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  1. EULGaming_Basic

    Thank you to BSG Twitter Manager

    Not sure if the proper person will see this but I wanted to thank the social media manager of the Twitter account of BSG. I started posting guide videos on YouTube (EUL Gaming) and they tweeted us, it resulted in over 100 new subs. Some of the comments even mentioned thanking BSG for pointing us out. So if the person who runs the Twitter or Nikita himself does I really appreciate the support.
  2. So basically as soon as i open the launcher to log in a popup comes up saying 'Youll need a new app to open this about' and it doesnt go away it isnt a virus popup it is one from windows and i dont know what i have to do to make it work. I spent £37 on this game and i kind of want to play it!
  3. Game was working fine few days ago, but last night, but now I can't even open up the launcher (I think it crashes everytime I try to open it?) I've tried redownloading it a dozen times, ran it as admin, updated windows and C++ etc This is what I get in EventViewer: Faulting application name: BsgLauncher.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5fdcf208 Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 10.0.18362.1316, time stamp: 0x45a49e53 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00000000000a04b9 Faulting process id: 0x2890 Faulting application start time: 0x01d6ea5266cb572
  4. La sirena rimbomba nell'edificio; a terra giacciono i corpi senza vita di valorosi Scav, mentre 3 PMC ricaricano i propri fucili: stavano solo aspettando il suono di quella maledetta sirena per poter agire! Potrebbe essere il vostro Team, quello intrappolato dentro un edifico, in giro per Tarkov, pronti a correre via per completare degli obbiettivi, delle Sfide. Sfide che potranno essere completate, indipendentemente dal proprio livello o dal proprio inventario, così da rendere il Torneo quanto più “fair” possibile e che vi porteranno a scalare la classifica per aggiudicarsi la Vittor
  5. Menekülők Néhány szó a valódi pénzért kereskedésről és a csalókról: 1, A BattlEye banok (sok van minden nap, együtt finomítjuk a rendszert, hogy a banolás minél gyorsabb legyen) A 12.6-os patchtől kezdve (május 28) majdnem 10000 csaló lett bannolva. Csak idő kérdése és minden csaló bannolva lesz. 2, Készül a játékon belüli jelentés rendszer, sok más infóval együtt ez is egy plusz dolog lesz, amit fel tudnak használni a BattlEyenál, de nem ez lesz az egyetlen ok a banolásra. 3, A játék szerverek is megkapják a saját védelmüket a csalókkal szemben (instank kick,
  6. i dont wanna mention how many hackers i met recently, but tnt. i met the same guy for few times, me and my friends are in a 5 man pmc team, 5 of us got instantly hs by that guy for few games, i know there must be some ppl said that BSG is working on it so hard , but wt i knew is , the amount of cheaters are increasing rapidly, they just abused the hack so much, i am reli disappoint with this. i already did avoid playin LAB and switched to reserve , but i still met tons of hackers. Later on i go search for it, and i saw the hax is for free, which means anyone can use it for free lmao.BS
  7. SoSoJaiQAQ

    escape from hackers

    honestly , i ve been playing with my fds for couple of hours tnt, every game in lab , we met hackers with chinese spelling name, i just wonder how BSG didnt create a Overwatch system to let us check if that was a cheater , also there should be a report button for us to report those cheater, i met chinese cheater in every single game recently. It;s reli frustrating that chinese frokin hackers ruin every fps game, i guess battleeye is doin nth and watching us get killed by hacker
  8. SoSoJaiQAQ

    login issue

    this is the first time of me to log in EFT in this week, i enter my account correctly , but it said i entered wrongly and banned me from long in for 20 hours. Seriously? wt can i do to deal with it, plz help me :(
  9. SoSoJaiQAQ

    server down again?

    greeting guys i have been stuck in the leaving game screen for eternalty already, i restart the computer and the game , it still shows me the same thing , helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp meeeeeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :(
  10. أيها المحاربيين! هذه تسربيات اليوم من قناة تاركوف تي في على تويتش
  11. ¡Supervivientes! Mañana, 15 de octubre de 2019, celebramos nuestro 5º aniversario. Avanzamos con pasión y confianza, creciendo y mejorando. Tenemos multitud de ideas y planes, y es gracias a vosotros. Muchas gracias a todos los que nos habéis apoyado, vuestra paciencia y fe en el proyecto nos motiva y nos da fuerzas. Sin exagerar, la comunidad de Escape from Tarkov es la mejor. ¡Con vosotros estamos creando el juego de nuestros sueños! https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page En honor a nuestro quinto aniversario, anunciamos un descuento del 25% en todos
  12. JacksonBarret

    Ask the Escapers - Cover Art

    This comic follows 5 PMC's in their mission to escape the Norvinsk region.Once enemies now allies they focus on their friendship and team tactics to escape meeting friendly PMC's on the way or even groups. What to expect in this comic and what kind of a comic is it? This is a ask blog comic,which means that you will get to ask each character a series of questions. There will also be random encounters with streamers and of course they will participate in questioning as well. So far we have TweakGG Ghost Freak And of course,Vertias There will be o
  13. Hello im Gabriel a 14 year old gamer who has 8 years of PC experience but im not good at programming or coding i just want to have a level design job at Battlestategames where i make new maps or update some maps you know so im thinking will they take me if i dont have any programming experience. I guess that level design is simple you just drag objects put them in place and put item spawns and stuff
  14. kapu05

    About PMC'S

    Hello so you guys know that theres USEC and BEAR faction's right? and theres USEC 3 voice too now so i was thinking that you developers should focus on bears voice now and what i suggest is broken english accent for bear you know so yeah have a nice day !
  15. NoisyCosmos

    Battlestate Games en Army 2019

    Battlestate Games, en colaboración con la empresa de equipamiento táctico y militar Wartech, estuvo en el Foro Internacional Técnico-Militar "Army 2019", organizado por el Ministerio de Defensa de la Federación Rusa. Tuvo lugar entre los días 25 al 30 de junio de este año, en Kubinka, Moscú. Podéis ver un resumen del evento en el siguiente vídeo:
  16. treej420


    this is getting ridiculous. its been long enough and there is still cheaters every day every raid. I either go to a server with no people or one with cheaters. anyone have any ideas on how we could help these tarkov devs combat this.
  17. kamcos

    new map labs

    Guys i have idea . If the new map will be in placed in terra group labs ,can u add scavs like security (bot not same guys as we can find on the other maps ) .Something like that with hi tec equipment , guns , armors , helmets (like the deal maker group) but not only 1 group meybe 5 or 6 but in group will be 3 guys . What about that ?
  18. TheColdVein

    Photos From Battlestate - Pt. 2!

    Dear Escapers, It is our pleasure to present to you the second batch of photos from the Battlestate Games Office. Please enjoy the candidness, and fun of all the hard work we put in to make this game we all love.
  19. In my games, hatchlings have been able to run up in front of me and my gun goes straight into the air so I am unable to shoot them. Is this intended and if not are there any plans to change this?
  20. Taking into consideration the inclusion of a ridiculous 84 round drum mag for the PM, and variants, into the game, as well as the planned introduction of grenade launchers, I bring you this humble suggestion:
  21. Vorwort: Mir ist völlig bewusst das wir uns in einer Beta Phase befinden, nichts desto trotz gewährt eine Beta Phase keine Absolution für jegliche Problematiken rund um die Entwicklung. Der Großteil der Nutzer wird an Beta/Early Access Konstrukten anderer Spielentwickler in den vergangenen Jahren teilgenommen haben und hat somit genauso wie ich, die Möglichkeit die gemachten Erfahrungen mit EFT zu ziehen. Im Folgenden ziehe ich nun direkte Vergleiche ohne diese zwingend wertend zu meinen. Grundsätzlich spreche ich hier nur aus meiner Sicht bzw. aus der gemeinsamen Sicht meine
  22. Nedávne tragické udalosti, ktoré sa odohrali v Rusku nás veľmi zasiahli, ostali sme šokovaní a naše srdcia sa naplnili žiaľom. Nemôžeme si pomôcť a radi by sme napísali zopár riadkov, pretože ostať ticho v tak ťažkej situácií je takmer nemožné. Tím Battlestate Games vyjadruje hlbokú a úprimnú sústrasť priateľom a príbuzným tých, ktorí v tejto tragédií stratili svoj život. Kemerov a región, želáme si aby vám naša podpora mohla poskytnúť dostatok síl aby ste spoločne mohli vytrvať v týchto temných dňoch. Naše myšlienky sú s vami. Staff EFT CZ/SK vyjadruje hlbokú a úprimnú sústrasť
  23. MrXavito


    ¡Hola Supervivientes! Sabemos que estabais esperando un reporte del año 2017 por nuestra parte, porque lo habíamos prometido. Pero desafortunadamente (o afortunadamente), desde principios de año hasta ahora, estamos absolutamente centrados en el desarrollo del juego. Crear un video que sea el reporte anual requiere que un gran número de desarrolladores se separe temporalmente de sus tareas actuales, por lo que, el reporte anual ha sido suspendido. En él también solíamos hablar de nuestros planes para el año siguiente. Pero como ya hemos dicho, hemos decidido mostraros éstos planes al me
  24. LikyLawlliet

    BattleState Games Team Picture

    Why there is not a battlestate games whole team picture? i would enjoy to see that like the old pc games enterprises: 3D-Realms around 1980, development team of Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior, Max Payne and other's: Please coment if you think this would be interesting
  25. EL CEO de Battlestate Games: Nikita Buyanov también conocido como Geneburn, responde las preguntas de los jugadores sobre los sonidos Pregunta: ¿Serán los sonidos de los pasos ajustados o regrabados? Para ser más precisos, el sonido en diferentes superficies como tierra, metal o césped. Por ejemplo, el sonido de pasos sobre un vagón de ferrocaril o una escalera metálica actualmente suenan más como si estuvieras pisando sobre una fina capa metálica. Respuesta: Hemos grabado un montón de sonidos de movimiento en diferentes superficies: asfalto húmedo y seco, gravilla, goma, baldosas rotas, roc
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