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Found 9 results

  1. HijackDallas

    Kultisten und deren Boss

    Kultisten Man wird die Kultisten nur Nachts antreffen können. Diese werden Primär Hinterhalte legen und versuchen, Leute von hinten mit ihren Messern zu meucheln. Es wird verschiedene Ränge geben Novizen Priester Bischöfe -------------------- Der Boss Name: Unbekannt, vmtl. ein Kardinal/Papst Rang Standort: Praktisch alle Maps, wo es Kultisten-Symbolik gibt Markedroom in Costums Kultisten Kreis in Woods Die Kirche im Sumpf und der Raum mit den Schweinen im Ressort von Shorline Ein Raum in Reserve Ich selbst habe bis jetzt noch keinen in Interchange oder Factory gesehen Kein Labs Waffen: ein vergifteter Dolch, welches nur durch ein teures Gegengift geheilt wird. Dieses kann man später im Hideout herstellen. Ob man dieses Gift überlebt ist eine andere Sache Eigenheiten: Hinterhältig Minions: Unbekannt
  2. HijackDallas

    Der Boss von Shoreline

    Name: Saniter/Doctor Standort: Im Dorf oder Erdgeschoss des Ressort Potentielle Eigenheit: Soweit ich es mitbekam, könnte Er völlig zugedröhnt sein von seinen Drogen. Man kann zumind. davon ausgehen, dass seine Wächter mit zahlreichen Drogen vollgestopft sind. Diese sind dann völlig Schmerzresistent. Selbst wenn man diese Leged, werden die normal auf dich zurennen und dich pushen. Es gibt damit nur als einzige Option, diese Direkt zu töten. Bewaffnung: Unbekannt Items: Drogen und Meds.... weiteres ist Unbekannt Minions: vermutlich
  3. Grazja

    Night Time Boss

    Found no topic about this. Night time raids aren't really played. Time for an incentive? A boss squad that only show up at night hours, across all open-plan maps (where night time matters anyway). Could be any faction\gear really (but probably nvg's). Cultists sound good, whatever current plans for those are. Thoughts?
  4. DanExert

    Woods Scav Boss: Shturman

    Behold, the dude who will snipe you from afar with his SVD, then gun you down with the AK-105 once you've hobbled closer to his ambush point! And for those of you with a keen eye for detail, you may recognise this badass from the initial loading screen still images 😎 Incredibly excited to take this guy on and see what he's all about! Also, can anyone identify the body armour he is wearing? Looks like Paca but with Molle loops, interesting nonetheless... See you in Tarkov!
  5. The idea is to make more people play during night times... We've all noticed that BSG already put more options to be able and go in a night raid (cheaper, better than before), but i don't think this is sufficient. Unique scavs are an awesome feature of this game, and maybe it could be improved ! New NPCs (not necessarily as strong or as geared as scavs bosses), could definitely attract players during these night raid ! Night raids are underestimated and intense, i bet more people could enjoy it...
  6. JoeRowland

    How do I spawn as this scav?

    I was just playing and I ran into this guy... seems like he's lv 50 boss or something...
  7. nabboboy

    0.12 NEW factory boss sneak peek

    Should have a new unique weapon with 80(+?) pen AMMO
  8. Just a quick suggestion before you let players loose with grenade launchers. Dont make it TOO easy for them to get a hold of. Introduce a new boss with his own set of goons that are more geared than Dealmaker. Corruption I bet would take place within the lore of Tarkov, so introduce a corrupt UNTAR squad who defected after gaining the rights to the cashes of UNTAR weaponry and armor. After they had been discovered selling these weapons shipments to those who are willing to pay top dollar for them. He would be equipped with the NATO weapon M320 Grenade Launcher. It would be fairly balanced unlike under barrel grenade launchers. Explosive weapons within itself is already fairly overpowered with its one hit mechanic in a certain range of the blast. So keep it to one shot, hard to find, easy to jam weapon but have a fair range and explode on impact. Yes I understand that M320 is an under barrel grenade launcher. But this is just an example. Make it a primary weapon within itself.
  9. So hear me out I was casually playing some night-time raids with some friends when we came into the the discussion about the new Customs boss and what the furture might hold in this genre of gameplay ("bossfights"). And the idea i had was a Night-time - Boss who only spawns on night (duh) on ALL maps but very Rarely. But yeah anyway, how nice wouldn't be with a "splitercell" type guy solo creeping around on nighttime raids. About eq i would think something like a supressed glock as a side ( just for loots like the golden TT) and a MAIN supressed M4 or something similar. All Black clothing (obviously) with some cool nightvision with a facemask. Well thats my idea... What do you guys think about it? Would really enjoy seeing some others point-of-view on this idea. / A not so stealhy Ninja.
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