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Found 701 results

  1. Bonjour, cela fait plusieurs semaines que je n'arrive pas à me connecter à mon compte, que se soit sur le site "escape from tarkov" ou sur le launcher. Je suis sur gmail, je n'ai pas de message contenant un code dans ma boite de réception ou dans les spams. J'ai regarder plusieurs forum, mais aucunes manipulation n'a marché de mon côté. Cependant, quelqu'un disait qu'il était possible que mon adresse mail soit bloqué suites à mes nombreuses tentatives de connections. Il serait aimable de m'indiquer la marche à suivre 👌
  2. I have a few dealers who are level 1 and have met all requirements for level 2. The requirements show in blue and are clearly above what is required. When I make a purchase it will temporarily increase them to level 2 but I cannot buy any level 2 items and when I leave the menu they revert back to level 1. Is there something I am missing here or could this be an actual issue?
  3. Templarmillitia

    money bug in trader system

    hello dev team i have found a bug depending on selling guns to the local traders in the game. if you have a gun for example and you go to prapor or any of the traders you can sell the gun to. and you are in the sell screen you can inspect the weapon if you take out all the attachments the price stay the same and you can sell the attachments also and make more money. or lose money if you add those attachments and sell the gun to a trader. i tested with a handgun it normally sells with a magazine for 5400R if you take the magazine out in your normal character screen. and go back to the sellers screen you can sell the gun for around 4640 and the magazine separate for around 560 . but if you take out the magazine in the selling screen you can sell the gun for 5400R and if you back out and re-enter the trader screen you can sell the magazine for 560 and make a profit. i tested it with a fully modified weapon and if you know the places you can make a decent profit but also lose money if you are not aware of it. maybe my explanation is a little bad. i'm doing my best. please fix this devs and make the game fair. to the player who didn't know. take your chance before it will get patches
  4. DragonSeb911

    Game Aborted, Try Reconnect

    Since 12.6 went live I have been unable to join any game regardless of Scav or PMC I get the same error "Game Aborted, Try Reconnect." well reconnecting does nothing and closing the game and starting it back up doesn't change anything, I have already uninstalled twice and made sure no files got left behind for good measure, I have fiber so I doubt its my internet connection I'm at a loss and just want to play. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Nilique

    unityplayer.dll crash

    Hello, since i reinstalled my windows with new SSD, i get this crash issue with tarkov. It happens moreless every 3rd games launched but its random. In same time, it makes buged "discord" which is running, and also mi firefox on twitch (crashed) rtx 2080 super 16go RAM intel i7 8700k 3.70ghz msi z370 a pro ERROR on windows issue EscapeFromTarkov.exe 5fa91549 UnityPlayer.dll 2018.4.28.28878 5fa9161b 80000003 0000000000bf3af6 3908 01d6dc7ffa18d064 D:\Tarkov\EscapeFromTarkov.exe D:\Tarkov\UnityPlayer.dll d31a8836-61c0-49b7-8cfb-4d0d394be7af
  6. ThePhonoi

    Woods Car Extract Bug

    Hey ah.. What's up with the vehicle extracts? My three man squad all pays for their extracts and nine times out of ten there is one person left behind when the car leaves and the timer is up, even though we are all in the extract zone?? My last game, that person was me, I lost a lot of great gear and couldn't complete the 'Jaegers Camp' quest because of this garbage extract bug. Fix the game before you expand it, no? Anyone else experiencing some similar black magic f#*kery??
  7. so i reached lvl 20, and i am supposed to unlock LLV 2 on mechanic and LLV 3 on therapist. the problem is that when i sell/ buy from the trader i unlock the LLV but it wont show me the content, do you guys know how to fix this? i tried restarting and refreshing but its not working.
  8. I've tried the usual fixes like setting the priority higher in task manager, opening as admin, turning off IPv6, using a VPN, and downloading the zip directly, but the download speed doesn't change. My normal speed is around 10 MB/s. I would rather not wait 30 hours to download this game.
  9. Mirl0o

    Buy the game again?

    I bought the game by redeeming a standard game code on March 9 and today March 13 the game does not appear on my web profile. And today 13 at 8 am Spanish time I was playing without any problem. At 3 o'clock the game did not appear and it tells me that I have to buy it again. I have sent a ticket to the support but I have seen that I am not the only one to whom it happens and from what I see they do not answer them either.
  10. Okay I just did a ****ton of trouble shooting to fix the whole screen flickering/ blinking lights then crash problem. If you want the quick and dirty: Mainly for crashing ----> If you play Tarkov with "vsync" on in the game to "uncap" your fps and recude input lag, limit your FPS in Nvidia control panel starting at 110, then slowly raising it 5 FPS a game until you start crashing, then back it down 5. Set this limit for Tarkov specifically using the "Program settings" tab, not the global settings tab. Unity has drastic spikes in GPU usage above 120FPS, especially when rendering foliage textures at close range. If you are still crashing just uncheck "vsync" in Tarkov settings, this reduces GPU usage a good chunk. If that doesn't work or you don't play with "vsync" on, Adjust your resolution down a little to take a load off your GPU, especially if you have an older GPU (pascal and prior). Run an offline raid with scav spawns on high on a couple maps and play around with your resolution and other settings to try to keep your GPU under 60C if possible. Playing with your fan curve on GPU controlling software can help ALOT with temperature. Mainly for the blinking lights issue ---> Re-install windows. I found out that opting in for "optional" security updates or windows updates and installing them as soon as they are available can mess with you C++ and visual studio packages and make Tarkov freak out. I reinstalled windows and this issue never happened again. This happened near instantly to me after installing an optional update after having 5+ months of no Tarkov issues whatsoever. If you have a slow internet connection or don't want to reset your computer, I would suggest downloading the C++ Packages mentioned in the second thread listed above and see if that works first. This is annoying and harder to pinpoint but for future reference don't install any optional updates, and dont pre-install any upcoming windows updates. For a more in depth explanation: Unity has this weird way of rendering bush and foliage textures in different levels, most games have some kind of iteration of this. For example if you look at a bush super far away in Tarkov it straight up wont render or it will look like a blob, and as you get slightly closer it renders in a slightly better looking somewhat like a bush. Now when you are 50 meters or closer you get full foliage effect around the bush and it looks like a real game not a claymation. However as you get right next to it you can now see the individual structures of the bush or foliage. At this stage of rendering, when you are past 120 FPS the GPU hit is 15-30% higher than if you are refreshing at 120 or lower. This causes a pretty good spike in GPU usage, and before your fan curve can catch up your gpu started pulling power of clock speeds to combat the temperature spike and boom tarkov stuttered or crashed. I don't know why this is, but its real trust me. If you are having these crashes and they happen when you are walking straight into a bush this is why. Maybe that's why they have the in game limit of 120 FPS, keep in mind unity was designed originally for BROWSER games. Buildings and other things in tarkov only have 2 different rendering/texture states, thats probably why Factory and Labs play the best for most people. I can understand why because bushes/foliage you can shoot through, buildings or other structures you cant so it would be unfair not to render these things at long distances and have you wasting ammo. Unity does not like it when a GPU begins backing down boost clock speeds as temperature rises. I'm not talking about thermal throttling at 75+ C, I'm talking about when you hit 60 C or even 55 C and your gpu starts to pull 10 or so MHz off your clock speeds to combat the rising temperature, this is GPU boost 3.0 at work. All GPU's do it at different temperatures, and it will happen faster and more drastically if you have an overclocked GPU. When your playing Tarkov and you have that split second stutter, this is when your GPU just downclocked or pulled power. I don't know why unity dislikes it so much compared to other games. The more taxed your GPU is the longer and greater this stutter will be, sometimes causing Tarkov to straight up crash sometimes. Hence why the older your GPU, the cooler you will need to keep it. If you have a 2080ti or better/newer you wont have this issue as much because 1. Its not being taxed as much, 2. GPU boost on the 2000 series and newer doesn't kick in until 65-ish C. On 1000 series and 900 series cards you card will begin to pull power and clocks as low as 55C. You cant test when this happens on your card using the Furmark stress test. Hope this helps you guys have a better Tarkov experience. As a good baseline I would watch Veritas's settings video, as well as Vox_E's to help you fine tune your settings and get as high FPS and stability as possible. Those two videos helped me ALOT in fine tuning Tarkov. Play around with the "luma sharpen" and "adaptive sharpen" in your "postfx" settings, these two can effect you FPS a decent chunk as well as they function a bit like antialiasing. Happy raiding fellas.
  11. 日本在住でtokyoサーバーでプレイしているものです。 久しぶりにeftに復帰したところ、接続品質が理由でよく落とされます。pingを確認したところ確かに360,370pingです。一回落ちるとその後レイドに戻れるは戻れるのですが、高いpingのままでまた同じ理由で死ぬまでおとされます。試しに他のサーバーのpingを覗くと40,50でした。家回線速度の確認、他ゲームの東京サーバー(ping10くらい)で問題ありませんでした。更に友人と一緒にレイドに行ったところ私だけ繰り返しpingが高いようです。毎レイドというわけでも無く普段は10pingくらいで安定してプレイできるのですが急に跳ね上がりそのままプレイできないという状態です。私個人の問題とも取れますが恐らくEFT側の問題だと私は考えています。何卒解決方法を教えていただけると幸いです。 PCスペックは i7-9900K RTX2070super メモリ64gb
  12. So I've been trying for DAYS already to log into the launcher after getting a "Hardware activation required" error, and the e-mail with the 2FA code just never arrives. What exactly is the issue here? (Yes, I've checked my junk / spam folders, the e-mail just isn't arriving). I was also able to see this was happening to several people by the ammount of threads about it but no acknowledgement or solution is provided, or so it seems..
  13. I keep an infinite loading screen after almost every raid, regardless of whether I extract alive or die during the raid. This makes scavenger runs nigh useless and it's very annoying having to kill the game process using task manager every time I end a raid. The game itself shows as responsive, but the loading screen will go on effectively forever, meaning that I need to use task manager to kill the process.
  14. RalekrimoZ

    Predugo loadovanje Reserve mape

    Ljudi jel ima još neko problema sa reserve mapom? Svaki put čekam po 10-15min da uđem u igru. Jel postoji neko rešenje? Ovo mi se ranije nije dešavalo, možda je za to kriv zadnji patch... igra mi je na ssd 450gb, cpu je amd ryzen 5 1500x, gpu nvidia gforce gtx 1060 6gb, 32gb ddr4 3000MHz.
  15. storiesstrauss

    Stuck in Interchange

    Recently did a run through Goshan in Interchange. Jumped over some boxes and then fell in to this little hole. Had to sacrifice my gear and loot to Disconnect as there's no way to jump out or escape from it. Not sure if this was intentional or not but without the option to pull yourself up and on to an object, spots like this should not be in the game trapping players. Thank you for your time and consideration. Best of luck!
  16. ZorShadow

    Extraction zone not extracting

    I was playing on customs as a scav and when I tried to extract at military base checkpoint the extraction timer was not popping up. I ended up staying there until the timer for the game ran out and i lost all my loot. I would send the video but I took it on Ge-force and I cant change it to a jpeg, png, etc. P.S. I was waiting in the area for 5 minutes and even tried running away and coming back but nothing worked. I also could not make it to another extraction point because there was not enough time... Do i get my loot back? lol.
  17. Damon_Vi

    Disappearing Ammo

    i believe i ran into a bug recently. i picked up two 120 round boxes of 5.45 BT. when i got back into my stash, my PMC's inventory was full. all pockets, bag space, rig space, even my container. i mistakenly opened/unpacked the ammo box while it was still in my inventory, and the ammo simply disappeared as if i "discarded" the ammo. obviously the box deletes, but the actual rounds never appeared on my character, or in my stash, yet after the box deleted, there were 2 open slots in my bag where the box used to be. i assume this may be an error, and something to look into/recreate, but i'd rather not risk losing rounds like that again this early in the wipe. by all means, please try it yourself, and see if it happens in a controlled environment. im sad to have lost that ammo, but i havent used any ak's yet this wipe, so im not at a real "loss".
  18. Tokisaki_Kurumi

    Cheater or bug dc abuse ???

    Was scaving around heard massive fight found two corpses . One looted guy with mp7 only. One stacked guy with helmet guns etc. Problem is guy unlooted is literaly impossible too loot when i dragged it come back to his inventory everytime so i recorded it to ask if its bug or some kind of cheat or DC abuse. Video also includes me looting bag and nade few seconds later to prove servers are working etc. Player name : Redis_ka I heard something about alt+f4 when u about to die before to save your gear on insurance i did not believe it but this is very fishy. https://imgur.com/a/H7aPmCT
  19. Bonjour, Alors voici mon problème, il se trouve que mon jeu crash, cela ce produit généralement à la fin de mes temps de chargements lorsque la partie commence au bout de 2 à 5 minutes de chargement. je joue avec 2 écrans iiyama 75 Hz, généralement j'ai discord d'ouvert écran de droite et je joue sur l'écran de gauche. il se peut aussi que le jeu plante lors d'une session de jeu, jamais au même endroit et jamais dans la même situation. Lors d'un plantage de EFT, discord plante aussi, en même temp que chrome, même parfois le logiciel de ma souris Corsair qui ne fonctionne plus du tout, cela à même réussi une fois à ne plus faire reconnaître un de mes 2 écrans à ma tour. Configuration PC Tour : Affichage : Mes paramètres Graphique : Je remercie d'avance ceux et celle qui m'aideront à pouvoir jouer à ce jeux que je commence à affectionner. En vous souhaitant le plus joyeux des Noël, et une bonne fin d'année à tous.
  20. ToxxicFighter09

    Reshala Bug??

    Is there a known bug with reshala on customs? I died 2 times today to him because he was invisible. All guards down only he is alive. i Start shooting him and he runs down the stairs and i follow him, but on the bottom he is gone....i go back up the stairs and he sits on the stairs where i just followed him and he dissapered..... Pretty anoying. I know its still in Beta but maybe there are some other having that issue
  21. Mokou

    Gunsmith Part 1 Bugged

    Hey all, I'm having an issue where the Part 1 - Mechanic Quest won't give me the option to turn-in the quest, despite having a shotgun that fulfills the requirements. As I'm sure you're all familiar with, the quest requires an MP-133 with the following requirements: Despite reading this over and over again I can't seem to figure out why the shotgun I have isn't completing the quest. It has a Laser, 56 ergonomics, an extended mag (which my understanding is 6 or more), and the compact stock making it 4 slots. I even went out of my way to attach the SPRM with the XP53 lmao. If anyone has any ideas on why it might not let me turn this in please send some help my way thanks. maybe I'm just a big dumb idiot.
  22. TooSmoke

    bug offline

    Ciao, ho riscontrato un bug per chi gioca offline come me, se si avvia una partita con gli scav e con i boss esce fuori questo errore che impedisce lo spawn di qualsiasi npg in game. Viste le mie precedenti esperienze con il supporto voglio evitare di averci a che fare, anzi a dirla tutta non so' se glie ne possa fregare qualcosa a qualcuno di problemi offline visto il pensiero comune che l'offline non dovrebbe nemmeno esistere. Se qualcuno pensa che posa essere utile al supporto sentitevi liberi di far presente la cosa. Naturalmente se già ce' un modo per aggiustare il problema scrivetemelo qua sotto grazie.
  23. MorganRGN

    game doesn't load past starting menu

    The game worked completely fine until today the game made me install an update(bug fixes) and hasn't worked since. My game will load but gets stuck on the starting screen and doesn't load past that. I have cleared caches, checked for updates, integrity checks, disabled antivirus, ran as administrator, tried different drivers, reinstalled game(3 times and tested it on both my drives), I've been sitting here for about 5 hours trying to fix it and nothing has worked.
  24. After Four hours of trying to figure out how to fix this, discord Tech Support sent me a link to the files needed to download the fix for this. Fix is as stated below: -First, find or make a folder in which you will path the install for the game installation. -Go to http://cdn-11.eft-store.com/ClientDistribs/ and download the game files. -When you download the files, extract the files into said folder from before. -Put said folder in the Battlestate Games folder -From there, you're going to set your install destination to that folder. -You will have everything downloaded from this point except for the new patch. -It will give you the option to play, but you will press check for updates. -Update the game, and hop in If for some reason this fix does not work, i would try submitting a ticket. However, this fix has worked for at least 3 people from the time I posted this.
  25. Sorry if this is the wrong subforum to post this on, but I can not find one more suitable for this. Recently I have not been able to see invites from friends, friends that join my party and I have had to wait upwards of 10 minutes after hitting "next" from leveling up to get to the next screen. I understand the game will have some bugs after a big update, I was just wondering if anyone has had this same experience and if there is a way to fix it? It does not happen to my other friends, and I have tried re-installing the game twice. Thank you!
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