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  1. atza_

    Jaeger won't unlock.

    Helo! So I did Jager unlocking quest about 2 weeks ago, and still haven't received Jaeger. It clearly says competed and rewards received, but where's my poo? Anyone knows how to fix it or I have to play without Jaeger for the rest of the wipe?
  2. Aazatgrabya

    Scav found, Found In Raid

    Has there been a change I'm not aware of? I've found a USB Flash Drive while playing as a Scav. It has the lovely golden tick on it suggesting FIR and Quest item, but the quest will not let me hand it in? Bug or new design?
  3. Hello, Last night I was at the factory as a scav and it dropped me by -1.07 karma for accidentally shooting one scav . My question is... Is this part of negative karma multiplayer once you reach 6.00 reputation with Fence ? The most negative karma I received before, was for killing Santa (-0.50) . I wouldn't mind this set back so much, but getting karma is very time consuming . If this in fact was some sort of bug, is it possible to get some karma rebate ? In any case I would like to know more about what happened in that raid, to avoid something like this in the future. Thanks, Happy New Year ! RAID NUMBER: 9QTEAR screenshots are attached unlisted link to the full raid. ( 2:40 min )
  4. Recent happenings with blacked limbs, and comments about blackened chest/head from Nikita has gotten me thinking about another bug some of us might be aware of. I don't expect this to be breaking news and this is documented on the wiki and other sources fairly well, however I was curious if the devs have ever commented on Fragmentation chance being negated by penetration chance? From what I can tell as it is now, bullets with less than 20 pen have a 0% chance to fragment, even if that bullet is "Supposed to" have a chance to. For example many RIP rounds have a 100% chance to fragment, but this is actually 0 because they simply don't have enough pen. Surely this is not intentional, and for years I have always assumed "The Devs are probably aware of this bug and simply have plans to adjust things in the future, its not worth the effort touching something right now when its going to be changed/reworked later". There have been some patches however where Fragmentation mechanics for rounds of this nature are adjusted. (Namely a patch in 12.6.) Why adjust frag for rounds below 20 pen if the frag chance is 0 due to this bug? Is this simply a case of future proofing? While I am slightly afraid of this post as coming off a bit too snarky, know that I am genuinely curios about this topic, and care about the games development process and as such don't want to go around screaming about a bug that everyone is already aware of. Have the devs ever said anything on this subject that I have missed? I have searched for answers to this question online but have yet to find any (To my knowledge) with actual dev responses. If someone can point me to one that would be amazing, and if by chance a Dev has an answer that would be even better! Thanks
  5. I keep an infinite loading screen after almost every raid, regardless of whether I extract alive or die during the raid. This makes scavenger runs nigh useless and it's very annoying having to kill the game process using task manager every time I end a raid. The game itself shows as responsive, but the loading screen will go on effectively forever, meaning that I need to use task manager to kill the process.
  6. This occurred after extracting from a interchange run.I palyed scav and extracted successfully .When I put the items to the warehouse the game is stucked. I restarted the game after 5 minutes or so, and since then, I keep getting this error after a long "Profile data loading...". Please help me
  7. KennyZera

    Mouse in game.

    I have noticed recently that while in a raid, my mouse cursor will stay locked in the middle of my screen where a crosshair would be in other shooters. I have tried reinstalling and alt+tabbing out but nothing is working. I was not able to find anyone else with this problem so that is why I am asking right now. I have owned the game for about 2 months now and this started to happen maybe a week ago. I would like a solution that does not involve downloading a third party software or going into my settings and manually removing my mouse cursor. I will use these ways if I have to and I hope someone will be able to help me. It has nothing to do with the discord overlay I normally have on either. When I try to take a screenshot, it removes the mouse cursor so while I cannot show this, the way I would describe it as just having a crosshair that is a mouse.
  8. Currently in 12.12 covert movement is bugged. When you start/stop moving with covert movement slider all the way down your character makes a loud sound that only other people can hear but YOU CAN'T HEAR. This is extremely detrimental to any sort of covert playstyle, hopefully it can be fixed relatively soon. For more insight here is a link to my bug test on video
  9. Hello guys, my traders are always stuck loading like this. Now while they are like this I can enter their buy and sell pages without problem. But when I enter the mission page it gets stuck, after that I can not change to the other pages and can not do anything with the traders. Do any of you have the same problem? How can I solve this? I can not do any missions because of this. At the second screenshot, I already accepted that mission but it says accept again for no reason and its stuck like that.
  10. every time I try to download the launcher that what it says and need help because I don't understand and tried many hours to find ways to fix on YouTube but cant find a thing .failed to enable high Dpi support. could not load file or assembly 'cefshard,core,runtime,dll' or one of its dependencies. The specified module could not be found.
  11. ゲームプレイ中、下記のエラーを確認後ゲームプレイが不可になりました。 回避策を知りたいです。 During game play, after confirming the following error, game play became impossible. I would like to know the workaround.
  12. The quest won't accept as finish when completing both goals and extracting of map. still stays active. Tried 2 times now.
  13. PrueferAuge

    Massive Inventory reset

    When moving items around your stash, from time to time you get an error message and the items are returned to where they where a few seconds ago. Annoying but nothing much. Just now my inventory got reset from before a Raid. All looted items lost, but quest complete. Things i threw away are returned, but insurance is gone. Food and Hydration returned to full from completely empty. This isn't just a minor reset, this is a mayor issue. Luckily I didn't find a quest item, but if it happened to me, then some unlucky bloke will loose some important item for no reason. I didn't loose much (just a decent helmet and some good ammo) but now items aren't even safe in your Stache...
  14. First off my specs are: i-5 4760 gtx 1070 16gb ram Since there was a new patch i decided to reinstall the game to see what changed, i used to play this game a very lot with not many issues apart from the common ones such as fps drops, which improved around the interchange patch, but now most of the time when i load my map it crashes my game along with any other apps i have open such as my browser, spotify,discord etc, every now and then i get to play like 1 raid like today but anything more than that is just not possible, ive tried the ram cleaner but it doesnt really change anything,when i have my task manager open on my second monitor the game uses both most/all of my ram aswell as all of my gpu while loading into a map, which results in a crash. i already tried both verifying the integrity and reinstalling the game again without any results. i hope bsg can take a look at their code and improve this so i can play the game again
  15. So i managed to get stuck inside a prop, in Customs, by walking backwards in silent mode. I have attached 2 screenshots, so you can see where it is. I tried running, jumping proning and sorts of different movements to get out of the prop, but i could not. Hope you got enough info to find and fix the issue.
  16. 808lofi

    Factory Bug Remains

    Guys the same bug from 2 yil ago is still on the tarkov patch patch BSG please fix your game i need a refund i loos my kit again!
  17. DragonSeb911

    Game Aborted, Try Reconnect

    Since 12.6 went live I have been unable to join any game regardless of Scav or PMC I get the same error "Game Aborted, Try Reconnect." well reconnecting does nothing and closing the game and starting it back up doesn't change anything, I have already uninstalled twice and made sure no files got left behind for good measure, I have fiber so I doubt its my internet connection I'm at a loss and just want to play. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
  18. zhang123wang

  19. FrodoBaggins570

    stuff im my stash just disappeared

    i got out of a pmc raid after dying and when i look at my stash some guns my bagstack and some armor had just vanished. the only thing that i think made these items specifically disappear from my stash was that i had put them on my pmc before that pmc raid to make space in my stash for loot that i get in a scav raid i just did. i dont know why these items are gone i didn't sell them and i did not bring them in raid
  20. I don't assume we'll see any sort of compensation for these issues? DO we know if these items are "deleted?" How is it possible that during this drops event, that people are losing out on items. I literally lost 30m worth of keys simply because of item moving issues? According to Tobia we are supposed to "be careful" How the hell do you expect me to, "be careful?" Am I not allowed to move items within my own inventory. Are we to not play?
  21. I jumped on some garbage bags to get to the bathroom at doors and crouched and it got me stuck in the wall and pushed me to the corner of the bathroom and won't let me move, please help!
  22. There is a current graphical bug ongoing where anyone with a amd card no Mather wich one they Wil have the following bug occurring to them some happening only where it's raining in the map and others even if it's not raining. THis is serious as it makes the game unplayable we cannot see enemies and waiting for a possible patch is gonna put a lot and a lot of amd users behind of they have to wait for a fix. Please bsg see this fast and start working on it, we implore you despite knowing how much work you already have on your hands at the moment.
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