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Found 283 results

  1. No sound

    I currently have both speakers and some headphones running through my optical jack. I switch between them and every other program seems to keep up, including Tarkov for a while although recently Tarkov doesn't seem to be recognising the headphones anymore. Other programs are still working and sending sound to the headphones but Tarkov will only put out sound while the speakers are on. Anyone know a solution for this? Is it a change from a patch, will reinstalling help?
  2. Sight bug

    Sorry if this is not the correct forum. I did not see a bug specific forum. I won't explain the bug, see if you can guess in the screenshot
  3. Looting dead body bug

    Happened two time today. I killed a pmc and their gun were glitched. You can see it on the body, not in the inventory and it's like the gun's inexistant (I can put my gun in their inv.). First time was a m4, second time a rsass. I dont know if it's a known glitch. I've look to see a thread that talk about it, but nothing about ghost gun. And by the way, the zb-014 evac point is somewhat bugged too. Same game (the one in the picture), a scav (Not sure if it was a players, he was spamming F1) shot me through the concrete (first turn when you go in). It was not dsync, 100% sure. He shot me, I went in, roughly 15 seconds passed, I went on that corner, he shot me 2 times, then proceed to miss every other bullet on the wall behind. At that time, I took cover. Then magic happen, I heard the shot and felt it too.
  4. Bugged item graphics....

    Was just wondering if anyone would be able to let me know what is going on here? Tried a reboot etc... pretty sure my PC isn't the issue :\
  5. Dying before spawning.

    ***First post and i was a bit confused where devs wanted bug posts so if this is wrong sorry in advance.*** So i just experienced for the first time that the games spawning mechanics are broken once an instance has started running. I was on the loading screen waiting to get into the game and as the game started fading in from black i heard *crack* *crack* of a silenced gun and i was dead. no time to see/react/do literally anything. I realise the game is in beta, so i expect bugs, but when you load in as PMC this cant happen because people are losing gear. Im not suggesting how this gets fixed but it needs too and it needs too fast. ive attached a screenshot of the after battle report that says i was alive for 6 seconds.....which displays how instant it was and how out of sync the server was with my client as i had maybe half a second of black screen before death. A dev reply would be nice on this to see that this is something they are aware of.
  6. Invisible Scav

    So i'm pretty pissed right now, I was in shoreline on my way to road to customs, had a fully kitted and suppressed AK-74N, had some decent kit too. i flanked on the guard tower where the scavs usually hand and tried to get some kills for the Prapor Punisher mission. I downed one scav and had 3 others in my sight, but as soon as the first one fell they all scattered. There was one with a shotgun+flashlight attachment running and finding cover and I threw an RGD-5 grenade at him, when it popped i didn't see the light anymore, i looked around for about two minutes until i heard footsteps coming up on me and turned and saw a flashlight, I was wearing NVGS so i couldn't see and just full auto blasted into the light and didn't do anything to that person. so i took cover behind a tree and reloaded. tossed another RGD-5 and retreated over the crest of the hill. it popped and i saw the light coming over the crest as i heard the scav approach me once he crested i noticed that it was literally just a floating light. i unloaded onto the light and it did zero damage, then he killed me with a floating shotgun. WTF
  7. 求助,出现BUG

    在游戏登录器打不开Settings 还有一片黑区域,请问怎么修复?
  8. So guys I encounterd three gllitchers today, why arent u doing anything against it? It is destroying the games purpose.... Here you have a video how it went for them: Video removed. I dont see a purpose in destoying your game expirience, maybe he is too bad at this See ya in Tarkov, ExotiQ
  9. Hallo, die Tage hatte ich nach einem Erfolgreichen Lauf auf dem Weg zum Ausgang mal was neues.Ich bin einfach so ohne Schüsse oder sonst irgend etwas an Anzeichen gestorben. Der Bildschirm spuckt mir auf einmal meine Punkte aus und Ende.Meine Freunde sagten mir das ich noch im Spiel rumstehe aber keiner mich Plündern kann. Keine 5 Minuten später erteilte auch sie das selbe Schicksal.Vielleicht steht es schon im Forum ich kann aber nichts dazu finden.
  10. Health state reset bug

    I just noticed that if your game crashes/alt-F4 and you re-enter the raid, the game has forgotten your previous health state. I happened to notice it when my leg was blacked out and I got stuck and tried to alt-F4 and reconnect to get unstuck. My health state was reset, I had a black leg and could run and jump like a gazelle again. Tried it twice more and sure enough it resets your health state every time. Could be abused I guess. If this is a known bug then just delete the thread and sorry maties! See you on Tarkov!

    So I went to shoreline and went to the dorms to use my key that I got from my last raid, and I heard gunfire so hid in a small room in the dorms. When I thought it was safe to leave I went to open the door and I got STUCK IN THE DOOR! I was so angry because I got some really good loot off the NPCs and all my other friends I was playing with escaped and got their EXP for escaping, but I was forced to get an MIA because I was stuck in a door and couldn't get out, I tried closing the door which I couldn't do because the menu didn't come up, I tried jumping, crouching, going prone and all to no avail. This game has a lot of potential and I really enjoy playing, but it feels unpolished and really broken. Another example of someone being stuck in the map's geometry is when I was playing with my friend who got stuck only a couple of units underneath the map and was stuck riding the fence (he was moving but wouldn't move away from the fence and when he reached the end of it he slid across the road to the nearest fence) until he got an MIA and got far less EXP than he should have. Now I know this game is early access and I can expect bugs and things like that, but it appears like it's incredibly common to get stuck in the geometry of the map and be powerless to escape and retain all the spoils of your hard work. I don't hate this game but I hate the way it screws you over randomly by making you powerless to other players who haven't been unfortunate enough to get stuck in the level. I hope you'll take note of this post and go back and try and fix all these bugs that completely ruin the game. Sincerely - A dissatisfied player
  12. Hey guys, I know I've seen a few posts about the armor bug and how people need to "re-equip" their armor after repairs or when dropping in raid. However I've now been dropped three times today alone by a one to three shots from a scav via the chest. Mind you I have been wearing fort armor (that was repaired, and put in my backpack, then re-equipped in one instance), the other two were by looting said forts from a dead PMC. Approximately 40-50 points in durability. Both times, the scavs have done their trademark yelling when they see you, and I hear only a few shots, and I drop. No indication I'm even taking damage at that time. It's beginning to become frustrating with the fact I feel it's not just tied to "Yeah just re-equip the armor" it seems. "But AP rounds, dude." I'd agree, minus the third time it's happened today, when a scav one tapped me with a shotgun. The pump action. In the chest. While wearing a 40 dura Fort. That I had just looted from someone.
  13. reporting a Bug (glitch)

    This is maybe a know bug. but just yesterday happens to me i dont know. On the custom map the extraction point "Old gas station". There is a white van on the right side of the building. This van is next to one of those gas looking tanks. The bug is when you get to the driver side (america left door) the game allow you to open this door. the problem is that when you do your character make an animation to open the door that put you between the van an the tank. Here you are stuck and the only way out is to go prone and move prone out of there. Dont you ever jump cuz your character start like shaking and from there you cant do nothing else but to alt F4 reconnect and prone your way out. Like i say this is maybe well know but maybe not.
  14. So, as the title suggests, i encountered a bug when completing (failing it, more accurately) chemical pt. 4. When i completed its sister quest, Out of curiosity, i received all the rewards for that one, but didnt suffer the negative effects of failing the other 2, Big Customer and Chemical pt.4. I can still reach max rank with the traders, but i was expecting for the trader rep repair quests to appear, as they should, i think. I dont know if this is intentional or not, but i thought i'd put it out there. -Pictures are related. -Jacken
  15. Empty Wallets

    I've been going into raids with a bit of rainy day money in a wallet in my secure container, but since the .7 update or so, I've been noticing that the wallet will be empty after the raid if I die. Is this supposed to be the case? Because it was in the container....
  16. Bonus nach Upgrade weg

    Moin, ich habe habe heute meine Version geupgradet (von Standard auf EoD). Ich hatte vorher ein Geschenk das ich auf der Homepage einlösen konnte und auch getan hab, nach dem Upgrade ist das Geschenk verschwunden... Vielen Dank schon einmal im voraus! Gruß Robin
  17. Prone skill

    Hi there; I've just upped my prone skill though it's supposed not to be available in beta... Did this happen to anyone else ? Here's the screen :
  18. skill bug

    hi ich habe schon vor einiger zeit meinen memory skill auf elite trainiert und sollte daher keinerlei fortschritt bei sämtlichen skills verlieren können. dies war auch lange so aber seitdem mein strength nun auch endlich auf max ist verliere ich konstant fortschritt bei den skills endurance und health. egal wie viel ich im raid renne oder an strecke zurücklege, diese zwei skills sinken permanent ohne möglichkeit diesem entegegen zu wirken andere skills sind davon nicht betroffen, nur diese zwei. endurance scheine ich auch wesentlich schneller zu vergessen als health. ist das so gewollt oder hat jemand die gleichen/ähnliche probleme? support ticket ist zumindest mal raus
  19. Was playing as a scav and couldn't extract no matter what I tried. Included screenshots of the timer reaching -1min. Had about about half a million worth of kit which is why I'm mad enough to post. Pretty gamebreaking bug. Nobody wants to spend 40- 60 minutes in a raid risking gear and kitting out only for the game to rob you of your time and loot. Things I tried to resolve the bug: >Use both extractions. (Both did the same thing) >Alt + F4 >End task in task manager >Drop item >Pick item back up >Loot a searchable container >Stay in the extraction for ages
  20. New Glitch?

    How is this even possible, player called [name deleted] Glitching an M4. players like this guy need to be banned,
  21. Fall damage

    Fall damage currently seems broken, although small, recieving fall damage for a 6 foot drop seems ridiculous playing as what appear to be special forces operators Also a bug with falling, when you are trying to get down from a high place of you land on something that you can't necessarily stand on but your character collides with it and slows their fall, you keep all of your momentum as if you jumped the full height, sometimes causing massive damage from what should be an easy fall, for example getting down from snipers rock on Woods
  22. Hey guys ! anyone else has this crazy bugged time for extraction in woods ? ( car extraction )
  23. Usecs kill on shoreline

    im on skier quest, that i have to kill usecs in Shoreline. i killed 2 usecs (i have the tags to confirm) and a scav, when i extracted the game only recognised the scav kill and 1 usec..... anyone with this problem to? thanks
  24. Backend error. Error: ConnectFailure

    Backend error. Error: ConnectFailure(A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond) Couldn't read error message since Webexception. Response or response stream is null> I can log in, I even did a scav run. But i get this error frequently and recently can't join any games without this error or just a simple connectfailure. I uninstalled and reinstalled . Any fixes?
  25. Missing in Action Bug

    Hello, so I was playing a customs run as a scav and managed to get some sweet loot, I often wait a but until things quiet down in customs and the mostly geared players exit, so it was just me and a few other players/scavs. Ok back on topic, I was leaving and there was still time left on the clock, but I got "Missing in Action" and all my good loot vanished :C I had a fort ;u; Is this common? Adding that this also happened to me a few weeks ago with two other friends as PMC's, lost everything too.