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Found 3 results

  1. TheBasiLisk

    Anyone else bored?

    First, I would like to say, I really do enjoy Tarkov. I feel that it has ruined every other game, for me, as nothing else provides that "thrill" anymore. That being said, I've grown incredibly bored of the game, for a few reasons. 1) My friends have all stopped playing, due to the number of cheaters we encountered. Unfortunately, that is to be expected whilst playing on any asian servers. But, to be fair, I have noticed considerably less cheaters, recently. Not sure if it was because of the having to add your phone number, for verification, or because that there is nothing left for them to do in the game? 2) It feels as though the game became stale, due to the price of bitcoin selling for so much, at the beginning of the wipe, and now there are so many "millionaires" running about, it just sucked all the fun out of everything... No more gear fear. 3) Please bring on the wipe! I know that I'm not the only one wanting a wipe, and I'm sure many folk feel that a wipe needs to happen. 4) As mentioned before, my friends refuse to play the game anymore, due to hackers/cheaters. I've been doing solo raids, for about 6 months now, and as much as i would really love to reach Kappa, I do not have god-like skills, such as Pestily, or Landmark, as well as many others, which means that I'm unable to complete certain tasks, without their help.... also, I miss the banter, and the occasional salty rage, that follows after an accidental teamkill. In short, I'm bored. Please bring on the wipe.
  2. Sick of seeing all the annoying posts people put up complaining about how boring the game is, when the wipe will be, etc? Well ur in luck cause' I decided to make this list of cheap games and/or activities to do to satisfy the aching in your hearts for something at least decently fun to do. Here we go: For $5, you can get EA access, which gives you a month's worth trial of games like Titanfall 2, and Battlefield One and 4 (and many others, these are just some of my favorite) If any of you are fans of RPG's, and you've never played this before, I HIGHLY recommend buying Dark Souls 3 off of steam (or somewhere else if you can get it cheaper) (<---GREAT GAME) I just bought this game called "Deep Rock Galactic" literally like 2 hours before I made this post, and I have to say, it seems to be one of the most fun casual, first person, survival/mining game (not like Minecraft) that I have ever played. Very fun game, especially with up to 3 friends. You could buy the EFT "Predator" e-book and read that. If you've never played "Cuphead" you could play that. It's extra fun if you invite a friend over and play co-op Assuming you have Skyrim on your PC, you could start another playthrough of that. Maybe try something new this time, you know, like some new mods, spec-ing into another skill set of skill trees, etc. FarCry 5 just came out. If you've never heard of "Warframe", well, you have now. Warframe is a cooperative free-to-play third person online action game with a sci-fi style to it. On the surface, it looks P2W, but it really isn't, since its not pvp and the grind for what you want to get isn't to bad. Also, there's apparently some kind of open-world update that came out. I haven't played since the update but it looks pretty cool. If you have any other time killing games to suggest, put em' in the comments. now that i think of it, not all these games are very cheap thats all i got its 4 AM im tired seeya
  3. So I wanted to know just what people do when they hit that Tarkov Crud? What is the Tarkov Crud? Glad you asked! It is associated when you play a game like Tarkov in Early Access and not full feature ready, and you get bored or tired of the same thing over. A lot of people may know something like the WoW Crud where people after got sick of clicking a set of macros or key-binds, then jump here, don't stand in the fire, bam best gear. I personally think I need more people to play with as I play with central Europe, Russian, and American players, oddly scheduals tend to conflict. Also I believe unless you are Klean, or a master, or have a emissary(press account of goodies) A lot of us don't venture out to often with full gear to get shot from 600m with a tt pistol in the back, you know what I mean. So how do you deal with the death and grind, and make the game feel less like a chore and actually wanting to hit that play button on the launcher? I am curious to see the answers?
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