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  1. MrPeebles

    Labs offline bots

    Hi there, I got a question. Do bots spawn in labs when playing offline? I wanted to try that map but I never encounter bots.
  2. MrPeebles

    Why are Bots not spawning Oflline?

    Hi there, just as the title says, no matter what I try, bots wont simply spawn. Just to rule out somethings, yes I have PvE checked, I checked Scav war, Bosses and Tagged to make things more interesting, impossible difficulty and horde, (i also tried all quantity options), but all to no avail. Please help me?! Thank you I love you all!
  3. The fact that there is so many bots on the flea market and the stock on the traders is messing up the game. Read someone mention that traders should not have a limited supply of something, for instance if you havent bought the "limited amount" of a certain item that you can buy, you should be able to buy it. Even if everyone else has bought their "limit" of it. Some of the items from the traders is out of stock within a minute of their "restock" and you have to wait another 2h+ to be able to get it, even after those 2h+, you might just get the error again because the stock is empty within the first minute because of all the bots spamming... Remove the limited ammount of items the traders got and keep the restock timer for the player's personal limited restock. If this makes things a bit unballanced just decrease the players limited stock with every restock.
  4. TooSmoke

    bug offline

    Ciao, ho riscontrato un bug per chi gioca offline come me, se si avvia una partita con gli scav e con i boss esce fuori questo errore che impedisce lo spawn di qualsiasi npg in game. Viste le mie precedenti esperienze con il supporto voglio evitare di averci a che fare, anzi a dirla tutta non so' se glie ne possa fregare qualcosa a qualcuno di problemi offline visto il pensiero comune che l'offline non dovrebbe nemmeno esistere. Se qualcuno pensa che posa essere utile al supporto sentitevi liberi di far presente la cosa. Naturalmente se già ce' un modo per aggiustare il problema scrivetemelo qua sotto grazie.
  5. MoRioPL

    Broken bots

    Recent update made bots shoot from much too far and much too accurately. They are going full auto from 150m and hit you with almost every bullet. My recent 5 lives i got killed by bot that 1 tap me from 50 m away.
  6. Survivor46290

    Weapon preset hacker issue

    I was making an AKM preset when I noticed a random attachment in my shopping list posted by an account named "EFThacks-com". Has anyone seen this before? Screenshot attached.
  7. У меня несколько вопросов к разработчикам касательно нагрузки на процессор: 1) Используются ли ресурсы процессора игроков для обработки поведения ботов в рейде (для уменьшения нагрузки на сервера)? 2) Если ответ на вопрос 1 отрицательный - почему в рейде нагрузка на процессор значительно выше, чем в оффлайне без ботов? 3) Почему при наличии известной проблемы оптимизации игры, в частности повышенная загрузка одного физического ядра процессора при неполной (неравномерной) загрузке остальных - ничего не делается в этом направлении? Приведу для примера несколько скриншотов, где показана нагрузка процессора и статистика фпс с временем кадра: Карта берег оффлайн без ботов: Карта берег онлайн: Как видно из этих скриншотов, в онлайне значительно больше нагрузка на процессор, в частности на одно из ядер, при этом в игре появляются рандомные лаги, которые видны в виде пиков на графике времени кадра. И еще напоследок - карта берег с максимальным количеством ботов в оффлайне, как видно по графику нагрузки процессора одно ядро полностью забито. При этом возникает интересная ситуация - если передвигаться персонажем, то каждый тик отображения теней вызывает микрофриз. На графике времени кадра это видно по всплескам с четкой периодичностью, да и по самой картинке видно.
  8. denizk53

    Shoting at bots

    So i played on factory as a scav and looted a little bit. Somebody was in the hallway and open the door and i shot at this person. The person looked like it was a bot but i could be wrong here. so i got 2 Questions now: Do bots shot at you even if you miss them? 2. Can bots open doors/loot?
  9. clebenstein

    Flea Market Bot Solution

    Hello, I was thinking about the issue with flea market bots and desync between countdowns for items on the flea market. Maybe implement a five second timer after the first purchase attempt, register all other purchase attempts in those 5 seconds and use a sort of dice roll mechanic (similar to WoW maybe) to determine who the successful purchase goes to? This gives everyone attempting to make the purchase a fair chance to successfully buy the item, acting as an equaliser between players and bots. For those that think this may put them at a disadvantage due to bad luck, I imagine it's still better than losing out on purchases to the same bot every time. This could at least be a temporary fix until a more solid solution to the bots. I would be interested to hear anyone else's thoughts on this, it's just a thought I had.
  10. Ghostlypolecat

    Scav question

    When you play as a scav, do bot scavs try to kill you?
  11. sir-bush-wookie

    bot's on traiders

    yes is there a way to stop these bot's that are on traders i have been camping fence for the last 30 mins to get kivers and i lost 3 of the to bot's there is no way some 1 could have got it faster than i clicked .. this had been this way for a while now
  12. Ktbbowers1

    Ai in offline mode

    So i just bought escape from tarkov this Christmas and i've seen videos of people playing in offline mode and there is ai bots. But when I join offline mode there isn't any bots. Do i have to turn them on or what?
  13. Hallo @ all! Also die Scavs / Bots sind ja meiner Meinung nach ganz OK wie sie jetzt sind. Was ich aber total übertrieben finde sind diese legendären Granatenwürfe von manchen Bots: Sie sehen dich genau seit 0,01 Sekunden und werfen INSTANT eine Granate genau zu dir. Da hilft dann auch kein FullGear dagegen und man stirbt total lächerlich daran. Das Spiel ist auf Hardcore und Realismus getrimmt aber diese Aktion ist mehr als unrealistisch finde ich.
  14. Ich spiele ab und zu gerne mal den Offlinemodus mit PVE gegen die Bots, um neue Ausrüstung zu testen oder einfach um etwas Spaß zu haben, ohne dass man sich ständig Gedanken um heimtückische Hatchlinge machen muss, die darauf aus sind Ausrüstung zu zocken ohne dabei auch nur 1% eigenes Risiko zu erbringen. Nun ist mir aber in letzter Zeit immer wieder etwas aufgefallen, zu dem ich weder im Forum noch im Netz eine Antwort finde. Ich habe das Problem auch schon als Bug reported, wollte jedoch mal in die Runde fragen, ob das eventuell sonnst noch wem aufgefallen ist. Lange Rede kurzer Sinn: Die Scav Bots scheinen nach Ablauf von Zeit X einfach zu verdursten und kippen dann an Ort und Stelle um. Wenn ich auf Customs oder Woods mal etwas ausgiebiger die ersten Posten mit dem Scope bearbeite und dabei schon selber auf 30% Hydration runter bin, dann kann ich im Grunde schon fest davon ausgehen, dass sobald ich an der Tankstelle oder der Sägemühle ankomme, bereits alle Scavs tot am Boden liegen. Selbst die Scavs die Getränke im Gepäck haben sind dann einfach tot ohne dass ich sie auch nur einmal vor die Flinte bekommen hätte. Und nun frage ich mich doch: War das schon immer so? Kam das erst mit dem letzten Patch? Und ist das vielleicht sonnst noch wem aufgefallen?
  15. yozaman

    One Tapped By AI

    I brought my full ak and paca into a raid today, wiped the entire map of factory (was super fun and action packed). I was going for the escape fully kitted and had as much gear as my bags could carry and as I was heading to the exit a scav flew out from behind a wall and shot me once in the head with a pm from like 30 meters away. This is something that happens to me frequently and AI should not be able to just 1 tap you before you can even react. Bots also need to have a limit to how fast they can turn around so they are more realistic to players. Maybe some of this could happen but the chances of a shot like this are very very unlikely. The main problem here though is just how fast they react, as soon as a bot is triggered it can do a complete 180 and shoot perfectly accurate.
  16. Kane1801

    Immer nur das selbe!

    Hey Leute, was ist nur los hier... Wieso liest man nur noch das selbe? Die Bots sind zu stark.... Mir gefallen sie eigendlich ganz gut. Klar es gibt Bots die etwas ausrasten, das passiert mir aber nur vereinzelt. Was kann der Gamma - Container.... Es gibt schon sooo viele Themen darüber, wieso stöbert keiner mal so durchs Forum. Sehr viele fragen beantworten sich von alleine nur durch das lesen. Die Beta ist doch ein witz..... Leute wie wir wohl langsam alle mitbekommen haben, ist der jetzige status nur ein stresstest um zu schauen wie die server drauf sind. Ich denke jetzt wo alle Wellen draußen sind und jeder sofort spielen kann, dass auch der nächste patch nicht lange auf sich warten lässt. Habt doch einfach mal etwas geduld. Es wird schon voran gehen. Grüße Kane
  17. theplayer


    the bots ar5e to op thats not cool to play with them please fix them there to god
  18. Dominguez132

    Not a Rant

    I just bought a mp5n and do to lag got killed by a hatching (Got to the top of factory offices sat in a corner hear a hatchling hitting something close. . . . .dead). S**T Happens.
  19. Kura


    Co to ma być jak boty z pompy nawalają w ciemno z kilometra i trafiają? Co to ma być jak bot stoi tyłem do CB , odwraca się i w 10ms padasz od jednego hita. No bez przesady......
  20. OsamaBinBacken

    Bots sind zu stark

    Hey ich spiele jetzt schon seit einigen tagen escape from tarkov und ich sterbe immer ohne irgendwas zu sehen die bots schießen durch büsche durch Baumkronen und anderen zeug ohne das man sie sieht aber sie sehen einen direkt. Bitte macht die Bots leichter. Jetzt sagen die meisten das ist dann aber nicht mehr realistisch die bots sind jetzt nicht realistisch das ist das ding
  21. wellendoxairfix


    https://clips.twitch.tv/TangibleBenevolentDinosaurBabyRage Anything else to say? I think not. Hey developers, please consider putting a leash on those bots. Thanks.
  22. We all know the bot's are difficult to get right, But is there a way we can Help with a solution? My suggestion to keep the bot's difficult but at least manageable on a one v one basis, Keep there reaction time up but delay there reaction time with X amount of time after being subject to Status change e.g :Being shot at, Being alerted to a player running or opening crate's, Shot's in the distance that kind of stuff. It would be 0.2 or so of a second but a more player friendly encounter. Could even have the reaction time scale with AI level's to. Another suggestion would be with already having the bot's naturally losing accuracy over distance, They could randomly Select a Body part to try shoot at with a (Percentage) over (Distance) accuracy loss. But have a rule that they will NOT select the same body part twice in a row, Eliminating the instant two tap head shot we all suffer from. But still catching people off guard easily. Bearing in mind the AI's third shot can still (With a chance) Select the severely damaged area to aim for and kill the player. Remember though the bullet spread could also have a chance to hit the spot that is damaged already. e.g :The AI aim's for the head and hits,Then for the right arm and hits and then aim's for the body and the bullet fire's high and hit's the head, DEAD. It's imperative we keep the bot's Difficult. I think with some tweak's by professional developers could be useful who know's? After being subject to a series of bot attack over the past couple of hours I decided that I would post this and see how imaginative the Escape From Tarkov community is, See if the developers can be inspired to do something amazing with bot's from our ideas and MAKE THE BOT'S GREAT... Love the game even as it is. Keep up the good work BSG
  23. lcxrp

    Offline weird bots.

    Hey buddies, Lucas here, from Brazil. Before something else, my english is rusty and I don't like to use google translat. I'm here to ask something that happens in offline raids: Sometimes, the bots looks like so strange, I mean, they shooting on roof, move from side to side quickly without leave the spot. When the bots run, the sound crash to. I don't believe it's my PC settings: i5 7400 3.0 GHz, RAM 16gb, GTX 1070, the game is installed on my SSD drive. I rec a video, if u want to see, teel me how to send to u. What is this? Can u help me? Thanks.
  24. BoogalooBoy2020

    Nerf The poo Out Of Bots

    I got 3 shot sniped by a bot with a pistol when I peaked my head around a corner in factory, he was literally halfway across the map below me and I was in the stairs area and had no previous aggro, and he ducking two shots me. Scavs are ruining the game at the moment, either nerf them to where they can't kill me in 3 shots with a pistol like the fastest gun in the fuckin' East or remove them temporarily until they are fixed, it's honestly game breaking.
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