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Found 424 results

  1. After patch 11.7, not hotfix, I sometimes can't stop bleeding at stomach. Not frequently but just two times. first time I had bandage and the bleeding spot is stomach. And When I use it there, the game said like 'no you are not bleeding at there'. I keep using that and not working. after I picked up another med and I stopped bleed. Until then almost half of my health gone, and of course stomach blacked out. And today I got that again. I got car med, and I got shot at leg and stomach. I used it and it filled the health. and it kept bleeding. I drag and dropped at stomach, and again not worked. then my stomach out, all body health out, and somehow I found new bandage and stopped it but that time I have only 10 health and 0 water. I died. what is this? Dose health system changed? or bug? I think bug but just in case...
  2. SNiAN

    Trader bugfix

    Going into traders with a mount or whichever with attached items, removing the attachment won't change the price shown on the mount. ex. Open Mechanic with a sprut full of Klesh tactical mods, remove all the mods and the sprut will still show the price if it had the attachments still on. Doesn't sell for that amount though.
  3. Fu2z

    Invisible players known about?

    So for the second time my team-mate and I have had a bug where one of us becomes invisible and one of us is in some weird situation where other players can see me but i cannot see my team mate or other players or scavs. we play in the same room, one PC is much better than the other and the player who can't see other players is on the low-end PC. I also think we have had this happen to both of us and were able to kill another 2 man team while we were invisible. I tried googling the bug and it seems to have been fixed with the 0.11 patch, unsure if this is the same thing or not. is this known about? i think it's only happened 2 or maybe 3 times, so i don't know if i should be opening a support ticket for a bug or not.
  4. KennyZera

    Mouse in game.

    I have noticed recently that while in a raid, my mouse cursor will stay locked in the middle of my screen where a crosshair would be in other shooters. I have tried reinstalling and alt+tabbing out but nothing is working. I was not able to find anyone else with this problem so that is why I am asking right now. I have owned the game for about 2 months now and this started to happen maybe a week ago. I would like a solution that does not involve downloading a third party software or going into my settings and manually removing my mouse cursor. I will use these ways if I have to and I hope someone will be able to help me. It has nothing to do with the discord overlay I normally have on either. When I try to take a screenshot, it removes the mouse cursor so while I cannot show this, the way I would describe it as just having a crosshair that is a mouse.
  5. Hey Escapers, ich habe ein ziemliches Problem mit der Quest Delivery from the past. Und zwar habe ich das Questitem aus Costum geholt, in der Factory Platziert und bin auch entkommen (standartexit). Nun kann ich aber die Quest nicht abgeben und bei Prapor steht immer noch, dass ich aus der Factory escapen muss. Hatte jemand schon mal so ein Problem und habt ihr vllt. ein paar Lösungsvorschläge für mich ? Bin auch schon nochmal in die Factory gegangen, um nochmal zu escapen hat aber leider nichts gebracht. MfG, Owiganowi
  6. Willem

    Sew it good Part 1 Bug

    Salut à tous, Juste un topic afin de vous faire part d'un bug que j'ai subi dans cette quête. Vous devez fournir 2 sac à dos "Pilgrim tourist backpack" à Ragman, seulement voilà j'ai pris l'habitude de les empiler comme des poupées russes dans mon inventaire (4 ou 5 je ne me souviens plus) avec le dernier contenant naturellement un peu de stuff. J'ai pris la précaution d'en retirer un avant de faire ''TURN IN'' pour vérifier si le jeu sélectionne celui qui est retiré de la pile mais non il semble qu'il choisit un sac aléatoirement. Comme un abruti j'ai "TURN IN" le deuxième pour valider la quête et bingo: tous mes sacs Pilgrim avaient disparu de mon inventaire Je ne fais pas ce post pour réclamer le stuff perdu ou quoi que ce soit, je le fais juste pour vous avertir afin de vous éviter cela... Si vous devez fournir des sac à dos pour une quête, sac à dos que vous avez pris soin auparavant d'empiler alors séparer les avant de les rendre! Bon raid à tous
  7. Bonjour, En installant le jeu, comme tous les autres jeux logiquement, tu dois pouvoir installer le jeu la ou tu le souhaite, ou sinon via le launcher. Donc quand je dl le jeu, sur le launcher je met dans les Settings le répertoire que je veux soit dans mon disque B vu que c'est celui avec le plus de place, Mais impossible de le télécharger dans ce disque dur, le launcher ce dl dans mon SSD qui est plein a craqué.. Donc voilà mon problème ! Je suis bloqué, j'ai déjà essayé de désinstaller puis réinstaller mais rien ne fonctionne, j'ai toujours le même problème. Puis quand je déplace le fichier du jeu de (C:) à (B:) j'ai un message d'erreur : Merci d'avance.
  8. DipTheseChips

    Mags Falling Through Ground

    Hey, recently I have seen a lot lately when I drop a mag for my partner 1 out of 2 times it always falls through the ground and I lose quite a bit of money doing that, hoping this can get fixed soon. Not to sure if this is happening for other players but it occurs for me all the time.
  9. Hey guys, I'm new to the forums but have been playing EFT for a month or two now and just ran into my first serious bug. Below I have pasted in the email I sent the devs regarding the bug. In short, I spent a bunch of money to complete some rather expensive missions and when I logged back in all my progress was lost but my money was still gone. "Hello, last night I was playing some EFT and completed a few missions. Namely; Ragmans - Database - Part 2, Sew it good - Part 1 - 4, (4/6) of The Blood of War - Part 2, and most importantly Skiers - Loyalty Buyout. The problem here is that when I started last night I have just over a million Rubles saved up, after completing all of these I am nearly penniless. When logging back in today I have come to find that none of these missions are completed despite my money being eaten trough still and it is even prompting me to redo the million RUB Loyalty Buyout. Like a moron, I clicked on the Loyalty Buyout again to see if it was actually real and now what little money I had left is stuck back in Ragmans clutches. Is there anything you can do to return the progress that seems to have vanished or return the money I had spent so I can finish the quests again? I ended up selling a lot of my stored weapons and gear to make enough money to get this far in the missions last night and this is extremely disappointing and muse killing to wake up to. Thanks a million (no pun intended) -D_domic" Has anyone else had this problem and if so was there any solution to it? Thanks in advance for the help and it's good to be here in the community. -D_domic
  10. ChilliCheeseDog

    Anyone else getting this bug?

    I traded off a T H I C C items case for a lab arsenal key. Small problem, i'm not receiving the key. I've waiting 30 minutes or so and i'm afraid to close the game, but i haven't gotten the key but it ate my case. As far as i'm aware, the person with the key has received the case.
  11. Cpt_Timme

    Guns not firing

    Hey guys, so i just did a Labs Raid and killed two guys. Some time passed as i flanked a 3rd, came up behind him pressed mouse 1 and nothing happened. So i ran away unloaded the gun, the chamber and fully reloaded it...still not shooting. So i switched to the Shotgun on my back wich didnt shoot either, and then i tried the knife wich worked. So my mouse isnt broken and the gun (SA-58) was at 97 Durability. Did anyone ever experienced something like this before? Is it a know bug? I tried Factory offline mode afterwards everything worked fine again Have a nice day!
  12. THEantiSANTA

    Ragman stole my backpacks!

    Just handed in the Ragman quest for the two pilgrim bags and didnt have enough room in my stash to seperate them all and there is no way to know what ones youre choosing when you hand them in so i took my trizips out thankfully as they had a fort armor and some fast mts in there anyways when i handed them in i go back to my inventory to find all 5 of my pilgrim bags missing. Not too big a deal as hardly ever use them but i do hate loosing my loot because of bugs or something i had no control over.
  13. DarthFett

    Backend Error

    Hello, I had just finished a raid on Interchange and extracted at the Northern Exit. Upon doing so i sat in a loading screen for an excessive amount of time and then received the Error in the attached Picture. I assume i cannot read the error because it is written in a code language my Computer doesn't speak. I am in the Us and have Windows 10. I can launch the game but cannot progress past this screen and cannot access the main menus.
  14. DomaN8

    Possible. Extraction Bug

    Hello, Excellent work on the new patch. Ever since the patch has been implemented I have had numerous issues extracting as a scav. When i go to the correct extraction, the counter counts down, at 0... nothing happens. I just wait and eventually the time when i press o, says -1:00, and keeps counting down in minute increments. I had this happen 2 different games, happened at both extraction points. What am i missing? Is this a bug?
  15. Hallo liebe Community, derzeit leide ich unter einen Bug der es mir verwehrt meine Statistiken so wie meine Abschüsse nach einer Runde einzusehen. Bis jetzt habe ich nichts über solch einen Bug gefunden, deswegen eröffne ich jetzt einen Thread darüber. Hat jemand den gleichen Bug und eine Lösung dafür ? Grüße Kazu
  16. mradictio

    Pas de son sur escape from tarkov

    Salut a tous je viens de recevoir l'accès a la béta du jeu mais apres installation lorsque je lance le jeu je n'est aucun son je fais toutes les maj de mes drivers, j'ai désinstallé réinstallé le jeu ect rien a faire quelqu'un aurait it eu le meme probleme et trouvé une solution merci d'avance !
  17. I keep an infinite loading screen after almost every raid, regardless of whether I extract alive or die during the raid. This makes scavenger runs nigh useless and it's very annoying having to kill the game process using task manager every time I end a raid. The game itself shows as responsive, but the loading screen will go on effectively forever, meaning that I need to use task manager to kill the process.
  18. So essentially some red dots have weird sighting issues. I put some effort into representing this with a test that took me a long while. I executed this test with all sights ranged down to their lowest range to ensure that it wasn't the problem, and in fact, it wasn't! As you may see, the difference in the sights are quite minuscule, however, these problems make the MPX obsolete in ranges above 100 meters. Some may say that this isn't an issue because nobody uses the MPX, but with the upcoming additions to MPX modding, this issue needs to be addressed (if not already). So down below, I took a bit to screenshot exactly what I'm talking about, using a variety of sights (about 11 of them I think). Line in which I'm aiming at is shown in red whereas the impact of the bullets are shown in green. Also take note of the position of the laser when changing the sights. It seems like the bullets are traveling into the laser rather than the crosshairs (this should not happen as typically IRL you can change the sighting of both the laser and sight). Anyway, let me know if anyone is aware of this issue, and don't be harsh if I'm just too stupid to realize that this isn't a flaw. -Thanks for your time!
  19. Lynnette

    Flea market cancel item bug

    Hello again, im reporting a bug this time around... id love to actually use the bug tracker thread for this, but no one can post in it apparently. So. i go to put up my 19-01 i received for completing Gunsmith-3 quest, posted the weapon with an extra number by mistake, so i go to remove it, it takes a 1~2min removal count down. so i wait for it. after the 2 min it says on the bottom right "your market item has expired" or something of the like. So i go back in to repost it... and the 19-01 is no where to be found. I open all my bags and cases... its not here. i didnt get my gun back! now im mad! working on the MP5SD custom was a bit of a hassle. i bought some of the parts, but didnt have the money for the rest so i had to go on a few runs to find the parts i was looking for. and the reward, which i wished to level off the compensation for the bought parts, was the 19-01 i was trying to sell. now im out some good money. im a very very cautious player, i dont have a streamer's gal to loot and shoot. i avoid conflicts as much as i possibly can. So when i do make a profit, i try to count my dollar. im just a bit ticked off at the situation. NOTE: This all happen BEFORE the 5min server warning. on Nov, 28th. Hope you can fix this, im not the only one i have seen with this issue, Reddit, Twitch, and the like have also reported it.
  20. XpressX

    Je ne peut plus joué HELP

    Bonsoir, j'ai déjà posté mon problème mais malheureusement pas de réponse alors je ressaye ici. Lorsque je lance un RAID que ce soit en PMC ou Scav j'ai une desync qui ne ce rétabli pas ou du moins une perte connexion à toutes mes parties sachant que je n'est jamais le message "connexion lost" et aucun freeze ingame je suis juste la ont peut me tué mais moi non je vois tout le monde bugger. Je vous est fait une petite vidéo pour vous montré le problème, j'ai vraiment besoin d'aide car je ne peut plus joué du tout. PS: mon pare-feu est ok pour le launcher et le jeu.exe, j'ai aussi déjà essayé de changer de serveur mais rien y fait.
  21. KnifecTheAce

    Messed Up DVL barrel stretching

    This gif shows that the barrel stretches with the handguard when it is put on. Gif Showing the barrel stretching Your friend. Knifec
  22. This happened during the lastest raid in Shoreline. it only take around 10 mins to reach the Terminal. and suddenly the EP lists popped up and the time set to 5 mins.. Whatda Hell. so I've got <4 mins when I was hurry myself to Rock passage and confront the pack of scav at the bunker, and died. you guys can see the raid time took only < 20 mins. well, at least I could kill some scavs for the quest. heh
  23. Jyack

    Stash graphic bug

    I have a stash and inventory bug since the last technical update. Does anyone have any workarounds or tipps to fix this ? Reinstalled graphics drivers, used the launcher data integrity check. Nothing is working..... Thanks a lot!
  24. Hindenburgh

    unkown bug???

    So, i've been playing for a few weeks now and I have noticed that the game does not like to load the bigger maps. When I decide to play these maps it takes over 10+ minutes to load into them, and when I do every character is frozen and I cannot interact with them. ( can't damage them in anyway). It also happens with players around me, while grouped up with a friend I could not see him but he could see me. This also affects items that are picked up between players as well, if I were to drop something or loot a container, the item(s) will still appear to me but I will be unable to pick them up. If anyone has any advise, please let me know, its very frustrating and honestly pushing me away from a game that I know can be a great time.
  25. Xqisit

    Disarming bug

    Have anyone else been disarmed after throwing a granade or a flashbang ? Happend to me yesterday, could not get my weapon out after throwing, just stod there naked. I had not binded any nades, i only used the default nade throw bind. Had to throw my weapon on the ground to use it again, but then again i could not switch to my second weapon. Do anyone know if developers know about this ? Hope it reach out. Sincerely Moded M4 that has found a new home
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