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Found 3 results

  1. Kavomi

    Learning EFT (POV)

    Recently came back to EFT after leaving and uninstalling because I played a handful of matches, died and left never to return until the quarantine hit. So, basically back to square one I decided to first look up guides, learn ex-fils etc. (since all the cool youtubers do it) then hopped into an offline raid, over and over I'd get my ass beat by scavs but just kept going and I feel as though for many people with a negative outlook on the game this is the most challenging part, the steep learning curve. The game, at no point holds your hand, this game is your alcoholic step-father who beats you relentlessly and your mother is too afraid to step in and help you but you persevere and make it out as a better person in the end. Then came my first proper raid, geared with my trusty Soviet-Era weapons and armour I went upon my quest to just make it out alive, Tl;dr I died, managed to pick off 2 scavs and while I was looting I was killed by a PMC with a swift shot to the head, many more attempts later I started to survive, even had a streak going and half mil in my bank (or about 0.47 GBP in Rubles) I still know next to nothing about the game but because I decided to learn how to play I no longer regret the purchase nor fear playing the game as every death to me helps me learn more. I stick to hard cover whenever I can, pick my fights well, learned how to control the basic Tier I Prapor weapons and overall having a sense of understanding of how to play even if it is as primitive as it is, it makes me feel like I've accomplished part of a much more grand adventure. I'll post to this thread more as I'll continue to play. Also if the first line sums up your EFT experience, all I can say is keep trying, watch people play, adapt their play style to your own, the game has limitless possibilities and even if you are bad at first a few hours will result in you not being as bad as before.
  2. Hi All, Just for fun, I started a backstory for my character. Hope you guys check it out! scavjournals.com Cajun
  3. Just wondering why it isn't allowed for people to share content about the game? I run a blog and am interested in posting my thoughts and opinions about the game... But I saw the disclaimer and have no particular interest in getting banned lol.
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