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Found 560 results

  1. Ni_Johnny

    Graphics bug, sharpness reset

    So I've been trying to figure out whats causing this problem, I searched forums, Google and what not but couldnt find the solution. Heres the thing - every single raid I go in, my shaprness resets, I have it at max and since the latest update as soon as I load in into the raid, my shaprness goes back to default, although it says that its at max. Only solution to this problem that I have found out is to go to Settings, while in raid, click Save and exit the main menu. That fixes it but only for that raid. I have to repeat that process in every raid I load in to. Does anyone know why is my sharpness kept being reset every single raid? How should I fix that?
  2. Ever since the new patch, whenever i try to load into either a Scav or PMC, i either a) dont spawn in and i'm stuck in loading screen or b) my character is frozen at spawn and i cant move, shoot or do anything. I try to leave the raid and come back but it doesnt work. Any advice? I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I'm attaching a photo of my PMC being suspended in mid-air. I can't shoot, move, or anything. Its extremely frustrating. Please help
  3. LeonChin


    今天想下载下来玩 但是安装游戏启动器的时候弹错 请问该如何解决???
  4. pipskywalker

    The infamous right click bug

    A spicy scav run, enter a firefight to find its me and 1 guy left, get a lucky shot off with a mosin and take him out! Time to loot boys. looting dope weapons and bags full of loot, go to throw away a grenade for a nice tag and boom it strikes again for the 4th time in the night. Once again the UI is bugged and all i can do is click inspect, or discard, cant dismiss this pop up, only way to get out is to alt f4 and reload the game. I calmly do this smoothly as I'm used to it now, loading takes about 30 seconds which is pretty good, nice jobs devs! i get back in, WOW I'M ALIVE IN OFFICE CORRIDOR, 0.35 seconds later I'm head shot and dead. Guys I know you have more pressing issues, servers ect. but please Iv tried uninstalling its doesnt help this bug, I wake up in cold sweats when i have nightmares about this bug. For my sanity plz save me!
  5. So, I just bought the game. I installed it as normal and tried my first time in the world. The only problem is that once I turn my screen around, my mouse flickers on the screen. This happens right in the middle where the sight of my gun is. The problem only occurs when waving the camera around. When I go in a straight line, it doesnt show. I tried going to borderless and windowed, that didnt work. I also tried turning off geforce experience and disabling the ingame overlay. Last night I also tried updating my Nvidia drivers, but that also didnt help Here's a video of the bug I am talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv9uIz2aBUc&feature=youtu.be
  6. elusinimene

    Invisible bug

    Hello I was playing with my friends and one round i didn't see them anymore but they could see me. Does anyone know how to remove it this bug??
  7. ImpossibleDie

    "server connection lost"

    Genre en faite je ne peux pas lancer de raid en ligne ( PMC ou Scav) sauf en hors-ligne là tout va bien, j'ai même accès au hideout et au flea market... Mais lorsque je lance un raid en ligne j'ai l'erreur " Server connection Lost" et je n'arrive pas à régler le problème, j'ai tout essayer : - Redémarrer le pc - Reinstaller le jeu - Desactiver anti-virus et firewall - Tester avec un VPN - Tester sur un autre pc - Reinstaller Windows de A a Z ... J'ai même demander à un ami d'essayer mon compte chez lui mais impossible de jouer aussi...
  8. Honeytea

    After raid healing not working

    Everytime I've died today, I am unable to heal after raid. Only way to fix is to restart game. Has this happened to anyone else?
  9. HushChild

    Flea Market Bug??

    (Wasn't sure where to post this, move if necessary) I ran into an issue where one of my offers on the market is flagged as "Out Of Stock" after it was purchased, and now i cant get that slot back, and am stuck at only 2 flea market spots..
  10. SoSoJaiQAQ

    server down again?

    greeting guys i have been stuck in the leaving game screen for eternalty already, i restart the computer and the game , it still shows me the same thing , helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp meeeeeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :(
  11. Whenever I ads and shoot sometimes not always my cursor will come on screen and won't shoot just started today watch the video in the center of my screen my cursor appears. any suggestions are appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGlOcSMYVEk
  12. GloriousandGrea

    A FANTASTIC suggestion (Glass).

    I have a great suggestion. Fix the "bulletproof" glass in the game that has been broken since its been put into the game. There are multiple locations in Tarkov where the glass is completely and utterly broken. Lets list a few. 1) Green keycard room on labs - The glass does not function at all, in fact, it breaks game-play. Damage shooting into the green keycard room from outside is significantly higher. I'm sure that enough people have experienced this problem where you shoot someone that is outside an absurd amount of times, to only get instantly dropped through the glass from the outside. It makes no sense and doesn't function properly. Same is said for: 2) Kiba store on Interchange and 3) Emercon on Interchange. The glass is broken here too in terms of uneven damage from the inside to the outside and vise versa. My amazing suggestion is to either fix the damage so its equal on both sides, or make it completely bulletproof. Basically make the glass functional.
  13. Devyx

    Examine bug in Hideout

    The game keeps the examine going on indefinitely and then you cannot do another at the same time until after you return from a game. There appears to not be a gameplay bug report forum so here we go.
  14. So I been recived the Gift key that my friend that have been sent me but the thing is I can't install the game after I activated it,It said "download file checksum does not match" and I don't know what to do please help
  15. DuzeeM

    CefSharp.Core problem

    Hi, i have problem when i want to launch Battlestate Games Lanucher. A bug say: "Could not load file or set 'CefSharp.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=40c4b6fc221f4138 or one of his dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program in an incorrect format." Has anyone had a problem with this? Any solutions? I installed already vc++ 2015 and 2013..
  16. First off my specs are: i-5 4760 gtx 1070 16gb ram Since there was a new patch i decided to reinstall the game to see what changed, i used to play this game a very lot with not many issues apart from the common ones such as fps drops, which improved around the interchange patch, but now most of the time when i load my map it crashes my game along with any other apps i have open such as my browser, spotify,discord etc, every now and then i get to play like 1 raid like today but anything more than that is just not possible, ive tried the ram cleaner but it doesnt really change anything,when i have my task manager open on my second monitor the game uses both most/all of my ram aswell as all of my gpu while loading into a map, which results in a crash. i already tried both verifying the integrity and reinstalling the game again without any results. i hope bsg can take a look at their code and improve this so i can play the game again
  17. Cpt_Timme

    Guns not firing

    Hey guys, so i just did a Labs Raid and killed two guys. Some time passed as i flanked a 3rd, came up behind him pressed mouse 1 and nothing happened. So i ran away unloaded the gun, the chamber and fully reloaded it...still not shooting. So i switched to the Shotgun on my back wich didnt shoot either, and then i tried the knife wich worked. So my mouse isnt broken and the gun (SA-58) was at 97 Durability. Did anyone ever experienced something like this before? Is it a know bug? I tried Factory offline mode afterwards everything worked fine again Have a nice day!
  18. After the loading screen should disappear and let me play the game it just freeze on this image. I've tried again 3-4 times and it keep doing this.
  19. CptKarhu

    Loading screen bug

    Hey, for a couple days now i had the Problem of the initial loading screen, when i click Play, to just load forever. I tried waiting but after around 10h the circle in the Bottom Right is still Spinning. I also tried most of the common fixes like reinstalling, updating gpu, and a couple others like tabbing out or starting the game in compability mode and or as an admin, i dont know what to do anymore and im really frustrated. does anyone have a recent fix for this Problem?
  20. Cap_n_Cook

    Please developers focus on labs

    Hey there, First of all i want to tell I've been playing labs only for about 3 months already after i got kappa,and i play daily a lot of hours so i know what I'm talking about. So first of all a lot of things changed in the couple of weeks. First : I never met any hackers before ( i play in eu ) or if I did i thought they are played just better than me in that moment ,but in the last weeks i met a lot of tham and I'm hundred percent sure about it cuz some of tham unashamedly didnt even tried to hide it. The thing i met : wallhack + speedhack + aimbot. Firstly,guyz runing with 100km/h jump from the upper lever and shoot me in the had in the air. After that I sometimes record but not allways cuz doesnt want to get ping drop cuz of it,especially not in labs...I met 3 of this speedhackers. Secondly,another hundred percent sure hackers camping at the hallways at the fire escape hallways cuz of the wallhack they know exactly where the people is,they killed me a lot of times that way when they couldnt hear or see me shooted throught tents and "paper strong blue barricades" . ( blue,green black room,etc area) Thirdly,I dunno about it is that a work of the developers or of the cheaters,is that ledx spawn rate nerfed? Or hackers spawn tham to thamself from kilometers away. Before i could get 1 ledx in around every 10 raids,after interchange change patch i could get around 1 from 30 matches,but i see that the flea market is full with ledx-es,and its get cheaper day by day,and belive me when I'm say no matter where i spawn I'll be the first at least one of the spawns. Also played a lot of matches where blue or green room isnt opened what was very rare before and still no ledx in there. 4. I guess a lot of people already posted about it but main elevator is bugged,u cant get inside and with the combainater of wallhack campers who shoot throught 4 door windows its very frustrating u cant get inside. 5. Also the voices radius and working is bugged probably of the new voice changes in labs. I very appriciate it that we can hear that better and differently on 0. level if some1 moves in the -1 under us,but its harder to hear from the -1 whats happening on 0. floor. Also keycard using voice is nearly silent,u cant even hear that at black room door if they opening green room. Also u nearly cant hear throught this levels when its a much less "closed levels" and thinner the wall between levels than 0 and -1. I can hear at black room if people wallking in the middle of the hallway of -1 but i cant hear if some1 silent walking exactly above me(not crouching)...Its a little bit funny. Also keykard uses like i cant hear from 2-3m away in the middle of green room hallway that some1 uses card in green room,cant hear from 1 meter away from red room main door if some1 is inside opening red. So it really should reworked or change it back before to have real voice of keycard using. 6. Suggestion against hatchlings. Like i said before in the 3. one im very sure its not the work of the devs but of the cheaters that i find a lot of games where at the end of the raid i still can open red and green and also was 1. at least one of the other ledx spawns and there is no ledx. But i see much more hatchling at the start,but after 10 minutes i running the whole map around like a crazy,running after shoots and i doesnt find bodies or players. Its like some players would join the game as hatchling spawn the ledxs to thamself and instantly going out.Also its very irritating when normally the real badass players want to go to labs,risk full gears to get full geared players,real challange etc. or going in budget build if doesnt have that much money for try hard and now suddenly every second player is a hatchling who doesnt even bother thamself to kill raider,gear up and try figth just to steal stuff from the players who are risking real money,not the crying babies on other maps who crying about losing their best stuff when our worst budget build in labs 5x more expensive than their best. Also im not crying about it i have some hundred million rubels if they take the best lootable items from map also not about they could kill me cuz they doesnt stand a change in 1m rub build when im whole naked with a good gun with good ammo,I'm just sayin normal people want to take a real fight in labs a rat way or chad way but want action and adrenalin,and it has the best atmosphere from all the maps,strong enemies,"strong" raiders etc. And now kills the feel cuz every 2. player is a hatch,so right now i we have to hunt for real enemies,when it could be 1000x better if it would be like before the worst option is that budget geared rats camping in corners at least u have a chance to find action. SO my suggestion would be add more raiders to the map at start,before opening exits,and make tham much more agressive against players who doesnt wear 1 main weapon( so not just hatchling but pistol runners too (the same for me)) and doesnt wear an armor (or armored rig)on chest(even a 0/50 peca is ok) so they should lose a little bit more and more importantly they could get speed penalty also.But at least they have a chance to take a fight.And when i say agressively i mean the closest raider to that hatchling instantly sprint to it and know its exact location. So at the end that map before was for 2 type of players : real action addicted chad players,and rats who wanted to make real money and risked even if they were scared. Now its the paradies of hatchling ad hackers. If sometimes there was a hatch they were scared as hell cuz they knew badass players around tham and watch where to step and move silently cuz they can die any moment. Now they running around like idiots cuz they know at least other 3-4 hatchling running around also just like tham. At least keep that 1 map safe from theese vermins whos are doing the exactly opposite what this game made for and try to ruin everything.
  21. Falseshadow

    Team Wendy EXFIL Coyote helmet

    Since I can't report bugs for some reason, I'll post this here. The Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic Helmet (Coyote) currently does not have a slot for the matching face shield, unlike the black version of the helmet. Unsure if this is a bug or intentional, but it does defeat the purpose of having 2 otherwise identical helmets for style purposes. It's also slightly more irritating that the 2 free helmets we received can't be equipped with face shields lol.
  22. pvjvlax

    No audio after 12.4 update

    I am at a complete loss. after updating to the newest patch that was released today i can no longer get any audio in game at all. I am wondering if anyone has any idea cause I have restarted game and then done all the little things that i can think of, everything from changing sound settings for my computer and in game. i have made sure that my in-game settings did not change but i no longer have any idea. As you could imagine not having any sounds makes it very difficult to play. I am posting my current sound settings in this post to see if maybe i changed something that sounded be at 0 or what cause I am just lost.
  23. slayergonewild

    Graphical glitch

    When I am playing I randomly get stutters where grey and black lines flash across my screen covering the whole screen rendering the game unplayable. I have to tried deleting everything and fresh installing and that did not fix it. I have tried v-sync on and off and changed multiple settings such as shadows textures etc. When I record the game it does not show up in the footage it just something I can physically see and it only happens on tarkov.
  24. As of yesterday morning I can't get into my Hideout. It just never finishes loading (rotating hexagonal symbol). Any ideas? Can't get into Raids either. Both PMC and scav raids. Can't even do offline Raids. Simply doesn't finish loading. Offline raid not working: https://imgur.com/a/BGg5nwH
  25. Maelarion

    Infinite Hideout loading bug

    As of this morning I can't get into my Hideout. It just never finishes loading (rotating hexagonal symbol). Any ideas? Edit: can't get into raid either.
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