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Found 523 results

  1. I get this interchange light bug every time I play on interchange does anyone else have this issue and the game will crash right after. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it here is a video of the bug My PC specs I7-8700k gtx 1080 ti 16gb ram 1000gb samsung m.2 nvme 970 evo plus
  2. baangla

    Lost all my money?

    Well, I know it is weird but it is true, I`ve been logging in to the game for the last couple days only to upgrade my hideout and suddenly all the money in my "Flea Market Money Stash" is gone, in the picture you can see all the Roubles that I had stashed but after 3 days, almost everything was gone! I could only receive the last 4 things I've sold, now I dont know what to do
  3. So it starts up easy and nice with and update and then into the loading screen but it still leaves me with the trouble of loading and contiues endlessly? any help to get
  4. Hey everyone, been really enjoying what i can play, but i have encountered a frustrating error, and despite my best efforts, i cant seem to fix it Whenever I extract or die, the game fades to black as it does, but it never does anything else after that, no menus, no death screen, just black screen, forever, ive waited a really long time but it never seems to go away and im not sure what to do, I'd really like to play! but so long as i have this problem I cant. any help would be appreciated
  5. Just had this weird glitch happen. I was sifting trough items and examined a greyed out thing in the shop. It didn't finish examining the object. I double tapped the item and got a new window. I couldn't close it. I pressed the Back button and the overlay of the store was still there.
  6. So I placed the first marker, all good, than I went to fuel station (main one) placed second marker.... Marker was "placed?" but I could not take any weapon in my hands after that, nothing to do poo lost all my stuff because your game is way away from being finished. My PMC after placing the second marker was totally bugged, could not heal, could not grab a nade, could not grab my gun, ducking nothing nothing, only scavs shooting me in cold blood. Not even the possibility to log out, as you loose all your stuff anyway. SukaBliat...This is so frustrating, I'm actually two fingers away from giving up all this tarkov phenomena.
  7. I was moving things around after raid, and error came along, restarted the game and only 1 million rouples left. As a lvl22 this is huge amount of money, please help!
  8. FamedCR

    Sound Bug

    I have experienced this sound bug multiple times recently and am hoping for a fix or a patch =). I will attach the links to the two video clips i have taken thus far. I hope this gets recognized so it can be fixed! Thanks. Video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8DSUi0hrVE&feature=youtu.be Video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UreQ2kEX19U&feature=youtu.be
  9. I do not know what happened but i had launched the game today and went to my stash to gear my pmc and my stash was completely empty. i paid no mind to it at first as i have had friends who are much more experienced in the game tell me that it can happens and the loot will come back. However i had decided that i wanted to still play and get some gear for pmc so i did some scav runs and got out with some decent loot and weapons. however when i had got to the end game screen to deposit loot into stash i would move it all over and accept. then when i click on character to gear my pmc all of the loot i had just placed in there was gone? just wondering if anyone else out there has any idea as to what has happened.
  10. mradictio

    Pas de son sur escape from tarkov

    Salut a tous je viens de recevoir l'accès a la béta du jeu mais apres installation lorsque je lance le jeu je n'est aucun son je fais toutes les maj de mes drivers, j'ai désinstallé réinstallé le jeu ect rien a faire quelqu'un aurait it eu le meme probleme et trouvé une solution merci d'avance !
  11. Not sure if this is the best place to report bugs (let me know the proper channel for that if it's not). Ammo on my equipped handgun or primary/secondary is basically forfeit right now. It's happened enough times that I keep any guns unloaded before going into a raid or even just moving around the menus. It just gets set to zero and the ammo is gone. Also, I got an error while moving money from the flea market after selling a mosin; 23k just disappeared.
  12. Charlsgunz

    Backend error Uknown error

    Whenever I launch the game it gets stuck on the main menu screen and after a while it displays ""backend error unknown error", i've tried reinstalling the game, deleting the appdata but to no avail. this has been going on for about 8 hours so it is probably unrelated to the server issues.
  13. Cpt_Timme

    Guns not firing

    Hey guys, so i just did a Labs Raid and killed two guys. Some time passed as i flanked a 3rd, came up behind him pressed mouse 1 and nothing happened. So i ran away unloaded the gun, the chamber and fully reloaded it...still not shooting. So i switched to the Shotgun on my back wich didnt shoot either, and then i tried the knife wich worked. So my mouse isnt broken and the gun (SA-58) was at 97 Durability. Did anyone ever experienced something like this before? Is it a know bug? I tried Factory offline mode afterwards everything worked fine again Have a nice day!
  14. ToniRavioli

    In Que Bug

    While in que, my screen only had the Tarkov backround, the miscellaneous information text such as "Loading World" disappeared before even loading into the game. I could not exit back to the menu, and after restarting my client all my gear was lost and my health/energy/hydration was set to low. What could be causing this maybe is tabbing out when you jump into que. Either way it's kind of frustrating.
  15. KennyZera

    Mouse in game.

    I have noticed recently that while in a raid, my mouse cursor will stay locked in the middle of my screen where a crosshair would be in other shooters. I have tried reinstalling and alt+tabbing out but nothing is working. I was not able to find anyone else with this problem so that is why I am asking right now. I have owned the game for about 2 months now and this started to happen maybe a week ago. I would like a solution that does not involve downloading a third party software or going into my settings and manually removing my mouse cursor. I will use these ways if I have to and I hope someone will be able to help me. It has nothing to do with the discord overlay I normally have on either. When I try to take a screenshot, it removes the mouse cursor so while I cannot show this, the way I would describe it as just having a crosshair that is a mouse.
  16. Nemrus


    I Recently purchased ETF, and I was super excited to play it, I installed the launcher and began installing the game, but when it was done, and error appeared saying that the checksum had failed, it made me restart the installation over again, but it kept happening. I spent hours looking for a workaround, I found many solutions but most of which are outdated and didn't work. I don't think it's worth the 40 dollars if I can't even play the game. I'm at the point to where I think that it would be better to wait until it comes out on steam until I play it because nobody seems to care when I've seen multiple posts about this issue that wont even allow paid accounts to install the game.
  17. giBiLatoR

    8 bit color issue

    Hey folks. Long time lover of the game have owned EOD for over 3 years now. Just checking if anyone has had this problem a whole heap of googling and asking others hasn't helped. Long story short it looks like I'm running the game in 16 bit colours (or less). Doesn't matter how high or low my settings are. This pic illustrates what it looks like out of game but in game it's same story. Have played prior to this wipe on the same hardware and haven't had this issue. It makes it incredibly hard to spot so any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance giBiLatoR
  18. When ever I choose to play Factory I always spawn in with 10 min gone from my extract timer. This is way too little time to even do anything. It is suppose to be 15 min but it only gives me 5. WHY?
  19. SunShining

    Dear Devs;

    While i was happily and excitedly extracting from Interchange, i was brought to a black screen and lost server connection. I had well over a million Rubles worth of gear including Killa's gear set. I want my stuff back!
  20. Fu2z

    Invisible players known about?

    So for the second time my team-mate and I have had a bug where one of us becomes invisible and one of us is in some weird situation where other players can see me but i cannot see my team mate or other players or scavs. we play in the same room, one PC is much better than the other and the player who can't see other players is on the low-end PC. I also think we have had this happen to both of us and were able to kill another 2 man team while we were invisible. I tried googling the bug and it seems to have been fixed with the 0.11 patch, unsure if this is the same thing or not. is this known about? i think it's only happened 2 or maybe 3 times, so i don't know if i should be opening a support ticket for a bug or not.
  21. DivineShawn

    Server connection lost

    I am constantly getting a black screen and quickly after a message saying "server connection lost". this has been happening to me all day and I have never experienced this till today. I've lost quite a bit of good gear to this bug/server issue, please fix this sometime soon I would like to at least be able to get into a game and die to lose gear rather than lose my gear to an error/bug. Am I the only one that has this issue? I have 1 GIG internet with an ethernet cord, my point is I shouldn't have connection issues this badly. I usually get like 20-30 ping per game.
  22. Sheeno

    Chemical Pt1 weird bug

    Issue has fixed itself currently. There was a weird bug i just encountered where I went into a game to do this quest(Chemical Pt1 from Skier), as soon as I picked up the Documents from the Train, I got an Error which forced my game to close (can't remember what it said, but the option was to close game). (At this point i was asked to send a report which I did do, idk if it was the cause for my fix) Once that happened, I could not re open the game, as i'd got an error saying my Account ID was not Authentic. After restarting the launcher, i would get a Error 213 where I could not download latest file, thus preventing me from opening the game. Then I logged out and tried logging in but it said my Account could not be authenticated, so i tried logging into the website and it sent a verification link to my email, varified and everything but the same issue occured with logging in, after like 10 min i was able to log into launcher, and then into the game normally. So as of now the issue seems good. it's weird cause it seems as tho the quest item triggered a strange set of issues, but if anyone has this issue, where the game crashes upon picking up the item and it allows u too send a report, do it and then i guess do what i did with authenticating, then waiting alittle bit and it may fix itself.. still don't know if the report helped at all, but it worked. As of now I logged back in with 10 min left, picked up the item and escaped and turned in the quest with no issues.
  23. Context: Get insured item back to stash. Bug: Items disappeared after moving them into stash. Insurance was "validated". All Steps done: open insurance message some items moved to stash. one item deleted directly from insured items view (left view during transfert). one item which was already in stash was moved and rotated last item was moved to stash on a position where previous item (the rotated one) was. Validate insurance When back to main screen, Exception was thrown [Error] : Error happened: 228 - ItemsMoving: bad fromOwner type (GameClient::moveItemsInProfile - Move error) "x": 0,... "location": { "container": "hideout", "id": "5a42b5aa02153a6b5f2b652a", "to": { "item": "5a6113c546b1682e73537d3c", "Action": "Move", { [ [Error] : Error: Inventory queue failed on the following commands: In response to http://prod.escapefromtarkov.com/client/game/profile/items/moving [Error] : Request error: 228 - ItemsMoving: bad fromOwner type (GameClient::moveItemsInProfile - Move error) 228 Result: No items in stash and insurance status is received. Can reproduce the issue: Yes, tested a second time with same steps did the same error. Hope this can help.
  24. Templarmillitia

    money bug in trader system

    hello dev team i have found a bug depending on selling guns to the local traders in the game. if you have a gun for example and you go to prapor or any of the traders you can sell the gun to. and you are in the sell screen you can inspect the weapon if you take out all the attachments the price stay the same and you can sell the attachments also and make more money. or lose money if you add those attachments and sell the gun to a trader. i tested with a handgun it normally sells with a magazine for 5400R if you take the magazine out in your normal character screen. and go back to the sellers screen you can sell the gun for around 4640 and the magazine separate for around 560 . but if you take out the magazine in the selling screen you can sell the gun for 5400R and if you back out and re-enter the trader screen you can sell the magazine for 560 and make a profit. i tested it with a fully modified weapon and if you know the places you can make a decent profit but also lose money if you are not aware of it. maybe my explanation is a little bad. i'm doing my best. please fix this devs and make the game fair. to the player who didn't know. take your chance before it will get patches
  25. So, I just bought the game. I installed it as normal and tried my first time in the world. The only problem is that once I turn my screen around, my mouse flickers on the screen. This happens right in the middle where the sight of my gun is. The problem only occurs when waving the camera around. When I go in a straight line, it doesnt show. I tried going to borderless and windowed, that didnt work. I also tried turning off geforce experience and disabling the ingame overlay. Last night I also tried updating my Nvidia drivers, but that also didnt help Here's a video of the bug I am talking about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv9uIz2aBUc&feature=youtu.be
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