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Found 5 results

  1. I just did a scav run and had pretty decent luck. I found a lone PMC taking out a double group of Scav Raiders / Gluhar's team. After one shot to kill the final raider because he was friendly, and another few to take out the PMC, I hauled my loot. Here it is, just as I started running to CP fence: Here it is on the Raid Ended screen: The helmet, the MP7,the sight, the grip, etc. I have the video to go with it, but screenshots are easier to post. Can we get verification that there isn't a problem? I don't really care so much about FIR as a PMC, but as a
  2. This is my server list as of right this moment on Tuesday night at almost 11 pm. I don't care about Seoul, Hong Kong, or Singapore. I live very near to Tokyo. Notice those pings? That is completely unacceptable. That's with nothing else running or using any bandwidth. The connection issues have become so terrible recently I began to check my speed and ping the Tarkov servers as well everyday before playing. My normal Tokyo ping is 12, but as of the last few weeks especially on the weekends I just can't play at prime time. I can at least understand that on the weekends as it's a time when a goo
  3. Delicious_Tea

    Asia Server Cluster

    As of an hour ago there was no issue. I am usually playing on the Seoul or Tokyo server. There was no notification that a Tokyo 02 server was up, but I just found out moments ago when I found that I was instantly losing all connections to nay game. I live right next to Tokyo and my ping is usually 10-15 ms to the server there. It is now never below 150. The following picture was the lowest it ever displayed after waiting for 5 minutes. There are no other connections outside and my ping is nominal for everything else. Is there a DDOS attack or other issue happening to t
  4. When the Raiders and Bosses/Bodyguards can shoot you perfectly between your helmet and body armor with one shot and take you out, I would expect to be able to do the same to them. Here's a short video for you: To summarize, I see a raider who is not aggressive to me (rare enough as that is) and decide that I could use his AK and gear either for money or personal usage. I was given a cruddy KEDR with lousy bullets. And to stem the arguments, yes I'm aware of armor penetration, cheap ammo vs good ammo, and the fact that raiders and bosses have higher than normal
  5. I was having an okay money run on Reserve and while I was still sorting my bag I hear the 1-minute call from the train. I don't have a red rebel yet, so I bolted. The thing is, I got on the train, was shown the extraction prompt which counted down to 0, and then the train exited all the way. I knew something was off by then, but was kind of locked in the train and too afraid to alt + F4 and risk losing the extraction just in case. Instead I got dropped off into the field and killed instantly as seen in the video. I mean I'm extremely annoyed that all that cash, that was much needed, is lo
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