, credit card and pin to remember). Sorry the maccheroni english, i hope i have wrote something interesting.
  9. Hey everyone, trying to get in the habit of a streaming/creating videos! This is actually my first ever real video that I edited together and boy was it a learning curve. This is my personal looting route, I was able to get 1million roubles in one hour as well as 4 bitcoins within the same time frame. If you guys enjoy make sure to leave a like and comment, if you don't leave some suggestions, thanks! TeufelHundenX's preferred looting route on shoreline: Preface: When I hatchling run I dont check safes (takes wayyyy too long to search them and by then all the rooms are looted). Also, these aren't guaranteed spawn locations, but they are 99% guaranteed to have some kind of valuable item (i.e. Lion, clock, horse, gold chain, chainlet, bitcoin). First get the following keys: West 220, East 310, East 226 I use JJames.info for all my key location needs but here's a run down of where to find each: West 220 - Hanging on the key lock box in the back room first floor closet of cottage (the cottage that is unlocked) Valuable Items spawns at the right corner of the room on top of cardboard box and metal table East 310 - In the bus on Customs side spawn, I believe the spawn is called Trailer Park Valuable items spawns on both tables, this is called the money room for a reason East 222/226 - (222 only from scavs I believe) 226 is hanging in key lock box in the closet of 2nd floor health resort, the closet by the spiral stair case These two rooms are connected via the balcony, on the 222 side in the bathroom there is a cardboard box with about a 90% chance of spawning a valuable item I spawn on Village side of Shoreline because I feel it all spawns average closer to resort, there are two spawns Riverside that are the best spawns for health resort but the rest of the spawns closer to coast suck imo, whereas Village side any of the spawns on that side are pretty good for getting to health resort consistently fast. I go to each room, one at a time in the order listed above and check ONLY the valuable loot spawns if I'm grinding money I extract with as much stuff from those rooms, if I'm grinding bitcoins I check only for bitcoins and get myself killed, rinse repeat. This is the very first thing I did after wipe and made 3 million rubles, 10000 dollars and 9 bitcoins on Saturday playing for about 6 hours straight mind you a lot easier now with elite strength. P.S. I'll be doing a giveaway at some point within the next week or so. I'll be giving out a standard copy of the game, be sure to like and follow on twitch for your chance to get in the drawing! More details later in off-topic section.
  10. DaLexi


    Is it just me or is the bitcoin droprate extreme reduced? I didnt see one in a safe, and nowhere else.
  11. Mitch03

    Bitcon Bug, DON'T STACK THEM

    A quick word of the wise, do NOT stack bitcoins. I had found 2 bitcoins while doing loot runs. They were found on separate occasions and this was during the new patch of 8.0. I had stacked them both in my inventory to save space. Nothing new there. When I exited and came back on the next day, my stack was gone and I was left with only one bitcoin. From now on, I will be stacking my bitcoins separately.
  12. MeGustaCupcake

    Killing a hatchling and getting his loot

    This was in the locked safe in the locked cottage, a hatchling was trying to loot the place i came in and he stopped looting, i heard the safe close (the safe in the picture) and i just rushed up to try and maybe catch whoever was there off guard he tried to run got a few shoots and killed him and when i checked the safe that beautiful sight loaded up.
  13. Hello escapers. I have the game for two weeks now i have the standart edition of the game and i have some questions. 1. - Bitcoins. I want to trade bitcoins for mechanic's stuff, but i don't know where they spawn or how to get them. 2. - Docs Case. I need something thats can fit into my alpha container and could fit keys and money so i need to get the docs case. Anybody know the spawn? 3. - Inventory management. My inventory is really messy. Can anybody tell me how do item/weapon cases work and how do i manage my inventory well? How do i get these cases. 4. - What is your favorite budget loadout? Send a screenshot or reply here. Mine is: Glock-17 with 21 rnd mags. Kolpak PACA AI-2, 2 Bandages, Painkillers. And like this i get a bullet to the head.
  14. Tumusss94

    Noob question LOL

    Hi fellow raiders! Im very new to the game, my character is only level 9 and iv been watching quite a few streamers to gather a few basic tips, but iv just ran a raid on customs to get the truck key for the Prapor quest and searched a few more rooms and the jacket pockets and come across a 0.2 physical Bitcoin can anyone tell me what it’s for or is it just worth selling, therapist will buy it for the most at 172k roubles, any tips will be greatly appreciated thanks!
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