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Found 22 results

  1. Apokalipsa

    Killa the boss.

    Someday i draw my hero guys. When I saw him for the first time I fell in love. He shot me straight in the eyes, so I believe he liked me. 🤗
  2. Sneakyfox

    Scavs need to be changed

    Hello forum, To begin with, I'd like to preface that I've played this game since the pre alpha when only the EOD edition could get you to play. I've always got my bitcoin farm every wipe since its introduction. I play quite a bit and overall like the game. (Obviously since I'm still playing :p) However there is a single glaring issue with the game: SCAVS. Funnily enough the main issue with all scavs is common to the AI Scav and Player scav: they are 0 regards for their lives. And this is the most realism breaking feature in the game by FAR. What are scavs? Scavengers to give them their full name, are beings that come in AFTER the fighting to pick up leftover scraps. The idea is to have as little risk to their person as possible. Most of them, according to the lore are civilians. It makes sense then to assume that, scavs should be fearful little individuals who go around looting discreetly. ABOVE ALL ELSE they should avoid engaging in a fire fight with ACTUAL combat trained soldiers. Sure sometimes they might think they can hunt down and kill a solo PMC if they have a sufficient numbers advantage. But ask yourself, what would the average scavenger do if 2, 3 or more of their party gets killed? What would the average scavenger do if he walked in a courtyard with tens, dozens of dead scavs all around ? Would he actively seek out the culprit? Would he go in charging for the honor of the dead ? Or would he crap his pants and run away ? That's more likely. That's what actual scavs would do. No doubt many soldiers would also turn tail and run if they saw their squad getting slaughtered but while it may be debatable for actual soldiers, there is no doubt that would be true for scavengers. Now that we've established a realistic behavior, what do we get in this game? A game which, may I remind you, set out to be the most realistic game of the shooter genre. We get giga chads. Scavs will push you, play aggro and not rest until they're killed all the PMC's in the area with 0 REGARDS for their life. They're NPC's and darn, I don't think I've ever had NPC that felt this detached from their life in game. If for some reason you decide to spawn naked, the matter is even worse with scavs going out of their way to hunt you down and kill you, even if you kill dozens of them, even if the ground of the land if soaked in the blood of their fellow scavs, they will still hunt you down. This is the single most unrealistic aspect of the game, by far. And I'm not talking about scavs seeing you through walls, "head-eyes" ' ing you from 300 meters in the pitch dark or running at full speed despite taking 69 shots to the legs, full auto-ing a stockless ak74-u from 150 meters with perfect accuracy. These are points I hope BSG will eventually refine otherwise we're going to have to accept that the average scav in tarkov could eat Rambo for breakfast. The exact same issue is present with player scavs that are INCENTIVIZED to disregard their life for a tiny chance to get loot. Would a scav really run to an area of heavy fighting and try to finish off all those alive for their gear???? Really ? Of course not. He'd probably make a not of where the fighting was, make sure to stay as far away as possible and maybe swing by far later. But for some reason, this game is INCENTIVIZING player scavs to run head first into fights and this is what gives birth to the most frustrating experience of the game. Playing as a PMC, caring for your life, you got good loot, had a successful raid so far. Your life and extraction matters. This is the main problem. Only the PMC's have a fear of death. Neither the AI not scav players fear death in the least which is the biggest flaw of the game. Far are the early days of this game, when people moved around slowly, listened for noise, feared for their life. Now you have people running around like madmen, shooting everything that moves. Get killed ?? No matter, no penalty for it. Just wait a few minutes and try again. The same goes for the scav boss and their guards. Sure you can say maybe Gluhar's men are loyal to him and would specifically hunt you down if you kill him. But is that true for every boss ? Shturman's guards for example, are they loyal to him or are they mercenaries paid from his stash to protect him ? Would a guard who sees Shturman and the other guard get killed rush in to avenge or would he run for his life ? So by now I think I've made it clear the issue scavs have. The thing is, this issue is a conscious and deliberate move by BSG for the feel of the game which I don't understand and people I play with don't understand either. This game is far less "Tarkov" than it is COD these days with a different skin. When you have people like Pestily (I enjoy his videos, this is not an attack) running around in labs, jumping from platform to container, taking morphine, jumping down, breaking both legs but still be able to sprint at full speed and kill whatever is near, this is not the Tarkov experience. This is Call of Duty the exact opposite of what this game set out to be. Anyway this post is way too long. I think we can all agree on this. To wrap up I'd like to present my ideas to give back some of this fear of death to player scavs. Changes would only fit the changes the game has undergone. There was a time when you had no hideout, when well over 50% of the games you played ended up with you either disconnecting/de-syncing or just "dying". This is no longer the case as such the true NEED for scav runs has considerably diminished. 1. Have a limited amount of scavs runs possible for a wipe. When you run out, you run out. If your stash is empty and you have nothing left, well bad luck, should have invested a bit more in your pmc/hideout/keys whatever. Reset your profile. This would be way less forgiving and more in line with what Tarkov was aimed to be. ATM you can do nothing but run around like an imbecile and fall back on your scav runs with no consequences. 2. Have unlimited scav runs until you reach a certain level. Flea market level ? 20? Something like that, a bit like how Therapist will heal you for free at the beginning. 3. Everytime you die as a scav your scav run timer increases. This way you can't just spam scav runs, rush to a fight, die, rince and repeat. 4. Have scav runs cost you. How ? Different ways, for instance every time you die, it costs Fence as he is the "scav chief". You enter into debt with him, and as long as you are in debt, ai scavs will prioritize killing you. Here are a few ways to make scav runs have consequences rather than be the exact opposite the game is supposed to be. I only addressed player scavs here, for AI scavs, that's up to BSG to change their behavior. Whether it's fear or whatever. Let me know what you think! PS. PLEASE FIX SCAVS/RAIDERS ETC BEING ABLE TO USAIN BOLT EVERYWHERE WITH NO LEGS AND THE FULL AUTO FROM 90000M WITH DEADLY ACCURACY.
  3. Played this morning 2x raids with my PMC in interchange looking to kill Killa. But for my surprise i found his brother in his place... Is this part of the halloween event? Because i played 2x interchange and 1x factory raid and found him every time
  4. I spawn in to try and complete a quest, only to find that the new scav boss is in my spawn. i dont have much time to react, and he kills me in two hits. Died 5 seconds after spawning in. Plz fix
  5. Jmeker


  6. TheFlyingPig

    Suggestion about bosses' health

    I wonder why the bosses have extremely high HP. I cannot find any logic behind that and it's totally unrealistic. How can someone be twice even triple resistant to a bullet without any protection? Using an equipment is acceptable. Whence, for instance, killa's armor and helmet are so logical. But other bosses feels me like half an hour world of warcraft boss raid. Briefly, the bosses' health should have been similar to the pmcs' where their resistance comes from their equipment
  7. okolo1

    Bosses of Tarkov Art

    What will happen if the overwatch heroes are in our time? Junkrat with a golden gun TT and bitcoin capable of blowing up the world economy. Zarya with a package from a supermarket with protein and a 2080 ti video card just the power for the rpk-16 machine gun. Soldier 76 Bikini Fitness model with assault rifle ASh-12 is beautiful from any side.
  8. Hijack_Dallas

    Kultisten und deren Boss

    Kultisten Man wird die Kultisten nur Nachts antreffen können. Diese werden Primär Hinterhalte legen und versuchen, Leute von hinten mit ihren Messern zu meucheln. Es wird verschiedene Ränge geben Novizen Priester Bischöfe -------------------- Der Boss Name: Unbekannt, vmtl. ein Kardinal/Papst Rang Standort: Praktisch alle Maps, wo es Kultisten-Symbolik gibt Markedroom in Costums Kultisten Kreis in Woods Die Kirche im Sumpf und der Raum mit den Schweinen im Ressort von Shorline Ein Raum in Reserve Ich selbst habe bis jetzt noch keinen in Interchange oder Factory gesehen Kein Labs Waffen: ein vergifteter Dolch, welches nur durch ein teures Gegengift geheilt wird. Dieses kann man später im Hideout herstellen. Ob man dieses Gift überlebt ist eine andere Sache Eigenheiten: Hinterhältig Minions: Unbekannt
  9. As a player scav, when you encounter a scav boss, It's common knowledge they will agro on you. What I'm curious about is if you damage/kill the boss will other regular scavs agro on you too or will they be chill? I'm asking because as a scav I got jumped by killa and it felt like some other, non-player scav was just watching me fill his boss with lead. (killa killed me so I'm not sure how the scav would've responded)
  10. I have a suggestion for Tarkov: Was thinking that it would be awesome if a new boss would have militarized animals like a bear or K9 as a follower. Or make it like it's own boss roaming the map? Terra Labs maybe did some experiments on russians bears and other animals with combat stimulants? or another idea is to make a new raider K9 unit type with dogs 😈
  11. Zolty47

    Sthurman and Killa stashes

    Hi everyone, a simple and short idea: If you kill the boss, take the key from his corpse and open his stash with it (all needed actions and needed items fone in same raid) then the stash loot value gets increased by 100 % for you. Somebody who was successful killing the boss gets 100 % more out of its stash. Rats who kill the certain bold PMC afterwards, will only get normal amount of loot out of the stash, if the PMC still hadnt searched the loot box. Bold moves get gold. Ask if my bad english was too much.
  12. Hijack_Dallas

    Der Boss von Shoreline

    Name: Saniter/Doctor Standort: Im Dorf oder Erdgeschoss des Ressort Potentielle Eigenheit: Soweit ich es mitbekam, könnte Er völlig zugedröhnt sein von seinen Drogen. Man kann zumind. davon ausgehen, dass seine Wächter mit zahlreichen Drogen vollgestopft sind. Diese sind dann völlig Schmerzresistent. Selbst wenn man diese Leged, werden die normal auf dich zurennen und dich pushen. Es gibt damit nur als einzige Option, diese Direkt zu töten. Bewaffnung: Unbekannt Items: Drogen und Meds.... weiteres ist Unbekannt Minions: vermutlich
  13. American_Gamer

    Suggestion For a Raid Boss

    So my friend and I have been playing and we absolutely love the Scav bosses. However we find their AI and difficulty lacking on their own. Don't Get me wrong their fun however I think they could be more fun. So hear me out we add a Raid Boss with the following: Armor - Altyn w/ Visor - Gen4 Full Weapons - AK-74N -- Completely Decked Out -- BS ammo - Saiga 12ga -- 20 round magazine -- Tormix Monster Claw -- AP-20 Slug AI Movement Spawns randomly in a room. The boss will not move from that room until it has been triggered with nearby gunfire noise. Upon hearing gunfire the boss breaches the door of the room it is in and proceeds to head in the direction of the gunfire. Upon locating a player the visor on the Altyn lowers and the AI will proceed to rush the player. Usually initiating combat with a stun grenade followed shortly by a lead for a normal grenade. While at mid to long range the AI uses the AK-74N however if a player gets too close it will duck behind cover and swap to the Saiga. Its overall ability to target players borders on AIMBOT. This is intentional as players are not after the boss itself. Instead they are trying to get away. If a player manages to get out of site of the AI it will proceed to call the player a "pussy" and will proceed to go from door to door breaching them looking for the player. The catch being that there are doors that players cannot breach down nor is there any key for however the AI can. The AI also contains the ability to use stims and other medical equipment varying their use dependent on the situation. The AI will be intentionally designed to hunt and absolutely destroy players and provide a difficulty that requires multiple players in order to kill. It would also help to have friendly units in the area with little to no armor however very powerful guns that have great amounts of penetration or damage to tear apart player armor. Again this is just an idea we'd like to see and I hope the community also finds the idea appealing.
  14. Coucou tout le monde ! Je m'athèle à regrouper tous les spawn des boss d'Escape From Tarkov dans les vidéos ci-dessous, je mettrai donc ce topic à jour Vous pouvez aussi passer sur le site DM Gaming où tout y est regroupé : https://www.dm-gaming.eu/tutoriels/tarkov/ Base militaire - Gluhar : https://youtu.be/4Q6Nt8pcFKU Bois – Shturman : https://youtu.be/UtMKsv0y0PE Douanes – Reshala : https://youtu.be/P9HWVUkzLN8 Echangeur – Killa : https://youtu.be/yaGjRrF2WIA J'espère que celles-ci vous plairont ! Hésitez pas à commenter
  15. Rekonsile

    Scav nades are now 400 IQ

    prone to nade throw gotta love it lolol Still having fun but how many of you have had this happen?
  16. Grazja

    Night Time Boss

    Found no topic about this. Night time raids aren't really played. Time for an incentive? A boss squad that only show up at night hours, across all open-plan maps (where night time matters anyway). Could be any faction\gear really (but probably nvg's). Cultists sound good, whatever current plans for those are. Thoughts?
  17. Behold, the dude who will snipe you from afar with his SVD, then gun you down with the AK-105 once you've hobbled closer to his ambush point! And for those of you with a keen eye for detail, you may recognise this badass from the initial loading screen still images 😎 Incredibly excited to take this guy on and see what he's all about! Also, can anyone identify the body armour he is wearing? Looks like Paca but with Molle loops, interesting nonetheless... See you in Tarkov!
  18. The idea is to make more people play during night times... We've all noticed that BSG already put more options to be able and go in a night raid (cheaper, better than before), but i don't think this is sufficient. Unique scavs are an awesome feature of this game, and maybe it could be improved ! New NPCs (not necessarily as strong or as geared as scavs bosses), could definitely attract players during these night raid ! Night raids are underestimated and intense, i bet more people could enjoy it...
  19. JoeRowland

    How do I spawn as this scav?

    I was just playing and I ran into this guy... seems like he's lv 50 boss or something...
  20. nabboboy

    0.12 NEW factory boss sneak peek

    Should have a new unique weapon with 80(+?) pen AMMO
  21. Just a quick suggestion before you let players loose with grenade launchers. Dont make it TOO easy for them to get a hold of. Introduce a new boss with his own set of goons that are more geared than Dealmaker. Corruption I bet would take place within the lore of Tarkov, so introduce a corrupt UNTAR squad who defected after gaining the rights to the cashes of UNTAR weaponry and armor. After they had been discovered selling these weapons shipments to those who are willing to pay top dollar for them. He would be equipped with the NATO weapon M320 Grenade Launcher. It would be fairly balanced unlike under barrel grenade launchers. Explosive weapons within itself is already fairly overpowered with its one hit mechanic in a certain range of the blast. So keep it to one shot, hard to find, easy to jam weapon but have a fair range and explode on impact. Yes I understand that M320 is an under barrel grenade launcher. But this is just an example. Make it a primary weapon within itself.
  22. So hear me out I was casually playing some night-time raids with some friends when we came into the the discussion about the new Customs boss and what the furture might hold in this genre of gameplay ("bossfights"). And the idea i had was a Night-time - Boss who only spawns on night (duh) on ALL maps but very Rarely. But yeah anyway, how nice wouldn't be with a "splitercell" type guy solo creeping around on nighttime raids. About eq i would think something like a supressed glock as a side ( just for loots like the golden TT) and a MAIN supressed M4 or something similar. All Black clothing (obviously) with some cool nightvision with a facemask. Well thats my idea... What do you guys think about it? Would really enjoy seeing some others point-of-view on this idea. / A not so stealhy Ninja.
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