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  1. I mean, I've been getting crap loadouts lately, but this takes the cake.
  2. TheGamingGinger

    Error 103003

    Trying to launch Tarkov, getting error 103003, access denied. Can't find anything online and have tried fully uninstalling Tarkov, and BSG launcher itself and deleting all the files, including the files in AppData. I've checked my drivers are up to date and same with the game. Any ideas what could cause this or how to fix it?
  3. So I had all my items on my pmc insured and i ran on a couple raids with my pmc without encountering any problem. But after i ran a scav raid, all the insurance on the items i had on my pmc is suddenly all gone. I had to re-insure all my gear, paying an extra sum of money. Why is this happening? A new bug perhaps...
  4. "Consistency ensurance failed. File not exist. File: "BattlEye\EULA.txt"." is what i get when i check the logs after i launch my game and it crashes. I have tried reinstalling battleye, bsg launcher and verifying the file integrity and the game still crashes with the same log
  5. I keep an infinite loading screen after almost every raid, regardless of whether I extract alive or die during the raid. This makes scavenger runs nigh useless and it's very annoying having to kill the game process using task manager every time I end a raid. The game itself shows as responsive, but the loading screen will go on effectively forever, meaning that I need to use task manager to kill the process.
  6. Currently in 12.12 covert movement is bugged. When you start/stop moving with covert movement slider all the way down your character makes a loud sound that only other people can hear but YOU CAN'T HEAR. This is extremely detrimental to any sort of covert playstyle, hopefully it can be fixed relatively soon. For more insight here is a link to my bug test on video
  7. I found a GPU on Lighthouse and went to sell it on flea for 330k rubles, but it glitched out somehow. When I went to my current listings, it showed the GPU as "Out of stock" but I could still remove it and when I did, it didn't give me the money or GPU back. After a minute, the listing was back up as "Out of stock", so I tried removing it again which failed and didn't give me my GPU back, nor money, and now Ragman just tells me "Item was not sold". The listing is now gone after the second attempt and the GPU just disappeared into thin air. This is really annoying since I only have 34k rubles left in my stash, and I already paid the 50k listing price. I already restarted the game and it still doesn't give me either back.
  8. KennyZera

    Mouse in game.

    I have noticed recently that while in a raid, my mouse cursor will stay locked in the middle of my screen where a crosshair would be in other shooters. I have tried reinstalling and alt+tabbing out but nothing is working. I was not able to find anyone else with this problem so that is why I am asking right now. I have owned the game for about 2 months now and this started to happen maybe a week ago. I would like a solution that does not involve downloading a third party software or going into my settings and manually removing my mouse cursor. I will use these ways if I have to and I hope someone will be able to help me. It has nothing to do with the discord overlay I normally have on either. When I try to take a screenshot, it removes the mouse cursor so while I cannot show this, the way I would describe it as just having a crosshair that is a mouse.
  9. So i saw this fourm post (https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/support/knowledge/435) and followed the steps. However the game continues to crash. I have decent specs as shown. My game used to do this when Reserve first came out, then they released a patch and it fixed the problem. Same exact problem happened again on the Release of Lighthouse, they dropped a patch and fixed it. When 12.12 dropped it was COMPLETELY gone never happened. Now with this current patch 12.12.30 the game is crashing again but not just on Reserve and lighthouse, its happening on Shoreline, Woods and occasionally Customs. I've tried every thing on my part with having my processor lasso'd, closing all of my app's (except discord, but even when I close discord the game will still crash and sometimes even bluescreen my PC.). I dont beleive its a hardware issue because its fine before but i want to know if anyone els is having this problem and if you are have you found a fix? are we having the same experience? I just want to know if alone or not with this one, i cant seem to find anyone els that has this problem.
  10. Hooptify

    Bugged Car Extract

    I was healing to prevent death from exhaustion and I went to buy the car extract on interchange right after healing, it said that the money was transferred but it didnt register me as someone extracting. Feelsbadman, had 4 pmc kills and a quest item. can i get my stuff back luuul
  11. If you jump while sprinting the speed indicator (little arrow) resets back to a position as if you were not sprinting, but you actually are sprinting if you never released the [W] key. HOW TO REPRODUCE: press [W] to move forward press [Shift] to sprint (you will notice the little arrow from the speed indicator moves to the far right) press [Space] to jump while you sprint, but never release [W] if you did this correct, you should keep sprinting after you landed from the jump (assuming you still have [W] pressed) if you look at the speed indicator, the little arrow is on a position as if you were not sprinting Another silly bug in game... please fix!
  12. The speed indicator does not work when you have no body armor equipped (regardless what your current weight is). The little arrow indicator only moves to the far right when you equip your body armor back on. Two screenshots are provided to explain this in more detail. A silly little bug...please fix!
  13. So, title says it all. ragmans 3rd quest is not completable for me (and others). tried it twice, visited ALL STORES in ONE RAID, EXTRACTED, wasn't a run through! have seen a topic where people discribe the same problem with other quests. no solutions given as of yet. no clue what to do from here on out. is it possible to contact support? Any news on a fix?
  14. Okay I just did a ****ton of trouble shooting to fix the whole screen flickering/ blinking lights then crash problem. If you want the quick and dirty: Mainly for crashing ----> If you play Tarkov with "vsync" on in the game to "uncap" your fps and recude input lag, limit your FPS in Nvidia control panel starting at 110, then slowly raising it 5 FPS a game until you start crashing, then back it down 5. Set this limit for Tarkov specifically using the "Program settings" tab, not the global settings tab. Unity has drastic spikes in GPU usage above 120FPS, especially when rendering foliage textures at close range. If you are still crashing just uncheck "vsync" in Tarkov settings, this reduces GPU usage a good chunk. If that doesn't work or you don't play with "vsync" on, Adjust your resolution down a little to take a load off your GPU, especially if you have an older GPU (pascal and prior). Run an offline raid with scav spawns on high on a couple maps and play around with your resolution and other settings to try to keep your GPU under 60C if possible. Playing with your fan curve on GPU controlling software can help ALOT with temperature. Mainly for the blinking lights issue ---> Re-install windows. I found out that opting in for "optional" security updates or windows updates and installing them as soon as they are available can mess with you C++ and visual studio packages and make Tarkov freak out. I reinstalled windows and this issue never happened again. This happened near instantly to me after installing an optional update after having 5+ months of no Tarkov issues whatsoever. If you have a slow internet connection or don't want to reset your computer, I would suggest downloading the C++ Packages mentioned in the second thread listed above and see if that works first. This is annoying and harder to pinpoint but for future reference don't install any optional updates, and dont pre-install any upcoming windows updates. For a more in depth explanation: Unity has this weird way of rendering bush and foliage textures in different levels, most games have some kind of iteration of this. For example if you look at a bush super far away in Tarkov it straight up wont render or it will look like a blob, and as you get slightly closer it renders in a slightly better looking somewhat like a bush. Now when you are 50 meters or closer you get full foliage effect around the bush and it looks like a real game not a claymation. However as you get right next to it you can now see the individual structures of the bush or foliage. At this stage of rendering, when you are past 120 FPS the GPU hit is 15-30% higher than if you are refreshing at 120 or lower. This causes a pretty good spike in GPU usage, and before your fan curve can catch up your gpu started pulling power of clock speeds to combat the temperature spike and boom tarkov stuttered or crashed. I don't know why this is, but its real trust me. If you are having these crashes and they happen when you are walking straight into a bush this is why. Maybe that's why they have the in game limit of 120 FPS, keep in mind unity was designed originally for BROWSER games. Buildings and other things in tarkov only have 2 different rendering/texture states, thats probably why Factory and Labs play the best for most people. I can understand why because bushes/foliage you can shoot through, buildings or other structures you cant so it would be unfair not to render these things at long distances and have you wasting ammo. Unity does not like it when a GPU begins backing down boost clock speeds as temperature rises. I'm not talking about thermal throttling at 75+ C, I'm talking about when you hit 60 C or even 55 C and your gpu starts to pull 10 or so MHz off your clock speeds to combat the rising temperature, this is GPU boost 3.0 at work. All GPU's do it at different temperatures, and it will happen faster and more drastically if you have an overclocked GPU. When your playing Tarkov and you have that split second stutter, this is when your GPU just downclocked or pulled power. I don't know why unity dislikes it so much compared to other games. The more taxed your GPU is the longer and greater this stutter will be, sometimes causing Tarkov to straight up crash sometimes. Hence why the older your GPU, the cooler you will need to keep it. If you have a 2080ti or better/newer you wont have this issue as much because 1. Its not being taxed as much, 2. GPU boost on the 2000 series and newer doesn't kick in until 65-ish C. On 1000 series and 900 series cards you card will begin to pull power and clocks as low as 55C. You cant test when this happens on your card using the Furmark stress test. Hope this helps you guys have a better Tarkov experience. As a good baseline I would watch Veritas's settings video, as well as Vox_E's to help you fine tune your settings and get as high FPS and stability as possible. Those two videos helped me ALOT in fine tuning Tarkov. Play around with the "luma sharpen" and "adaptive sharpen" in your "postfx" settings, these two can effect you FPS a decent chunk as well as they function a bit like antialiasing. Happy raiding fellas.
  15. Upon loading into a match my GPU drivers seem to crash and I just get booted to BIOS, no other game does this, Please help me I just bought the prepare for escape edition. Everything was working fine the whole wipe until today I just randomly kept crashing. I reinstalled my GPU drivers, it didn't work.
  16. I do not have video of this, but this has happened multiple times, I am going to try and test it, but scavs are shooting me through the ground and into bunker extract on woods. I was looting the containers with a friend when the scav just started shooting me through the ground, killed me and friend had to go up and kill the scav.
  17. So since the new update, I witness some PC crashes. It happens like every 5-7th raid. The timer for deploying in runs out and as soon I would spawn the picture of both monitors gets weird colors for 1-2 seconds and then the PC restarts. Today I saw a Bluescreen for the first time when this happened. Anyone else has this problem or anyone has a solution for this? Here are my specs if needed:
  18. Hey all, I am having a consistent issue since the start of this wipe where my game with hitch/freeze up for about 3-4 seconds any time a scav/pmc comes into my FOV or shoots near me. This wasn't an issue before this wipe and I have checked with differing server locations with the same results. Game settings wise, everything is low/medium which my PC can handle with ease. Any advice on what could be causing this or how to fix it would be appreciated as it's making it more or less impossible to play the game unless I have a group to help protect me because I cant get into gunfights with this happening. Thanks
  19. Everytime I've died today, I am unable to heal after raid. Only way to fix is to restart game. Has this happened to anyone else?
  20. i was playing a very high geared game, finally decided to bring my good stuff and then i just died randomly while i was running. i was not hungry or thirsty. i was perfectly healthy and was on my way to an extract, then just randomly my guy falls over and i get brought to this screen? what killed me???It just say" raid ended early termination" is there anyway i can get the stuff that i brought into the raid back? because it was kinda my favorite gear i had at the moment.
  21. Hello everyone, I've been really excited for this wipe and just downloaded Tarkov again. Loading into my first scav run I was met with a crash right after awaiting start. Sometimes it will even crash my display drivers, it happens over and over again no matter if I play PMC, Scav, OFFLINE etc. I5-10600k - 16gb ram - RTX 3070 So far I have reinstalled the game 5 times, in different locations as well. I've tried increasing my pagefile to 10gb-32gb I've checked the game files every time I install I've tried borderless/fullscreen options Tried single player and scav and PMC runs, always the same issue Bios Update Display Drivers Reinstalled XMP on No overclocking on my PC I'd love any help as I really just wanna play Tarkov with my friends!
  22. Nordic_Beard


    You should make the thermal scopes Dark setting compatible with NVG. Currently running NVG on a nightmap blooms the thermal scope beyond use... watch @chunkiegaming recent stream on twitch 07/01/2018 for the effects of Thermal+NVG https://www.twitch.tv/chunkiegaming
  23. Hey players and devs! Been getting a gnarley bug over the last few weeks... Items gets deleted in pouch after raids and sometimes when I start the game. I've had ibuprofen, M995, BP and other goodies deleted over time and can't seem to find any info at this moment about this bug. Please help me before the wipe is here and quest items are vital again!
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