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  1. B4BY_BLU3

    Interchange mains come

    Any of you fellow interchange mains absolutely hating the scope darkness and blurriness right now? It's such a pain to pvp with haha especially with the Vudu and Vortex
  2. PC Specs GPU RTX 3060ti FE CPU Ryzen 7 3700x 32gb DDR4 RAM MSI gaming x570 edge wi-fi and I have Kraken Cooler for my CPU all temps are fine its not temperature. Here's what happens I'll load in to a raid and ill be fine for about 5 to 6 minutes and all the sudden boom game freezes can still hear sound but it's frozen, another thing if I press CTRL + Enter It makes it windowed mode but the frame is windows 8 and not 10 weird stuff, I have to open up Task Manager and end task load back in it happens all the time on Interchange and Factory so I know its not graphics setting because factory is literally the smallest map. Just last night I crashed 5 times in a Factory raid and my buddy was watching me all the whole times so I didn't die. I'm honestly about to just stop playing the game. PLEASE HELP?!
  3. Does anyone else have this problem? Every second or third raid I spawn with like ~80 energy or water, only one of them not full. I now tripple check EVERY time before I go into a raid if Im at 100 water and 110 energy in stash, THIS IS THE CASE. When I spawn, I open my inventory and I dont have full energy or water. No stims or painkiller stuff popped yet. My friends dont have this problem, am I doing something wrong? Always eating sugar to 110 energy and THEN drinking aquamarine to get that water up to 100. So it says 100/110. Is the display in my stash maybe bugged? Am I the only one with this problem? It really fucks with some of my raids, eventho I am at elite metabolism! Please let me know if you or anyone you heard of had this problem happen to her/him.
  4. feltar986


    So a few days ago I decided to boot up Tarkov again and play since its been a while since I last played. And low and behold I open the launcher and update it, clicked launch I see the first loading screen for about a solid second and then my whole screen goes black, pc "shuts off" im not sure even what state it is in when it happens. Like all of the rgb lights on my motherboard shut off, my fans arent spinning and it sounds like its off but the power button still is lit. So far only way Im able to fix it is to hard reset my pc by unplugging the cable and plugging it back in, pushing the power/reset buttons dont do anything in that state. Now, here is some of the things ive tried to do to fix it so I can play tarkov..... maybe. -Updated everything.....Windows,GPU/Nvidia,Bios, and Used SnailDriver for small things that needed it like Audio drivers and whatnot - Simply Reinstalling the game both onto the same and different drives -Messing with OC settings within the bios tried setting everything to its "optimized" defaults, and OCed settings - Monitored my temps when attempting to boot and nothing even remotely reached their under load temp - Tried checking the integrity of the game files in the launcher -Deleting temporary files before lauching -Ive tried closing unnecessary programs that could possibly interfere with tarkov launching, only thing that was running or in the system tray that wasnt tarkov was Windows Sounds, Nvidia Settings, and Windows Defender - Also tried disabling windows defender which also didnt do anything The past few days ive been doing some research to see if anyone else is having this problem, there are some people that have a system that is just really cutting the wire close specs wise which isnt the case for me, also not having enough RAM which is the same story, some of them lauching the tarkov.exe with fullscreen optimizations and running as admin enabled. Both enabled and disabled didnt do anything. Im not sure what else to do, my ram I have wont OC to its respective kit (3200) ive tried ducking with the timings manually and using the corresponding profile both dont work and it seems to be kinda stuck at 2066mhz. As far as info I can give you in not sure what "logs" to even look for I got a snip of the tarkov one that probably doesnt help at all, but if you could explain to me what you need and how to get it im all ears. as for my specs... AMD Ryzen 7 1800x @3.6ghz Corsair H100iV2/ Pump @ 1800rpm Gigabyte Gtx 1080ti @ 1500mhz ish with a custom fan curve 32GB G.Skill F4-3200C16-16GVR @ 2066mhz Gigabyte x370 Gaming K7 Motherboard EVGA Supernova 80+ Bronze 750W PSU 1TB 7200rpm HDD 250GB SDD Windows 10 Home Version 1809 Build 17763.678 Now this problem only happens when I launch tarkov, every other game ive played is fine like R6, CSGO, Overwatch, PUBG, Dying Light, LoL I even used a benchmark to see if maybe my system was just not stable and it ran fine.
  5. 808lofi

    Factory Bug Remains

    Guys the same bug from 2 yil ago is still on the tarkov patch patch BSG please fix your game i need a refund i loos my kit again!
  6. When in shop or looting a body, for some reason my game scrolls up without me touching the wheel at all. This is actually pretty bad in a game where looting fast is very important. Has anyone any idea what this is and how i can fix it ?
  7. David916

    Backend error

    Help I Can't play with the game for like 2 days now. Why do I keep getting this?
  8. Moinsen, hatte von euch schonmal den Bug, dass die Tarkov Traider das Geld oder Items im Stash nicht mehr erkennen? Hab ich ein Event verpasst? 😅 Ich kann atm nichts mehr bei den Traidern kaufen oder Bartern, Flohmarkt geht & verkaufen bei den Traidern geht auch. Help?! 😅🤣
  9. I was getting rid of useless items and while i was deleting items from the bottom part of my stash, i deleted a mag and my items case was deleted with it.
  10. EXKaces

    Recoil decreasing

    Semi new to the game, got really addicted this wipe and was finally able to buy the shooting range. I decided to try and level up my recoil control skill in it and was leveling it at a pretty great speed but when I restarted my game, it had lowered down to what I started from in the first place. I shot a few mags and restarted again to see if it still did it and it reset again. Is this a bug or do I have to save my progress somehow or is the shooting range not made for leveling up recoil after all?
  11. so we started a shorline raid at 3 am , this is a progression of about 23 min, it got so bright we had to toss our nvg. i just wanna know what was going on and if i should file a bug report?
  12. ""Hey guys, i think something is wrong with this scav run. Im trying to load into a "quick" Customs run on Customs, Has someone an idear what to do?"" Well i loaded in but you guys can see with what my Scav spawned and how long i have left i feel kind of cheated tbh
  13. I just want to know more about the car extract on Customs. Me and two of my buds went into dorms, one got a grenade case from marked room and the other the gold zippo (I got it too) all died to a from a grenade from a two man squad pushing Dorms while we were at the extract with the timer at 0.00 for well over 5-10 seconds after it reached 0.00 Grenade friend says lets go and starts the car extract timer, I dash for my quest item and the both of us meet up at the vehicle. We then both pay for our way out with 20 seconds left on the timer. About 5 seconds left on the extract we all hear movement to the left near dorms and open fire on the two players when they walked next to the wall going to the stairs. We all went through at least 2 mags firing at these two with one dying and the other guy dips back into the trees. A couple seconds later we hear an F1 grenade land at our feet. Grenade case friend said the timer went to 0.00 and then disappeared, my timer was gone, but after I died I seen the timer appear with 0.00 and my other friend said he watched the timer reach 0.00 and it stayed at 0.00 for a couple seconds before we heard the nade land by our feet. So what exactly happened and why did we not extract?
  14. AcidInNeed

    No scavs spawning?

    is it just me but there a lot less scav/raider was on labs only found 4 raider and stayed till the last 5 min other maps there's next to none 3-5 over all is this a bug or new patch?
  15. Hey, Fairly new to the game but been playing some hours on my rig i7 7700k GTX 1070 8GB - 16 GB RAM 3000mhz without any noticable problems. Since yesterday, when im standing at the bridge in customs, which seperates the waters between big red and factory, when im looking towards the other side of the bridge i notice a big drop in fps all the way down to 55, some other places it can drop to around 61 but it usually run around 80-100 and this is on ultra settings. Is this just me or does this happen for alot of others with as good specs as mine? Also when im scooping with sniper scopes my fps drops a bit, but its worst at the bridge at customs. Would really apriciate a reply on this since its driving me absolutely insane, and i have been bencmarking my pc serveral times and nothing seems wrong on my end? Thanks
  16. ermienerm

    Recoil pad makes gun unfoldable

    Not sure if this is intended, but adding the rubber 6G15U pad to an AK makes it unable to fold. To me this seems like a bug since the pad doesn't add that much girth to the stock and before 12.9 I recall being able to do this (feel free to correct me if I misremember).
  17. I have Vitality skill at lvl 9 but instead of reducing bleed chance it shows -0.0% to bleed chance. I'm also getting bleeds way more often since this happened. Is this just me or a known bug?
  18. I just got out of a good scav run. I scared someone away from a body that they killed. I looted it and made it out with amazing gear... Every item i got from the PMC that i didn't kill is not marked as found in raid. I can not sell any of those items on the flea market. I don't understand, i found them in raid. I didn't kill the PMC but i did scare the guy away that did, why do those items loose "found in raid status" just because i didn't get the kill. PLEASE FIX THIS IF IT IS NOT INTENTIONAL! I just lost out of a lot of money not being able to sell the items on the flea market.
  19. I watch people play this game everyday and they hear fine if there is a person walking up to them they can hear the footsteps and they tun around and shoot the guy. When I play I hear NOTHING I havn't heard a footstep for weeks! Does anyone else have this problem? It's extremely frustrating to die in a fight because I don't have the same amount of basic information of where the guy i am fighting is. Example I was fighting someone in the factory office arrea and he jumped up on a desk to look out the door, I heard noting and died (comtacs and loud game and windows audio). Please tell me I am not the only one... Imma go reinstall the game First post btw I don't even know if I am posting the right place And NikItA PLeAsE FIX
  20. Suggestion: make sure non-teamed PMC dont spawn on top of eachother plz. died 2 seconds into the raid.
  21. Hello Guys, I just want to know if this happened to anyone else, because it happened to me and also a couple of days ago it happened to my cousin. Problem: I was on Customs spawned just up north from SCAV Checkpoint/Administration Gate as PMC and i Went to the checkpoint to loot. I gathered an attachment and then proceeded in the container to loot the toolbox, after that inside the container i noticed an attachment proceeded in looting it and it didn't wanted to move in my inventory. (in my inventory it was in an infinite loop loading and outside it appeared to be there while with my pointer on it it said that i have no inventory space, which i did). I said to myself whatever and proceeded towards the yard were ZB-1011 was located, cleared the stash under the pipes and then moved carefully towards the building with the dead scav at the entrance on the couch and the toolbox near it and two weapon cases up the towers. So I went inside while aiming down the sight in case someone was looting the toolbox. Surprise someone was indeed looting the toolbox and i tried to kill him, shot a couple of bullets in his head (which was not covered by anything) it didn't die so i unloaded half of my magazine in it then i remembered that it happened to my cousin too, so i looted the toolbox and ran away as far as I could thinking that i might not die. Then at the SCAV checkpoint i got hit (I didn't heard anything but I did got hit pretty badly by IDK what, i considered being someone hidden and shooting with silenced weapons) so i ran in the blue container to hide then instantly died but i do not know from what. This is an annoying bug that might kill the fun especially if you lose some cool stuff, luckly i had only a green helmet, cheap ear piece, an AK-74 with 3 magazines and a cheap vest so it was fine. Did someone else encountered this? Are the devs aware of this issue? Thank you guys.
  22. brokenpotato

    Mosin should only hold 4+1 bullets

    In game, the mosin nagant can hold 5 rounds if the magazine is removed in the stashe and loaded, plus a 6th round in the chamber. IRL, the mosin holds 4 rounds in the magazine plus a 5th in the chamber. (The magazine can hold 5 rounds but the bolt would not close). BSG please fix
  23. 808lofi

    Factory Bug

    the picture explains itself.

    Hacker? bugged nade?

    Me and buddy were on Reserve when this happened. PMC that killed us "". When he threw the grenade he "sucked" us back towards the grenade as soon as he threw it. Both me and my buddy had the same issue. Below is the streamable.com video uploaded. https://streamable.com/b6ihfz
  25. Petisor

    Sudden death ?!

    Hello everybody , as the title says i died suddenly after i won a fire fight ,i didnt have any dmg taken . So the story goes like this : me and my buddy were on Reserves both whit altins and gen4(full protection ) , modded guns and all the good things , we enter a room whit 2 scav players ,my buddy gets killed (m80 hunter ....) , i get headshoted but the helmet vizor blocks the bullet , i kill the 2 scavs ,another one shows up i kill him, i pick my buddy backpack how had 13kg worth of loot +the 40kg on me (53kg total ) ,then i go prone behind a fliped table and load my mags and check if i have any injuries , i DIDNT have any, my healt was 417/435 , my water and energy werent 0 or neer 0 . After i finish loading my ammo i go from a prone to a sprint then my character goes : " I'm a goner.." and dies , but before that not a single audio queue or something which would say that i get hit or i lose something , and there was no one in the room when i died . My question is : did i die by triping on the side of the table ? The death log sed that i was killed by a headshot .....
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