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Found 15 results

  1. Scav kills don't register

    I just played a game with my PMC on woods. in the game I killed 2 PMCs and around 10 scavs. but when I exited the game and looked how many l kills I got the game only registerd six kills. 2 PMCs and 4 scavs. I know its not just me that bad at math because the game told me I looted 14 bodies. and it was an 5am (in game time) game and I was the only geard player killing scavs. Is this a known bug or just a visual glitch and i still got the xp from those kills?
  2. Suggestion: make sure non-teamed PMC dont spawn on top of eachother plz. died 2 seconds into the raid.
  3. Delivery from the past - prapor

    Hey all, I just got the document from customs, placed it in the factory as suppost. therefore on the task those are marked with a very good. I extract normaly, but that is not becoming finished. its like stuck i extracted 5times from factory, still nothing. Is this a bug? or am i doing something wrong
  4. Spawn Probleme

    Hey Ich bin relativ neu in dem Spiel, ist wirklich spannend und macht Spaß, aber ... Ich habe regelmäßig Probleme beim joinen in den Raid. Warte ewig lange bei allem möglichen. Synchronisieren, auf andere Spieler warten usw. ... Alt+f4 und rejoin funktioniert manchmal, aber mein Loot ist jetzt schon x mal einfach weg. Echt ärgerlich wenn das M4 einfach so verschwindet :-( Ebenso sehe ich oft Spieler am Spawn rumstehen, die das selbe Schicksal ereilt hat. Kann mir jemand verraten woran das liegt, oder wie man das Problem beheben kann? MfG Björn
  5. How to distinguish the backpack before handover? I just handover one of MBSS with lots rubs and task items! they all same when I choose d which to handover!
  6. As stated, when I attempt to click "play" from the launcher, the game immediately gives me the "report" function, no other window opens up, stating it terminated. I've checked for updates, missing files, etc.
  7. Fences and damage

    Been having a couple of problems lately and not sure whether it was a bug or desync on my part. I was in a raid, I had already killed one scav and had a bit of gear. I came up behind another scav at gas station and fired a round at his head through a chain link fence. I saw the blood spray but he didn't die. I then proceeded to keep shooting him until I had no more bullets, putting round after round into his face. He eventually died, but it wasn't me that killed him. No one was teleporting around, as they might if I had desync, so I am wondering if this is something I should report or just put down to my internet? Not sure if it was the same issue, but I fired 100s of rounds at a player with a 74U, who was up on the train tracks while I was in the gas station. Might be because of the inaccuracy of the 74, but he never died, but it might also be linked into the thing with the scav before, seeing as i've never had an issue with this kind of thing before.
  8. Spawning Glitch?

    So after not playing the game for about 2/3 weeks I come back today after seeing it as a slightly big patch. I do a few main character runs and die of course, Then i switch to my Scav, Factory, loaded in. Instantly died. Now before i died there was a Scav standing exactly where I had died, my character "yawned", I don't understand that but then fell to the floor and died. I was in the raid for about 2 seconds before death. The end screen came up and said I died etc. Other things such as my most damaged body was my leg and that was the only main thing. Has anyone else had this before or after patch? or did i just have a really bad, really really bad case luck.
  9. Cant Reset Game Profile?

    So my friend, just bought the Edge of Darkness edition, I remember when I bought my game I had upgraded no issue, but I had the standard edition for about a week or more before I upgraded, He got the standard edition, and then got the Edge of Darkness the day after, So does it have a lock on the account because its so new? cause he reset his game profile from the launcher and on the website and it did not give him the new gear or even reset his account, any ways to help fix this? is there a way to even fix it?
  10. Glitched Makarovs

    Every single time I kill someone who is using a makarov and drum mag it is not able to be picked up. The game registers as them not having a weapon even though it can be seen in their hand/on the ground. This has happened 4 times today and ONLY with this gun. Anyone else know or have experienced this problem?
  11. Hello?!

    i decided to watch youtube until i heard gunfire or something because it was taking a long minute sixteen to be exact
  12. Hallo, hat noch jemand das Problem das ein Händler nicht im Level aufsteigt? Bei mir bleibt Skier auf Level II Benötigter Level (20) ist Blau (Bin Level 25) aber der Umsatzwert bleibt rot bei 1(M) Rubel. Mein Wert steht dort auch auf 1(M) Rubel und bleibt auch dort egal wie wie ich verkaufe oder kaufe. Gruß Henna
  13. Checking the Chamber

    Quick question to see if I am alone on this topic. I for one love checking the magazine and chamber for quantity of rounds, since my dumbass self loves to go into factory without a shell in the chamber of my shotgun. Some guns however seem like you check the chamber, but don't actually confirm a round in it. Guns like the AK-74's pull the action back but you cannot see a round inside because the lighting is too dark. Not sure if this is a bug but several times I try to check the chamber and have to TAB inspect the weapon to make sure I have chambered a round since I cannot see it myself. Hopefully I am not the only one with this issue, as brightness doesn't seem to be the issue.
  14. I'm not entirely sure, sure if the player spawned inside of me, or if i spawned inside of him, but about 5-10 minutes ago it happened. I was able to see the inside of someone else's head upon spawning into the level. before I could do anything I was dead, on account of my computer getting low fps right after I spawn. On that note, I would like to suggest that spawn points be moved further apart, particularly for people not in groups with each other.
  15. Game question

    So i bought the game today and got alpha access and when i play multiplayer or offline mode there is my nickname and the date just roaming around on my screen all the time, just wondering if there is anyway to remove that? I could take a photo later when i go back on if you do not understand what i mean. Sry if this is the wrong place to post a question like this..