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  1. GenericAlias1

    EXTREME Rubberbanding

    This was happening earlier today as well and caused me to lose a fully modded M4A1, a decent ballistic vest, and a good helmet. This happened completely out of nowhere and looking it up gives me no answers at all. Any possible fixes?
  2. TheGamingGinger

    Error 103003

    Trying to launch Tarkov, getting error 103003, access denied. Can't find anything online and have tried fully uninstalling Tarkov, and BSG launcher itself and deleting all the files, including the files in AppData. I've checked my drivers are up to date and same with the game. Any ideas what could cause this or how to fix it?
  3. boguslaw

    scav cooldown bugged

    Hey, so i have intelligence center lvl 2 and 0.0 rep with fence and my scav cooldown is still 20 mins, my friend who has inteligence lvl 1 and negative rep with fence has a shorter cooldown than me. Is there a fix for this?
  4. The quest won't accept as finish when completing both goals and extracting of map. still stays active. Tried 2 times now.
  5. So apparently when selecting things from a container, (LIKE AMMO FROM THE AMMO BOX) items from outside of it get selected and even thou you have the little checkmark on the item you want to sell on the flee market, other items from outside the container get selected. I had really nice lvl 5 armored rig , sold it for the price of bullets because I wanted to sell some bullets and ended up selling it because of this bug. FREKINN BUMMMEEER ;((((((((((((((( Just went thru the history of my sells on the flee market, apparently I sold multiple armors like this, its probably bcs armor is at the bottom of the stash and gets selected for some reason... I sold 2 or 3 armors like this, a very annoying bug. I am short on some hard earned stuff now. Please look into this issue
  6. Mokou

    Gunsmith Part 1 Bugged

    Hey all, I'm having an issue where the Part 1 - Mechanic Quest won't give me the option to turn-in the quest, despite having a shotgun that fulfills the requirements. As I'm sure you're all familiar with, the quest requires an MP-133 with the following requirements: Despite reading this over and over again I can't seem to figure out why the shotgun I have isn't completing the quest. It has a Laser, 56 ergonomics, an extended mag (which my understanding is 6 or more), and the compact stock making it 4 slots. I even went out of my way to attach the SPRM with the XP53 lmao. If anyone has any ideas on why it might not let me turn this in please send some help my way thanks. maybe I'm just a big dumb idiot.
  7. Hello everyone, I've been really excited for this wipe and just downloaded Tarkov again. Loading into my first scav run I was met with a crash right after awaiting start. Sometimes it will even crash my display drivers, it happens over and over again no matter if I play PMC, Scav, OFFLINE etc. I5-10600k - 16gb ram - RTX 3070 So far I have reinstalled the game 5 times, in different locations as well. I've tried increasing my pagefile to 10gb-32gb I've checked the game files every time I install I've tried borderless/fullscreen options Tried single player and scav and PMC runs, always the same issue Bios Update Display Drivers Reinstalled XMP on No overclocking on my PC I'd love any help as I really just wanna play Tarkov with my friends!
  8. Jackthestrippa

    Kein Sound mehr seit 12.10

    Hallo zusammen, Ich habe seit dem Update auf 12.10 das Problem, dass das Spiel gar keinen Sound mehr von sich gibt. Außerhalb von EFT funktioniert alles fehlerfrei. Habe es bereits mit und auch ohne das neue steam-audio ausprobiert. Mittlerweile habe Ich alles bereits de- und anschließend wieder installiert. Dasselbe gilt auch für sämtliche Audiogeräte. Die Treiber sind ebenfalls auf dem neuesten Stand. Hatte jemand dasselbe Problem oder sonst eine Idee wie Ich das Problem gelöst bekomme?
  9. I am trying to go into my hideout to test out a weapon, but the cursor will not go off of my screen. It is annoying seeing it while I'm trying to see if I like my gun. I've tried taking screenshots of it, and it will not show up in the screenshot. It is persistent and will not go away.
  10. Okay I just did a ****ton of trouble shooting to fix the whole screen flickering/ blinking lights then crash problem. If you want the quick and dirty: Mainly for crashing ----> If you play Tarkov with "vsync" on in the game to "uncap" your fps and recude input lag, limit your FPS in Nvidia control panel starting at 110, then slowly raising it 5 FPS a game until you start crashing, then back it down 5. Set this limit for Tarkov specifically using the "Program settings" tab, not the global settings tab. Unity has drastic spikes in GPU usage above 120FPS, especially when rendering foliage textures at close range. If you are still crashing just uncheck "vsync" in Tarkov settings, this reduces GPU usage a good chunk. If that doesn't work or you don't play with "vsync" on, Adjust your resolution down a little to take a load off your GPU, especially if you have an older GPU (pascal and prior). Run an offline raid with scav spawns on high on a couple maps and play around with your resolution and other settings to try to keep your GPU under 60C if possible. Playing with your fan curve on GPU controlling software can help ALOT with temperature. Mainly for the blinking lights issue ---> Re-install windows. I found out that opting in for "optional" security updates or windows updates and installing them as soon as they are available can mess with you C++ and visual studio packages and make Tarkov freak out. I reinstalled windows and this issue never happened again. This happened near instantly to me after installing an optional update after having 5+ months of no Tarkov issues whatsoever. If you have a slow internet connection or don't want to reset your computer, I would suggest downloading the C++ Packages mentioned in the second thread listed above and see if that works first. This is annoying and harder to pinpoint but for future reference don't install any optional updates, and dont pre-install any upcoming windows updates. For a more in depth explanation: Unity has this weird way of rendering bush and foliage textures in different levels, most games have some kind of iteration of this. For example if you look at a bush super far away in Tarkov it straight up wont render or it will look like a blob, and as you get slightly closer it renders in a slightly better looking somewhat like a bush. Now when you are 50 meters or closer you get full foliage effect around the bush and it looks like a real game not a claymation. However as you get right next to it you can now see the individual structures of the bush or foliage. At this stage of rendering, when you are past 120 FPS the GPU hit is 15-30% higher than if you are refreshing at 120 or lower. This causes a pretty good spike in GPU usage, and before your fan curve can catch up your gpu started pulling power of clock speeds to combat the temperature spike and boom tarkov stuttered or crashed. I don't know why this is, but its real trust me. If you are having these crashes and they happen when you are walking straight into a bush this is why. Maybe that's why they have the in game limit of 120 FPS, keep in mind unity was designed originally for BROWSER games. Buildings and other things in tarkov only have 2 different rendering/texture states, thats probably why Factory and Labs play the best for most people. I can understand why because bushes/foliage you can shoot through, buildings or other structures you cant so it would be unfair not to render these things at long distances and have you wasting ammo. Unity does not like it when a GPU begins backing down boost clock speeds as temperature rises. I'm not talking about thermal throttling at 75+ C, I'm talking about when you hit 60 C or even 55 C and your gpu starts to pull 10 or so MHz off your clock speeds to combat the rising temperature, this is GPU boost 3.0 at work. All GPU's do it at different temperatures, and it will happen faster and more drastically if you have an overclocked GPU. When your playing Tarkov and you have that split second stutter, this is when your GPU just downclocked or pulled power. I don't know why unity dislikes it so much compared to other games. The more taxed your GPU is the longer and greater this stutter will be, sometimes causing Tarkov to straight up crash sometimes. Hence why the older your GPU, the cooler you will need to keep it. If you have a 2080ti or better/newer you wont have this issue as much because 1. Its not being taxed as much, 2. GPU boost on the 2000 series and newer doesn't kick in until 65-ish C. On 1000 series and 900 series cards you card will begin to pull power and clocks as low as 55C. You cant test when this happens on your card using the Furmark stress test. Hope this helps you guys have a better Tarkov experience. As a good baseline I would watch Veritas's settings video, as well as Vox_E's to help you fine tune your settings and get as high FPS and stability as possible. Those two videos helped me ALOT in fine tuning Tarkov. Play around with the "luma sharpen" and "adaptive sharpen" in your "postfx" settings, these two can effect you FPS a decent chunk as well as they function a bit like antialiasing. Happy raiding fellas.
  11. bilsd7452a

    Server Connection Lost

    I have had this issue for the past 3 days and have contacted support about it and they have not responded. (its only been 2 days keep in mind.) So I wanted to come here maybe to find a answer to fix this. Every time I load into a raid I will get kicked before the raid even starts with the error "Server Connection Lost". This is becoming pretty annoying because I can't even play the game. I have looked on youtube and other forms and I know im not the only person with the issue. If anyone has a fix that would be very helpful.
  12. A couple of months after installing the game, I started experiencing some pretty major crashes. While in raid (and only in raid) the screen will freeze completely and I'll be presented with a weird technicolor screen as shown in the Gfycat link below. After this, my computer forces a restart. This seems to occur at random, where some days the crash won't occur at all, and other days it will crash every raid. I don't believe this is linked to the CPU/GPU temps, as the the problem will happen both after turning my computer on for the first time in the morning, or after a long day of use. I have Googled the issue to my wits end, and it doesn't seem like anything has worked yet. If you have any recommendations for pursuing a solution, I would be overjoyed. I really love this game, but when a quarter of my raids end to technical problems, its hard to see me continuing to play. Below is my hardware, and other attempted solutions. I'm not even sure how to go about diagnosing the problem. Genuine warning for those who have epilepsy, the GIF has rapidly flashing multicolor lights: https://gfycat.com/compassionatemisguidedcutworm CPU: Intel(R) Core(™) I7-6700HQ CPU 2.60GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 RAM: 16GB Attempted Solutions: -Updated all drivers -Installed C++ Updates -Ensured ram cleaner was on in-game -Force quit Killer Network Services -Ran game at verifiably low temps -Ran game as administrator -Ran game with no other applications open -Ensured there was 100GB of space on both my SSD and HDD Again, if anyone is able to help me with this, I would be EXTRAORDINARILY grateful.
  13. Hello, Just want to mention that the healing service at the end of a Raid is bugged. I've had several instances now where I use it, it full heals me, and the Apply button grays out, but after loading back into the main menu my character is still on the brink of death. This has already cost me a lot of meds and sucks because while right now I'm still able to use it for free, in the near future when I have to pay to use it, there is a chance that the healing won't go through and it will just be Roubles down the drain.
  14. I played through an entire PMC run on Customs during the day. It was going fantastic, my best game since the start of the wipe, I even had a full inventory of useful items. I made my way to the RUAF Roadblock exfil with just under 10 minutes to spare. Upon walking up to the exfil (which had the light on signifying it was an active exfil) the countdown timer to exfil popped up, but then nothing happened when it hit 0. I couldn't leave the area to try another exfil as my energy had just hit 0 and I wouldn't make it because I was already starting to black out. I left and entered the exfil area about 4-5 times and the exfil timer popped up and fully counted down every time but nothing happened when it hit 0, I also did not move away from it during the countdown, which means it should not have stopped. After that last attempt a scav showed up and one tapped me in the head. I lost everything I had on me that wasn't insured due to a bug.
  15. Hola, no sé si este sea el lugar correcto para publicar el problema que estoy teniendo, así que pido disculpas de antemano. El problema es que después de cada raid, al curarme se ve que todas mis extremidades están full vida de nuevo, pero luego al ir a mi personaje tengo todas las extremidades sin curar. ¿Alguien mas está teniendo este problema?
  16. El juego presenta pantallazos negros consecutivos, solo con el pasto, no sucede con ninguna otra textura, solo con el pasto
  17. DragonSeb911

    Game Aborted, Try Reconnect

    Since 12.6 went live I have been unable to join any game regardless of Scav or PMC I get the same error "Game Aborted, Try Reconnect." well reconnecting does nothing and closing the game and starting it back up doesn't change anything, I have already uninstalled twice and made sure no files got left behind for good measure, I have fiber so I doubt its my internet connection I'm at a loss and just want to play. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Everytime I've died today, I am unable to heal after raid. Only way to fix is to restart game. Has this happened to anyone else?
  19. Hartox

    Bug Son ?

    Bonjour, J'aimerai savoir si il existe des bugs sons connus. Il m'arrive souvent en game, la grande majorité du temps sur Custom, d'entendre un son de fermeture éclair. Exactement le même que celui qui ai joué quand on fouille un sac de loot. Deuxième problème, je joue souvent avec un pote, et lui arrive à entendre des bruits de tirs de beaucoup plus loin que moi. IG nous avons le même stuff. Je joue avec le même casque audio sur des jeux comme CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege et PUBG qui sont quand même des jeux qui demandent du son. Je n'ai jamais eu de problèmes avec ces jeux. Le jeu est déjà assez stressant comme ça Merci,
  20. So my standing with Fence reached -0.07, but I managed to raise it up to -0.06 due to my in-game actions. However, I noticed that for seemingly no reason my standing balanced out again? Like I said, it was -0.06 when I last checked, then I did a Scav run on Reserve, did not fight anyone but had friendly engages with other Scav players, and then I exfiled via the hole in the wall by the mountain. After that match my standing with Fence somehow was boosted up to 0.01, that's a full 0.07 standing boost for doing nothing. It even stayed despite re-logging a few times. Is there positive standing increases for passive Scav games, or using certain solo exfils? I know that the Scav/PMC duo exfil gives you positive standing.
  21. OppaHyuna

    EoD rep bugged

    Anyone else having their trader rep bugged? I have EoD and i'm lvl 14, almost 15 and prapor is only on 0.08 rep atm. Only Ragman (questline not started yet) has 0.2, all the other traders don't seem to get the EoD boost. Anyone else with eod expereiencing this issue? and anyone knows how to fix? https://gyazo.com/fde146dac3896bd448425a6e40381003 as you can see ragman is 0.20 but rest is far below what they should be on an eod-account
  22. Hi, After wipe i realized that sound on east wing shoreline is broken. For example, if u are sitting at the bottom u can hear a guy running on third floor. The sound is the same like he would have been running on ur floor. On the other side ( wets wing) audio seems ok. Just a heads up for devs. Its kinda unplayable right now. BInaural audio Off for me.
  23. daakk

    Gunsmith Part 1. Bugged

    As title says, the Mechanic's quest "Gunsmith Part 1." is bugged and will not allow me to submit to complete the quest. As shown below, I have followed the exact mods as per shown in the wiki and yet, it still will not allow me to submit. I have restarted my game and still to no avail. I am utterly stuck now and have spent at least 50k Rubles on the mods itself now (kind of poor now aha). Any help would be much appreciated!
  24. Was playing as a scav and couldn't extract no matter what I tried. Included screenshots of the timer reaching -1min. Had about about half a million worth of kit which is why I'm mad enough to post. Pretty gamebreaking bug. Nobody wants to spend 40- 60 minutes in a raid risking gear and kitting out only for the game to rob you of your time and loot. Things I tried to resolve the bug: >Use both extractions. (Both did the same thing) >Alt + F4 >End task in task manager >Drop item >Pick item back up >Loot a searchable container >Stay in the extraction for ages
  25. ZionRoL

    Can't leave raid.

    I've played a normal game on customs, shot some people, everything is normal. However, once I moved to extract, it did the countdown, and my screen turned black.... Except I never made it to the post raid screen. I've been stuck in the same match for about 5 minutes now, knowing that if I disconnect, I'll be marked as AWOL and I'll lose all my stuff. I'm in some kind of limbo, it seems, since I literally hear other players around me extracting, but no one fired any shots nor did I take damage. Thoughts on what I can do? Apparently this is happening to some other players too, but this was before the wipe. Other than that, I'm loving the wipe so far! Got a checkpoint key + tier 4 armor and MDR first raid!
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