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Found 111 results

  1. Let's be honest, the game has serious problems, bugs that affect both the gameplay and the outcome of the games. My suggestion is, stop adding content and focus on fixing serious game bugs like: -The sound is completely broken. -Bullets that fire but that in practice do not exist and other problems derived from the inventory. -Servers performance (Synchronization, latency spikes, fps) I know that there are many things to value (economy, market, player progression, maps, weapons ...) But the reality is that while the outcome of the games is conditioned by the problems of the game, all that data collected is useless and unreal, because when everything works as it should, those data will change completely. Once the game has 0 serious bugs, then it begins to add content and balance changes in an orderly way, so that if new bugs appear they are easily located. Thank you very much I leave you an example video of something that should never happen. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/665627098
  2. i open the marked room and theres a money case that i can not pick up only open.
  3. Helix1138

    Beta Participation Feedback

    Figured since I've put in some good time into the game I could give some feedback: Not sure if its a bug, but after the first damage received (to single body limb), any of the first aid kits seem to cause damage or blood loss to all other limbs after applying it to the specifically damaged limb. Or is this just what the blood-loss effect does? Either way I feel the med-kits should be done a little differently. I think it should be a med-kit case you shove your bandages and splints and other medical equipment into. Then you would just use that med-kit on wounds and it would automatically use what was needed, with the time to use being relevant to how many pieces of such and such were needed. The different tiers of med-kits would determine the capacity. You could add quick-clots and tourniquets too I suppose. Also would be cool to have blood dripping that leaves a trail on the ground. Audio for guns is really good and frightening. However everything else really lacks, specifically the location of sound. Sound location is absolutely important for this kind of game. Sometimes even the gunfire nearby seems to be coming from everywhere. Ended up being knifed one time (night raid) and while I didn't take damage at first, it sounded like the guy was 3 meters away until he finally jabbed me in the eye. Sound also seems to penetrate through materials without any dampening or reverb to them. Makes figuring out what level somebody is on confusing and rather easy if you're on top of them. Ambient noises are obnoxiously loud and don't do a good job of reflecting the environment. As everyone else seems to agree, the AI needs some serious tweaking in all conditions. I do like that the SCAVS talk to indicate that for the most part they are scavs. But also perhaps some server modes that don't have scavs at all. Map designs are nice but feel cluttered where they're not supposed to and far too open with others. Factory is actually pretty much set, but really could use some additional paths or entryways in some places. Also would be nice to have a firing range map that lets you play with all the guns and equipment, just to unwind from the stress and suspense of the rest of the game. I know that you can play offline without bots, but you only use your characters equipment which gets boring pretty quick. Could probably use some more servers too. Connecting and gameplay are all synced up really well, but I get the 605 - no servers available error a lot. Would be nice to be able to remap some of the controls too (the options offered currently don't seem to work or just don't do anything) as well as the option to choose the amount of levels we want for speed and stance. Guess that's all for now. Otherwise game is immensely solid and satisfying. Sure I suck at it for the most part, but it's a learning process. I feel as more and more weapons and equipment and stuffs are added, players will eventually have some content to their characters and it won't seem like such an intense grab for equipment.
  4. -Truth-


    just saying cant play this game by the way its reserve and rip to my gear i brought in
  5. abezi

    Invisible scav?

    Just got killed on custom. Didnt hear any shots etc. Middle out of no where. left arm blacked? ok... running to safety and healing. 1min and then im starting to take damage again. tryed to run but got killed. Pretty bullshit way to die to invisible scav... thought i got killed by cheater but it was a fking invisble scav
  6. So I've stumbled upon a bug when I can't shoot/fire from any weapon and only fix I've found so far is Alt+f4 and reconnect to the game.. I haven't experienced that before but since last update it's happening almost every 3rd game I play sadly very often in critical situation... and when you die as a PMC and you go back to main screen-hideout you can hear annoying sound of your character like bleeding or moaning,whatever... so I'm not sure if bug or intended to be like that but to be honest it is quite annoying... cheers
  7. BSG, I know you are the developer and we are the players, but I hope you take our criticism seriously. For me Tarkov is a game I have been wanting to play and enjoy for a decade or so. Ever since the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R., but at this moment I feel you are not focused on the right things. There is plenty of content, maps, guns, loot and the like. What we need are fixes and taking hacking seriously. My priority if i worked as the Project Manger for this game would be as follows. With #6 or 7 being expanding the content of the game. 1) Hackers - Dedicate serious manpower to Hacking reports, investigations and resolutions. (maybe even outsource this) - Tell the reporters/players what the determination was of the investigation. The canned response about anti cheating software will catch them is not enough. - Look into how insurance and confirmed Hacking cases is addressed. (maybe when hackers are caught the players they killed all get a bonus, much like a bounty) - I know Game Devs are always chasing the Hackers (same in my world with Network Defense), and on the back foot, but the number one thing is be honest with your customers. 2) Game Code (This is a very difficult one, but the one most people see as the #1 issue) - Stutters, Lag Spikes, Sound Issues, Graphic Glitches, etc... 3) Armor versus Ammo Balancing - Just increasing the price on Ammo is not the answer. - Realism is one thing but having a game that is enjoyable is another, I know you keep saying you don't want Tarkov to be fun, but if it is not the game will not succeed. - Lvl 1 - 4 Armor is basically useless. And adding more Tier 6 armor does not help. - Ammo that has really high penetration should do no damage unless it pens, and do 0 armor damage. - The trade off for pen, to damage, to armor damage to cost is broken. - I think you should rethink armor durability. It should still be effective up until it hits zero durability. This is how other games are doing things and how the gaming community expects it to function. Maybe give everything 100 durability, but have different Armor Values (AV) I.E. GEN 4 T5 : Dura 100 :AV 65 (65% of the damage is absorbed by the armor), and depending on which version you are wearing the negatives and armor areas changes. No matter if it is 15 of 100 dura it still has the same AV and each time armor absorbs damage it reduces the Dura by a the amount that was absorbed, so for Gen 4 T5 armor is hit by a 995 round that does not pen the Thorax would take 14 damage and the armor would absorb 27 damage and dura would be reduced by 27. - For ammo penetration, make this chance to crit (1.5% damage), and leave fragment as 2x damage, but still allow armor to absorb some of the damage. 4) Armor and Weapon Glitches - Sometimes weapons and armor just don't work. For a weapon (won't fire) and face shields (breathing normally) not functioning it is easy to tell, but when your armor is bugged you never can tell until you get one tapped through T5 armor or helmet. - I personally believe this is what leads to so many people the game is over run with Hackers. 5) SCAV, Raider, Boss Balancing - I understand having different tiers of AI, but the current balance is screwed to either being dumb AI or Godlike - Instead of having Regular SCAVs have godlike aim and super awareness, maybe have them have better armor and weapons with attachment and better ammo. You can find a way to Tier the AI like you do Armor and Weapons. T1 SCAV (Pistol, Pump Shotgun) T2 SCAV (Carbine, Auto Shotgun, T1 Helm and Armor) T3 SCAV (Carbine, AR, SMG, T2 Helm and Armor, Mid tier ammo) T4 SCAV / T1 Raider (Carbine, AR, SMG, Sniper, T3 Helm and Armor, Mid Tier Ammo) T2 Raider (Carbine, AR, SMG, Sniper, T4 Helm and Armor, Mid Tier Ammo) T3 Raider / Boss Minions (Carbine, AR, Sniper, LMG, T4/5 Helm and Armor, High Tier Ammo) Bosses (Carbine, AR, SMG, Sniper, LMG, T5/6 Helm and Armor, High Tier Ammo) This is my list and ideas. I am sure everyone has their own. Please be constructive and hopefully BSG will see that we are trying to help identify issues and make the game better, not just bash them.
  8. Ben36

    Tarkov not launching

    I can open the launcher fine, but when I click play the game icon loads and it says I am in game but theres a blue spinning circle and no screen ever opens. I can’t click off of anything and I’m forced to restart my pc. Please help. Already tried running game as administrator and reinstalling BSG launcher.
  9. PauloPutoAmo

    Cuenta robada

    Yo compre mi copia del juego base (standard edition) el mes pasado y hasta ayer no hubo problema (09/03/2020) Pero hoy en la mañana, el día siguiente, mi copia del juego fue eliminada de mi cuenta y ahora el launcher me pide comprar el juego otra vez 😧 Necesito ayuda, alguien sabe si mi cuenta fue robada o simplemente me la fue confiscada? porque ni siquiera en la pagina web desde mi cuneta, donde te deja descargar el laucher y te dice que versión del juego tienes, también esta en blanco, pero todos los archivos del juego están instalados AYUDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  10. Hello, I'm going to give a little feedback of my first 70 hours of play EFT: * Grenades are so broken, sound, parabolas, landings, etc... if you use grenades in a smalls rooms like shoreline, or windows, you are really fucked, you dont know where the grenade goes,and some of the times you will die because your own grenade.you see your grenade goes out, but you have it in your feets. *Ping , desync , net problems. sometime you can kill ppl that have longest loading times, fights with hatchet are totally random, your teammates will go like teleportation , and many more things.bullets than dont hit,doors that show closed but are opens. rush is the way. *Inventary, if you buy the normal edition(dont know now the name) you will be fucked until you reach the top levels of traders. all time seeking free space.i think in the future you can expand it without realmoney. *Inventary in game. Bugged, 2 guys in the same loot = bug, be fast doing things in the inventary = bug , some random bug that cant explain.for example: i have several items in my inventary but when i end the raid, all is gone and the think that you can put a backpack in a backpack in a backpack is ridicolous.its helps for maximize inventory slots, but must have a limit to do. *weapons: when you are in the inventary and you take out an ammunition clip of your primary weapon , the guy does an animmation but if you do in your back weapon ,it is instant. damage is random, whatever vest you have or not,if you have cover your legs and someone shoots you, your legs can be broken... when you aim, fps drops (GTX1070 i7 16gb ram) for real, and sometimes in fast battles you die. *Playing as SCAV . i think will be good that if you dont kill scavs, your timer for enter again as scav must be lest or zero, to reward the ppl that plays as a really scav. *Sound, hard to know if an enemy is up to you or down to you. On the other hand, *i like the amounts of ammo types, but when you start dont know what ammon type to use.or what dammage does. An ingame info will be good. *the quest of the traders gave to the game a reason to play. i like too. *and i like the others parts of the game. My suggestions: *Fix the netcode, this must be your priority- *Cheaters can duck the game, dont let they stay. *Fps improve. *Hitboxes and firing need some fix * Dont fail to the players, we are loving this game so much.(years of development kill the game) For the ppl that havent bought yet: *buy it if you dont mind about play beta, if you dont mind about dead from nowhere, if you dont mind about bugs, and if you are a hardcore gamer. *Dont buy it , if you think beta is a complete game. you can wait until the game comes out. this is my feedback , sorry my bad english thx for reading.
  11. Clearbeardwiz

    Missing bug aloud to report

    hello, I am missing a number of aloud bugs to be reported this week. I have not reported a bug in a few weeks, so I should have the normal number of 10 or 12 aloud per week. unless someone has been using my account without my permission and deleting the bugs they are reporting, then, I can't think of a single reason why I wouldn't be able to report a bug when it happens. After reporting my first bug in escape from tarkov this week I was unable to report another and the message which usually tells me the amount of bugs I can report each week is telling me I can not report another this week. It reads 0 instead of 11 or what ever the number of bugs I would normally have left to aloud to report after reporting only one this week. Bug I just tried to report. When examining a weapon or other item the window which it is examined in gets stuck on my screen and I am un able to remove it by pressing the small "x" in the top right of the window. This has happened a few times and is really annoying. this most recent time I was examine a weapon in the flea market it had a large amount of items on it that I have not been able to see or find while in the flea market here in escape from tarkov. After I had examined the weapon and its parts I was unable exit out of the window which the gun and its details resided. I then was unable to even exit the flea market or traders menu/window/tab. I had to hard exit the game and am now reporting the additional but here because of the reason listed above.
  12. Uninstalling didn't help either, My built AK is gone into thin air and the code is still there meaning i can't see anything yet when i try to put another gun there this happens. It also then kicks me to main menu and takes off my gun and armor. This is getting in my nerves and ruining my experience real quick. No idea where else to put this because report a bug is only in reference to this website. So, FIX THIS PLEASE. Updating the game didn't do S*** either
  13. I extracted on Reserve and got a black screen and turning cirlcle. After five minutes, I Alt-F4 shut down the game. After restarting, the game said I was still in raid and I tried to reconnect but kept getting a failure to reconnect, so I left the game. After another error, I restarted again, but now the game tried to load my player profile and comes back with the error "Unable to reconnect to game". It then hangs there with the turning circle forever, so I can't even access the game anymore.
  14. Need help; I can't even play anything. When i start the game its always popup. its about 5mins before came up on ingame. I research about this bug. but this is a different one. its on weapon slot bug 😭 https://streamable.com/1ybhi - i cant play 🤧 ( video link error 228 )
  15. Hi all, So after having a terrible start to gaming on Tarkov (what with having to wait nearly an hour just to get into game)(Fig.1) I went digging around the launcher and some of the crash reports that I have had and I think I found something. So on my trials through my files I noticed that I seemed to be only connecting to one server, London (UK), even though I had selected multiple servers on start up to connect too. Thats when I went into my server settings via the launcher (Fig. 2) and noticed that my *use Automatic Server Selection* was ticked on (Fig. 3). I thought that was strange since I didnt even remember there being an option to select that in the opening set up. I immiediately turned off my automatic server selection and re-selected all the servers that I originally selected (Fig. 4) and entered the game. I jumped into a game and sure enough I found that I was in a game with Scav in less than 7 mins. Once I had finished my game I shut down the game and re-launched to check if the servers were still okay and sure enough my launhcer had specified one server, London (UK) (Fig. 5). I changed it back to my requirements and the game seems to be allowing me to enter games at a much quicker pace. So in essence I implore everyone to check their server settings before leaving the launcher just to make sure that your server isnt being locked to one server to choose from. Dev's I am sorry for immiediately jumping to conclusions but this is a severe bug that does need fixing right away as players who dont care about going into files to fix the problem will just leave before being able to understand the issue. Thanks, Addx9
  16. 실제 올린 물품은 한 품목만 올렸는데 올린 갯수는 두 품목이라고 올라갑니다. 모든 물건이 다 팔려도 두 개로 올라갑니다... 어떻게 해야 할까요?
  17. Lindstrom3

    Is this a known issue?

    https://streamable.com/bq931 my pov https://streamable.com/0hako friend pov Same match https://streamable.com/7tfbz my pov https://streamable.com/wdhau friend pov
  18. TryHardTermite

    Cant use hideout fuel or upgrade

    Yesterday, I was trying to upgrade my solar power, I bought all the pieces and had the money and clicked install. The game crashed and I rebooted it. When I went back, the solar panel button went missing entirely, I could only find it by scrolling through the bottom list of everything, when I clicked on it, it showed me that I had no materials to upgrade it even though they are all in my inventory. Now I cant put new fuel into my generator even though I have multiple full fuel tanks in my stash. IS there anything I can do to fix this? I already tried checking file integrity and it checked out. Thanks in advance
  19. imincredible


    Tarkov team, I am sad to report that after less than one day of installation time. I will no longer be playing this game. I installed it yesterday and when I arrived home today the game was GONE. Still listed in in Programs list in windows but when clicking uninstall IT CANT BE FOUND. I have participated in many beta games in my day, however this is the only one I had to pay for. Strangely enough it seems to be the least stable. For the price you are charging there is NO excuse for this kind of issue. I will not be reinstalling the game. What a waste of 38 dollars. The only good in all of this is that i waited until the game was on sale to try it. The launcher sucks - The installer sucks - the lighting in game sucks - The scav cooldown sucks - the customer service sucks - the parent company or payment processing company sucks whoever Xsolla is - and your forums site sucks. Look at me so mad I'm just listing crap i had even a slight issue with. Well there you go pretty much my 24 hour experience with Tarkov in a nutshell. Got me for 40. Have a nice life
  20. MaxzEightFive

    Twitch drops went missing?

    Hello, is anybody else having an issue with twitch drops items? i got some items by watching Veritas, then i transferred items to my inventory, got an error (notOwner something, will write it down here later, when i get it again) then checked the invertory, no items, checked prapor message, no items there as well. Is that means my items are lost forever? Or is there a way to fix this?
  21. USSRSpetsnaz

    Bugs and Issues I've Encountered

    List of issues/bugs I am having AI walking silently up to me and only making sound when shouting and then firing. This happens even with headsets. When I try to extract through an extraction point that is marked or colored red, I am still able to extract through it despite the countdown timer not popping up, Is this a bug or is are some extraction points disabled for a little while when someone uses it? The sound system is not great, really hard for me to hear where a player or Scav is, whether they are in front of me or behind, above 1 or 2 floors, really difficult. Players/Scavs teleporting. Doesn't happen often, I presume this is the result of desync? I just had a match where a Scav or Scav player was behind cover and in a split second they were out in the open, about a meter or two away from their cover and I get one tapped by them. Why does the game LOVE to stutter like crazy the moment a Scav or player shoots? This doesn't happen all the time, but frequent enough that it is really annoying me. I do have an old CPU so maybe an upgrade will resolve or mitigate this issue? I will find out later. I've had players/Scavs shoot at me and hitting me (sound of impact) but doing no damage what so ever. This happens very rarely so I assume this is just a server hick up or something. Late spawns as PMCs (40, but more commonly 47-49) and very early spawns as Scavs (45 minutes or so) is another issue I find. We are unable to put helmets and special optics and such in our container to prevent players from hiding their gear before getting killed. I would prefer if that same person is unable to put their own gear into the container but other people can, maybe a bad idea because a player teammate can stash it in their container (which is probably preventable) or maybe some other reason I didn't come up with. Really bad performance on Reserve, I am sure most people are so ignore this point I guess. Last issue which just happened, when the Scav Case thing from the hideout is done, the audio that players is too loud for me, maybe give us the option to turn it down or mute it? Nearly gave me a heart attack in several instances. [EDIT] The split second delay when firing the SV-98 is unnecessary and very annoying, can we have this removed? There are plenty of other more minor issues but they don't bother me as much.
  22. grigoo

    Glitching textures WTF?

    I started a scav raid on reserve and when i loaded in this happened: Look at the attached pictures!!
  23. JustHoneyBadger

    Inventory Move Bug

    Hi. I sweeped through the forum searching for someone posting about this bug but I didn't see any. So sorry if this has already been covered. Sometimes, happens every other minute, when I move an item in my stash (or in my inventory in raid) the graphic for the item doesn't "stick" where I place it instead it "floats" between tiles and is duplicated at the same time at the original position in the stash. So I move a magazine from point a to point b. But as soon as I release my left click it sticks floating on the inventory tile and is at the same time still on the original position. Does anyone else have this bug? I'll post a pic next time it occurs, shouldn't take long.
  24. DasGegenmittel

    My first Impression after 2xx+ Hours

    Dear Developers, If you are interested I would provide you some Feedback related to: Bugs (Game Bugs (Graphical, Engine etc.), logical Bugs), Gameplay and Features. This Topic is NOT ment to get commented by other Players. Please do not do so! First off: I like this Game very much. After years without anything in this Genre a good EGO-Shooter is in Development (last ones I played are "Operation Flashpoint"-Series or "S.T.A.L.K.E.R"-Series, Titles like Battlefied make me get bored after some time.. they can be fun but yeah..."with Friends" they are fun, alone I get bored..). I could provide plenty of "Input", furthermore I am a Programmer so I can maybe provide some hints about how to do something or I see what is already implemented and suggest to use it in another part of the Game too. Unsure to whom or where to address this (Forum, Tickets..) or how to phrase it: English is not my native Language but I assume none of you (Developers!) speaks german natively so I am forced to use english. Let me provide an Example: Your Flea Market is seriously flawed. How come? If I look for an ITEM it provides me also Options to EXCHANGE (except Pay with money). GREAT IDEA but how you made it is DEEPLY flawed! First off: The Offers for EXCHANGE ITEMS are ALWAYS not calculated to the REAL WORLD PRICINGS. What do I mean? Example (from "RIGHT NOW" DATA): Vest: PACA -> Somebody wants 4 Light Bulbs, YOU claim this OFFER is worth 6000 (ALL TOGETHER). Now searching for LIGHT BULB: >ONE< (cheapest) is offered for 9500R .... >1<!!! So the guy who EXCHANGES the PACA Vest wants 4 Bulbs, YOU claim this is worth 6000 (all 4 BULBS) but if I wanna BUY a BULB the CHEAPEST ONE IS 9500! So the Vest cost EFFECTIVELY 9500*4 MINIMUM...!! Your pricings are complete BULLSHIT.... Sorry to tell you this. How to reasolv? EASY! EACH HOUR (to not stress the Database and co) you sum up an AVERAGE PRICING of the ITEM listed for Exchange! Lets assume: 5 Bulbs get sold via FLEA MARKET, they get sold FOR: 9000,9000,9000,20000,10000 -> In Mathematic: (9000+9000+9000+20000+10000)/5 -> AVG PRICE (==11400). If 20751 Bulbs get sold you need to sum this up of course... So he wants 4 Gulbs then this VEST cost right now: 4*11400 (since this is the "AVERAGE" pricing for this Item) The price can go UP/DOWN each Hour related to market pricings of the Items he wanna have in exchange. What is getting resolved? If you SORT via PRICE you get those Offers (with your wrong price Tags) in front of all others... this will resolve this Bug. Furthermore: Add a FILTER to EXCLUDE ITEM EXCHANGE OFFERS where I do not have the ITEMS in Stock. So I can see quickly if I can trade or not without the need to buy a specific Item. That is one example of a logical Issue in the Game... The logic to sort it and co: It all exists. You do not apply it... Another logical Issue is in the Crafting: I can produce mediPacks: YAY! \o/ But to produce it I need: Painkillers (Pills), Bandage and a Splint. Issue: SPLINT itself heals BROCKEN BONES but the RESULTING crafted Medipack DOES NOT. So it is a DISADVANTAGE to use a SPLINT and WASTE it for this since you can not heal the same Issues. I get it that the Advantage of this Medipack is the HP it restores but the Requirements do not match since a "use case" ("heal" brocken Bones) gets lost. Better would be: Require 1x Painkiller and maybe 3x Bandages. Since Bandages stop bleeding, Painkillers reduce Pain.... If I put Splints into my Medipack in RealLife their "function" wont get lost, if I break my foot or whatever I take the Medipack, take out the Splint... Make it more realisticaly... Do not make "use cases" (Splint) disappear because I create a Medpack. then require more base-things wich shares the same use-case! I could make far more suggestions if you want.... Also: it makes no sense to be able to store ONE Backpack in another.... ENDLESSLY.... Did you ever tried this in real life? Sure you can store ONE Backpack into another.. but not endlessly... Why not introducing something in the Hideout wich enables Players to store Vests/Backpacks... It would be so easy... to introduce a "Gardrobe" or so... where players can store X amount of Backpacks/Vests. Sure 1 Backpack CAN store 1 Backpack of the same size, but not endlessly... Design-Flaw in the Game: SCAV do get XP I consider this a BUG, even if I play as PMC in a LOCAL VERSION (to simply enjoy the Map, spot locations) I GET XP: I consider this a BUG. Even my Skills enhance if I play as SCAV. What is your Game-Design for a SCAV? I thought your Goal is that Players enjoy the Risk of palying PMCs. But why should I if I can LEVEL UP as SCAV too and I can even do serval Tasks for Vendors... Why risking my PMC-gear then? My Idea: A Scav is an ALTER EGO from your PMC: It owns ALL Skills the PMC has, but it can NEVER improve them nor get XP (otherwise, like I do, People play SCAV to level up and make Task for Vendors.. why should I risk my PMC Gear? I can level up Skills and I can even do other things + I get free gear! Awesome!). That would resolv it: The GAIN of playing SCAV should be that you can use (and keep) all Equipment (for FREE) and apply it to the PMC. There should be no other BENEFIT (like Leveling up Skills or getting XP). Otherwise: Why should I play PMC? Suggestion: People who are playing alone (LIKE ME) play in a "hardcore" Mode and get matched against Groups. DO MATCH GROUPS AGAINST EACH OTHERS FIRST, be it SCAV or PMC.... Those People are mostly sharing a Teamspeak or so and have anyway an Advantage over a single Player. Match "Single Players" prefered against/with other single Players. Most importent (and i am SERIOUS about this): It pisses me off to QUIT THE GAME to REPORT A BUG: Make it possible to REPORT BUGS WITHIN THE GAME PLEASE. Why the hell do I need to LEAVE the Game to submit a Bug via the Launcher?! Since if I submit it via the Webfrontend this looks again differently. MAKE IT EASY for People to Report Bugs, YOU WANT THOSE REPORTS even 70% are maybe Junk... but you want this in the Beta Phase.....! I have PLENTY of Rendering Issues, made Screenshots, then thought: Do I relay wanna quit now.... Nope, and forgot about them then later... I am not kidding... after 200 Hours you "see" some Issues, be it minor or major... Likely I am not alone: Please consider it to make REPORTING Bugs easier and make it possible to for Exmaple Report Renderbugs + Screenshots from within the Game! Also: Please do ship DEBUG UTILITIES! I reported a Game Crash (had so far 2! VERY stable for a Beta I have to say but 2x the Game completly crashed). I got tools provided by the Support now but: Why do you not include those tools by DEFAULT?! It is a Beta: You want those Data.... If Game Crashs a user likely wants to press a Button and all data should get determined by the Application, this could icnlude crash dumps and co! it is a BETA... Ah and finaly: To make your Game smaler: Could you consider to use zsdt as Compression Algorithm? It should save serval MBs and decompression is as fast as deflate/gzip/zip. You compress ONCE anyway... Years ago I would have recomended LZMA but zstd is simply better. A and ONE last thing: for your MARKETING and SALES Department: ALLOW People to UPGRADE their Version.... I am sure some People buy the Basic Version to see if they like the Game and then "maybe" would support you more but they can not simply Upgrade (pay the DIFFERENCE..).. And if you gonna distribute the GAME: GOG please.... next to STEAM.... But the decission is yours...
  25. mrgoodtouches

    Hideout, Bugged Again....

    Initially tried submitting bug report, but thats bugged too.... Hideout is bugged.... Can't fuel generator, can't upgrade any stations, can't craft anything....
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