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Found 45 results

  1. I have had this same issue with MANY items i have been receiving in which I cannot sell the items for their true market value and make any sort of profit whatsoever because the broken formula wants to charge me MORE THAN WHAT THE ITEMS IS EVEN WORTH!!! PLEASE FIX THIS SO WE CAN USE THE MARKET CORRECTLY AND MAKE THE PROFITS WE NEED!!! TAXATION IS THEFT!!!!
  2. Turil

    Cool game, but It's not fun.

    I've been playing EFT for 3 months now. At the beginning it was it was really intense and what i thought was fun. I'm starting to think that it wasn't actually ''Fun'' it was just me forcing myself through the vast amount of unpleasant aspects to chase that intense feeling you get after a crazy firefight. That's about it. -The biggest problem with EFT is the lack of ability to gain muscle memory. Ever gun and attachment changes how the gun feels moves to the point where it's impossible to gain proper muscle memory in the game, every engagement feels like you've never held a gun before. Yes i've practiced, but every time i change guns or change an attachment it fks me up. -Its not smooth, every movement is clunky and has a nasty effect on your ability to use /aim your gun and will cancel your ADS if you ADS too soon. -bla bla bla ''realism'' yea realism is great. but when it starts to impact the fun of the gameplay to the point where some things are very realistic but others are not even close. its simply frustrating -It's not intuitive. Nothing about the loadout and fleamarket systems are intuitive or pleasant. It's literally a chore to simply get the loadout you want / use the fleamarket. -There's so many bugs and inherent problems with the game play its not even funny. Il scope in on a doorway and suddenly its black inside when it wasn't a second ago. The bots will snap on you with an instant headshot through a window that you cant even see out of. you will see a player off in the distance, scope in only to see somthign covering the area you were jsut looking at... the pop in is just unbelievably bad. its actually game breaking. -How in the world does adding a different stock on your rifle make it ads faster? ???????? -stuttering and players poping into existence in front of you. -It's too expensive for what it is and/what are the benefits of paying so much for a beta when big part of why ppl upgrade there account is simply removed. -the bots are so predictable and boring.. the only thing that makes them a challenge is their ridiculous ability to snap head shot you and their perfect nade spam. even those are pretty easy to get around. -sound issues. Not being able to tell which floor someone is on. - wearing ear pro makes some sounds downright painful and there are times when i 100% should have heard that scav/ player walk up on me / open that door 2 ft away but i didn't. even with ear pro - To be frank, there's too many ammo options most of them useless -there needs to be a ''Load all mags'' option on ammo. -there needs to be better stash organization. for example. It would be nice to have different tabs for all your gear. one for armor, one for guns. one for ammo, one for UsElESs aaMMmoo, one for -ADD CUSTOMIZABLE SAVED LOADOUTS SO YOU CAN JUST FKN ONE CLICK GOGOGO INTO YOUR NEXT RAID pleASE.
  3. Crispywafflz

    Can we please get a real report system

    We need a report system and a real anti cheat please ive died so many times and lost millions of rubles worth of gear. I literally just die now like no one around me or anything I just take damage and then die. doesn't matter who I play on
  4. lordswift

    Game Crashed Bug

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and could help me. If not i will log a support ticket because i am at my wits end. I have ran repeated Integrity Checks, Cleared the Cache, Reinstalled the game client twice. Removed every single trace of the game and manually deleted anything left from my HDD and reinstalled fresh. Still getting this exact error upon hitting Play. Thanks
  5. So I took some of my gear and went in customs, had a good run and then time started to run out so my buddy and I took off and wanted to exit... BUT, we could not extract neither from old gas station or ZB1012. We were on time, but we were both injured and dehydrated. Naturally we didn't make it from old gas station to another extraction point, because we spent like 10 minutes wondering around making sure we checked every last corner of the gas station in case we missed it. We lost all our brought in stuff and all the good stuff we collected during the run. And it's not the first time I wasn't able to extract, but I got so mad this time I just couldn't let it slip again. Please give me a reasonable explanation why this happens to me from time to time. I really like the game but c'mon... Hope we resolve this
  6. I'm from aus, my servers are Sydney 1 and 2. I was playing on woods, PMC. I couldn't use any meds, however I was not desync'd as players and scavs were still shooting on the map. I ran into some more scavs 10 minutes into the game, still couldn't use meds and died to wounds. None of my limbs where blacked out, I had no injuries other than green/yellow bars on a few limbs. Why was the game working as normal but I couldn't heal or use any medical items? Why is the game still broken? Please stop adding in things like MP7 etc and work on more critical issues. Thankyou.
  7. JordanCassese

    Scavs are BROKEN

    What the hell did you guys do with the scavs... I am getting one tapped by Saigas from 55+ meters but when they are up close and all in my face they miss every single shot. Also I am experiencing incorrect hit counts on my death screen. I don't know if theres some sort of desync going around but there have been multiple instances where I unload a 20 round SKS mag into a scav and he will end up shotgunning me and killing me, yet on my death screen, my hitcounts are always incorrect. If I am point blank shooting at a scav, and empty my 20 round magazine into a scav... my hit count should not be FIVE... I don't know whats going on but I am convinced shotgun scavs are actually broken. I don't know if this is a known issue. All I can say is that a year into this game and patch days are still introducing more bugs than the previous. I have had the game for an entire year... and the scavs are still being changed every. single. ducking. patch. I don't know how to code or how to make video games but just fix them already like how hard can it be. PS. dont tell me I'm probably lagging because I have my ping up on my screen so I can tell when I am lagging or not. 30 ping is more than enough to tell when the game is being fucky or if it's my connection. I ALSO understand that this game is still EARLY ACCESS and I should "READ WHAT I PAY FOR" but come on it's been a YEAR and bugs like this are still active today... I just wanna play the game like everyone else but it's hard when the devs keep making it worse.
  8. Jay0351

    Can't log in at all

    Since the update I haven't been able to get through the loading screen. I've reinstalled the game and ensured all firewalls/anti-virus programs are off. The launcher comes up fine but the next screen just stays locked with the circle continuing to spin on the bottom right of the screen. I have logged a couple complaints and got one reply saying this is a known issue. So a quick question. Is there anyone else experiencing this problem since the wipe?
  9. Did117

    Bushes and Bravo scope

    The bushes are see trough now. People hiding there stand out like a sore thumb. I understand they should not be absolute walls of greens, but they should offer some kind of concealment. Right now with new sound mechanics where you make so much noise trying adjust your position while trying to stay under concealment, it's a nightmare. Also the bravo scope is broken. Like really broken, adjusting the FOV does nothing.
  10. So i'm sure you've heard a bunch of people moan and complain about the ammo... but it really is annoying It varies from just casual scav runs where you just shoot someone for loot and just NOTHING to loading a player full of BT rounds. Shot up a NPC scav because P226R isn't exactly my forte. i ended up going "whatever, i'll stab him." i proceed to stab him a couple times and he just starts to run then whips around and shoots me. didn't even kill him when i stabbed his head. not the first time i've come across this glitch, but some day i hope its the last.
  11. ChilliCheeseDog

    So uh... hit reg?

    So, we were 3 manning factory with full kits to mess around because why not, y'know? Then the "fun" happens. We were clearing up to office, no troubles, we eviscerated a couple guys, i even took a whole TT mag to the torso, no issues... Little to no damage to my body armor (about two points) and then we hear someone bathroom. After waiting a little while, we go to clear it. Mind you we're all using Fast MT's, Altyn, Gazelle vest (don't remember what its called exactly), fort body armor for my boys, and we all had fully modded AK's and M4's, we go to clear bathroom.. I tag a guy twice in the face while he's standing on some lockers, lotta blood, we go in farther to clear it and I start unloading into the guy (his username is Venom- if its worth anything in the future) and he just two taps me with a PP-19 and i just get ducking wasted. he alone managed to one to two tap the rest of my guys. We got 3 man squad wiped by some cockhole with an UNTAR helmet and a PACA using a PP-19... I cannot see the logic behind that. at all. I get it, its a beta, but god damn
  12. GingerCyclops


    I am done this this game. I have put 10 shells into naked hatching's and have them still run at me untouched, then kill me. I have snuck up behind someone and put 20+ rounds into the back of their naked head and have them turn around and kill me. I have snuck up behind full geared to have them Whip around and insta headshot me. I have been walking through a feild then go to a black screen saying I killed my self. I have survived raids as both pmcs and scavs and had a authentication error which looses all the gear I got/brought into the raid. I have been one tapped headshot by makorovs with a fast Mt visor on. I have been insta head shot by someone who was facing the opposite direction. I have been killed by my own grenade that I threw 50+ feet away on the other side of cover. I have been killed by a hacker COUNTLESS times. I have lost connection to a match COUNTLESS times. I have been killed due to massive server delay COUNTLESS times. I have tried to shoot someone behind cover a dozen times due to the Horrendous pop in. I have been killed by Invincible scavs a dozen times. I have had my friend shoot me in the head 20+ times in a raid to prove that their is a invincibility bug. There is massive fps drops Constantly. My game almost always freezes from 1-3s when opening new inventories. the pop on objects is impressively bad. The fps is extremely inconsistent. the hit reg is more based on luck due to how bad it is. Sometimes you just can't hear gunshots right next to you (Same goes with footsteps, voice lines, etc). The inventory is Extremely glitchy and usually ends up breaking the game and making weapons entirely useless. I was lied to about this game. I saw all this cool content but nobody mentioned how UNPLAYABLE THIS GAME IS. I rather have play ability then these shitty content updates.
  13. chromaticblur

    10/10 new patch

    Every time I die or go to complete a Scav run I get dc'd on Exfil and am unable to collect my loot. I made it out with an M4A1 and a VSS from interchange on a Scav run and was disconnected the second Exfil finished, and was unable to reload and collect my loot. Please for the love of god STOP updating the game if you just ducking break it. This is actually getting ridiculous. Now I can't even play the game in fear of losing all my poo I ducking earn.
  14. I spawned with my buddy on Shoreline as PMC and the round was about to end XD I don't know why dat happed to us and how... PLS Battlestate explaine me why I lost my Gear after spawning ? why? That is quiet tilting... Pls give me back my loot kappa JK Video will follow is uploading ^^''
  15. Icarus_

    Skier task chemical,4 broken?

    I've ran this task 4 times now, and each time I will wait at the van until the timer hits zero, I will check my task menu in the raid and it says I've marked the med truck. But when I leave, it still says I need to go back to mark it again, and I cant hand in the task. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  16. I repeatedly have spawned in on factory and was killed seconds later by someone camping my spawn. The old spawns were better, less camping.
  17. GhostSpartan117

    A video I made :D

    I spent a lot of time making this so please check it out Love you all!
  18. Am i the only one that is getting one tapped on factory with a paca and helmet? like seriously? i thought this was over, with the rise of the machines is happening. I cant turn a corner anymore without getting instantly one tapped in the head. RIP all my gear on factory.
  19. Someone help please! I'm stuck at Prapor and Therapist mission. I have to place Mark onto Red trucks and Ambulance. I place it all, I escape and mission start again like I never did it! What should I do? Actually I need the Prapor quest in order to LVL up him to 2, cause right now I cant buy decent ammo for weapons!
  20. Go4BreeZ

    Much hacks much cheat

    Someone please explain this
  21. Djhennings7

    Fix this Spot Please

    So what happened was i killed player and he has dying animation of falling into this un needed hole in the map factory, he was wearing full gear/ rsass/ak74n fully modded/ trizip and i tried to loot him and i couldnt! Please explain/ get back to me on this incident thanks yours truly Henn ;*
  22. CRE4MPIE

    Medical System Improvements

    The current state of the medical system leaves alot to be desired for a few reasons. I'll continue to list some challenges below: 1) In order to get detailed information about your medical condition you have to open a separate window and doesn't always feel very intuitive. Please have a look at improving how your medical status is implemented. e.g. you could have varying levels of a RAG indicator on your player avatar in the top left corner indicating the severity of damage. Right now you have grey , black , red ? 2) Where's the healing animations for using medkits , bandages , morphine etc ? As it stands a player hotkeys the medkit and just spams it while carrying on running / shooting / moving without any issues. Performing ANY other action while using medics should stop the effect from being applied. Same as searching containers etc. EFT is meant to be realistic , not selectively so. This is massively game breaking and counter-immersive 3) The last suggestion is to look at the bleed out effect. Instead of weird looking veins across your screen, perhaps look at slowly fading out the colour, sound and so on until death. CP out
  23. Several times today i have died to a hatchet swing from meters away. Nowhere near close enough to hit me. Are the servers just poo with updating character position (poor net code), or is the hatchet just broken?
  24. AmptEdge

    Unable to extract bug

    I hoped into a shoreline map, as a scav, ran around found a few guns and filled my back pack and vest. Get to my extract, at the lighthouse, for it to glitch out, not let me leave and then time down to 0 to tell me I've lost everything because I didn't extract. I tried leaving the exit and come back for it to count down again and do the same thing. I don't know where the other exit is, nor did I have time to try and run over to it with less than 5 minutes left of the raid when I got there. I should also mention that during this raid the game disconnected me twice. I think it was the entire raid that was disconnected because I saw a player sitting there, in the open, not doing anything a minute before it kicked me out the 2nd time. I let him live and what do I get for my good karma? A nice little glitch of not letting me escape. Kinda a game breaking issue.
  25. KnightlyBear6

    New gamebreaking glitch

    I killed a player with my ak-74n picked up his gear, and jumped on the rock next to his body to check for teammates on woods. When i got on this rock it slid me of and stuck me in the falling position and slid me along the ground for maybe 100 m before i got stuck. I was playing with a squad of two who both experienced this happening to me, and i just wanted to put this out for the community. ps. I had to get my friend to f1 grenade me to even kill me so i wasn't stuck starving or dehydrating to death.
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