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Found 625 results

  1. -Tkullberg-

    Bug or what? (Strength skill)

    Hello. Was playing on shoreline, trying to lvl strength skill, i got to lvl 2 (yaay, finaly i can upgrade my hideout (vents).. I thought.. I got killed... Checked the skills.. im at lvl 1 again with same score (12.3/20) What have i missed..? Did i lose my lvl in skill bc I died? have played 2 more hours just to trying lvl up it but no luck.. Any clue guys? I mean.. it would be fun to actual build my hideout.. Anyway, love to you all ♥
  2. DerToteTroll

    Magazin 31/20 Schuß

    Grüße ! Ich war soeben auf Interchange unterwegs und habe es geschafft einen Spieler zu Töten, dieser hatte in seinen Magazinen für die SKS jeweils über 20 Schuß. Meine Frage wäre nun ob es sich dabei um Bug oder Cheat handelt und gegebenenfalls wie ich das melden könnte. UPDATE: Im Stash sind nun die übervollen Magazine Leer ohne das die Munition entfernt wurde.
  3. kapriq

    Flea Market not working?

    My flea market isnt working for some reason, could someone please help me? I dont know if its meant to be or if it is just bugged. I tried really everything like restarting the game my PC too or just F around with the tags. Heres a screen: https://prnt.sc/tak7tn
  4. DragonSeb911

    Game Aborted, Try Reconnect

    Since 12.6 went live I have been unable to join any game regardless of Scav or PMC I get the same error "Game Aborted, Try Reconnect." well reconnecting does nothing and closing the game and starting it back up doesn't change anything, I have already uninstalled twice and made sure no files got left behind for good measure, I have fiber so I doubt its my internet connection I'm at a loss and just want to play. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I was gleefully farming Factory on a hatchet run and picked up a shotgun off a scav kill and then killed a few more until i found some upgrades. I tried to drop the shotgun, but it just sat there in my inventory blinking. This also prevented me from reloading my alternate weapons. I could still use the hatchet. Eventually scavs zerged me and I died, so I was not able to "resolve" the issue. Not sure if this is some sort of desync, but it is a highly annoying bug.
  7. Does anyoone else has this problem that the fee is much more than asking price? anyone know a fix? restarting does not work. Thanks in advance.
  8. I keep an infinite loading screen after almost every raid, regardless of whether I extract alive or die during the raid. This makes scavenger runs nigh useless and it's very annoying having to kill the game process using task manager every time I end a raid. The game itself shows as responsive, but the loading screen will go on effectively forever, meaning that I need to use task manager to kill the process.
  9. I was having an okay money run on Reserve and while I was still sorting my bag I hear the 1-minute call from the train. I don't have a red rebel yet, so I bolted. The thing is, I got on the train, was shown the extraction prompt which counted down to 0, and then the train exited all the way. I knew something was off by then, but was kind of locked in the train and too afraid to alt + F4 and risk losing the extraction just in case. Instead I got dropped off into the field and killed instantly as seen in the video. I mean I'm extremely annoyed that all that cash, that was much needed, is lost. And I'm assuming my gear will come back in insurance (a big assumption). But before anyone goes and screams "It's a beta!', this is a problem that should have already been addressed by now as I've heard this a problem from long ago. The servers are running even more ragged than usual since coming back up from tonight's update. After the rollback from the other night, I don't know why I'm surprised or expected for more tonight. I've included a longer clip so you can see that I wasn't de-synced as I'm being shot at while sprinting for the train. Plus it does show all the loot I just lost. The video is still processing in case it doesn't play. This literally just happened.
  10. sparky0451

    Trader bug

    cannot purchase or sell to traders. bug makes unable until restart entire game
  11. Hi, I just finished a frustrating raid on Customs, was extracting on RUAF Roadblock, light was green, countdown to extract was also working, then when it hit 0, it didn't extract me, I tried it three more times, waited a full 30sec even after inside the extract, still didn't work, time was at 1min lef, so when I decided to go to Trailerpark, well guess what, raid ended midway going there, it says Missing in Action, all my super cool gear found in raid, no longer found in raid.... Pisses me off. Is there anything else to do. Can the devs restore item content to be Found in Raid at this point? I attached some screenshots.
  12. Just tested this myself on factory offline. ran in shot a scav and extracted. So far 5 runs same result. My stats screen shows the same thing. 1 ammo used 2 hits 74 damage. That is 100% frag chance. happens every time.
  13. I have to restart the game, it freezes. I have tried to reinstall nvidia driver, or use the studio edition, a different version, none of it helps. Could somebody debug my crash log, or give me a clue what is happening? It will be annoying, if after the wipe I can't use my hideout. I made severeal report in game. AMD 3600X - ASUS GTX1060 6GB - 16GB RAM 2020.05.17_8-23-32_0.12.5.7295 application.log 2020.05.17_8-23-32_0.12.5.7295 backend_queue.log 2020.05.17_8-23-32_0.12.5.7295 errors.log 2020.05.17_8-23-32_0.12.5.7295 nvidia.log 2020.05.17_8-23-32_0.12.5.7295 traces.log
  14. tag cant buy ledx plz do something!!!1514 wrong!
  15. TheCamcorder

    Missing Scav box bug

    Hey so I logged in about an hour ago did a quick scav run and extracted perfectly fine. When trying to put my items away I noticed that the scav junkbox I have had in a mechanism backpack for about a week now has totally disappeared, along with the 5/6 mil worth of loot collected in it from the start of the wipe. It was not anywhere else in my stash or on my PMC, and it wasn't accidentally sold on the flea from a barter trade as I have barter trades off by default. I attempted to drag wires into the backpack slot it would have been in, in case it just wasn't showing up in that instance, but i got an error about moving items shortly after attempting this that reset me back to the "escaped" endgame screen. Trying again resulted in the same error, so i stashed the rest of the items that I could and checked my stash after and it still wasn't there. I restarted the game and still no luck. I know you are aware of the issue and are attempting fixes now, I would just like to know if it is possible to get the scav box back with its items, or if you would be able to provide some kind of compensation? It's just very disappointing to know that multiple weeks worth of loot and money could all just be down the drain. Thanks for reading and I hope you are able to find a fix soon :)
  16. savvamon

    chat history with traders

    currently maybe after an update this happened, or it naturally occures every x days , or when your chat history grows longer, but for some reason my message history with traders cannot be scolled back to start of wipe time , maybe thats intentional , maybe not . That causes a small problem , with prapor specifically, drop inventory is not claimable when his message dissapears due to the reasons I stated above, for example as of 26-6 I could only roll back messages of prapor only back to 18-6 , missing all the other items before that time period . Do I care? meh I know how to earn money , whats my question? Are the devs aware of these type of chat issues creating bugs?
  17. Xeraphas

    Quest reward timers?

    So when they added the quest reward timers like insurance it pissed me off since I play standard and have to manage my inventory a lot. Recently I thought they removed them and put it back to the way it was where quest rewards lasted forever but I was wrong. The game is deleting my quest rewards now and no timers have been displayed for collecting them. Does anyone else have invisible quest reward timers deleting their stuff?
  18. Diode

    Unable to use shooting range

    I just installed the Shooting Range to my hideout. Whenever I enter my hideout into 1st person, I am completely unable to use it. Also, once I installed the shooting range, I have been unable to use everything else in my hideout in 1st person view. Any fixes? Anyone else with a similar issue? I have restarted the game, verified files, reinstalled it, have generator on and off. None of these have worked
  19. Hello fellow Escapers, For the past year I've been experiencing a bug with my Battlestategames launcher and I'm pretty sure this is causing me to DC more than average players. The error started popping up when I downloaded a new patch, I can't remember which patch but it was in .11 (I think). The error says (pictures in attachment): "Unable to load the file "ConsistencyInfo" The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive. Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host". The error basically pops up whenever I start the launcher and click the "Play" button. When I click "Retry" the message pops up again, when I click "Cancel" or the "X" button, the game starts. Whenever there is a new update that needs to be downloaded through the launcher this error pops up too but now it makes the update unavailable. In this case I have to restart the launcher a couple times and after a while the update begins. I'm still getting a lot of DC's in-game, a lot more than average users, sometimes two or three times / raid. I'm starting to think that these bugs have a connection. I already created a couple of tickets about this issue but unfortunately the dev's are not able to help me since they don't know what could cause the issue. I've tried everything up to the point of formatting my computer completely. I also ran some tests to see if my internet connection might cut out from time to time but there was never one package lost in my report. Escape from Tarkov is also the only app that is experiencing an issue. I know some people are experiencing the same problem as me and it can't seem to get fixed. If you have any idea of things I might try to get rid of the error, please leave them below. Thanks in advance!
  20. Just wondering if there is a reason why I didn't receive on of my drops in game but it is saying I have it on my twitch account? I have gotten all other drops in game except I have a DVL-10 on my twitch account but when I get in game it isn't there. Not sure why considering I have gotten every other drop just seems weird. Also wondering if there is a time limit on which you can claim the drops or are they permanent until you transfer them to your stash. Any replies would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  21. Parinoid_Onyx

    Patch on the found in raid status on items

    I just finished a raid and extracted with a very high valued thermal site i got off killing a player and now i cant sell it on the flea market? Im assuming that the player i killed bought it off the flee market so it loses its in raid status and is bugged because of it. i tried to record game play of it but my recording software is down.
  22. StickBoyy

    Missing Twitch Drops

    I've been grinding out twitch drops for the past couple days, but when I logged into Tarkov to claim them all there weren't any messages in my inbox. My twitch and Tarkov accounts are linked, and I never had any problems during the last twitch drops. I am missing ~30 twitch drops. Is anyone else having this problem?
  23. So I went to bed at around 12am and woke up today at 11am got on collected some drops which is the mess that hasn't been sorted and I checked my bags and found my Lucky Scav Junkboxes were both gone. Those were in the 4x4 slots of the bags, one in the Mech bag and the other case was in the Berkut, labelled oink. I definitely have not sold them and I doubt I brought them in on a raid as I didn't go on a raid yesterday after seeing them in my stash. also did not sell it as you can see in the screenshot I attached. I had a lot of barter items and I am really sad to see it gone.
  24. storiesstrauss

    Stuck in Interchange

    Recently did a run through Goshan in Interchange. Jumped over some boxes and then fell in to this little hole. Had to sacrifice my gear and loot to Disconnect as there's no way to jump out or escape from it. Not sure if this was intentional or not but without the option to pull yourself up and on to an object, spots like this should not be in the game trapping players. Thank you for your time and consideration. Best of luck!
  25. 我的scav宝箱消失了 消失的地方也不能放东西 一放东西就228 重启和重新下载都没有办法希望官方修复一下
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