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Found 10 results

  1. Freem89

    Constant crashing

    Does anybody else's game hard crash every raid? I literally can't play because of it, it does this about 4 or 5 times per raid, so lucky if I get out half the time. Its only started doing it since 2 patches ago. So I was just wondering if it was just my game, or is anybody else having this problem?
  2. Littlescar510

    Game update handling Error

    I try to update my game then I get an error that says Game Update Handling error error during apply patch for file "UnityPlayer.dll". File State:Modiified Do not know what to do please help thank you.
  3. The title says it all , i really want to play ive been waiting since last sale when i was unsure about buying it . I also bought this game 5 times on G2a and got refunded everytime because the key was invalid/revoked after 1 week . i really want to play this game
  4. Lucien_Lachance

    This game is broke

    I will not play this game for a while i shoot all 8 shotgun round in a guy an he dont want to die he got no protection i was full gear and lost all my stuff i was thinking okay its normal this game is buggy so i do a second try an i got kill by a man walking through closed doors saad life #lone wolf
  5. Chbingle

    Access Denied

    I played the game last night and everything went fine and smooth. I'm trying to start the launcher tonight and a pop up saying "Access Denied" has popped up. Anyone else experiencing this? Servers down?
  6. DrGuy

    Factory Matching

    Is just my friends and I, or is this a lot more people having this issue? It seems that every time I attempt to load into Factory as a PMC ether solo or in a group, it can take up to 15 minuets to match-make. Why is this happening, I really like to play factory because I don't have much, but now it seems pointless to wait 15 minuets to play a 3 minuet game.
  7. Darklapis12


    The Game won't load in Factory at all I have reset pc, game and even re downloaded. It always goes to matching for 5 minutes and then disconnects.
  8. KillaMike852

    Peacekeeper can haz more dollars?

    Please please PLEASE ffs give peacekeeper more money. He runs out of USD within 3 minutes of a new hour. It makes trading and leveling with him a pain. It doesn't make much sense for him to start with so little even with the conversion rate. Or allow us to trade with him in rubles for people that just want to level him.
  9. MickxalYoutube

    Door broke my legs

    I was one the shoreline map when I entered a barn, I decided to close the door but apparently I was too far out and the door closed on me pushing me back in and breaking my legs. Sadly I didn't have the replay feature in Geforce Experience activated so I couldn't capture it. BTW I'm new and have 5 hours in, I'm positive I didn't hear a gunshot so it's impossible for a scav to have shot me. I'm not that stupid. I posted this on reddit and it's seems it's a rare occurrence which makes me confused. Is this normal ? Did this happen to you? Devs please fix.
  10. Vanhorn420

    Broken loot

    Some items wont go into certain storage slots on your backpack, avs etc. the game either thinks there's an item there still.
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