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Found 2 results

  1. After patch 11.7, not hotfix, I sometimes can't stop bleeding at stomach. Not frequently but just two times. first time I had bandage and the bleeding spot is stomach. And When I use it there, the game said like 'no you are not bleeding at there'. I keep using that and not working. after I picked up another med and I stopped bleed. Until then almost half of my health gone, and of course stomach blacked out. And today I got that again. I got car med, and I got shot at leg and stomach. I used it and it filled the health. and it kept bleeding. I drag and dropped at stomach, and again not worked. then my stomach out, all body health out, and somehow I found new bandage and stopped it but that time I have only 10 health and 0 water. I died. what is this? Dose health system changed? or bug? I think bug but just in case...
  2. Jerikane

    BUG?? Died to nothing

    Hello, I want to report something that has happened to me twice now. I recently just did a run on interchange (well geared and carrying a fair bit of weight) and on my way to the exit, I instantly took damage to every body part from full health, with several effects "bleeding" and "fresh wound". I managed to control it just about leaving only my head, chest and R arm remaining, with nil remaining effects. Then out of nowhere again took damage to all parts and rapidly died from bloodloss. There was no gunshot, no fall damage, no sound whatsoever, no nearby enemies, the kill went to a scav. My group partner also had the same issue but luckily made it out alive with rapid healing. Is this a hacker? Is it a bug? Why am muggins here now without all that kit, im lossing money and interest in this game rapidly due to this bug. I can tolerate minor bugs but this is stupid. Please Fix, Please Help VMT Jerikane
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