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Found 60 results

  1. scrappercb


    Am I the only one who feels like grenades (Specifically the act of throwing them) are broken at the moment? Currently I can throw a grenade, watch it go through a window just for it to somehow blow up at my feet. When throwing grenades it's really difficult at the best of times (Even streamers with thousands of hours in the game have trouble) to throw it where you're intending to and I don't feel it should be quite as hard as it stands currently. Some sort of throw indicator a la Hunt Showdown is required. I'm not suggesting you should be able to throw with pinpoint accuracy as I know that's not exactly realistic, but for God's sakes I should be able to throw it with "some" accuracy (Indicator could show an ever expanding cone for example, longer the throw the bigger the variation in where it'll land). If I'm alone in my thoughts cool, but if not I think it's something that the devs really need to consider as the currently mechanic is in my humble opinion pretty frustrating and not as fun and engaging to use as it could/should be. Thanks guys.
  2. Turil

    Cool game, but It's not fun.

    I've been playing EFT for 3 months now. At the beginning it was it was really intense and what i thought was fun. I'm starting to think that it wasn't actually ''Fun'' it was just me forcing myself through the vast amount of unpleasant aspects to chase that intense feeling you get after a crazy firefight. That's about it. -The biggest problem with EFT is the lack of ability to gain muscle memory. Ever gun and attachment changes how the gun feels moves to the point where it's impossible to gain proper muscle memory in the game, every engagement feels like you've never held a gun before. Yes i've practiced, but every time i change guns or change an attachment it fks me up. -Its not smooth, every movement is clunky and has a nasty effect on your ability to use /aim your gun and will cancel your ADS if you ADS too soon. -bla bla bla ''realism'' yea realism is great. but when it starts to impact the fun of the gameplay to the point where some things are very realistic but others are not even close. its simply frustrating -It's not intuitive. Nothing about the loadout and fleamarket systems are intuitive or pleasant. It's literally a chore to simply get the loadout you want / use the fleamarket. -There's so many bugs and inherent problems with the game play its not even funny. Il scope in on a doorway and suddenly its black inside when it wasn't a second ago. The bots will snap on you with an instant headshot through a window that you cant even see out of. you will see a player off in the distance, scope in only to see somthign covering the area you were jsut looking at... the pop in is just unbelievably bad. its actually game breaking. -How in the world does adding a different stock on your rifle make it ads faster? ???????? -stuttering and players poping into existence in front of you. -It's too expensive for what it is and/what are the benefits of paying so much for a beta when big part of why ppl upgrade there account is simply removed. -the bots are so predictable and boring.. the only thing that makes them a challenge is their ridiculous ability to snap head shot you and their perfect nade spam. even those are pretty easy to get around. -sound issues. Not being able to tell which floor someone is on. - wearing ear pro makes some sounds downright painful and there are times when i 100% should have heard that scav/ player walk up on me / open that door 2 ft away but i didn't. even with ear pro - To be frank, there's too many ammo options most of them useless -there needs to be a ''Load all mags'' option on ammo. -there needs to be better stash organization. for example. It would be nice to have different tabs for all your gear. one for armor, one for guns. one for ammo, one for UsElESs aaMMmoo, one for -ADD CUSTOMIZABLE SAVED LOADOUTS SO YOU CAN JUST FKN ONE CLICK GOGOGO INTO YOUR NEXT RAID pleASE.
  3. As Title suggests, I have done everything I can think of, including clearing registry, uninstalling everything, restarting pc, disabling any kind of anti-virus/anti-'x' nothing works, I have re-downloaded the game 5 times now each time it gets to 100% downloaded and shows the title as an error message (image attached) I have spent the entire day trying to fix this issue, I have seen people on the forums have had this issue for years and have said that support gives them no support (I recieved none either) how is this not fixed yet? no other game has this issue, 45 euros is a lot for a game that's not even out yet and the fact I can't even run it is kind of frustrating. any help appreciated, thanks.
  4. To start this video was recorded in offline raid as I have given up on playing online raids till I can figure this out. This has been happening me for months and last two updates have made it unplayable for me personally. My specs are as follows GPU: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti CPU: i7-8700K CPU @ 4.7GHz Memory: 16 GB RAM @3200 Current resolution: 2560 x 1440, 144Hz. My settings don't see to affect this at all I have tried all low, high and mixed settings nothing helps in that regard. I have tried so many things in the last two months to help this and it either doesn't help or makes it worse. I will post a video of me playing in offline (happens worse online, but I am sick of losing loot to full on freezing every time I look at a player.) At around 14 seconds in the video you can see what I mean. Game freezes for 2 seconds and that is a low freeze compared to some lasting 4 seconds plus. I play tons of other games single player and multiplayer and do not have any problems like this at all. Any help or insight would be great. Before anyone says it's shadow play I never use it only to record this video, I also always have it turned off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIHPa5ktXwY
  5. SparkKMaster

    Can't join the official discord...

    Hello! 2 days ago (11/07/2020) I was in a voice chat with a level one helping him getting into the game.. All of a sudden a guy joined the voice chat (Not gonna say his name because it seems that's the reason I got banned/muted for 24h) I told him to gtfo.. Later checked if he was still online, and sure he was still there, going from room to room trying to sell cheats. I then posted about it, and his name/id because I thought that's what you're supposed to do... Well, guess not. Someone reported me for this, what I did wrong is naming the guy I guess? Because the reason for my 24h ban according to the server bot don't tell me what I did wrong... Anyways, the discord bot "Zeppelin" sent me this message: "ZeppelinBOT11/07/2020 You have been banned from the Escape from Tarkov Official server. Reason given: 24h You need to respect the rules. 24H mute" I tried to rejoin today and but I just get rejected, saying that im banned still and no longer able to join... It's been well over 24h.. I promise not to ever report a cheater or cheat-provider in the future.. Hell, im even scared my account will be banned just for making this post..I thought I did something good by reporting the guy to prevent more people cheating... but I guess that's not the case (I have video of the whole situation too) if someone does not believe me. Im clueless as to why I got this "24h" ban. "You need to respect the rules", of course, I just can't see what rules I have broken... Let this be a warning to other players who wants to get rid of the cheating in this game, just look the other way if you wanna stay out of trouble. So am I banned forever or is the bot broken/lying to me? This feels so unfair.. Am I wrong? Some clear explanations would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Rdelaura

    Preset Broken?

    I created a preset and went to buy the things I need and it just spins on all the PURCHASES without end. I can go back to my character but if I try to move something it ghosts out and never moves. Everything pretty much stops and I have to exit the game. It also doesnt save the preset I tried to save prior to buying. This has been going on for a couple hours. Anyone else exp this and/or know how to fix it?
  7. TheBasiLisk

    Why is this happening?

    On the odd chance that BSG reads this, I would like to know wth is going on. I have been dealing with constant "server connection lost" issues, usually resulting in the death of my pmc, by the time i'm able to reconnect. But something a lot more annoying has started happening, a lot more frequently. Yesterday, I had 5 "games" in a row, as a pmc, where I couldn't see, or hear my teammates, or any other players/scavs. The old alt+f4 did not help either. I then went on to try a few solo pmc runs, and the same issue popped up. Running around, not seeing, or hearing, any other player on the map. The whole dying suddenly thing is beyond annoying now, and has rendered the game extremely unplayable. is there a fix for this? Or will this issue go on to be completely ignored?
  8. Just comes up with this error anyone wanna help me
  9. I have had this same issue with MANY items i have been receiving in which I cannot sell the items for their true market value and make any sort of profit whatsoever because the broken formula wants to charge me MORE THAN WHAT THE ITEMS IS EVEN WORTH!!! PLEASE FIX THIS SO WE CAN USE THE MARKET CORRECTLY AND MAKE THE PROFITS WE NEED!!! TAXATION IS THEFT!!!!
  10. Wasabi12145

    Currently Unable to Even Play

    My latest support ticket, If anyone has *ANY* tips to fix this then please let me know. I'm not doing great in life currently which is why im playing off mobile data, and until now never had an issue, so its frustrating as hell now being completely unable to play due to this. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I literally can no longer play the game, I can't ever connect to the servers in game and play the game. As of the most recent patch / patches, i'm no longer able to play the game anymore, The past 3 to 4 weeks I've been completely unable to play the game, I'm currently using my mobiles data to act as wifi and I'm getting around 50 to 80 ping and I can't play a single area in the game due to "Server connection lost" This does not happen when I go to my partners house and use their PC, and I have no issues in any other game regarding connection besides ping being sometimes high I can get to the final stages in loading, can use the flea market and can do everything else in the game besides actually play. This is without a doubt putting me off the game but I just hope this gets attention. Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core CPU 3GHz 16GB DDR4 RAM 1080TI GPU 1000Wt PSU Network: EE / 38.43Mbps UP / 10.67 Mbps DOWN Please guys, make this game great. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  11. Hey, im a new player and so far i like the game very much. i just tried my first run on customs. ive spent the whole 35 mins with exploring, killing and looting. At the end (i still had 5 mins left) i decided to escape... but i never did. ive been to zb-1011 and zb-1012, factory far corner, admin gate, scav cp and military base cp. None of them worked. my pmc was filled to the brim with loot. obviously im mad... ive escaped multiple times on other maps and even watched videos specifically for customs exits. i did nothing wrong. maybe a bug or something? pls someone help me. i liked the map but now im afraid to play it again. i dont want to lose another fuckton of loot...
  12. PredatorWolf

    Unable to install game

    I have recently tried to install EFT on my PC but every-time I choose and installation path all I get is an error message saying that its being used by another process. When i go into that folder there is a 0-kb folder named lock in there for no reason. I have done a fresh install of the game multiple times and even a PC reset but still the same outcome. Please help.
  13. Craumas

    Tarkov Installation Corrupted

    I've been having major issues the past couple days. For some reason Tarkov will not let me delete it or when it reinstalls it rolls back the launcher update when I open it and says I don't have permission to access the files. BUt it says I'm the owner in the files initially. But as soon as it rolls back the launcher it corrupts and says I don't have access to it and it doesn't even let me set myself as owner again. It's becoming extremely discouraging and I cannot find any resources to help with it. Does anyone know how to fix it? I can't even access the launcher, it says windows doesn't have a specified path. But when I delete it with safe mode and re-install it, it downloads and I open up the launcher to finish the update and it says to restart it and it rolls back the changes and corrupts it to the point that I can't even change ownership of the files or delete it normally because the exe doesn't allow anyone to access it. I've been working on fixes all day but nothing has worked.
  14. It's starting to get extremely annoying getting killed so easily by players who aren't even skilled or using gear, meanwhile I'm rocking the best tier 6 gear playing with the most careful tactics, and I still get one shot through a window that I can't even shoot through myself (Glass hallway in factory.) They seem to be able to run around naked and take an infinite amount of bullets to kill. This all happened after I shot a whole mag of 5.56 M995 into a guy and his friend yet they just took it all and ran away whilst his friend one shot me with a vepr naked, after I was the one shooting them both through the window. Please fix the game or change the mechanics to favor skilled players who use proper gear and real tactics, not the ones who constantly runs OP meta guns naked who's only knowledge on weapons are Call Of Duty. Thank you. P.S. The reason wall strafing exists is because of the massive speed advantage a non geared player gets over a geared player, making it so when they strafe, they move around so fast, you can't hit them even with full auto best ammo, meanwhile you are wearing armor so it slows you down and they have armor piercing so they hit you every time nothing you can do, but hope to survive and get a hit in. This coupled with poor net code and overloaded servers are all just a recipe for a broken rage inducing game. This is basically supposed to be an MMOFPS, yet has the worst balance I've ever seen in any FPS game. Please fix it.
  15. Idk how many of you have had this issue but I am getting tired of being spawned in to raids with either my PMC or Scav and only have 10-5 mins or less (2 mins was my last raid timer) to just get to the other side of the map to extract, it doesn't give us time to loot, PvPvE or even get to our extract. If you do get out and had little of time to loot on your way out of the raid, the time between spawn and extract are so close that you can't get enough XP for it to count as a success so you lose everything you gained in that raid. This is getting very frustrating. My last raid timer I had 2 mins to get from my spawn to loot enough xp and get to my extract for it to be a success, but as you guessed it I was counted as MIA along with my friend who played with me and we lost all the items we looted on the way. Waste of my time. Please set a time limit on when a server stops accepting new raiders. It is not enjoyable to get in to a raid with no time especially after waiting for so long looking for a server to join.
  16. MK_FlicK

    Game needs constant repair

    i noticed a pattern. one day the game is working fine, a small update comes out. and the game never launches and after each repair im greeted to more repairs. after giving up and seeing a small random update. the game out of nowhere starts to work i have verified the game reinstalled the launcher and game itself cleared cache downloaded the file directly off the site and through support ticket link moved it to an SSD done countless repairs submitted multiple tickets asked the reddit community (still no fix) i have tried everything and the game still is not working and i dont have to wait until an update comes up just to play. its literally broken if there is any fix i really need it
  17. Scionti

    Skills are horribly broken...

    I'm sure this has been posted before, but I can't find anything in the search function. Rather than just complain, lets spitball some ideas for replacement skill systems. As the current one is cancer. Maybe something akin to Diablo 2, where you put a point into something each level for some skills? (again spitballing here)
  18. Crispywafflz

    Can we please get a real report system

    We need a report system and a real anti cheat please ive died so many times and lost millions of rubles worth of gear. I literally just die now like no one around me or anything I just take damage and then die. doesn't matter who I play on
  19. lordswift

    Game Crashed Bug

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and could help me. If not i will log a support ticket because i am at my wits end. I have ran repeated Integrity Checks, Cleared the Cache, Reinstalled the game client twice. Removed every single trace of the game and manually deleted anything left from my HDD and reinstalled fresh. Still getting this exact error upon hitting Play. Thanks
  20. So I took some of my gear and went in customs, had a good run and then time started to run out so my buddy and I took off and wanted to exit... BUT, we could not extract neither from old gas station or ZB1012. We were on time, but we were both injured and dehydrated. Naturally we didn't make it from old gas station to another extraction point, because we spent like 10 minutes wondering around making sure we checked every last corner of the gas station in case we missed it. We lost all our brought in stuff and all the good stuff we collected during the run. And it's not the first time I wasn't able to extract, but I got so mad this time I just couldn't let it slip again. Please give me a reasonable explanation why this happens to me from time to time. I really like the game but c'mon... Hope we resolve this
  21. I'm from aus, my servers are Sydney 1 and 2. I was playing on woods, PMC. I couldn't use any meds, however I was not desync'd as players and scavs were still shooting on the map. I ran into some more scavs 10 minutes into the game, still couldn't use meds and died to wounds. None of my limbs where blacked out, I had no injuries other than green/yellow bars on a few limbs. Why was the game working as normal but I couldn't heal or use any medical items? Why is the game still broken? Please stop adding in things like MP7 etc and work on more critical issues. Thankyou.
  22. JordanCassese

    Scavs are BROKEN

    What the hell did you guys do with the scavs... I am getting one tapped by Saigas from 55+ meters but when they are up close and all in my face they miss every single shot. Also I am experiencing incorrect hit counts on my death screen. I don't know if theres some sort of desync going around but there have been multiple instances where I unload a 20 round SKS mag into a scav and he will end up shotgunning me and killing me, yet on my death screen, my hitcounts are always incorrect. If I am point blank shooting at a scav, and empty my 20 round magazine into a scav... my hit count should not be FIVE... I don't know whats going on but I am convinced shotgun scavs are actually broken. I don't know if this is a known issue. All I can say is that a year into this game and patch days are still introducing more bugs than the previous. I have had the game for an entire year... and the scavs are still being changed every. single. ducking. patch. I don't know how to code or how to make video games but just fix them already like how hard can it be. PS. dont tell me I'm probably lagging because I have my ping up on my screen so I can tell when I am lagging or not. 30 ping is more than enough to tell when the game is being fucky or if it's my connection. I ALSO understand that this game is still EARLY ACCESS and I should "READ WHAT I PAY FOR" but come on it's been a YEAR and bugs like this are still active today... I just wanna play the game like everyone else but it's hard when the devs keep making it worse.
  23. Jay0351

    Can't log in at all

    Since the update I haven't been able to get through the loading screen. I've reinstalled the game and ensured all firewalls/anti-virus programs are off. The launcher comes up fine but the next screen just stays locked with the circle continuing to spin on the bottom right of the screen. I have logged a couple complaints and got one reply saying this is a known issue. So a quick question. Is there anyone else experiencing this problem since the wipe?
  24. Did117

    Bushes and Bravo scope

    The bushes are see trough now. People hiding there stand out like a sore thumb. I understand they should not be absolute walls of greens, but they should offer some kind of concealment. Right now with new sound mechanics where you make so much noise trying adjust your position while trying to stay under concealment, it's a nightmare. Also the bravo scope is broken. Like really broken, adjusting the FOV does nothing.
  25. So i'm sure you've heard a bunch of people moan and complain about the ammo... but it really is annoying It varies from just casual scav runs where you just shoot someone for loot and just NOTHING to loading a player full of BT rounds. Shot up a NPC scav because P226R isn't exactly my forte. i ended up going "whatever, i'll stab him." i proceed to stab him a couple times and he just starts to run then whips around and shoots me. didn't even kill him when i stabbed his head. not the first time i've come across this glitch, but some day i hope its the last.
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