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  1. DragonSeb911

    Game Aborted, Try Reconnect

    Since 12.6 went live I have been unable to join any game regardless of Scav or PMC I get the same error "Game Aborted, Try Reconnect." well reconnecting does nothing and closing the game and starting it back up doesn't change anything, I have already uninstalled twice and made sure no files got left behind for good measure, I have fiber so I doubt its my internet connection I'm at a loss and just want to play. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. matteversman

    VRAM surchargée - Radeon RX 6700 XT

    Bonjour à tous, J'ai récemment acheté un nouveau pc avec une Radeon RX 6700 XT, 12 Go de VRAM, mais j'ai depuis quelques plantage du jeux dû à une VRAM surchargée. Par exemple, au lancement d'une partie sur Custom, je démarre avec déjà 10Go de VRAM utilisés, puis en cours de raid, les 12Go sont atteints et là c'est le drame, plantage du jeu et de tout ce qui s'en suit. J'ai mis tout mes pilotes à jours, vérifié les fichiers du jeu, j'ai fait tout ce qui était en mon pouvoir pour résoudre le problème mais rien n'y fait. Le problème ne vient pas de la CG, j'ai testé sur d'autres jeux b
  3. Excryptic

    Unloading glitch

    I tried to unload an 8 round pm mag from a PB handgun while also trying to unload another 8 round pm mag to combine the rounds from both mags into one. It left me with the original mag I was unloading from the handgun flashing in my inventory, as if I was still interacting with it. I was unable to fire, discard the gun, reload the gun, or switch to another firearm.
  4. kostek437

    Game breaking bug

    During the past days the game has been unplayable for me. After ~5 minutes after entering the raid as a pmc i get the server connection lost message, and thats where the loop begins: i enter back into the raid, cant move, and after ~5s my screen flashes into clouds and i get disconnected again. This reapets itself until i either leave the raid or i die. I tried restarting the game, changing the servers i play on, nothing works and it keeps happening. Link to the video of the problem: https://imgur.com/Nt8FKGm Has anyone had the same issue? Any fixes?
  5. Was playing as a scav and couldn't extract no matter what I tried. Included screenshots of the timer reaching -1min. Had about about half a million worth of kit which is why I'm mad enough to post. Pretty gamebreaking bug. Nobody wants to spend 40- 60 minutes in a raid risking gear and kitting out only for the game to rob you of your time and loot. Things I tried to resolve the bug: >Use both extractions. (Both did the same thing) >Alt + F4 >End task in task manager >Drop item >Pick item back up >Loot a searchable container
  6. ThePhonoi

    Woods Car Extract Bug

    Hey ah.. What's up with the vehicle extracts? My three man squad all pays for their extracts and nine times out of ten there is one person left behind when the car leaves and the timer is up, even though we are all in the extract zone?? My last game, that person was me, I lost a lot of great gear and couldn't complete the 'Jaegers Camp' quest because of this garbage extract bug. Fix the game before you expand it, no? Anyone else experiencing some similar black magic f#*kery??
  7. storiesstrauss

    Stuck in Interchange

    Recently did a run through Goshan in Interchange. Jumped over some boxes and then fell in to this little hole. Had to sacrifice my gear and loot to Disconnect as there's no way to jump out or escape from it. Not sure if this was intentional or not but without the option to pull yourself up and on to an object, spots like this should not be in the game trapping players. Thank you for your time and consideration. Best of luck!
  8. First off my specs are: i-5 4760 gtx 1070 16gb ram Since there was a new patch i decided to reinstall the game to see what changed, i used to play this game a very lot with not many issues apart from the common ones such as fps drops, which improved around the interchange patch, but now most of the time when i load my map it crashes my game along with any other apps i have open such as my browser, spotify,discord etc, every now and then i get to play like 1 raid like today but anything more than that is just not possible, ive tried the ram cleaner but it doesnt really change anything,
  9. I was gleefully farming Factory on a hatchet run and picked up a shotgun off a scav kill and then killed a few more until i found some upgrades. I tried to drop the shotgun, but it just sat there in my inventory blinking. This also prevented me from reloading my alternate weapons. I could still use the hatchet. Eventually scavs zerged me and I died, so I was not able to "resolve" the issue. Not sure if this is some sort of desync, but it is a highly annoying bug.
  10. Hey! I have had problems with my game for 2-3 days. If I go into a raid and the status is "Loading loot", my game crashes. That doesn't always happen, mostly in the second or third round. When the game crashes, programs like Discord and Google Chrome are frozen. I have to restart the programs over and over again. The last time I went into a raid, my game didn't crash, but discord and chrome were still frozen. In addition, I couldn't see anything ingame, I could run, shoot, open the inventory and move items, but the weapon was not displayed and everything was black. i went in a day raid. screen
  11. After Four hours of trying to figure out how to fix this, discord Tech Support sent me a link to the files needed to download the fix for this. Fix is as stated below: -First, find or make a folder in which you will path the install for the game installation. -Go to http://cdn-11.eft-store.com/ClientDistribs/ and download the game files. -When you download the files, extract the files into said folder from before. -Put said folder in the Battlestate Games folder -From there, you're going to set your
  12. ゲームプレイ中、下記のエラーを確認後ゲームプレイが不可になりました。 回避策を知りたいです。 During game play, after confirming the following error, game play became impossible. I would like to know the workaround.
  13. Jackthestrippa

    Kein Sound mehr seit 12.10

    Hallo zusammen, Ich habe seit dem Update auf 12.10 das Problem, dass das Spiel gar keinen Sound mehr von sich gibt. Außerhalb von EFT funktioniert alles fehlerfrei. Habe es bereits mit und auch ohne das neue steam-audio ausprobiert. Mittlerweile habe Ich alles bereits de- und anschließend wieder installiert. Dasselbe gilt auch für sämtliche Audiogeräte. Die Treiber sind ebenfalls auf dem neuesten Stand. Hatte jemand dasselbe Problem oder sonst eine Idee wie Ich das Problem gelöst bekomme?
  14. Only in PMC mode (not in scav) there almost no walking sound and shooting sound, only sound is when you open ur backpack. Scav game mode is normal no problem at all w sounds.
  15. Arcos_1024

    Interchange crash workaround

    I just wanted to get this out in the open for others to find. It certainly helped me a great deal. Interchange crashing every time I go near the center of ultra Game crash zone in Interchange Anybody else has this problem? Is this still an issue for Windows 10 Pro N users?
  16. TripleKMafia

    HIt Registration Bug

    I was playing a raid on shoreline but noticed my hits were not registering at all... I somehow managed to kill one scav but I have concrete evidence of my shots not doing damage. Melee was not functioning either. Video #1: https://youtu.be/FMFJCGzfKkQ Video #2: https://youtu.be/_CpC4FgwJDs After raid screenshot:
  17. Patorium

    Error 504 Gateway error

    Hi, I was trying to play Tarkov today and I started getting errors such as error 504, as well as BSOD when launching the game. After reinstalling 2x, the problem persisted. Any fix?
  18. Ive had 2 problems with the game, i cant install it because filechecksum or something and then now i go to install it and it downloads at a reallllly slow speed in kb/sec not mb/sec someone plz i need a fix
  19. Não sei se foi mencionado isso, porém mesmo com ticket encaminhado já, é bom mencionar que os vendedores no server brasileiro tem os tempos errados dos resets, imagino que todos passam por isso, mas ao tentar comprar o combustível que nesse caso é o mais visado pelos jogadores, os vendedores resetam o stock 2 minutos antes para praticamente sendo assim, quando tentamos até atualizar o vendedor antes, não dá tempo de comprar, não sei qual é a intenção dos desenvolvedores de colocar stocks limitados, porém se for nesse caso pelo menos arrumem a questão do tempo, pois quando reseta 2
  20. derekschafer8

    Computer Crashes on Launch

    I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same issues as me. When I launch Tarkov, my game loads up as normal, but when I get to the "Profile Data Loading" screen my computer screens go black, and then the computer restarts. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance..
  21. baumbart

    Black Key Card trade

    Hello fellow fighers, is any1 else having issues buying the black key card from Mechanic? I have waited several trader restocks now and not only that the countdown is bugged (it sometime goes up 1-3 minutes after I manually refresh Mechanic) but the keycard also seems to be bought empty within seconds? (Maybe within minutes, I cannot tell as the countdown is that bugged. So I dont know if it is actually 0 minutes at restock time or if I am like 1-3 minutes delayed. SUPER annoying...) Please, how am I supposed to buy it, if even the countdown seems to be super bugge
  22. DuzeeM

    CefSharp.Core problem

    Hi, i have problem when i want to launch Battlestate Games Lanucher. A bug say: "Could not load file or set 'CefSharp.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=40c4b6fc221f4138 or one of his dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program in an incorrect format." Has anyone had a problem with this? Any solutions? I installed already vc++ 2015 and 2013..
  23. Hello So i got the link to download the game from the support the other day and i downloaded the game because i apparently couldnt download the game from the launcher and everything went well until the update came around. Now i have the same problem where the downloading icon shows and just dissapears after a second. i have tried everything there is to try but nothing seems to work. so i want to get to the bottom of this real soon because its an awesome game and i really like it. but i need the help from you guys to solve this so we can have a solution to others in need. i can discribe it
  24. Diode

    Unable to use shooting range

    I just installed the Shooting Range to my hideout. Whenever I enter my hideout into 1st person, I am completely unable to use it. Also, once I installed the shooting range, I have been unable to use everything else in my hideout in 1st person view. Any fixes? Anyone else with a similar issue? I have restarted the game, verified files, reinstalled it, have generator on and off. None of these have worked
  25. At first I have to say something. 2 days ago i posted the exact same topic. We had a really interesting disscution with many people that had very interesting things to say. 24 hours later, my post got deleted. For NO reason. I wasn't disrespectful. So I post it again hopping it will not get deleted again. Moderators, you know free expression right ? Cant I say anything I want without getting deleted ? Maybe banned this time ? guys really I swear someone deleted true proof about how this game is broken. So that's what i said in my last post : I was stuck in the reload animati
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