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Found 472 results

  1. So I just bought EfT about 2 hours ago. I went into 1 game where I changed a few settings and then left the menu. I realized after closing the menu, that when I pressed esc again, nothing happened. I thought maybe something bugged out, but I continued the match/raid (whatever it's called) until I died, after which I restarted the game. After loading the game up a second time, I entered another match where I was able to open up the menu, but again after opening and closing the menu just one time, the esc button stopped working. Also, when I get back to the main menu, my in-game mouse can move around, but I can't click on anything. I've searched for any bugs/issues similar to this and of course haven't found anything. So I wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else and if there's a solution or a known cause for this. Thanks in advance.
  2. grigoo

    Glitching textures WTF?

    I started a scav raid on reserve and when i loaded in this happened: Look at the attached pictures!!
  3. MandaloreFallen

    User Action Required?

    I'm not really sure where I should be posting this but I am at a loss. I just got a second monitor hooked up, and was just figuring out how to run Tarkov and Discord in separate windows on the separate screens. While adjusting graphics, and restarting, I suddenly received a User Action Required message. I have an image posted. After several minutes the game would launch. To try to resolve the issue I uninstalled the game, still received the error while trying to reinstall, so I then uninstalled the game client, but now it won't let me install from the website. If there are any fixes, or if this is a bug on BSGs end, I don't know.
  4. JustHoneyBadger

    Inventory Move Bug

    Hi. I sweeped through the forum searching for someone posting about this bug but I didn't see any. So sorry if this has already been covered. Sometimes, happens every other minute, when I move an item in my stash (or in my inventory in raid) the graphic for the item doesn't "stick" where I place it instead it "floats" between tiles and is duplicated at the same time at the original position in the stash. So I move a magazine from point a to point b. But as soon as I release my left click it sticks floating on the inventory tile and is at the same time still on the original position. Does anyone else have this bug? I'll post a pic next time it occurs, shouldn't take long.
  5. Hallo zusammen, ich habe mir gestern das Spiel gekauft und wollte es über Nacht herunterladen, da ich eine sehr schwache Internetleitung habe (6k Telekom). Spiele zu spielen mit der Leitung funktioniert (41ms) nur die Downloads dauern im Regelfall immer etwas länger. Nachdem ich heute morgen aufgestanden bin und meinen Download überprüfen wollte habe ich gesehen das bereits bei 8% eine Fehlermeldung aufgetreten ist. Zuerst hatte ich den Verdacht es liegt daran das ich Nachts gegen 2 meinen 24h Disc vom Router habe. Also habe ich es heute morgen nochmal (leider auch mehrmals) versucht, die Fehler treten immer wieder auf. Bevor ich die Fehler zeige, möchte ich nur erwähnen das sich mein Spiel nicht in einen Ordner packen lassen wollte. Das Spiel selbst erstellte den Ordner BsgLauncher in der auch mehrere Ordner und Dateien zu finden sind. Später, während der Installation, wollte er aber das ich nochmal einen Pfad zum installieren angebe. Den bereits erstellten Ordner den das Spiel selbst anlegte konnte man aber nicht auswählen. Nun zu den Fehlern in Bildern: Diese Meldung erschien jedes Mal nachdem ich versucht habe zu Downloaden. Egal ob ich es per "Wiederholen" versucht habe oder mit einem Launcher Neustart. Diese Meldung kommt nach unbestimmter Zeit immer. Leider verstehe ich nicht richtig worauf sie mich hinweisen möchte. Der zweite Fehler (welcher bisher ein einziges Mal auftrat): Der Fehler kam, nachdem ich auf "Absagen" gedrückt habe (siehe erstes Bild). Eventuell habt ihr Tipps für mich wie ich das Spiel erfolgreich downloaden und spielen kann. Vielen Dank.
  6. BlackCockDown


    I've been having issues searching up peoples usernames. I ran into 2 people during a raid and they decided to carry me through without killing them. I have their usernames but when I search either of them up, nothing is showing up for me. I think there may be some sort of bug involved in trying to find other players usernames because I would like to send a message out to those players but I cant as I cannot find their in-game usernames. it would be greatly appreciated if something could be done about this down the road as it would be nice to actually play with other people I meet in game. Thanks a lot
  7. Fu2z

    Invisible players known about?

    So for the second time my team-mate and I have had a bug where one of us becomes invisible and one of us is in some weird situation where other players can see me but i cannot see my team mate or other players or scavs. we play in the same room, one PC is much better than the other and the player who can't see other players is on the low-end PC. I also think we have had this happen to both of us and were able to kill another 2 man team while we were invisible. I tried googling the bug and it seems to have been fixed with the 0.11 patch, unsure if this is the same thing or not. is this known about? i think it's only happened 2 or maybe 3 times, so i don't know if i should be opening a support ticket for a bug or not.
  8. matovelkystrele

    Waiting forever, cant see teammates

    Hello, I've been waiting forever to join a raid with my friends, and yet we can't see each other. Waiting took too long and then everything was bugged. It happens a lot, almost everytime we play together. Any fix?
  9. Well the title says pretty much all I gotta say. As much as I love the changes in 0.12, such as way less micro stutters (at least for me), every time I try entering a raid in anywhere else than Factory and Woods, the game crashes with a 'bad_module_info' error during the loading screen, usually around 'loading loots' phase or the next one. I mean, this never happened before the patch and I tried everything (ex: complete uninstall-reinstall, changing compatibility, resolution etc.) and nothing seems to work. So whilst I'm waiting for the dev's response, I was just wondering if it's only me P.S: Keep up the good work devs! This is by far my favorite fps of all time ❤️
  10. 这周更新突然碰到了在战局内无法开枪的bug,对于是如何引起和如何解决完全没有头绪,大家有遇到过这种情况吗? ps,Nov 30th 22:00左右服务器是炸了吗
  11. xElik203

    Karten Bug v 0.12

    Ich habe eine Karte vom Zollgelände gekauft. Wenn ich sie vor einem Raid öffne, wird mir alles normal angezeigt. Sobald ich auf dieser Karte ran zoome, wird sie komplett weiß. Muss dann das Spiel neustarten damit ich wieder was auf der Karte sehe, wenn ich aber wieder ran zoome, passiert das selbe. Ist das bei euch auch so ? Hab schon nach Lösungen gesucht aber nichts gefunden was mir geholfen hat.
  12. HushChild

    Flea Market Bug??

    (Wasn't sure where to post this, move if necessary) I ran into an issue where one of my offers on the market is flagged as "Out Of Stock" after it was purchased, and now i cant get that slot back, and am stuck at only 2 flea market spots..
  13. So back before .12 i kept getting into lobbies with Scavs that run in place and some people are invisible. I cant hear them shoot or scream, i only take damage and die. Its been happening for a while on my account and i don't know what to do. I have already clean installed the game and it keeps happening. If i play in a squad, in our spawn im not moving and on my screen they might move or they will be still. Its only happening to me and its a weird bug. -Thanks gamer-
  14. eikotehmouse

    Does armor glitch still exist?

    I ask cause I've been getting 1-2 shot in the chest with no sign of actually taking dmg from shotgun scavs.... Just straight up dying . With level 3-4 armor on from, AI scav and getting shot in the thorax...Also, getting shot in armored locations after already getting behind cover...That's another thing I'm having troubles...
  15. ErikStoner98

    Scav bots are bugged when killed.

    I have had multiple encounters with bots that keep on walking whilst they are dead. They don't shoot anymore. They don't seem dead. Its like someone desynced. I've shot multipe extra rounds through their head and still they continue to walk on the same spot. And I can't loot it. This got me killed as well. Because I still think that they are alive and such so shoot at them, making noise for it. However, I had a friend of mine say that he is just on the ground and he can loot the body.
  16. ROFLcaptain

    resolution problem

    Hello my problem is that i have to run the game in 1280x720 to have a good 50-60 fps, but when i start a map the game always changes its resolution back to a fake 1920x1080 (the resolution changes but the image is clear and i have 20-30 low fps. The change can be seen on the picture quality. finding out why this happens would be cool, cus now i have to change the graphics every time i start and end a raid. I cant really just ignore it after raid because if i open a weapon/armor/case the window is out of border and cant move it cus it jumps out again. thx for the help
  17. vekongmaster

    AKS 74U (Krinkov) Mag Dump Bug?

    Dear BSG Devs and EFT Community, So lately I've been busting my butt leveling up my Recoil Control Skill by Mag-Dumping thousand rounds of cheap 5.45x39 mm FMJ with the little Krinkov (AKS74U). And I noticed a weird bug or issue (maybe!) with the Krinkov. After Mag-Dumping nine to ten 30-round mags, my Krinkov started acting strange. I couldn't reload it by clicking R, gotta load new mag through inventory. And when I tried to discard the Krinkov, it just got stuck in my hands, I couldn't use other gun or anything. The Krinkov would just keep blinking in the inventory, couldn't get it off my hands. So I had to extract with bugged Krinkov in my hands. And what really annoyed me was all the rounds that I reloaded through inventory wasn't counted as shots for the Recoil Control skill point. So I only got skill points from the first 10 mags that I mag-dumped, the other dozens of mags that I reloaded through inventory were counted for nothing. And this bug wasn't because of my Krinkov's durability, it still got 90% durability. What the hell was that? a bug? a Desync? a new way to prevent people from mag-dumping and leveling up their Recoil Control Skill? Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  18. Hartox

    Bug Postman Pat - Part 1

    Yo les gens ! Je reprends le jeu avec la 0.12 qui est juste ultra lourde ! Enfin bref, je me lance dans un ptit run facto pour la quete "Postman Pat - Part 1". Je rencontre personne, donc je sors par derriere ( j'ai la clef facto). Je donne la lettre à Therapist et la je me rends compte que je ne peux pas terminer la quete avec Prapor. Sans trop lire, je pense que c'est parceque j'ai fait un "Run Through". Je retourne donc sur facto pour faire un VRAI run. Tout se passe bien je tue 4 ou 5 scav histoire de, puis je me casse. Et la je ne peux toujours pas terminer la quête... pck je n'ai pas donné la lettre à Therapist....... Comme vous pouvez le voir, j'ai reloot la lettre mais impossible de la donner à Therapist puisque je lui en ai déjà donné une... J'ai déjà essayer de me suicider pour perdre la lettre et cette fois ci re-loot la lettre avec un "vrai" run mais ce fut aussi efficace que l'attaque trempette de magicarpe.... PLZ si vous avez déjà eu ca ou une idée de comment faire ? Ca me bloque carrement sur les quetes de Prapor cette connerie :( (Oui j'ai le jeu en francais et j'aime pas, mais c'est plus facile pour guider deux nouveaux potes sur le jeu).
  19. I was gleefully farming Factory on a hatchet run and picked up a shotgun off a scav kill and then killed a few more until i found some upgrades. I tried to drop the shotgun, but it just sat there in my inventory blinking. This also prevented me from reloading my alternate weapons. I could still use the hatchet. Eventually scavs zerged me and I died, so I was not able to "resolve" the issue. Not sure if this is some sort of desync, but it is a highly annoying bug.
  20. Just had this weird glitch happen. I was sifting trough items and examined a greyed out thing in the shop. It didn't finish examining the object. I double tapped the item and got a new window. I couldn't close it. I pressed the Back button and the overlay of the store was still there.
  21. I have noticed that when I try to list USD or Euro's on the Flea Market my game locks up entirely and doesn't allow me to list them. I've had a friend try as well with the same result. Has anyone else experienced this or know a work around?
  22. SnymenTTV

    lucky scav junk box errore

    Salve a tutti, anche voi avete questo problema?
  23. gagembennett

    Loading Into Raid

    I know there was a previous thread yesterday covering this topic and has now been locked, but I still can't play any raid as a pmc. I will either be stuck on awaitng session start or deploying in (0:00). Has the patch for this been rolled out yet? 2019.10.30_14-45-50_0.12.0.4862 application.log 2019.10.30_14-45-50_0.12.0.4862 backend_queue.log 2019.10.30_14-45-50_0.12.0.4862 errors.log 2019.10.30_14-45-50_0.12.0.4862 inventory.log 2019.10.30_14-45-50_0.12.0.4862 nvidia.log 2019.10.30_14-45-50_0.12.0.4862 pools.log 2019.10.30_14-45-50_0.12.0.4862 traces.log
  24. SoullessGinger

    Market and quest rewards bug.

    My friend just finished a gunsmith quest where the reward was 2 ammo boxes. He went to get them from the quest rewards screen and when he moved them into his inventory he got an item move error and now they have disappeared. I have also lost a good amount of rubles from the market and when I go to get my money and I move it into my stash I get an item move error. I guess i just wont get any of my quest rewards because most of them just vanish into thin air now. Is there any hope of this being fixed soon?
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