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Found 11 results

  1. Rekonsile

    51 Str is Broken

    No mention of armor and other misc things not counting towards wieght Not to mention im only wieghting 3.6 pounds with the current items i have equipped my wieght the only wieght values that count now are tactical rig pockets backpack and the pouch which to me seems very broken. Example of the gear in those 4 areas adding wieght ^
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/769357666 This link shows you why you can always trust where your sights are lined up! Devs are you working on a fix for some of these guns that still have these issues?
  3. skgoth

    can't play anymore

    i haven't played over a year so i wanted to start it up again downloaded the newest patch open the game but now it only go to the menu but there is no menu the screen move's a littel like always but no options apear it's like im missing a programma or something already removed everything and installed everything resetted my profile cleared cache somebody know what to do??????
  4. Vorpinla

    Presets bugged?

    Getting a frustrating issue with trying to purchase the shopping list for my preset, i don't know if everyone else is aware of this or not, or it might just be me, but if someone has an offer out of stock on the flea market my preset has decided to grab i cant unclick the purchase from the list and if i proceed to purchase it with the others it denies me all the items because that 1 is no longer available, i don't want to have to go through the process of taking it out of the preset and saving another one because you can't update or save over a preset without deleting one with the same name every time this occurs. Restarting the game does not fix this, i assume i have to wait for the person who put the sale up finds a way to take it down or wait the 8+hour period for it to go away, is this a common issue and if so i hope they streamline the UI for presets soon, it's pretty silly to have a save and save as feature if you can't overwrite the previous iteration of your design having it be cumbersome to load up the other preset just to delete it, i might not be using the preset stuff correctly but i'd like a separate tab in the open builds folder just to see the ones you've made easily or just using the assemble feature after you've unequipped a couple things and selected the gun you want to buy the parts for so you don't have to run into this issue, but it gives you the same prompt of saving the build, it's just annoying to have to jump through all these hoops just to get the parts and backtracking the build because of the flea market scuff. Let me know if there's a way around this that doesn't require all those steps otherwise why use presets or if i'm just being an idiot, thanks.
  5. I was playing a match in woods and I killed a player with a Saiga 12 that I picked up off of a scav. I went to drop the magazine in my 6sh rig and it would not let me. I assumed it was because my character was still in an animation so I waited to try again with no luck. I tried dropping the weapon itself and the picture of the weapon in slot 3 on my character began flashing as if it was trying to discard but it did not. I tried switching to my other weapons and the numbered keys would not respond. I could not switch my weapon however I tried and I could not use consumables either. I still had full movement control though, and could still fire the shotgun, but when I ran out of rounds I could not reload. I tried for ten minutes to troubleshoot the issue but couldn't figure it out. I apologize for the length and if I am posting in the incorrect place but I felt that I should at least mention the bug since it is the first game breaking one I have run into. Thanks
  6. HappyiestHippo

    Health care privacy. part 1

    Planted all 3 markers all in the same raid made sure no one took them during protect time exited raid without dying, go to trader to complete shows that no ambulances are marked. Try doing another raid without running through complete it still not completed... isit bugged or have i done something wrong?
  7. GregL385


    How many games must everyone die due to buggy doors BSG? How can one door be opened on one person's client but not the other? We are all in the same server are we not? Why is this continuing to be an ongoing issue with no fix in foreseeable future? I am tired of the door bugs, the 3 seconds before my death before I black out, the peekers advantage...etc. etc. Doors are not that hard to figure out. They open and close.
  8. flanneryfrost

    Dog Tags changed or bugged?

    Just finished my first raid after the most recent patch, got three dog tags, wanted to sell them, only worth 1095 roubles each to Therapist. Inspected the dog tags, all of them are level 20+, so is this changed OR is it bugged? Couldn't find anything on the patch notes.
  9. Serandis

    M4A1 Glitch/Bug?

    Hey there, as the most know there are about 6 - 7 spawns in Factory. And u usually just spawn at a spawn randomly, even if you´re with your partner/s. But i noticed that litteraly every single time i have an M4A1, i get into a bugged game where i spawn into my mate or join late / spawn into another player. That´s weird. Happened about 6 times now. Is there a confirmation about glitches with M4? Cause i killed about 500 - 700 players right now and i´ve never seen anyone with M4. Only AK´s. Would like to know. Greetings!
  10. Optimum

    Kolpak bugged???

    I have had this happen to me twice now. The first time i "discovered" the Kolpak was bugged was on Customs. I found out that when laying prone with the Kolpak it messes with the hitbox or something, or it might be server problems, but i went over to a PMC who was ofcourse proned with a Kolpak and smacked him in the head with a hatchet and nothing happend. Second time this happened to me was on Woods where I shot him in the head twice with a TOZ, and there was maybe 1 meter distance between us, and funnily enough he didn't die. So am i the only one experiencing this problem, and is it a bug or maybe just server problems......
  11. ZinDuken

    BUGGED Door at Factory

    Hej in the Office Room of Factory is a bugged out door since 0.5 when the door seems to dissapear right when its about out of sight. Here is a Video: also the game crashes everytime i close it.
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